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11 Real Reasons Why Your Dog Sits So Close To You + 7 Tips

Why Does My Dog Sit So Close To Me

Your dog sitting close to you hardly annoys you. 

But sometimes, they’re so close that you can barely move. 

And now their fur is all over your clothes. 

You’re not alone!

In this article, you’ll find out:

  • How dogs ‘claim’ their dog parents.
  • 11 reasons why your dog wants to sit beside you.
  • 7 things to do when your pooch always wants to sit close.
  • The truth about separation anxiety and how to deal with it.
  • And much much more…

Why does my dog sit so close to me?

Your dog sits close to you for reasons such as providing company is in their nature, wanting your attention, needing security, guarding your movements, separation anxiety, comfortability, claiming you as owner, being dependent on you, wanting rewards, getting old, and reinforcements. 

11 reasons why your dog sits so close to you

#1: It’s in their nature

If your dog follows you around, sleeps next to you, and sits close to you, don’t worry. It’s only natural for them to do that. 

Certain dog breeds are especially clingy to their dog parents, like the Great Dane for example.

If you don’t already know, Great Danes are very large dogs. But it seems they are not aware of their size.

For when it comes to their favorite human, sitting close to them isn’t enough. 

They prefer sitting ON them. 

So if your dog only sits close to you, consider yourself lucky. 🙂

#2: They think it’s okay to sit with you

Your Dog Thinks It's Okay To Sit Close To You

Your dog thinks you’re work buddies.

When you’re working at home, your dog snoops in your laptop. Even your co-workers know their name because they constantly show up on video meetings. 

Oh, dear.

Your furry friend can’t stand being a seat away from you. It has come to the point where there’s no personal space and boundaries between you two.

You’re wondering what led to this. 

The simplest reason for this is you have encouraged them to sit beside you always. 

You give them treats, or you pet them when they come to you.

#3: They want your attention

There are many ways dogs get their dog parent’s attention. 

They could bark, whine, or even howl. 

But yours don’t make noises. They just silently creep in and sit close. Sometimes too close…

Hoping you get the hint that they need something.

#4: You’re their favorite

Have you noticed that your dog will only sit close to you, and only you?

It could be that in their eyes, you’re the best. The number one. 

Dogs tend to get close to the person with whom they are most comfortable. 

If your dog only has their eyes set on you, you’re probably the person who constantly feeds them and takes them on dog walks. 

#5: Dog manipulation

Does your pup sit close to you and stare at you with puppy eyes like they’re the most delicate thing in the world?

And whenever they do this, what’s your reaction? Don’t you wanna play, pet, or give them little treats?

Dogs can get manipulative to their dog parents. 

A study conducted by researchers found out that dogs do certain actions and face movements to manipulate their dog parents into giving them what they want. 

If they have learned that sitting close to you will result in getting what they want, they will not hesitate to do it all the time. 

#6: They feel secure with you

According to research, dogs have the mental capacity of a 2-year old toddler. (Hence why they also have a special bond with children.)

Because dogs aren’t able to understand many things, they get scared easily. 

For example, when they are in a new environment, or there is a new member in the family. Also, when there are sudden loud noises like thunderstorms and fireworks. 

In these situations, they look up to you – their dog parent – for comfort and security. They will lean and sit as close to you as possible for reassurance. 

#7: Your dog is ‘claiming’ you

“Ever heard of personal space?”, you ask your dog as they sit too close to you all the time when you’re outdoors. 

Your dog gave you a big gruff. It seems that your words get lost in the wind. 

Why do they get clingy whenever you’re outside?

The reason for this is quite interesting!

Your dog sits close to you to rub off their scent on you. 

Dogs recognize smell 1,000 times better than humans do. By leaving their scent on your clothes, they tell other dogs that you belong with them. 

They are ‘claiming’ you as their human. 

#8: They are trying to protect you

Whether you’re watching TV, relaxing on a sofa, or reading by the window pane – your dog sticks to you like glue. 

They sit as close to you as possible. If you stand up, they bolt right up to follow.

Why is your dog like this? 

A possible reason for this is they are feeling protective of you. By staying close, they can watch and guard your every movement. 

#9: Separation anxiety

Your Dog Is Suffering From Separation Anxiety

Your pooch sleeps with you on the same bed. They follow you around the house. They sit as close to you as possible.

They’re like your shadow. But a furry and a smaller version of it.

But when they are away from you, they misbehave by howling and barking excessively.

You always wonder why they do this.

This could be a case of separation anxiety where dogs get anxious whenever they’re away from their dog parents. 

Dogs experience separation anxiety because they were separated too early from their birth mothers and siblings. Or they came from a dog shelter where they were abandoned there by their previous dog parents. 

Because of these reasons, they are insecure. They obsessively stay close to their new dog parent for reassurance and dependency.

#10: They’re ‘velcro’ dogs

How can you tell if your dog is a ‘velcro’? 

Are you with them 24/7? At work, and at home? 

Do they follow you around happily? Do they monitor your movements? Do they sit close to you all the time?

If the answer to all these is a big Yes, then your dog is indeed one. 

But wait… 

You wonder if your dog is velcro or do they have separation anxiety. 

What’s the difference between them exactly? Aren’t they just the same?

One word: Anxiety.

‘Velcro’ dogs don’t feel anxious when you’re away from them. The dog with separation anxiety does. 

#11: Medical conditions

Your dog doesn’t just sit close to you. They also lean on you. 

Although you feel glad that your beloved pooch is comfortable being close to you, you also get worried. 

You’ve noticed that these habits became a constant thing ever since they got older. 

According to PetMD, dogs may experience several health issues as they age. Because there may be times that they are in pain, they lean or sit close to their dog parents for comfort. 

Bonus: It’s the most comfortable spot

Your dog constantly sits beside you on your couch. 

Out of all the places in your house, it’s only there on that couch that your dog chooses to sit beside you. That one and only spot. 

Here’s some news for you. Hot off the press! 

You’ve overthought this. 

Your dog sitting close to you is NOT because of you. 

It’s because of your couch. The one area where their butt fits perfectly and oh, so nicely. 

Possibly, it’s their favorite spot. And it just so happens you’re sitting there too. 

7 tips on what to do if your dog sits so close to you

#1: Give them the time of day

If your dog constantly sits close to you, more often than not they are asking you to give them attention. 

So why not give them some of your time?

Think about this. You have your work, your friends, and your entertainment. But your dog only has you. 

If your dog sits beside you to remind you of your daily walk, or when they need some petting, it isn’t bad to indulge them once in a while. 

Those simple activities could be the highlight of their everyday life. 

#2: Make the most out of this habit

Enjoy Your Dog Sitting Close To You

There are worse ways your dog could misbehave and ask for your attention. There’s destroying things, attacking, and eating random stuff. 

If your dog’s habit of sitting close to you is a concern, why not look at it in another light? 

Your dog sitting close to you may be because of many different reasons. But mainly, it’s because they love you. 

They want to be close enough to you because they trust you. 

So make the most out of it, especially if your dog is getting old and sickly. When our pooches are gone, we will miss all their quirky habits, especially like this one. 

In short, enjoy your dog sitting close to you. 🙂

#3: Encourage them to be alone

Your pup enjoys their time spending with you. Even if it’s just quietly sitting close to you while you have your coffee.

But whenever you stand and leave them, they follow. They are scared to be left alone.

To make them feel more confident, encourage them that being alone isn’t so bad. 

Here’s one way to train them to be independent: 

Place them inside a safe room. 

Give them toys that will keep them busy. Then leave them in that room for less than a minute. 

When you come back, give them treats. Continue with this training, making their waiting time longer as time goes on. 

This training condition your dog on three things:

  • You will come back every time you leave.
  • They will receive treats if they’ve behaved when alone. 
  • Every time you leave the room, it doesn’t mean you’re leaving the house.

When they learn to be independent, they will refrain from the habit of sitting close to you all the time. 

#4: Deal with their separation anxiety properly

Your dog could be sitting beside you always because they have separation anxiety.

That’s why as much as you can, don’t exaggerate leaving. Acting nonchalantly about leaving will help your pooch feel more at ease. 

Hugging them, saying you will miss them, and telling them to be a good boy always will only make them feel scared.

If the word ‘Goodbye’ itself makes your dog anxious, refrain from using it. 

#5: Build boundaries

Does your dog invade your personal space by sitting beside you or on you? 

In this case, you have to create a boundary and make your pup respect your personal space. 

The first thing you need to do is to give them the ‘cold shoulder’. 

Whenever they try to sit beside you, get your things to leave or scoot away. 

Although your dog will be confused at first, they will eventually get the hint that you don’t want them to sit beside you if you ignore them all the time. 

#6: Teach them a harmless way to get your attention

Your dog’s obsessive way of sitting as close as they can to you can become a problem over time. 

If you are sick or your body is hurting, your dog’s weight beside you can be equally painful and bothersome. 

To limit this, you can teach them another way to get your attention or ask for something. An example of this is using the ‘sit’ trick or ringing the bell.

#7: Let them socialize

Your dog sits beside you always because you are the apple of their eye. 

But you’ve got things to do and you can’t just sit with them forever. So why not let others receive some of the attention your dog gives you? 

If you constantly walk them to the park, let the other members of your family do it as well. You will notice some time that your dog will be thinking twice about where to sit.

You, one of their favorites. Or their new one. 

Make them socialize with other dogs, too. If you have another dog or cat in the family, your dog will have a companion they can be with all the time aside from you.