7 Reasons Why Dogs Jump Up And Down + 5 Tips To Stop It

Why Does My Dog Jump Up And Down

Having doubts about the real identity of your furry buddy? Are they a dog or a disguised kangaroo? Because you’ve never seen such a ‘springy’ one in your life. And they keep on prancing like there’s no tomorrow. Is it a habit? Or is something making them do it? Is it even possible for them …


9 Reasons Why Dogs Jump On You When Sitting Down + 5 Tips

Why Does My Dog Jump On Me When I Sit Down

It’s been a rough day at work. You go home and crash on the couch, hoping you’d finally have some relaxation while watching a movie. After some tries, you finally find the most comfortable position. But then… Your pooch dives onto you out of nowhere. They do it so often, and you always get surprised …


17 Reasons Why Your Dog Is So Vocal + 5 Tips To Stop It

Why Is My Dog So Vocal

If there’s a talent contest for dogs who bark the most… Howl the longest… And yelp the highest note… Your dog will get first place. Congrats, doggo! In this article, you’ll find out: 17 reasons why your dog is so vocal. 5 tips on how to deal with your outspoken pooch. The most talkative dog …


13 Reasons Why Your Dog Walks in Circles Around You + Tips

Why Does My Dog Walk In Circles Around Me

Your dog walks in circles. Around you and other people. All’s fun and games until someone trips on them.  “Oops!” In this article, you’ll discover: 11 tips on how to stop this habit.  How circling is related to herding. 13 surprising reasons why your dog circles around you. And much more… Why does my dog …


13 Surprising Reasons Why Your Dog Is So Aloof + 13 Tips

Why Is My Dog So Aloof

Hoping for a cuddly pooch? Seems like you didn’t get one. Does your furry friend act as if you’re the human version of a dog repellent? Did you do everything for them but they still couldn’t care less about you? It might leave you heartbroken as it feels like a ‘one-sided’ love. Hang in there! …


15 Real Reasons Why Your Dog Always Touches You + 7 Tips

Why Does My Dog Always Touch Me

Your pooch doesn’t bark or whine at you. Nope, they don’t howl either.  They aren’t the vocal type.  Whenever they need anything, they let you know by touching you. Boop! Is this normal? Keep reading to find out: Different ways your dog can touch you. 7 tips on what to do if your pooch has …


13 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Obsessed With You + 9 Tips

Why Is My Dog Obsessed With Me

Some dogs are clingy.  But yours is more than that.  They orbit around you like the moon orbits the Earth. Almost as if they’re obsessed with you… But sometimes, you just really need some space (pun intended). Read on to discover: 9 things you can do to stop your pooch’s obsession. Why dogs sniff your …


11 Reasons Why Your Dog Sits On Your Lap + 5 Tips

Why Does My Dog Sit On My Lap

Are you wondering if your lap has some magnet? Because your pup’s bum is always attracted to it… And they plop on you – everywhere and anywhere. May it be while you’re working or just sitting on the floor. Sometimes it puts a big question mark in your head. But most times, it makes you …


13 Reasons Why Your Dog Sits In Your Spot + 7 Tips

Why Does My Dog Sit In My Spot

Your dog loves your spot so much. Sitting in it is like a competition between you two. The first one who sits wins. In this article, you’ll discover: How to create a safe space for your dog. 13 reasons why your dog sits in your spot. 7 things you should do to prevent this behavior. …


15 Reasons Why Your Dog Sleeps In Another Room + 9 Tips

Why Does My Dog Sleep In Another Room

Your dog sneaks out every night to sleep in the next room.  “Hey, come back here.”, you tell them.  But they just slowly walk away without looking back at you.  “Noooooooo!” In this article, you’ll discover: Why your pooch wants isolation. How to create a special place for them. 15 reasons why your dog sleeps …