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Why Does My Dog Only Hump Me? 15 Surprising Reasons

Why does my dog only hump me

Lissa (my second dog) has humped me multiple times. But she hasn’t humped anyone else (yet).

That’s why I started to wonder…

Why does my dog only hump me?

In this article I’m going to share my findings. Read on to discover:

  • Why a female dog humps you.
  • 15 reasons why your dog humps you, and only you.
  • Simple yet effective solutions to stop your dog from humping you.
  • And more…

Why does my dog only hump me?

Your dog could be humping you in particular because they’re excited to see you and believe that you won’t punish them for such behavior. Other reasons include anxiety issues, seeking attention, lack of exercise, playfulness, and sexual arousal. Anxiety leads to compulsive behaviors such as humping. 

You might be surprised to find out that dog humping isn’t always about sex…

Well, at least not when the dog humps a human.

Whether you mind being humped by your dog or not and however you might feel about it, it’s interesting to know…

The reasons why your dog humps you:

#1: You excite them like no other family member

Dog Meme I Love You

Dogs are full of energy and it’s natural for them to get excited easily.

One example is when they see you come home and greet you at the door.

Your dog could enjoy your smell and pick up on your own level of excitement.

When your dog is excited to have you around, humping you could be one of their ways to show it.

This is especially true with high-energy dogs.

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#2: They don’t feel at risk while humping you

Let’s elaborate on that…

Maybe if they hump any other family member, the other person would raise their voice, or protest in some other way, or even punish them.

So, in the end, your dog will find themselves in an unpleasant situation.

#3: Your dog wants your attention

Weird way to ask for attention, isn’t it?

If you don’t give in to their bark or pawing, they have to try their luck using a different method to get you to notice them.

Remember that giving your dog attention equals to rewarding them.

Even if it’s negative attention, your dog might prefer being scolded than ignored.


Choose a verbal indication to show this behavior is not okay. You can pick something simple such as ‘Too bad’, ‘NO’, ‘Stop’ or ‘Get off’.

Note: Any of these words and phrases would work best if you’ve used them previously to stop your dog from doing something.

After you say the word(s), turn around and ignore your dog.

In case they continue what they were doing, simply stand up and walk out of the room.

Go somewhere they don’t have access to you. Stay there for several minutes.

When you come back, ask your dog to perform a certain action such as sit, roll over, lie down, or stand up.

After they do what you wanted of them, praise them verbally by saying ‘good dog’ and give them a small snack.

Tip: Be consistent and don’t hesitate to repeat the exercise with long enough pauses before you re-enter the room so your dog can get the idea.

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#4: Your dog wants to play

Your dog might hump your leg or hand if they feel like playing.

This is especially true when you and your dog are actively playing a game and all of a sudden your dog starts humping you.

They’re just very much in the moment and get over-excited, that’s what 🙂

Such behavior is typical for puppies and young dogs.

#5: Sexual arousal

Most dog owners think this is the reason their dog is humping them.

To find out whether this is the true cause, observe when humping occurs.

Volunteers in shelters for example have had their legs humped by male dogs if the volunteer has been in contact with a bitch in heat beforehand.

Humping occurring due to sexual arousal can be seen in puppies and young dogs that haven’t been neutered.

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Redirect your dog’s attention to another involving activity.

This could be something incompatible such as throwing a toy for them to chase.

As soon as they go after the toy and leave you, praise them, and give them a reward.

#6: Compulsive behavior

You might be familiar with excessive barking or licking.

What these have in common with a dog humping their owner could be the cause of the behavior.

Often dogs start performing a repetitive activity, be it barking, licking, or humping, to comfort themselves because they’re anxious.

If you don’t find out the cause on time, you could reinforce humping over time without realizing it.

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#7: Lack of exercise

Chihuahua Meme Excercise Extra Fries

A dog that lacks physical stimulation might revert to humping.

When your dog hasn’t had any or enough exercise, their energy starts to pent up.

After they see you, they direct it towards you.


You might not always have sufficient time to take your dog out for a proper walk.

Your dog shouldn’t pay the price for that.

To not make your dog suffer, ask a family member, a neighbor, or a friend to help you out and walk your dog.

In some cities, there are even dog walking services.

Walking your dog at least 2 times a day for about 30-45 mins. is a must.

Ideally, you’d walk them 3 times.

Bear in mind the tempo you’re walking with, whether you unleash your dog or not.

Tip: If you don’t unleash your dog, it’s advisable to walk them longer as they don’t use up so much energy as they would while running.

#8: Dogs are genetically programmed to exhibit humping behavior

This applies to both males and females. Humping is natural and harmless.


You can neuter your dog. Neutering is bound to reduce such behavior.

If you’re not a fan of neutering your dog, you could try nudging your dog with an elbow. Make sure to do it gently though. No rushing or pushing.

Remain calm and collected.

Remember: If you’re facing dog humping behavior, you can always consult a certified dog trainer as well as a vet.

#9: Habitual behavior

When your dog sees humping as a key to relieving stress, humping can become habitual.


If you don’t want to risk your dog’s humping to become a habit, you should work on ignoring them and redirecting their attention.

#10: Social status

Some dogs might hump others to establish their place in the pack.

The humping dog is the one that wants to dominate. The dog that is humped can either submit or oppose by growling and snarling at the humper.

The dog who is humping, for this reason, might have or not have an erection.

Note: An erection is not necessarily an indication of a high sex drive.

Myth busted!

Do not make the mistake of thinking that when humping yu your dog is trying to dominate you.

Dominating behavior is typical in dog-to-dog communication but doesn’t apply to dog-human relationships.

Believing that your dog is humping you because they want to establish themselves as the ‘pack leader’ or the ‘alpha’ in the family, can lead to some poor choices from the owner’s side.

Such owners can then choose dangerous training methods to eliminate the behavior.

#11: Itchy genitals

This one is tricky. If your dog has a skin infection it can lead to itching.

So one of the easiest ways to scratch their genitals would be to rub them against another dog’s body through humping.


To rule this possibility out, pay your vet a visit.

#12: Being bored

Bored Dog Meme

Yup -it’s a thing. Boredom comes from a lack of mental and physical stimulation.


Play more with your dog. Tug of war is a game you could easily play at home.

Fetch on the other hand is suitable to play outdoors but if you have space why not inside as well? You can choose a soft toy with which you don’t risk breaking any fragile objects.

As for mental stimulation, give your dog some ‘work’ to do. Teach them commands.

What you could also do is to provide them with a stuffed Kong. It keeps most dogs occupied for a longer period of time.

It’s also based on the reward principle because when your dog figures the mechanism out, the food (snacks) starts coming out.

#13: Poor socialization

If our dog hasn’t been properly socialized as a puppy, they might compensate by humping you or objects.

This is a sign they crave contact and perceive humping a pillow, for example, as a sort of interaction.

Dogs who have previously been abused or traumatized are most likely to hump as a way to interact.

#14: Medical issues

Humping from male dogs could also happen due to prostate issues.

#15: It feels good

The fact of the matter is, all mammals masturbate. Dogs make no exception. Humping overall is normal dog behavior.

So if you catch your dog in the act of humping a pillow or a stuffed toy, don’t be too quick to stop them.

As long as your dog isn’t causing any trouble, there’s no harm in letting them enjoy themselves a bit.

Neutered dogs can do this too because they’re still able to experience physical sensations.


If they’re humping your hand or leg though, start training them this is not acceptable as soon as you first experience it.

Why does my female dog hump me?

Female dogs can hump you for the same reasons neutered males will. Out of playfulness, anxiety, or in an attempt to get your attention.