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VIDEO: ​Vet Explains 6 Ways To Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Healthy

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✅ #1: Dog tooth brushes

✅ #2: Dental care diet

✅ #3: Dental chews and bones

✅ #4: Mouth rinses and water additives

✅ #5: Dental toys

📄 Transcript: Vet Explains 6 Ways To Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Healthy

Hey guys, welcome to Pet Circle.

Let’s talk about how to keep your pets’ teeth healthy.

Dental care is so important.

A staggering 80% of cats and dogs over 6 years of age suffer from dental disease.

So, what is dental disease and what causes it?

The process starts when bacteria, food, and saliva combine to form plaque.

If plaque isn’t removed by brushing or chewing, it reacts with minerals to form a hard yellow substance called tartar.

As the tartar builds up on the teeth and under the gums, the bacteria causes gum inflammation known as gingivitis.

The bacteria can then invade around the teeth and into the soft tissues and bone, leading to loose teeth, infections, and pain.

So, how can we prevent dental disease?

Number one is tooth brushing.


✅ #1: Dog tooth brushes

It might seem strange, but this really is the best way to reduce dental disease.

It can take a while to get your pet used to having their teeth brushed, but it helps to find a toothbrush size that works for you and a tasty pet toothpaste that your pet loves.

Number two is a dental care diet.


✅ #2: Dental care diet

In general, these have a unique kibble texture that removes plaque and tartar from the tooth surface as your pet chews.

Both prescription and non-prescription dental diets are available.

We recommend having a chat about which one suits your pet best.

Number three is dental chews and bones.


✅ #3: Dental chews and bones

If your dog uses dental chews and bones correctly, they can actually do a lot.

The way it works is through the mechanical scraping of the tooth surface, removing plaque and tartar, similar to brushing.

Long-lasting dental treats are best because the longer your pet chews on it, the more of that brushing action they get.

Keep in mind these only work if your dog chews on both sides of the mouth against each surface of every tooth.

Number four is mouth rinses and water additives.


✅ #4: Mouth rinses and water additives

There are some great antibacterial mouth rinses available, which can even be applied directly into the mouth or soaked onto the toothbrush.

You can even use them on a cloth or a little cotton tip and wipe down the teeth that way.

What about water additives?

Well, water additives won’t reverse dental disease that your pet already has, but they can help to slow the growth of bacteria and help freshen the breath.

Number five is dental toys.


✅ #5: Dental toys

Just like chews, dental toys work by mechanically removing plaque from the tooth surface as they chew.

Dental toys are often flavored and they usually last a little bit longer than an edible treat.

Number six is a yearly scale and polish at your vet.

This is recommended for every pet, but it’s particularly important for cats and those dogs who don’t tolerate having their teeth brushed, as well as those dogs that don’t eat dry food.

Your vet can perform a full scale and polish under general anesthesia and really clear out any tartar under that gum line.

Well, that’s it from me.

I hope that’s been helpful.

Thanks for watching!

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