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7 Real Reasons Why Dogs Gravitate Towards You

Why Do Dogs Gravitate Towards Me

Have you ever felt like Magneto?

But instead of metal, you attract dogs?

You feel special and happy.

Because dogs don’t go near your friends.

But to you…

They stick like magnets.

Why does this happen?

Continue reading to find out:

  • If your scent can make dogs attracted to you.
  • 7 real reasons why dogs gravitate towards you.
  • Why your stress levels can affect how canines act around you.
  • And much much more…

Why do dogs gravitate towards me?

Dogs gravitate towards you because you know how to act around them. Being calm and relaxed can also make canines comfortable with you. Having mild perfumes can also make dogs come to you. This is in comparison to people who wear strong fragrances.

7 reasons why dogs gravitate towards you

#1: You know how to act around canines

Since you love dogs, chances are, you know how to treat them well. They aren’t intimidated or scared by you.

You also know when to approach a dog. And not be in a hurry to touch them. 

You can control yourself around canines. Unlike some people who go ballistic. Especially when they see a cute lapdog.

The way you pet them is also important. Maybe you know this, or maybe not – but there are spots dogs like being rubbed.

Some canines like getting pets from strangers. If you see a dog whose owner says it’s okay to pet them, start rubbing their chest. You can also move to their shoulder. Then pet the base of their heads.

These are perfect spots to touch a dog. And you may instinctively know them. Or have had tons of practice on your own fur baby.

You also know that hovering over a dog can scare them. It may even get them to start being aggressive. And exhibit:

  • Barking.
  • Snapping.
  • Low growls.
  • Moving away.

You could also be massaging dogs. And they love this. Massaging has tons of benefits for dogs. According to research, canines feel relief when massaged.

Just watch how this fur baby reacts to a head massager:

The study also shows that massages make dogs have:

  • Lower noradrenaline levels.
  • Modulated immune system.
  • Altered dopamine and serotonin levels.

You make magic with your hands. And every time you approach dogs, they feel relaxed.

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#2: Your clothes don’t scare dogs

Our clothes may look unimportant to dogs. After all, they don’t care about our style. But, there are some pieces of clothes that scare them.

Wanna guess what it is? Before I tell you, let me discuss the science behind it.

The AKC says that dogs stare at us in an attempt to communicate. They could be trying to relay both positive and negative emotions.

Dogs could be looking at you because they feel comfortable. Or they’re trying to study you. They could be assessing if you’re a threat or not.

Sometimes canines stare at humans in anticipation. They’re maybe waiting for us to initiate playtime. Or expect us to give them treats.

On the downside, dogs may think staring is rude, too. Their wolf ancestors considered this behavior as aggression. And some canines may still think this way.

Now, if you wear something on your eyes, it can appear big to dogs. An example of this is sunglasses.

Dogs don’t know the purpose of these eye accessories. And to some canines, sunglasses look like dilated pupils. This can look like a threat to dogs.

Some dogs also hate it when they can’t see your face. It creates an atmosphere of distrust. Here are other clothing items that cover your face:

  • Masks.
  • Scarves.
  • Big hats.

If you don’t frequently wear these, you’re more attractive to dogs. They are able to see your eyes and can easily trust you.

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#3: You are not stressed

Your emotions affect everyone around you. Other people’s feelings may trigger you, too.

And in the same manner, dogs feel relaxed if you are. We all go through bad days. But maybe, whenever you are around dogs, you’re usually calm.

Or maybe, you’re just a generally chill person. And that matters. You see, dogs get startled when something is loud. Or is moving quickly.

Your stress levels can also influence a dog’s mood. Whenever your cortisol levels are high, canines around may feel it. And they’ll have their stress hormones increase, too.

Whenever we are stressed, we show different actions. It can make us not receptive to a dog’s need for playing. And that can make them walk away.

Some people are also fidgety when stressed. I personally rapidly shake my leg when I’m anxious. Dogs can detect minor movements like this. And will also make dogs slowly walk away.

#4: Your scent is attractive

Dogs Gravitate Towards You Because Your Scent Is Attractive

Dogs love sniffing around. You probably can’t count the times your pooch stopped during a walk. And this is just to sniff a piece of dried leaf.

What’s so interesting about a crinkly item on the ground? To us, it might not look much. But to dogs, it’s very interesting. Or rather, its smell is captivating.

Scents contain a lot of information for dogs. And to them, this is important in learning about the world. And that’s why your scent… or the lack of it attracts dogs.

“Did you say the lack of scent?”

What I mean is, maybe, you don’t wear a lot of perfume. Or your clothes’ detergent doesn’t smell strong.

Most canines dislike these smells. Some dogs even scratch their noses due to irritation. Here are other scents dogs hate:

  • Chlorine.
  • Hairspray.
  • Mothballs.
  • Isopropyl alcohol.
  • Cleaning products that contain ammonia.

But, if you typically wear light fragrances, dogs might like it. Or maybe you don’t wear perfume at all. And use unscented detergent.

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#5: Dogs like your body language

Another reason why dogs like you is because your actions look non-threatening. There are some things humans do that pups hate.

Dogs usually flee from people who walk fast and have loud footsteps. Unless they’re used to being with these types of individuals. Here are other actions that can scare dogs away:

  • Yelling.
  • Clapping loudly.
  • Stomping on the ground.

Basically, anything erratic and noisy can scare dogs away. This is why some canines don’t do well with kids. 

Children typically roughhouse with dogs. They pull on their ears and others even bite canines. Some children also run around all crazy. They shriek and are usually unruly.

All these can startle a canine.

However, if you don’t do these things, dogs tend to go near you. you also likely respect their personal space. And give them enough time to sniff you first.

Slow and calm movements typically attract dogs. Or sometimes, if you don’t move at all, they’ll come up to you.

#6: Your voice is appealing to them

The way you talk conveys several pieces of information. From the volume to its tone, all of these are relevant.

Ever heard a co-worker get agitated in a meeting? Or maybe your partner raised their voice just a little bit? Minor things like these can change their whole aura.

This is why some dogs get scared when someone shouts. Even if the message a person is saying is positive. The delivery and the voice you use when talking are important to canines.

“So what about my voice that is attractive to dogs?”

Most dog lovers speak to canines in a baby voice. Other people would laugh at it. Or they’d even find it weird.

But, according to research, dogs actually like baby talk. In the paper, 37 dogs were studied. 17 females and 20 male canines were the subjects.

Researchers found out that puppies were more attentive when a speaker speaks in a “baby voice.”

Adult dogs, however, didn’t find a preference between normal voice and baby talk. But, these older canines were more affiliative to the speaker.

In both young pups and adult dogs, baby talk was preferred. Meaning canines love hearing higher-pitched voices.

#7: You look familiar to them

When dogs go to you, sometimes it’s because you’re familiar with them. Some dogs don’t like interacting with people they don’t know.

Have you seen dogs bark at random strangers? Or maybe at your visitors whom they never met? All these actions may be attributed to being protective.

But if a dog has seen you a lot of times, they’ll most likely be more comfortable. Especially if you don’t act like a threat to them. This means you don’t:

  • Run away.
  • Scream at them.
  • Try to hurt them physically.

I’ve seen people who do these to dogs. Maybe because they’re scared and don’t know how to deal with canines.

Since you’re a dog lover, you’re more likely to act lovingly towards fur babies. And when they see you, they’ll remember how pleasant you are to them.

“When would these dogs see me?”

They probably noticed you on your way to work. Or maybe you interacted with them once. Walking your dog around your neighborhood would also be another way.

Dogs tend to be more comfortable with people they know. That’s why your pooch leans on you at times.