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13 Extraordinary Reasons Why Your Dog Sits In Front Of You

Why Does My Dog Sit In Front Of Me

It’s one fine afternoon, and you’re busy working.

Suddenly, your pooch sits in front of you.

Like a statue…

Sometimes they stare. On other days, they face away from you.

Hmm. Why do they do this?

Keep reading to discover:

  • What makes your dog suddenly sit before you.
  • How to read their body language depending on each situation.
  • Whether they do it for attention or for other unexpected reasons.
  • 3 helpful tips on how to handle a pooch who likes to sit in front of you.
  • And a lot more…

Why does my dog sit in front of me?

Your dog sits in front of you to get your attention, show their trust, give and receive affection, understand what you’re saying, be with you, or position themselves better to protect you. They can also do it because they’re anxious, bored, hungry, concerned, curious, or waiting for your directions.

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13 extraordinary reasons why your dog sits in front of you

#1: “Please look at me”

How do we get noticed by someone?

By shouting their name?

Or waving our hands?

Well, both work. Then, there’s also standing in front of them. Now, that’s hard to miss!

Dogs claim our attention in similar ways. Be it barking, pawing, or simply putting themselves in front of you.

It’s like they’re telling you, “Hey! I’m over here! Please notice me…

And you might as well pat my head while you’re at it.”

It could be that your pooch is bored or lonely, and wants to play with you.

And if they suddenly sit while you’re doing something, it can also be out of jealousy.

For example, if you’re watching, they might think, “Hmph! My hooman is giving that black thing (a.k.a. TV) more attention than me. I’mma end that right now.”

And that’s clever of them as they won’t go unnoticed.

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#2: They’re being protective of you

Your Dog Sits In Front Of You Because They're Protective Of You

You’re in the park with your pooch.

Then suddenly, they rush in front of you and sit there while facing away.

They seem to be focused on something too.

What could it be?

Your dog must have sensed a danger nearby. That’s why they put themselves in a position where they can protect you better.

They might also feel threatened by another Fido coming your way. So they put themselves in front of you and snarl to keep them away.

Or, it could be that you’re speaking with a stranger and since some canines find unfamiliar people untrustworthy, they would bark to scare them off.

#3: They’re on the lookout

Doggos can also sit in front of their humans whenever they feel the need to guard them.

So your pooch might want you to feel safe. This is similar to when they’re pooping and staring at you.

Do you find it weird? 

If a human does it to you – heck yeah! But in their world it’s perfectly normal. And a sign of care actually.

Your dog stares at you when they poop, to know you have their back.

While guarding you, they can also face the opposite direction.


They do it to keep better track of what’s happening in the surroundings.

For example, when you’re in the toilet, they can smell that you’re doing an ‘urgent’ thing. So they sit nearby and guard you while you’re vulnerable.

It’s like they’re saying, “Don’t worry, hooman. Keep doing your thing. I’ll back you up.”

This could be due to their natural instincts as they view you as an important person in their life. And they must keep you safe.

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#4: They trust and respect you

Trust and respect. These words hold so much power.

They might be the reason your pooch sits before you. To let you know that you have their complete trust and respect.

Consider it as one of the highest compliments a dog can give you.


Does your doggo sit next to you and expose some vulnerable parts of their body? For example, their chest, belly, or back? 

Then, it simply means your pooch trusts you. They feel comfortable and safe around you.

This is because they know you won’t harm them or do anything they dislike behind their back.

#5: A cry for help

Yes, your pooch might also do this when they’re anxious.

And it’s often accompanied by barking, which translates to “Help! Get me outta here!”

They’re like a scared child wanting to be near their parents. Seeking for help and security.

This would happen more when you’re outside or in other unfamiliar places. As there are different noises, strangers, and other animals around, which can be stressful at times.

So your Fido grabs your attention. Hoping you’d do something about it.

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#6: To give and receive affection

Your pooch sits in front of you.

And stares into your soul.

Is it because they want some treats?

Well, they can also do this to receive and give some love.

“What? How?”

It’s due to the power of oxytocin. This ‘cuddle hormone’ is released because of mutual gazing or sniffing. And it’s studied to be present in both dogs and humans.

So, this is responsible for the fuzzy feelings you get when staring at someone you adore. And for increasing attachment between the two of you.

#7: They’re waiting for directions

Your Dog's Waiting For Directions

“So what’s next now, hooman?”

This one’s pretty obvious.

You might have asked them to do some commands earlier, and left them hanging.

So they patiently sit before you, as they’d like you to give them more cues.

I mean, dogs like having tasks to do. So, by keeping them occupied, you’re doing your pooch a favor. 🙂

#8: They want to do something…

Go outside for a walk?

Or go potty?

Both are possible, and it’ll depend on your situation.

Because sitting before you will get them noticed instantly, they might do it for an urgent thing – to relieve themselves.

Or, it could also be that you’re busy and forgot what time it is. So they go to you and ask to be walked.

#9: They’re hungry or thirsty

“Excuse me.

Can I have a bite of that pizza, pweeease?”

Does your pooch also bark after they sit?

If so, they might be asking for some food or water.

Their bowl could be empty. Or, they can smell that you’re having something yummy.

So they flop in front of you to get your attention.

Note: By the way, it’s not recommended to give your pooch a slice of pizza. Although most dogs seem fine after eating one, the ingredients there can cause an upset stomach.

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#10: To be close to you

“If I could, then I would.

I’ll go wherever you will go.”

A certain song goes by these lyrics…

And this could be your dog’s motto in life. To be near you whenever they have a chance, or simply keep you company wherever you go

You probably know that some Fidos tend to be clingy and stick to their parents as closely as possible.

But in your case, your pooch might be content just by sitting near you. Because they can still see and smell you even from that distance.

#11: They sense your emotions

Yes, dogs can determine what we’re feeling inside by their incredible senses.

They know if we’re happy or sad by sniffing us and watching our body language. So, this could also be out of their concern.

Your pooch might have sensed that you feel under the weather. And by being close to you, they’re hoping they’ll cheer you up a bit.

Hmm. Do they know about this study? It shows that the presence of a doggo can lower blood pressure in humans.

Definitely not, but they surely know that they feel happy when they’re with you.

So, they think it’ll also have the same effect.

#12: To observe you closely

Your Dog Observes You Closely

…And stare at your beautiful face?

Well, your pooch might also sit in front of you to understand what you’re saying.

And I’m sure you’ve noticed this before too. As they would often look at and listen to you intently while you’re talking.

But ever wonder how many words they could understand?

According to research, dogs could recognize up to 150. And it’s more than what an 18-month-old kid knows (20 to 100 words), which is quite amazing.

#13: They’re curious like a cat

If your pooch does this when you’re doing something unfamiliar…

You might have gotten yourself a little Einstein.

Well, it could be a bit of an exaggeration because most dogs are curious.

But some breeds, not generalized, are less interested in things and prefer to nap more – like Basset Hounds, Chow Chows, and English Bulldogs.

So maybe, your Fido is only eager to know what you’re doing inside the bathroom. Or what you’re working on your computer. That’s why they come near you to do some investigating.

3 tips on what to do if your dog sits in front of you

#1: Don’t worry

Yup. You don’t have to worry, only IF your pooch doesn’t seem anxious or bark excessively.

Sitting in front of you is commonly a positive thing. It could mean trust, respect, and love.

And if they stare at you and seem relaxed, they might be asking for some gazing or belly rubs. So, might as well do it while they’re on it. 🙂

Also, don’t mind them if they sit and turn their back on you. They don’t mean to offend you. They’re only doing their duty to protect you.

#2: Recognize their worries

Are they hungry?

Or scared of someone?

They might go near you because they’re asking something or bothered by a person or an object.

So, figure out what it is or find what seems to be triggering their anxiety. By looking at their body language and surroundings.

They would really like it if you get rid of them quickly. Or put them out of an uncomfortable situation.

Your pooch sits in front of you because they want you to help them with something. So, acknowledge it. And make them comfy and relaxed as much as you can.

#3: Teach them the behavior you want

Dogs can change. And, of course, they need your help to make it happen.

How? By positive reinforcement.

Many studies, including this one and many trainers, prove that reward-based training works best for Fidos.

It doesn’t cause fear. Instead, they’ll be happier to learn in the long run.

You’ll only need:

  • Many treats.
  • Lots of patience.
  • Plenty of time and effort.

Note: Only use the snacks in the first part of the training. If your dog’s close to mastering the command, slowly get rid of it so they won’t depend on it much.

Does your pooch often get in your way?

Teach them where to sit instead and to patiently wait there.

You can say a cue word like “sit” then point at the spot. And reward them every time they obey you.

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Do they bark a lot to get your attention?

Ignore them in the meantime. So no speaking, looking, or petting them.

It’ll be hard at first. And their barking might get more intense before it gets better. So, you may consider giving a letter to your neighbor for consideration.

It’s called an ‘extinction burst.’ And experts say it’s only normal to happen.

You may only approach them as soon as they become quiet. Then praise and give them treats for doing so.

Slowly, you can correct this behavior. But one reminder,  it won’t happen fast, so be consistent and have faith in your Fido.