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11 Reasons Why Your Husky Eats Rocks + 9 Tips To Stop It

Why Does My Husky Eat Rocks

You just discovered your Husky’s new favorite snack.

It’s not cookies. 

It’s rocks! 

They eat them like it’s the tastiest thing in the world. What the heck?!

Before you lose it, keep reading to find out: 

  • The dangers of eating rocks.
  • What rocks taste like for your Husky.
  • 11 reasons why your Husky does that.
  • 9 tips to stop your dog from munching on rocks.
  • And much more…

Why does my Husky eat rocks?

Your Husky eats rocks for reasons such as a change in their environment, having a mental condition known as ‘Pica’, previous owners tolerating this habit, feeling hungry, stressed, experimenting, teething, wanting your attention, misbehaving, and having intestinal parasites.

11 reasons why your Husky eats rocks

#1: Your Husky likes the taste

If your Husky could speak right now, how do you think they would describe rocks? 

“Rocks are like little candy balls.

There are crunchy ones. And then there are the crumbly ones.

Oh, and there’s the yummy smell of the soil and slimy worms that sticks to them!

Heckin’ good- 10/10!”

It could also be possible that there’s some food buried or drippings in the soil where your Husky eats rocks. This makes the rocks more flavourful and appealing for your pooch. 

#2: Huskies chew rocks for teething relief

Puppy teeth and fangs are some of the most adorable things on the planet. 

But achieving those cute little teeth wasn’t easy for your Husky. Teething was a pain in their butts.

To give themselves some relief, puppies tend to chew on things. 

This includes your shoes, your sofa, and even rocks.

Yes, pups love to chew on rocks. 

They don’t dissolve. And they have a certain mineral taste dogs enjoy for some reason. 

But chewing on rocks has more harm than benefits for your pups. The rocks can puncture their mouth and destroy their teeth.

#3: It’s a wonderful discovery

Husky Discovers Eating Rocks

Huskies are adventurous breeds. They love to try new things. 

Similar to babies and toddlers, they discover things by sniffing and putting things in their mouths. 

Can this be eaten or not?

They smell. They lick. 

And when it’s their lucky day, they find yummy-looking rocks they can try!

Although some dogs get over eating rocks as they mature, there are also others who don’t. Over time, this habit can become an obsession if left unattended. It can also lead to certain disorders. 

#4: Pica

Your Husky eats rocks like it’s a normal thing to do. 

After some time, you’ve noticed that it’s not just rocks, they are also starting to eat different kinds of dirt.

You try to stop them every time. But once you turn away your gaze, they are back to snacking the face of the Earth.

“Why are they doing this?”, you wonder.

Have you heard of the compulsive disorder called ‘Pica’

It’s the behavior wherein dogs and humans eat non-edible items such as rocks, dirt, and even poop. 


Some studies show that this behavior can be caused by a lack of certain nutrients. Dogs eat other things to acquire the minerals they are missing.

If this behavior continues, it can lead to severe stomach injuries and a decline in your Husky’s health. 

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#5: They have intestinal parasites

Your Husky eating rocks could be because of certain parasites living on their body.

There are roundworms. The hookworms. And then there’s the oldie but goodie tapeworms. 

These all suck up all the nutrients your dog should have. As a result, your Husky is left with limited ones. 

And so your dog eats rocks to compensate for their nutrient loss.  

#6: Change in environment

Your Husky is a playful and happy dog. 

But suddenly, something has changed. They are now quiet and they keep away from you. 

What’s more surprising, is that they are now eating rocks.

Why is your pooch suddenly like this?

The reason could be because they are stressed. A sudden change in their surroundings can cause this. 

It could be because of a recent change in housing location. A new member of the family. Or if there’s a new dog in your home. 

While these things may be a milestone for you, it isn’t for your dog. 

They could be scared and unsure of what is happening. This takes a toll on their mind.

Your Husky may get over the rock-eating habits as they adjust, but it will take some time. 

#7: Their previous owners tolerated it

Eating rocks is a habit that needs to be cut off while it’s still early. 

But what if your Husky’s previous owner or breeder tolerated it? 


That could be a problem. 

Now your dog thinks that eating rocks is okay. So it might be hard for you to correct their behavior and redirect their mind. 

Don’t worry. With dedicated training and reinforcements, you can still set this right. 

#8: They were hungry

Prepare your tissues. This is going to be a heartbreaking one. 

The reason why your Husky is eating rocks could be because they used to starve. 

This is a common scenario for rescue and abused dogs. 

Since they were always hungry, they chose to eat rocks instead to fill their hungry stomach. 

And even if they were already rescued and are in the care of good owners, they still think that they have to eat rocks to be full. 

#9: Rocks as stress-relievers

Rocks Are Stress Relievers

Chewing and eating relieve stress. 

That’s why we eat whenever we are hungry. Or bored. 

If your Husky eats rocks, one reason could be because they have nothing to do. 

#10: They are misbehaving

Huskies are very active dogs. They love to run, they enjoy the cold, and they are smart, too!

But since Huskies are adventurous and temperamental, they easily get bored with their toys and food. 

They tend to misbehave if their needs are not met. Like if they don’t get enough exercise or they are not fed well. 

One way they misbehave is by doing things like destroying, howling excessively, and even eating rocks. 

#11: Your attention, please

Huskies love to play. 

The reason why they could be eating rocks is that they want you to notice them. And when you do, they will have you chase them. 

For them, it’s just a game. But for you, it’s one of the most dangerous things your dog can do.

How to know if your Husky eat rocks

Does your pooch hide the rocks in their paw and save them for some snacking later? Is it hard for you to catch them when they eat rocks?

Here are 3 ways you can know if your Husky has a rock-eating behavior. 

#1: Check their poop

Stones and small rocks in your Husky’s poop is a major red flag that says they eat rocks. Usually, small indigestible things can easily pass through a dog’s stomach and intestines. 

The problem is when they eat bigger rocks. 

#2: Feel their tummy

Big rocks cannot pass through your Husky’s intestines. Especially if they are still puppies. 

Those rocks can get impacted on their stomach later on. Feel your dog or your puppy’s tummy. Is it harder than usual? Are there hard lumps?

Do they look like bean bags when you carry them? 

#3: Change in behavior

Eating rocks takes a toll on your dog’s health after some time. 

The rocks will damage your dog’s stomach, leading to a loss of appetite. They will also feel lethargic and sluggish because they are not receiving the right amount of nutrients. 

9 tips to stop your Husky from eating rocks

#1: Dog-proof your backyard

Husky Proof Your Backyard

Huskies are sneaky dogs. They are escape artists. The Houdini of dog breeds. 

They like to dig up fences so they can escape

Dog-proofing your home by putting up fences that restrict their access to the rocky parts of your yard may help. But it may not be enough.

And so…

Bring out your magnifying glasses and gloves. It’s gonna be inspection time!

One way to stop your Husky from eating rocks is to place those rocks elsewhere. Pick them up and put them in a safe environment. If you can, totally eliminate them.  

If your dog doesn’t see rocks, they won’t be able to eat them.

#2: Ask your local vet

If you think your Husky is eating rocks because of medical conditions, ask for a vet’s advice

Firstly, they could identify why your pooch eats rocks. They could also give you recommendations on how to correct this behavior.

If your Husky has nutritional deficiency and anemia, you can ask them for multivitamins. 

And lastly, if your pooch has intestinal parasites, the vet can provide them with deworming pills. 

#3: Feed them properly

If your Husky came from bad owners and a traumatic past, it’s important to assure them that they won’t be hungry anymore. 

Check if they are having the right amount of food for their size. According to PetMD, these are the things you should consider:

  • Your dog’s lifestyle. 
  • Amount of their exercise.
  • The type of food your Husky eats.
  • Your dog’s body weight and metabolic rate.

When they are fed right, they will stop looking for non-edible food. 

#4: Schedule their feeding time

Your Husky could be eating rocks because their feeding time is unstable with their previous owners. It could be that they used to eat for a day, then starve the next. 

To correct their mindset, you need to feed them on time. It’s important that you don’t miss or be late with their meals. 

The key here is to be consistent. 

Your Husky must get used to their new feeding routine. This will give them the confidence that they will not starve anymore. 

#5: Give them tons of activities

Huskies eat rocks when they are bored. The solution?

Keep them busy.

Huskies are born to run. That’s why they are perfect as sled dogs. 

This means that as their owner, you should also be active. You must be able to keep up with their energy. 

Or at least try to. 

If you don’t have a big backyard they can run to, provide them with things to do. Tugs-of-war, fetch, and playing chase are just some of the games you can play with them.

You can also take them on long walks. Go for hikes. Swim in the river. 

Huskies love doing all that!

#6: Distract them with toys

Life happens. And I know that there are times when we don’t have hours of the day to spend with our beloved pooches.

What you can do in this situation is provide your Husky with toys and puzzles they can play with. 

But not just any toy, it has to be something that stimulates their mind. If possible, give them something that can make them tired too. 

An example is letting them chase a remote-controlled car. Or an automatic ball launcher- this one works wonders!

These let them play on their own without requiring your full attention.

#7: ‘Drop’ and ‘give’ commands

If the tips mentioned above didn’t work for your Husky, train them instead. When it comes to eating rocks, you can teach them the ‘Drop’ and the ‘Give’ commands. 

The ‘Drop’ command makes them put down rocks they have in their mouth. While the ‘Give’ command makes them give the rocks to you. 

You can also ask for a dog behaviorist or dog trainer’s help if you want your dog to be trained professionally. 

#8: Be firm and consistent

Huskies can sometimes be naughty and stubborn. 

That’s why in training, you have to be firm. And you need to stand by your rules. Let your Husky know that you mean business.

It’s also important that you are consistent with the rules you’re setting. 

#9: Watch them like a hawk

Your efforts have come to fruition. 

Your Husky now ignores rocks.

They don’t look at them. They don’t smell them. And thankfully, they don’t eat them anymore. 

Great job, human!

But hold that celebration… This could not be the end yet.

If your Husky has an obsession with eating rocks, there could be a relapse any time soon. 

Don’t be too confident that they got over it easily. Once they see a window of chance to eat rocks again, they will take it. 

What you can do is monitor them. Make sure that they are always in a safe environment.

And lastly, always keep the rocks away.