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Revealed: 19 Dogs That Don’t Smell Or Shed (2023)

Dogs That Don't Smell Or Shed

Let’s face it…

A dog’s odor stops us from petting them. 

Then, some shedders are uncomfortable to the touch. Their fur stick to your palms…

And although both the smell and shedding is natural, it can be bothersome.

So, let’s talk about those that tend to reek less and only shed a few. 

Who could they be?

Continue reading to discover:

  • 19 dogs that don’t smell or shed.
  • The explanation behind the doggy odor.
  • Why do dogs shed (and why don’t they do so in the same frequency and amount).
  • And much, much more…

19 dogs that don’t smell or shed

#1: Poodles

May it be the standard, toy, or the miniature kind…

There are two things for sure when it comes to Poodles…

The first fact is that they’re the least shedding dog there is.

Then, the second one is that they don’t have that doggy odor. 

Now, that’s one of the reasons behind this dog’s popularity.

With that, they’re known as clean dogs who are hypoallergenic.

However, there’s a catch in having this advantage…

What is it?

Well, they can be low-shedders and don’t have that dog smell…

But, these dogs are high maintenance.

How much am I talking about?

To start, Poodles need their coat brushed daily. And when you do so, use a pin brush or a slicker brush. 

Moreover, they need grooming every 3 to 6 weeks.

And let me tell you something…

These dogs are picky and critical of their needs.

With that, it’s recommended that their regular grooming is done by a professional. That’s because there’s a lot of equipment to be used in doing so.

And that’s a default requirement of theirs, so it doesn’t matter if their fur is short.

But, don’t be held back by their coat’s many demands. 


That’s because Poodles are affectionate, protective, and loyal. 

All your efforts will be returned to in with love, and that’s among the best rewards that you can get. 

#2: Labradoodles


These dogs are a cross between a Poodle and a Labrador Retriever.

And as Labradoodles carry the wonderful genes of their Poodle parent…

Well, you’re in luck…

That’s because they share the same incredible quality of not shedding and smelling.

Yes, despite their long and wavy coat, these dogs won’t cover your place in stink and fur.

So, like their Poodle parent, they’re hypoallergenic.

Thus, giving many people the privilege of having a canine companion.

Moreover, they’re a popular choice for a “designer” dog. 

Despite that, they don’t demand as much as their Poodle parent.

I tell you this as Labradoodles only need moderate maintenance. They require weekly brushing using a slicker or pin brush.

Now, there might be a question that’s been lingering in your mind…

Why do dogs shed?

According to PetMD, dogs naturally shed. 

This is their body’s way of controlling their body temperature. It also aims to protect their skin against the sun.

Now, there’s a cycle of shedding that starts with the growth of hair.

Then, there’ll be a point that the fur stops extending. 

After that, your dog will shed those old hairs. 

Thus, giving way to the growth of new hairs. This marks the end of the shedding cycle and the start of a new one.

Did you know? Stress in dogs can cause their coat to shed as well. 

Moreover, this research tells us that cortisol can be found in a dog’s fur.

What’s that?

It’s the hormone that’s mainly related to stress. And such is likely to be present in the dog’s that are experiencing chronic stress.

Now, why do some dogs shed less than others?

The first explanation is that some dogs grow their hair long. 

With that, their fur won’t need to stop growing too frequently. Then, their body won’t need to replace it immediately.

Basically, the shedding cycle will be longer for them.

Then, how about those who don’t shed much but have short fur?

The reason behind that is the so-called double-coat.

What’s that?

It’s when a dog has 2 different coats.

The first one is a dense topcoat that’s usually made of longer hair. Then, the second coat is soft and short.

The latter is what helps trap the shedding top coat. And with that, there’ll be less fur for you to clean up.

You’ll only come across those loose hairs when you brush your pup’s coat.  

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#3: Basenjis


They’re intelligent, full of poise, and will greet you with a sweet expression.

Moreover, AKC also gave Basenjis the nickname ‘Barkless dogs.’

“How did they get that nickname?”

You see, these dogs have a flat larynx or voice box. With that, they don’t produce a loud bark that can hurt your ears.

Another great quality of theirs is their tendency to be independent.

With that, they’re among the “home alone” kind of dog. That means that they’re less likely to develop separation anxiety. 

But, most of all, don’t let me forget to mention that…

Their short and straight fur also doesn’t shed much. 

As for their maintenance, they don’t demand so much. In fact, these dogs are also known as self-groomers.

So, you just need their coat brushed once a week. And as always, it’s preferred that you use a slicker brush in doing so.

Aside from being barkless, they’re also famous for being odorless.

You won’t have to deal with smelly ears or bad breath with Basenjis.

All in all, dog parents who have a Basenji will guarantee you that they hit the jackpot.

However, I understand that there might be a burning question in your mind right now…

Why do some dogs smell less than others?

Well, every pupper has that recognizable doggy smell in them. There’s no denying that.

So, to start, canines don’t sweat the way humans do.

Their body has a whole different system for them to do so. And that’s why their odor can bother people and not other dogs.

But let’s not dwell on that…

Let’s focus on the fact that dogs produce oil on their skin.

That substance is also called sebum

Moreover, it’s vital in keeping their skin and fur healthy. Think of it as their natural moisturizer.

Now, PetMD also tells us that it’s the so-called ‘scent marker’ among canines. And only dogs can recognize the differences between each doggy aroma.

Regardless, humans still admit that some dogs smell less than others.

And why is that?

It’s a situation that’s caused by fewer sebaceous glands on the dog’s skin.  

Those glands are the ones that secrete the oil, which then creates the odor.

So, dogs who smell less produce less sebum. And that’s because of the little presence or activity of these glands.

Moreover, there’s a rare condition that affects those oil producers. Then, it can lead to your dog shedding hair and smelling badly.

I’m talking about this medical issue called Sebaceous Adenitis. 

According to research, it’s an inflammatory disease on the sebaceous glands. Then, it leads to the destruction of these sebum-producers.

VCA Hospitals tell us the signs of this condition:

  • Itching.
  • Dull coat.
  • Matted hair.
  • Brittle hair texture.
  • Developing a skin infection.
  • White, flaky, scales on the skin.

#4: Dachshunds

Dachshund Coat

Oh, these long-backed high-energy dogs are going to run around your house…

But while they do, you don’t have to worry about a thing…

I say so as they won’t be rolling out loose fur and spreading a concerning doggy odor.

That’s because Doxies don’t shed much of their short coat. Therefore, they require minimum coat maintenance.

To be exact, these dogs only need monthly brushing using a slicker brush. 

Moreover, they also don’t secrete that nose-punching canine aroma.

Now, those qualities are a perfect fit for their personality.


Well, Dachshunds tend to be real lovey-doveys.

If you have a Doxie, you can expect them to look at you with pleading eyes.

When they do that, they might be asking for a cuddle, which they love so much.

And as I said, their low-shedding and absence of smell are suitable for their temperament.

That’s because it lets you attend to their cuddly needs. 

You see, there’ll be no fur that’ll be sticking on your sheets. Plus, there won’t be any dog smell that’ll cut your snuggle sessions short.

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#5: Shih Tzus

You might not believe me at first and question if I’ve ever seen a Shih Tzu before…

I understand this hesitance as these dogs are known for their majestic long hair.

With that, many expect that they’re prominent shedders.

Well, let me clarify some things regarding that.

First of all, Shih Tzus indeed shed on a daily basis.

However, they don’t spread those shedded furs around your house.

How so?

That’s because Shih Tzus have a double coat.

And remember what I said about dogs that have those?

Their second inner coat catches those shedded fur. Then, those hairs stay entrapped in there.

And only when you brush their long hair will you notice that they have indeed been shedding. So, the only thing that’ll be covered in fur is the brush you’re gonna use.

Plus, while I’m talking about brushing their coat, you need to do so daily. That’s because you shouldn’t let those loose fur accumulate on their inner coat.

Moreover, these dogs don’t also smell that strong. Such qualities make them even more suitable for your apartment lifestyle.

#6: Whippets

Whippet Coat

They look oh-so sleek with their amazingly long legs. Plus, they seem sweet with their charming expression…

But those aren’t the only lovable qualities of a Whippet.

They’re the perfect family dog as they’re so affectionate. Then, they do well with kids and their fellow canines.

Moreover, they won’t be a problem when it comes to shedding.

That’s because they shed very little of that thin and short coat of theirs.

Additionally, that’s not the only thing that you dodged…

As I said, Whippets have short and thin coats. Moreover, their ears aren’t droopy…

With that, they don’t release that disturbing doggy smell at all.

Lastly, their grooming needs aren’t that demanding.

You’ll only need to pick up the slicker brush once for a month with these dogs. 

However, they do have towering energy. With that, they require regular and extensive exercise.

#7: Havanese

These puppers have a reputation for being great family dogs.

They’re outgoing, friendly, and get along with children and other pups.

But aside from those, they also have other qualities that dog parents adore.

Among many, a Havanese’s shedding frequency is admired.

That’s because despite having long and wavy hair, they’re actually low shedders.

Moreover, you can be sure that they smell good.

However, there’s a small price to pay for such a high-quality dog…

What is it?

They’re quite high maintenance…

First, they’re similar to the situation of Shih Tzus. 

How so?

Well, a Havanese can shed daily. However, their double coat saves you the trouble of cleaning up fur here and there.

Moreover, they’ll need daily brushing with a slicker or pin brush. Plus, they need to be given a weekly dose of a bath.

#8: Beagles

These dogs are a bundle of merriness and curiosity…

But there’s one thing for sure about them…

And it’s the fact that they’re not a ball of loose hairs. 

That’s because they have a dense double coat of short hair. And such doesn’t shed frequently on Beagles.

Moreover, they’re clean dogs who don’t get stinky.

But, that’s not a full promise…

As I said, these dogs are curious. With that, they’re drawn to play around, even in dirty areas.

Plus, they’re also known to be one of the many stubborn dogs out there. So, you can expect a Beagle to go on their own way from time to time.

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#9: Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terrier

Let’s say you don’t ever wanna clean too much hair on your place…

But, you want a pooch that looks like a stuffed toy with their long fur…

Well then, a Yorkshire Terrier might be the best fit for your wish.

Yorkie parents assure you that these dogs don’t shed much. Plus, they don’t come with that doggy odor that packs a punch.

However, let me clear something regarding this…

Know that Yorkies tend to lose hair daily. But they can’t seem to get rid of those hairs…


That’s because that fur attaches itself to the Yorkie’s second and inner coat.

And only when you brush this canine’s hair will you notice that they do have a lot of hair.

With that, you’ll need to brush a Yorkie’s coat on a daily. Doing so will prevent hair from piling up on their coats.

If you don’t that can cause the matting of the dog’s coat. 

#10: Boston Terriers

The personality of this dog is amusing…

They’re friendly and affectionate. That and they’re also agile with their training.

But those aren’t the only amusing features that a Boston Terrier boasts…

They’re also the kind of dog that doesn’t have a doggy smell. Then, their shedding frequency is as little as their body size. 

With that, their coat maintenance doesn’t require much. All that their coat’s asking for is a weekly brush.

#11: Bichon Frises

These dogs continuously gain popularity for their cute looks. Here, take a look at them:

But, they’re not all about the looks…

Bichon Frises are also small non-shedding dogs who are playful and curious.

And it surprises many that this teddy bear of a dog is actually a low-shedder…

Well, that’s what makes them the ideal canine for people with allergies.

But, despite that amazing quality, these dogs aren’t maintenance-free.

Although they only need a weekly brush of their coat…

Oh, get ready…

I tell you so as the equipment you need for maintaining their coat are many. Aside from the pin brush, you’re also going to need a dog comb for their fluffy coat.

Then, you’ll also need to practice using scissors and clippers. And if you’re not up for the challenge, you can leave this part of the grooming to professionals.

#12: Bearded Collies

These dogs don’t sit on the same lunch table as the popular breeds…

But, here’s the thing…

They can make a delightful indoor dog who’s full of charisma.

Moreover, don’t let their long and wavy fur fool you…

That won’t give you the problem of always having to vacuum your place.

How so?

It’s because Bearded Collies catch their own hair. Moreover, they don’t have much to catch in the first place as they shed very little.

Most of all, they won’t bother you with that unpleasant doggy odor. You can expect your Bearded Collie to be huggable as they smell just right.

#13: Malteses

These cute little dogs are recognizable with their silky white coat…

And that fantastic display of theirs won’t be an issue for you.


That’s since Malteses only shed often. And no, these long-haired dogs don’t have a double coat.

But, do keep it free from tangles by brushing their coat daily.

Moreover, these puppers don’t only look good, but they smell pleasing as well.

#14: Miniature Schnauzers

Miniature Schnauzer Coat

There are many upsides to having a loyal Miniature Schnauzer as a companion…

One of those is their double coat’s minimal shedding and lack of doggy odor.

However, you’re going to have to take great measures in maintaining their coat.

How so?

These dogs need to be brushed 2 to 3 times a week. But if you can, it’ll also be good if you do once a day.

#15: Chinese Cresteds

Well, you can’t shed anything if you’ve got no hair…

And that’s exactly the situation that a Chinese Crested dog is in…

There are 2 variations of this dog breed according to AKC. Those are:

Chinese Crested variationDescription
HairlessOnly their head, feet, and tail have hair.
PowderpuffTheir coat is made up of fine hair. Moreover, they only shed their coat minimally.

Now, there won’t be any brushing necessary for the hairless version of this dog breed.

As for the powderpuff, they’ll need their fine coat brushed once a day. Gently do so by using a pin brush.

#16: West Highland White Terriers

Westies are intelligent little fluff balls that won’t be an issue when it comes to shedding.

That’s because they’re considered to be low-shedders.

Moreover, their grooming needs won’t be much of a burden to you.

All that you need to take note of is their weekly need for a coat brush. And as every dog, they need their nails trimmed regularly.

Lastly, another remarkable thing about these dogs is the absence of doggy smell in them.

#17: Kerry Blue Terriers

Did you know? Kerry Blue Terriers are among the least appreciated members of the Terrier family.

That fact can be a little shocking as these dogs are soft-hearted and smart.

Moreover, their smooth and wavy coat only sheds minimally. 

Plus, they have a fresh smell in them. Such is contrary to what’s expected from their dense coat.

#18: Brussels Griffon

Some people’s first impression with a Brussels Griffon is that they demand pampering…

Well, the amount of nurture they need depends on the type of coat that they have. 

But regardless of which of the 2 variations, these dogs aren’t high-maintenance at all.

To better understand, here are the type of coats in this dog breed:

Coat typeDescriptionGrooming requirements
RoughThey don’t shed fur very much.They need daily brushing of their coat.
SoftA weekly brush of their coat is needed

#19: Scottish terrier

They call them Scottie, and they have a reputation for being confident. In fact, they have such a cool alias, and it’s: the Diehard.

However, they offer more than their charisma…

When you bring a Scottie home, you won’t have to worry about their fur covering your place…

That’s because a Scottish Terrier’s coarse and wiry coat only sheds minimally.

Regardless, they still need regular brushing. I recommend using a slicker brush on their coat 2 to 3 times a week.

Last but not least, when should these dogs take a bath?

According to AKC, ‘periodic’ baths are enough for a Scottie. And well, that’s code for ‘only when necessary.’