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NYC Vet: 7 Scents To Deter Your Dog From From Peeing

What Scents Deter Dogs From Peeing

Getting tired of dealing with your dog’s pee stench?

Then you have to take action.

It’s going to be a battle of smells in your household for a while…

So, what scents should you prepare for this contest?

You’re about to discover:

  • 7 effective scents that deter dogs from peeing. 
  • 3 reminders when using vinegar as pee-deterrent for dogs.
  • 3 methods for using citrus fruits as a scent to deter dogs from being.
  • And much, much more…

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What scents deter dogs from peeing?

A scent that deters dogs from peeing is vinegar. You can also use citrus and citronella. Even coffee grounds, mustard oil, herbs, or rubbing alcohol can be a pee-deterrent on dogs. The least safe of the options is using chili powder.

7 scents that deter dogs from peeing

#1: Vinegar

This is the most genius option for your goal…

Stop your pooch from peeing on areas you don’t want them to by using the holy grail.

It’s none other than vinegar!

Now, why is it genius? How did it earn its nickname?

That’s because vinegar is one of the cheapest and safest options for this.

Upon sniffing, its smell will definitely strike up your dog’s nose.

Your canine might let out a sneeze after taking a sniff, but that’s it.

There are no known side effects on inhaling too much of vinegar’s strong smell.

Then, it’s also an affordable option. 

You might not even need to spend extra on this. That’s because you’ve probably already got it in your house.

Moreover, AKC tells us that vinegar really is a powerful cleanser. It has an acetic acid content that makes it so.

That acid gives it antibacterial properties. Not only that, but it can also tackle molds because it’s also anti-fungal.

Most of all, it’s an excellent choice for a pee-deterrent in dogs.

So, how should you make use of this?

Making your vinegar mix

All you have to do is mix the vinegar with a little water. 

If you like, you can use it as it is – no need to water it down.

Put it in a spray bottle.

And that’s it!

You just have to spray it on the area you want your dog to leave alone.

However, not everything is perfect.

Vinegar doesn’t negatively affect you and your pup’s health.

But, there are other things to watch out for.

So, I’ll leave you with a few reminders in using vinegar:

Reminder #1: It works best on non-organic surfaces such as concrete or tiles. But for your lawn, it poses a danger.

Research says that household vinegar has at least 5% concentration. And even that amount can terminate weeds on the lawn. 

With that, vinegar might kill your household plants and grass.

If you don’t want that to happen, many options are still available. (This article’s got you!)

Reminder #2: If the hack proves helpful, you must continue doing it.

Keep treating the area with vinegar to ensure that your pooch won’t ever pee on it again.

Reminder #3: This is simple, but the smell will take a little getting used to.

And in the end, it’ll all be worth the endurance.

#2: Citrus

Another harmless option to choose is using citrus.

This is also one of the most effective ways to deter dogs from peeing somewhere.

That’s because dogs hate the smell of citrus. It’s on the top of the list that dogs find repulsive…

It might be because of its strong smell. It brings a burning sensation that travels up to their nose.

Vets say that a dog’s nose is highly sensitive. That’s because dogs can smell up to 10,000 times better than humans.

Despite the smell, citrus won’t pose any harm to your dog.

Fido just finds its odor intolerable. But, citrus is still safe for them to eat.

With that, there’s something you should do first.

Find out if your dog hates citrus first

Try it with your dog first to ensure that the plan will work.

You can use any kind of citrus fruit.

However, it’s best to start strong and immediately test it out using a lemon or lime.

According to this study, citric acid is most concentrated in lemons and limes.

So, on to the experiment…

Cut up the fruit and squeeze a little on your finger.

Now, approach your dog and put your finger near their nose. 

They’re going to back away if they don’t like the smell. Also, Fido will be giving you a confused look…

With that confirmation, you can proceed with using citrus as a pee-deterrent.

Take a look at this dog’s reaction to a lemon:

How to use citrus scent to deter dogs from peeing

Method #1: Simply use the fruit’s peel.

Place the peel in places you don’t want your dog to pee on.

Method #2: You can release the oils in the fruit’s peel and use that.

Just put the peels on the food processor.

Method #3: Make a citrus concoction.

Mix water with the citrus juice and put it in a spray bottle.

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#3: Citronella

A known repellant that you can use is citronella.

But if you’re to use it as a pee-deterrent, you’ll have to make use of its spray version.

There are many pros of using citronella for your goal.

First of all, it’s environment-friendly.

Unlike vinegar, it can’t destroy your plants.

That’s because citronella is made from lemongrass extracts. So, spraying a little on your lawn won’t do any harm.

It also has an extra benefit.


Its smell repels flies and mosquitoes too.

They hate the smell of citronella…

That’s why this might be the perfect solution to stop them from peeing. Whether it be inside the house or in your garden…

It won’t make your place smell uninviting.

So it’s okay to use it after your dog suddenly pees on your bed for example.

Cautions to take when using citronella as a deterrent

Warning #1: Don’t apply pure citronella oil directly on your pooch or the area. 

Applying the oil to your dog might cause rashes. Moreover, they might lick themselves and get sick from the substance.

Warning #2: Don’t take your dog out for a while if it rains after you spray it.

That’s because there might be puddles that the citronella has gotten through.

If your dog drinks from those puddles, they can get sick.

Warning #3: Don’t use a humidifier to do the job faster. Always make use of a spray bottle so you can limit the areas. 

Warning #4: Never opt for the actual citronella plant. That’s the most toxic form for your dog.

Warning #5: Tell your dog’s vet about this practice. Then, they can give you more directions when applying this method.

#4: Chili powder

Chili Powder Scent Deters Dogs From Peeing

This is another useful urine repellent that can be found in your pantry…

I’m talking about chili powder or cayenne pepper powder.

Your pooch won’t ever try to pee on an area you applied that on.

That’s because those powders have a strong smell.

One whiff of it, and Fido will leave the spot alone.

However, there’s a catch…

Inhaling chili powder can be irritating to your dog’s nose and eyes.

So, here’s what you can do…

Add the powder into a water and soap mixture.

Doing that will also give it a sticky effect. Meaning the wind won’t just blow the powder away.

So, the smell stays, and you won’t need to reapply again and again.

Moreover, that trick is mostly useful to areas like concrete.

How about if you’re planning on putting this on your lawn?

Well, there’s a way, too…

Place the powder into small sacks. 

With that, you’re left with only one thing to do…

Place those little packets of spiciness on the area you want to save from your dog’s pee.

Warning: Inhaling too much of this powder can cause a burn on your dog’s nasal passage. So, only put in a little amount. A teaspoon will do for each sack.

Also, don’t let your dog eat those sacks of powder. Spicy foods can cause an agitated stomach in dogs.

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#5: Coffee grounds

Oh, imagine the aroma of a brewed coffee…

A lot of people enjoy that smell…

Then, some hate it. (Yup, not all of us are fans of this aroma)

The latter can relate to dogs…

That’s because canines dislike the smell of coffee.

More specifically, your pooch doesn’t like the aroma of coffee grounds.

With that, it proves useful as a pee deterrent.

All you have to do is sprinkle some coffee grounds on the spot.

It won’t be a waste of good coffee…

This trick will work.

However, some dogs are less sensitive to this smell.

That’s why small amounts of it might only do slight or temporary changes.

“Then, what can I do?”

You can make an even more potent version of this.

You just need to combine coffee grounds and citrus.

That’s 2 repellants, so it ought to be really powerful.

Warning: Experts tell us that even small coffee grounds are toxic for dogs.

So, make sure Fido only sniffs them. If you see they’re going for a taste, stop them immediately.

#6: Rubbing alcohol

You can make use of rubbing alcohol as a deterrent.

This is as repelling as ammonia. 

The latter is a popular ingredient in cleaning agents. However, it’s highly toxic for dogs.

There are even those that suggest using watered-down ammonia as a deterrent.

But doing so can risk ammonia poisoning in your dog. According to the MSDVM, such an occurrence is highly deadly.

With that, use rubbing alcohol instead.

Here’s how: Soak cotton balls in it. Then, place those around the areas you’d like Fido to avoid.

#7: Mustard oil

Last but not least, you can use mustard oil to deter dogs from peeing.

It might be something that’s already available in your home.

Then, it’s also safe to use on any surface.

So, opt for this oil that dogs find repulsive.

If you’re looking for something to use on your lawn, this is perfect, too.

Not only will it stop your pooch from peeing on your flowers…

It’ll also stop digging behaviors. Or it’ll stop your dog from scratching the ground before they poop or pee.

That’s because your pooch won’t dare be near the area anymore.

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