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37 Scientific Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats (2023)

Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Trying to decide which furry companion you want?

Out of all the loving and loyal animals out there, you’re stuck between dogs and cats.

Well, there are pros and cons in both.

And in this article, we’ll talk about why dogs are waaay better than cats.

Continue reading to find out:

  • 37 scientific reasons why dogs are better than cats.
  • How hard it is really to take care of canines versus felines.
  • Why dogs are better when it comes to fitting into your lifestyle.
  • And this is just the beginning…

Table of contents

Why are dogs better than cats?

Dogs are better than cats because they are easier to train. Canines are more equipped to protect and fend off attackers. Cats need litter boxes, unlike dogs that can be house-trained. Canines also come in different sizes from big affectionate ones to miniature pups. Dogs are also more active.

Dogs vs cats – 9 scientific reasons why dogs are better than cats

#1: Dog parent are more social people

Whenever you take your dog out for walks, how many new people do you meet? These individuals most likely want to pet your pooch. And in the process, talk to you.

Due to this, canine parents lead more social lives. They tend to interact with more people. And this is because dogs are social creatures, too.

Your pooch needs to socialize? Well, you gotta go with them, too.

Research even says that having dogs can help you strike up conversations. The scientists tested this theory with both the human dressed smartly and scruffily.

Based on their results, it’s true that a person’s looks affect interactions. However, the major catalyst of these conversations was the presence of a canine.

When you walk your pooch, you don’t just make them physically healthy. Your well-being improves, too. Both physical, emotional, and mental health is positively affected when you have a dog.

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#2: A dog’s sense of smell can save human lives

It’s a well-known fact that dogs have a better sense of smell than humans. They just pick up scents way better than we do and they use these to interpret the world.

Canines get tons of info from their peers and their hooman through their noses. Imagine if you could guess your boss’ mood just by smelling their scent…

Ohhh… that’d save humans lots of passive-aggressive acts in the office. God knows how many times I’ve seen this.

“Wait, did you just say dogs can smell moods?”

Yes, they can. According to research, dogs have the ability to sense our hormonal levels. And what’s more impressive is that they can match it, too.

And guess what…

That’s not where a dog’s smelling abilities stop.

A study shows that a dog’s nose can help trace cancer biomarkers in humans. As long as canines have the correct training as to the scents to track, they can sniff it out. Impressive, yeah?

#3: Dogs can anticipate seizures

In relation to #2, dogs can detect when a seizure is about to happen to a human. This is very helpful to fur parents who have illnesses that cause episodes.

If you have the tendency to experience episodes, you’ll be able to prepare what you need.

Or maybe even call someone to keep them company to help them when the seizure comes. According to a study, this skill is innate in dogs.

Some even suggest training canines to push a button to call 911 when a seizure happens. It’s like you’ve got your personal nurse at your disposal.

Now can you imagine training a cat to detect seizures? How about making them push buttons for a phone call?

I think felines are more inclined to shove vases off your cabinet than call 911.

#4: Dogs can help stop you from having allergies

“But don’t they have fur that can trigger allergies?”

Yes, some do. And if you’re an adult who has a bad case of allergies, then you should opt for a hypoallergenic canine. However, for kids, it’s actually beneficial.

Canines have the ability to help children build up a resistance against allergies. It’s just like working out – the more you’re exposed to weights, the stronger you get.

In the same way, having dogs can make humans more resistant to allergies according to a study.

“Can’t cats do that, too?”

Well, yes. But, the study goes on to say that dogs, in particular, can have positive effects on infants. Specifically their immune response development.

If you want to have kids who have strong immune systems, a canine in the house would help. Your children will become healthier. Having dogs can also teach your kids responsibility.

#5: Dogs are part of the police and military force

Dogs Are Better Than Cats Because They Are Part Of The Police And Military Force

It’s no surprise that canines are in almost every airport in the U.S. 

They are part of the teams that stop drugs, guns, and other contrabands past security.

Think of them as Superman, but instead of having x-ray vision, he got a supernose. We’ll call this hero Superpooch. Calling dogs heroes would be appropriate since they can stop crime from the get-go.

This is possible because 35% of a dog’s brain is dedicated to smelling according to the Smithsonian. Humans pale in comparison. We only dedicate 5% of our brains to scents.

If we have the same noses as dogs, we’d be able to smell weed from miles away. Not sure if this is good news to you or not. *wink wink*

Nevertheless, only canines have the obedience and skills that can help humans do this. Both the military and the police force use dogs to help them in their activities.

Can cats do that? Didn’t think so.

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#6: Dogs help endangered animals survive

With all the good things dogs do for us, we shouldn’t call them man’s best friend. They are some of the most amazing creatures who are loyal and selfless.

Honestly, we should just call them Earth’s best friend. And the reason for this is because they can help save dying species.

It’s all thanks to their amazing noses. “What did dogs do?”

With the help of canines, scientists were able to track the movement of whales. Dogs use their noses to sniff out the location of the sea giant’s poop.

This is extremely important so that environmentalists would know how to save them. 

According to the NYT, scientists were able to study the whales’ poop. They can then see how these gentle giants are being affected by pollutions.

After all, what one eats can be traced in their stool. And this is the same with whales.

#7: Dogs can help us when we grow old

It’s hard to live through when you’re already growing old. I may not know what that feels like, but I did see my grandparents slowly age.

It’s kinda scary to think that someday my body is gonna start giving up on me. I’ll never be able to do the activities I used to love.

And I will probably need some help from a nurse or a family member for my daily activities. Does that scare you, too?

If it does, then let me put your worries at ease. Dogs are excellent companions for the elderly. 

Sure, they might not be the full package who can feed, bathe, and dress you. But what they lack in these areas, they make up in keeping us have some sense of purpose.

According to a paper, the responsibility of having a dog can have positive effects. Elderly people usually run out of things to do. 

#8: Dogs can understand human words

Did you know you can have a conversation with your dog? Well, not the ones you can have with your friends. Humans have evolved to have a complicated and complex mode of communication.

But what if I told you canines can understand a fraction of what we tell them? This is one of the reasons why dogs are able to follow commands. Especially those dog breeds who are exceptionally intelligent such as:

  • Poodle.
  • Border Collie.
  • Golden Retriever.
  • German Shepherd.
  • Labrador Retriever.

A study shows that dogs have the ability to comprehend a few phrases from their hooman. However, it is unknown why this happened. But it isn’t surprising given a dog’s mental capacity is high.

I’ll talk more about this in #9.

#9: Dogs have the brain of a 2 ½-year-old human baby

Ever wondered why your pooch can quickly learn where to potty? Or when to walk with you or stop?

These might seem like “simple” things to humans but when a dog does it… amazing. Maybe we’re just used to animals not having the same intelligence as a canine.

According to Stanley Coren, dogs have the intelligence of a 2 ½-year-old child. Impressive, right? 

Canines try to understand us by watching our cues. They can also read our emotions and do act accordingly.

Dogs can have an emotional connection with their hoomans, too. Have you ever seen canines get jealous when their parents pet another pup? 

Other dogs even feel this way towards your partner.

This is a manifestation of their emotional intelligence. And how they interact with us.

Scientists also learned that some dogs can be taught over 100 human words. It helped that we humans only chose to breed canines who are more obedient. 

It’s also likely that our ancestors kept ones who can help them hunt and guard their belongings.

Dogs vs cats – other reasons why dogs are better than cats

#1: You can take them out for activities

You Can Take Dogs Out For Activities

Generally speaking, canines are more active creatures compared to cats. If you yourself are an adrenaline junkie, having a dog as your companion would be best.

Canines are stronger in comparison to most cats and they’d love to go out with you. It’s not just something your dog would do out of compliance.

Do you really wanna go out for a run if your companion doesn’t look interested? I won’t. It’d just ruin the exercise for me.

However, since some dogs require exercise, it’s something that they’d crave to do. You no longer have to condition them into doing it.

Just have a lease ready and your pooch will race you to the door. Cats on the other hand are generally perceived as “lazy” and would rather sleep for most of the day.

And there’s nothing wrong if felines are like that. After all, research says that they do sleep between 12 to 18 hours a day. That’s a lot, right?

And around 40% of cats rest upwards of 18 hours in just a day.

Dogs on the other hand sleep between 12 to 14 hours. Which one can you most likely take out for an exercise?

Speaking of activities, I’ll discuss in #2, #3, #4, and #5 the ones you can choose to do with dogs.

#2: You can take them on trail runs

I’m not saying you can’t take cats. But it’d be more enjoyable if you take a dog with you. Not only will you have a personal bodyguard, but you’ll also have a curious buddy.

You’ll see your dog sniff around and try to explore stuff within the trail. If you are one who’s naturally curious and loves to explore, you and your canine will be close.

Dogs also have more strength and endurance to go out on long hikes with you. Unlike cats who are quick but run out of gas as fast, too.

If you will, you can imagine dogs as endurance runners. While felines are classic sprinters. And the structures of their body have to do with this.

According to PhysioPedia, dogs have nuchal ligaments. This helps them stabilize their heads while running. Something long-distance runners need to last long.

“How about cats?” 

No. They don’t have this ligament. That’s why you can see felines that are able to fit in any object. This is the scientific explanation to the old joke: cats are liquid.

#3: You can take them swimming

Dogs are excellent swimmers and are very good companions when you’re out on a river. Or a lake. Maybe even at a pool or a beach.

Wherever it is you’re planning to go for a quick swim, rest assured your canine is there with you. You can even play fetch with them in the water if you get tired of swimming.

Just make sure your doggo is properly trained to play in a pool or the beach.

Throw a stick in the lake and they’ll happily go get it for you. Going for a swim will also be a good time to check if your dogs know how to save you.

Cats on the other hand are generally scared of water. Talk to feline parents and ask them how many times they got scratched. Especially during bath time.

According to Britannica, one theory about a cat’s fear of water is that they didn’t grow up there. Felines have little experience when it comes to bodies of water. Well, except when they drink.

But aside from sustenance, they don’t have much interaction with water.

#4: You can play hide-and-seek with them

Dogs being the curious creatures that they are, love to find things. And if you play a game that utilizes this ability of theirs, they’d love it to pieces.

Try hiding in a spot and calling your pooch to you. Make it a bit hard for them to find you by not being so obvious. Good hiding spots would be:

  • Under the bed.
  • Behind the curtain.
  • Under your sheets.
  • Inside your cabinet.

Your dog will naturally come to you if you’ve trained them. Or maybe try to lure them with the sound of their feeding bowls.

You’ll see your pooch primarily use their nose to find your hiding spot. This is also a good exercise for canines who need mental stimulation.

And for ones that want to train their dog’s muscles, try hiding somewhere they have to climb to find you. But only if it’s safe. This is easier to do if you have a 2nd floor in your home.

Climbing up and down the stairs is a great exercise for dogs, too.

Warning: Playing with your steps isn’t possible for all canines. Those with injuries and physiological issues should be assisted up the stairs.

#5: You can play obedience games with them

It makes fur parents happy when their pooch finally understands their commands. Weeks of training paying off? That’s one for the books.

Even I got ecstatic when I saw my Lissa follow her potty training. And this isn’t just the only thing you can train your dog for. Canines are smart – let’s utilize their mental capacities.

You can make your dog follow vocal cues. There are ones you can do while you’re out on a walk such as:

  • “Sit.”
  • “Stay.”
  • “Heel.”
  • “Come.”
  • “Down.”

Dogs can also understand simple phrases like:

  • “Drop it.”
  • “Get that.”
  • “Stand up.”
  • “Stop that.”
  • “Roll over”.

Now, all these might look like “doing work” to you. But to canines, work and play can be intertwined. As long as they have physical activities and they are mentally stimulated, your dog is happy.

If you want to show off your dog’s skills, you can also train them to do tricks. Like walking on their hind legs, twirling, playing dead, etc.

With cats, it’s far harder to train them to follow the commands mentioned above.

#6: They are cuddly

Cuddle Time

Dogs love snuggling up with you. And most fur parents would agree that they really are good cuddling companions.

Just not when they face their bums to you. Has this ever happened to you? Or worse, put their butt on your face? Can really wake us up, huh.

Nevertheless, a lot of us fur parents love it when they are in our beds. Even if some pooches are very heavy due to their size and breed. Some fur parents just prefer life-size and almost bear-like cuddling companions in bed.

However, if you also want a small canine to sleep with, you have lots of options, too. Depending on the size of your house and your sleeping area, you’ve got a dog that fits your life.

If you also feel a bit lonely sitting alone on your couch, you can just call your pooch. Let them jump on your lap, and may the cuddles begin.

#7: They can keep you warm

Warmth is important to humans and their survival. And this is true for dogs, too. As you know canines are pack animals and they hunt, eat, and travel together.

It does make sense though when you’re out in the wild. And all the resources such as food and water are very limited. So for a creature like a wild dog to survive, they need their pack.

And since your dog considers you as part of their family, they might snuggle up to you. Part of the reason they do this is for warmth. Especially if you live somewhere cold.

A canine’s fur is an excellent insulator. Which means warmth can stay longer between the two of you. There also are dogs that are huge in size. If they lay on top of you, it’s like having your own weighted furry blanket.

It also benefits you and your electricity bill. Because if you feel warm when your dog is sleeping next to you, you’ll use less of the air conditioning or the central heating system during the night. 

#8: They can guard your house

They say peace of mind isn’t something you can buy. And that’s true. I remember when my friend used to be so anxious when he goes on a vacation for a few days.

I then suggested he get a dog to help him guard his house. But this is on top of installing CCTVs in his home that he can watch through his phone.

He followed my suggestion and now he can leave his home in peace. Don’t worry, a sitter goes to his house regularly to walk and feed his dog.

Cats on the other hand cannot fend off intruders. They don’t have the loud bark of guard dogs. Nor have the strength to fight when an unfamiliar person comes in.

#9: Dogs can make you laugh

Canines aren’t exactly stand-up comedians who can make you roll on the floor laughing. But sometimes, you do crack a laugh or two when you’re with them.

Dogs can sometimes be huge derps doing silly things that amuse humans. There are those who run around and chase their tails. Other dogs try to bark at you as if they’re talking to you.

Positive interactions like these can have an effect on a human. Specifically on our emotional and mental state. Scientists even found out that laughing can help in keeping old people healthy.

How, you ask?

They do this through what they call a laughter therapy intervention. It resulted in old people having higher levels of serotonin in their bodies.

This can happen to you, too. You may not be old, but everyone can benefit from a good laugh.

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#10: They act like you’re the best person around

Being energetic and goofy when your dog sees you come home is pretty normal stuff. I think I speak for almost every loving fur parent when I say that we experience this regularly.

Here are some of the ways dogs show they’re excited to see us:

  • Howling.
  • Jumping around.
  • Initiating playtimes. 

Dogs don’t really care who you are. As long as you provide them with a place filled with love and care, they’ll be happy.

Your dog doesn’t care if you just woke up in the morning. Hair all messy, teeth unbrushed, clothes all ragged – they love you, still.

#11: They are showier of their emotions

Doesn’t it feel nice if the people around you are expressive of what they feel? I don’t mean getting gifts and compliments every single day, once in a while is enough.

I for one appreciate people in my life who let me know I am loved. A few small gestures here and there are already enough for me.

For people who think like this, dogs are the better option. Have you ever seen cats get excited to see you? Like the way, I described how dogs are in #10?

Felines are usually more chill and borderline look like they don’t care about the world. Dogs on the other hand are more expressive.

After a long day of work, coming home to a furry companion to a dog is much more exciting. On some days, they’ll whine when they meet you.

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#12: They can help you with your chores

Dogs Help You With Your Chores

As you know, there are dogs who are bred to help humans in work. These are the ones that our ancestors saw to be good partners in their activities in the wild.

According to NewScientist, earlier humans did try to lure wolves into their camps. They did this by sharing their food.

Experts say that during the ice age, some humans shared excess meat with wolves. Because of this, these canines became tame and co-existed with our ancestors.

Being hunter-gatherers, early humans heavily relied on the wild for their food. And when they took the meat, they also needed to store it.

Dogs then came into the picture. And with their help, humans were able to survive longer. Getting food and keeping it became more efficient.

And until today, we still can benefit from our furry friends’ abilities. I’ll discuss some of the tasks dogs can help us with in #13, #14, #15, and #16.

#13: They can help farmers control their cattle

Being able to command where cattle go is very important for farmers. When their animals’ grazing time is finished, ranchers usually gather their cows to keep them safe.

Out in the fields, cows are susceptible to a lot of dangers. Exposure to the elements would make them sick and therefore affect a farm’s production.

That’s why cows need a safe place to sleep. And for farmers, this is a heavy task to do alone. But with the help of herding dog breeds, their work becomes easier.

It’s not to say that farming and having a ranch is an easy job. But the work becomes lighter with the help of dogs.

Here are examples of canine breeds that help farmers control cattle according to the AKC:

  • Border Collie.
  • Belgian Malinois.
  • German Shepherd.
  • Australian Shepherd.
  • Australian Cattle Dog.
  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi.
  • Miniature American Shepherd.

#14: They can help you shop

Do you need assistance in buying your groceries? Then you can bring your pooch with you to the store.

Okay, this is more like something silly than actual help dogs can give. But hey, bringing bags of groceries can be tiring, too, you know.

Canines have the ability to carry stuff in their mouths. As you have noticed during a game of fetch, dogs are excellent in bringing things to their hooman.

As a fur parent, you can use this awesome doggy skill to make your shopping easier. And a little bit more fun!

Look at these pooches bring groceries into their homes:

Not only is it fun to have your dog help you out in the store, but it’s also a good exercise for them. It can improve their obedience. And will train their jaws, keeping their teeth and mouth healthy.

#15: They can guard your place of business

This is related to #8. But in this case, business owners are the ones who can benefit. Especially ones who deal with products that are relatively expensive.

If you have a warehouse where you store all your goods, having a dog would be beneficial. Security guards may be helpful, too, but canines can really amp up your protection.

Dogs have excellent hearing and their noses are way better than ours. Intruders won’t be able to slip past well-trained guard dogs.

Just make sure that the people guarding your place of business know how to command the dogs. So that if someone does attempt to steal from your warehouse, they’d know how to control your canines.

Warning: Dogs may bite when provoked. And if this happens, handlers should be able to command them to stop. Especially if the threat is already neutralized.

#16: They can hunt with you

This is pretty obvious with all the talk of ancient humans using dogs in gathering food. However, canines weren’t just helpful thousands of years in the past when it comes to hunting.

Today, there are still several individuals who engage in field sports. And more often than not, these people bring dogs with them. They utilize their speed and sense of smell to flush out and track animals.

If you’re into outdoor sports like hunting, having a canine by your side would be helpful. Try bringing a cat to a hunt – they’d probably just sleep and watch you struggle.

#17: They can help track truffles for you

Are you a foodie? Maybe this is Gordon Ramsey reading? If so, hi, Gordon!

Just kidding. But if you do have eternal love for food, then you’ll know how pricey truffles can be.

It’s expensive because these are extremely rare and hard to find. However, the job of finding truffles can be easier with the help of canines.

And as rare as these mushrooms are, the dog breed that can help find these is, too. The canine that has been specifically bred to find truffles is the Lagotto Romagnolo.

If you’ve been to a fancy restaurant and ordered these mushrooms, it’s highly likely a canine found them. These dogs sniff out the ground in search of truffles and their handlers will then harvest them.

#18: They can help rescue teams

Dogs Help Rescue Teams

The power and usefulness of dogs don’t stop in searching for truffles. Canines are also employed by search and rescue teams worldwide.

Whenever there’s a calamity that leads to unfortunate deaths, dogs can help in finding them. The bodies usually are scattered. And with all the debris in the affected area, it’s time-consuming to remove them all first.

Having a canine to help pinpoint the location of bodies will make the mission more efficient.

Dogs that are trained for this important task can also save lives. Imagine a site where a building just collapsed due to an earthquake. Ambulance, fire trucks, police, and the military are everywhere.

The noise can drown out the screams or whistles of those trapped underneath. But with the help of dogs’ hearing, there’s a huge chance they’ll be saved.

#19: You can have them in different sizes

Getting a furry companion is a full-time job and there are a lot of things you need to consider. Aside from your budget, time, and commitment, you also need to think about the size of your pet.

In this regard, dogs are a much more versatile choice compared to felines. 

If you have a huge place with a backyard, then getting a giant dog breed would be good. However, if you live somewhere smaller, you also have a wide range of choices of canines.

From tiny lap dogs to giant hounds, you’ll have fun trying to look for the perfect size for you. While cats do have rare breeds that grow big in size, the choices are limited.

#20: They’ll listen to you if you call their name

As mentioned earlier, canines have the ability to understand human words. And part of these phrases they learn is their names.

Dogs are able to listen and clearly differentiate the sound of their name. But the main reason why dogs know their name is because of positive reinforcement.

Using this technique to train your pooch to listen to their call sign is highly effective. The AKC also suggests this method of making your pooch learn their name.

This is beneficial because, during emergencies, it’s easy to call your pooch. If they are in danger, you can keep them away from it.

You can also fend intruders off easier if you can call your dogs to you.

Cats on the other hand would just ignore you if you call their names. 

#21: They have different personalities

Depending on the type of person you are, there’s sure to be a canine that fits you. It’s hard to keep up with a pooch that doesn’t agree with your personality.

It can be emotionally draining for people who are usually chill to have an energetic dog. On the other hand, adventurous fur parents would stress their laid-back canines.

However, the number of choices of size and temperament in dogs can help you decide. 

Cats on the other hand are typically independent. They do their own thing and sometimes would hate getting pets and rubs. 

Have you ever seen a cat parent? Try to check their arms. It might look like they just had a fight with Wolverine.

If you are an outgoing person and love crowds, you might not want to have a feline companion.

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#22: It’s easier to train dogs to behave

Because of the obedient nature of some canines, you’d have no problem having them at home. It’s inevitable for dogs to bite and destroy your things especially if they lack exercise.

But despite this, you can still alter your dog’s behavior when it comes to your things. You can make canines learn not to munch on your shoes. Or your pillows… practically anything you want to preserve in your home.

Cats on the other hand are a bit stubborn. They knock over glasses, vases, and picture frames. Felines also love climbing which is part of the reason why they make your stuff fall.

It’s a bit worrisome if you have expensive items in your home. And even more so if you’ve got sentimental things stored in the house.

#23: They can be “medical professionals”

As mentioned earlier, dogs can detect seizures. But that’s not all canines can help with regards to human medical conditions.

It’s widely known that dogs are being utilized to assist people who have illnesses. They are also good companions for the elderly as mentioned earlier.

Dogs have the innate ability to care and protect for the members of their pack. On top of that, there are dog breeds that are inclined to do work. 

And part of the tasks canines do is be medical partners for those who need constant companions. I’ll discuss the conditions humans might have that dogs can assist in #24, #25, and #26.

#24: They can help blind people walk

Dogs have been widely used by medical practitioners to aid blind people in walking. Sure, these individuals have heightened hearing. And some may even be experts in walking around a place they’re familiar with.

But it’s still better to have an assistant who can be your pair of eyes. Anticipating incoming cars and other dangerous objects will be better with a canine.

Blind people might also be susceptible to getting robbed. Thieves can make an easy target out of individuals who have vision problems.

However, if they got a canine with them, they can help defend blind people.

#25: They can assist individuals with hearing problems

It’s hard living life with sensory disabilities. But most humans will be able to adapt to these situations. It can be inspiring to see deaf people looking like they’re living normally.

But, just like blind people, they can also benefit from having a dog companion. Not being able to fully use all your senses to feel your surroundings can be challenging.

However, having a canine can make the lives of deaf people easier. What dogs do is nudge their hoomans to alert them that they heard a sound.

It can be doorbells, smoke detectors, and phone calls. It’s important for homeowners to hear these things.

#26: They can help veterans with PTSD

The U.S DVA says that their personnel who experienced PTSD can benefit from having dogs. Although there have been no links that canines can cure PTSD and its symptoms.

However, those with PTSD can experience emotional comfort from a canine.

#27: Dogs don’t require a litter box

Cats, being the divas that they are, require to have a place to poop. And not just any spot – they need a litter box.

And when they go potty, their owners will need to clean their poop regularly. For some, it can be quite challenging to handle cat poo.

I used to have a cat in the apartment as a kid. But oh, boy, did her poop smell…

Dogs, however, do not need to have litter boxes. Since they can learn quickly and be house-trained.

All you need is to use positive reinforcement to make dogs poop outside your home. And they’d repeat the behavior without you worrying about it.

#28: They are magnificent show pets

Have you watched dog shows? Aren’t these canines just majestic looking?

And they’re not judged by their looks alone like cats. Their physical prowess is also checked.

I love watching dog shows and seeing canines run through obstacle courses. Imagine the amount of training, discipline, and commitment those dogs have.

You can’t do those things you’ll see on dog shows with cats.