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9 Reasons Why Your Dog Humps Your Boyfriend (But Not You)

Why Does My Dog Hump My Boyfriend

Your dog seems to love your boyfriend as much as you do.

They have clicked so well. 

And you can’t wish for anything better…

Except for one thing.

Your pooch often humps him – whenever and wherever.

Which makes you wonder,

“Why do they do this?

And why do they only seem to target my partner?”

Continue reading to learn:

  • 9 reasons why your dog only humps your boyfriend.
  • The things that cause them to do this to certain people.
  • 5 easy tips that you can do to put an end to this behavior.
  • Whether you’re doing something that encourages their humping.
  • And many more…

Why does my dog hump my boyfriend?

Your dog humps your boyfriend because of over-excitement. They might be so glad to see him or they want to play a lot. They may also be bored, anxious, craving attention, or have poor socialization skills. But, it’s also likely that your partner allows them to do it or it’s a reinforced behavior. 

9 reasons why your dog humps your boyfriend

#1: They’re excited to see him

When you see a dog humping, you may think that it’s only sexual in nature. But actually, there are many more possible reasons for it.

One of those is overexcitement.

And in this case, it could be that your pooch is only happy to see your boyfriend. To the point where they couldn’t control themselves anymore.

Okay. You already know that your dog also loves your man so much.

But, why are they acting like this? And why do they only hump certain people?

First, your boyfriend’s energy level might be so high that your dog gets so hyped whenever they see him. And humping became their way to release all the tension.


They just love him so much. And your Fido is only trying to show their intense emotions.

Yup. There are some people who attract dogs and other animals like they’re a magnet of some sort. 

And researchers even found that there’s a thing called the ‘animal lover gene.’

If you want to know more, read this article: 9 Scientific Reasons Why Dogs Like You So Much

However, remember that it’s a different type of attraction. Since well, canines don’t get sexually attracted to humans.

How about dominance?

According to biologist Marc Bekoff, dogs don’t mount on others because they want to show who’s higher in ranks.

He mentioned an article by Peter Borchelt which says that it’s usually due to aggression. 

Beckoff and his team also found that dominance isn’t the reason for this behavior in other canids. Like wolves and coyotes.

So, don’t worry about that ‘old dominance myth.’

Your dog isn’t trying to be an alpha in the house. And they’re not threatening your boyfriend or whatsoever. 🙂 

Going back to the topic

Although humping is normal in dogs and it’s a good thing that your pooch loves your man…

This behavior might be uncomfortable for both you and your partner. And there are many other ways to greet people aside from this.

 So, what can you do to stop them from humping your boyfriend?

We’ll get to this shortly so stay tuned! 🙂

#2: They’re inviting him to play

Your Dog Humps Your Boyfriend Because They're Inviting Him To Play

If your dog is so excited to see your boyfriend, it could also be that they want to play with him too.

Yes. Humping can be a playful behavior as well. Like other odd habits such as headbutting and nipping.

And you may have already noticed this in other situations.

For example, you might have seen dogs mounting on each other while playing. Or even during their first meeting. 

As it could be an equivalent to, “You seem nice. Come, play with me right now!”

Plus, the action itself can also be quite stimulating for canines.

This is why your Fido finds it fun. And it became their way to show playfulness.

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#3: They don’t know how to socialize properly

“Isn’t this the right way to do it, Mom?”

Aside from over-excitement and invitation to play, excessive humping can also be due to poor socialization.

“Wait. How are they connected?”

Well, if a dog is confined for so long or if they’re not properly exposed to other people or Fidos at a young age…

They might also have some trouble expressing themselves. Which could lead to unwanted behaviors – like humping.

It may be the only way they know how to interact with people.

So if your pooch doesn’t only do this to your boyfriend, this reason is more likely.

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#4: They’re showing a displacement behavior

This might seem like a disorder. But relax, this is a thing that’s normal in animals.

“What does it mean?”

In simpler terms, displacement behavior is a result of 2 conflicting emotions.

Say, your dog is happy to see other people – like your boyfriend.

However, if it’s their first meeting, your Fido might also be quite anxious. And this results in a mixture of 2 different emotions.

They’re excited to go and play with him.  But at the same time, they’re also wary since he’s still a stranger. So they’ll be confused.

And since they don’t know which one to choose, they may do another thing instead. Which is something that’s completely unrelated, such as humping.

What to do?

If this is your case, your dog’s anxiety might fade away the more they get exposed to your boyfriend.

So during this critical ‘getting-to-know’ stage, tell your partner to avoid doing things that’ll scare your pooch. Like staring at them for so long or touching their face.

Instead, remind him to slowly approach your dog from the side. 

Then do things that they enjoy. Such as feeding them yummy treats, walking, and playing.  

Do these and soon enough, your Fido and lover will be bonded together. And this humping behavior may mellow down and be gone for good.

Note: Besides mounting, animal behaviorists share other displacement behaviors that dogs might do. Like constantly sniffing the ground, licking their paws, or scratching the furniture.

#5: They have lots of pent-up energy

How much exercise does your dog get every day?

If it’s less than what they need, humping can also be their way of releasing all the excess energy. And your boyfriend might be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Humping may look like a tiring activity. But for canines, it could be a great way to relieve their pent-up energy.

“So, how much daily exercise does my dog need?”

Usually, working breeds need at least 2 hours of exercise a day. While it’s between 30 to 60 minutes for small to giant dogs.

But whether this is the reason for your problem or not…

It’s important to exercise your dog every day. Not only physically (e.g., walking, playing fetch). But also mentally (e.g., training, puzzle toys).

Exercise helps strengthen both their mind and body. And it can also prevent emotional distress caused by the next reason…

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#6: They’re bored

Does this behavior appear all of a sudden and every once in a while?

Like out of nowhere, your pooch starts humping your boyfriend. But the next day, they’re not acting the same way anymore.

If so, they could also be bored.

Your dog might have nothing to do at the moment. Which is likely due to a lack of stimulation. So they may develop unusual behaviors like humping.

“Do dogs also experience boredom?”

It may seem like a thing only for humans. But researchers say yes.

Although only a few studies can be found on this topic. This is because most experts see this as anthropomorphic.

Or perceiving non-humans such as animals like they’re one. Because of their similar behavior or appearance.

But Dr. Charlotte Burn says it’s possible.

According to her findings, animals like dogs can be bored too. And the ones who are at high risk are domestic pets who are confined.

This is because animals need stimulation.

Leave your dog in a crate for long hours daily. Or don’t interact with them for days. 

And you’ll surely see changes in their behavior. Which could make them develop unusual habits. 

#7: They’re craving attention

They're Craving Attention

“Hey! Look at me!”

Guess what. Humping might also be an attention-seeking behavior in canines.

Because well, who can’t ignore a dog who’s thrusting their hips?

It’s an action that surely gets the spotlight – wherever and whenever. And I’m certain that your pooch also knows this fact well.

So, your dog can do this whenever they want your boyfriend’s attention. Or it could also be the other way around.

You might be busy hanging out or talking with your lover. And your dog suddenly feels insecure and lonely.

Yes. Like us, our furry friends can get jealous too.

In fact, one study shows that they may feel this way when their humans give attention to someone else. Which in this case is your partner.

So what will they do to make you only focus on them?

They’ll perform things that’ll get your attention right away. And at the top of their list is humping.

Apart from this, it could also be that…

#8: Your boyfriend lets them do it

If your dog only does this to your partner, it’s also possible that he’s the only one who allows them to act this way.

Your Fido might have humped other people back then. And they were scolded or punished because of it.

You may have also trained your pooch not to hump you. So they learned not to do it to you.

While your boyfriend doesn’t mind it at all. And this is why your dog thinks that it’s acceptable behavior.

#9: They’re encouraged to do it

Last but not least, it could also be that your dog earns a reward for humping your boyfriend. And you and your partner might be doing it inadvertently.

For example, your Fido always gets picked up and petted right after they do it. Or they receive huge reactions from you.

Since humping can catch both of you off guard. And cause you to laugh out loud.

It may also look adorable in puppies (but can be problematic for grown adult dogs!). So they often get a lot of attention. Which reinforces the behavior even more.

This might not be your intention. And you only want to distract your dog and put an end to their excessive humping. But it led to the other way around.

So, how can you correct this?

What to do?

#1: Ignore your dog

First off, this is likely a learned behavior. 

So if you want your pooch to unlearn it, you have to take away the thing that reinforces them to do it over again.

And what is it?

Yup. It’s attention.

To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Whenever your dog starts to hump your boyfriend, tell him to turn away and ignore them. This means, no eye contact, petting, or talking to your Fido.
  2. Make him do this until your dog stops mounting.
  3. If this doesn’t stop them, you may also bring your Fido to a quiet room. Or ask your partner to walk away.
  4. Give your dog a time-out for about 1 to 2 minutes. Or until they calm down.

This only works if done consistently. So don’t give in to your dog no matter how cute they are.

Once they learn that they get nothing from humping, they’ll likely stop doing it.

Plus, dogs love attention. So your pooch surely doesn’t want to be ignored. Which makes them revert back to the desired behavior.

But what if ignoring and time-outs don’t work on your dog?

#2: Divert their attention to something else

However, you have to catch your dog first before they start humping. And tell them “get off” or “no” in a firm manner (without yelling).

Then make them do anything desirable. Like fetching a ball or chewing a toy.

#3: Put them in obedience training

Teaching your dog some basic commands can also make them calmer. Like sit, stay, or lie down.

They’ll learn how to act appropriately. And they’ll also realize their boundaries.

Plus, this is also a great way to divert their attention.

Say if you see that they’re about to mount on your partner, tell them “no.” Then ask them to do a command they’ve already mastered.

#4: Reduce their emotional distress

Sometimes, humping can be a result of boredom. As well as lack of stimulation.

In this case, the solution is quite easy.

You just have to walk and play more with your dog. So they’ll be able to release their stress and pent-up energy.

#5: Encourage calm behavior

Lastly, if you’re ignoring your dog’s unwanted behaviors…

You should also reward the good ones even more.

Pet or praise them whenever they’re sitting or lying down near your boyfriend. Or if they’re quietly chilling out with you.

By doing this, they’ll be more motivated to act calmly. And it’ll also reduce their urge to hump your boyfriend. 

Note: If your dog’s humping doesn’t stop and they also do it to everyone, monitor them closely. List any changes in their behavior and call your vet right away. This is because there could be medical reasons for this. Like UTI or skin allergies.