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19 Best Dog Groomers In Calgary [Updated 2023 Guide]

Calgary is possibly the cleanest city in the world. 

With that, you’d also expect the best from their dog groomers.

And since there are too many salons out there… 

I picked out the finest stylists in town for your Fido.

Keep reading to find out: 

  • The ideal groomer your furry friend needs.
  • Grooming costs in Calgary and what to expect.
  • 19 most outstanding dog groomers in Calgary (#5 is extra impressive.) 
  • And many, many more…

19 best dog groomers in Calgary

#1: Doggydos by Lisa 

Meet Lisa Simington.

She has over 15 years of experience as a dog groomer. 

And her professional skills are praised by fur parents in Calgary. 

“Only Lisa could give my pooch the best haircuts.” 

“She has the most reasonable prices in town.” 

Those are just a few things Doggydos clients say about Lisa. 

Now, here are 5 grooming sets she offers.

Bath & TidyingBath & Tidying + HairstylingKennelClippingTeddy Bear TrimmingBreed-specific Cut
$30 – $45$40 – $50$45 – $80$45 – $100$60 – $90

Note: These are just estimated prices. Dogs with thicker coats, like Poodles or Keeshonds, may be charged more. Also, difficult Fidos might cause extra fees.

For a price list of all dog breeds, visit Lisa’s menu.

That aside, these 5 packages include the following perks: 

  • Bathing.
  • Nail trimming.
  • Blow or fluff drying.
  • Cologne or perfume.
  • Ear plucking + cleaning.
  • Ribbons or bandana washing. 

You can also avail of Lisa’s add-ons, such as:

  • Potty patch: $10.
  • Nail trimming: $5.
  • Gland expression: $10.
  • Ear plucking or trimming: $10.
  • Quick trim (feet, face, nails, potty patch): $20.

But before you book an appointment with Doggydos… 

You should know this groomer works alone. 

Thus, Lisa’s service may take 1-2 hours or more. 

So if you’re looking for fast grooming, Doggydos isn’t for you.

Moreover, this groomer may refuse clients when Fido is…

  • Aggressive.
  • Too difficult to handle.
  • In a state of neglect (badly matted).
  • Carrying ticks or other contagious bugs.

If you’re interested, just contact Lisa below. 
Address176 Taravista Cres. N.E, Calgary, AB T3J 4P1
Call hoursMonday to Friday (8 AM – 6 PM) Saturday & Sunday (10 AM – 4 PM)
Salon visitsBy appointments only

#2: A Royal Touch Pooch Parlor (ARTPP)

Pooch Treated Like Royalty

This salon has been grooming Fidos for over 10 years. 

And they promise to treat your pooch like royalty.

In fact, Lisa from Doggydos was certified by this salon. Before she started her own business. 

This shows ARTPP only hires passionate, expert stylists.

But enough with back stories…

Here are the services this pioneer salon offers: 

  • Hairstyling.
  • Ear cleaning.
  • Nail trimming.
  • Basic grooming.
  • Double washing.
  • Deep conditioning.
  • Gland checking (by request).
  • Hand drying (no cage drying).
  • Specialty shampoos or conditioners (free).

Note: Extra charges may apply based on Fido’s coat condition. Plus, difficult dogs might also cause handling fees. 

Aside from that, you might wanna know about their…

Express grooming service

ARTPP suggests this to dogs who tend to be overstimulated.

“How does it work?” 

The salon tries to finish Fido’s service ASAP. 

Which means they’ll groom your pup without taking breaks. 

But of course, bigger dogs may still take longer than 1 hour.

That said, you should also consider if your fur baby can handle this process.

Note: Express grooming is only available on weekday afternoons. And it has a $25 fee on top of the regular service charge.

“So how much in total?” 

For now, the exact costs aren’t listed on ARTPP’s site. 

To find out their prices, contact them through their info below: 
Address2103 Edmonton Tr, N.E.Calgary, Alberta T2E 3M4
Phone(403) 277-9194
AvailabilityTuesday to Friday (7:30 AM – 5 PM) Saturday (8 AM – 4 PM)

Wanna see this royal salon in action?

Watch this cute short clip from their channel: 

#3: Hair of the Dog Grooming Salon Inc.

Here’s another groomer with 10+ years of experience.

They have a solid 4.5 rating on Google Maps too. 

Anyways, Hair of the Dog has a lot of services to offer. Such as: 

  • Full haircuts.
  • Nail trimming.
  • Pads shaving.
  • Sanitary area trimming.
  • Ear plucking + cleaning.
  • Glad expression (optional.)
  • Double baths with coat-specific shampoo.
  • Fur styling using bows, bandanas, or flowers.

Note: The exact price depends on Fido’s coat, size, behavior, and preferred style. Handling fees can also be applied. 

Not to mention, they also have many paw-some deals. 

In fact, Hair of the Dog even offers Holiday packages. 

With that, fur parents can enjoy more discounts. 

Plus, a couple of extra treats for Fido.

To book an appointment, just call the salon. Below are their operation hours: 
Address#13, 735 Ranchlands Blvd, NW, Calgary, AB T3G 3A9
AvailabilityTuesday to Saturday (8 AM – 4:30 PM)

#4: Pawsitively Purrfect Pet Spa 

Like the previous groomers…

Pawsitively Purrfect also has over 10 years of experience. 

Plus, according to Business Insider:

This salon won southern Alberta’s Consumer Choice Award 3 times in a row.

That aside, here are Pawsitively Purrfect’s services: 

Dog’s sizeBath & TidyDe-sheddingFluffy CutShort CutBreed Clip
Small$30$60$70 – $75$65$70
Medium$50$50 per hour$85 – $95$75$80
Large$60$50 per hour$100 – $120$90$120

Note: For weight specifications, you’ll have to call the salon first. Also, these are just estimated costs. If you want the full prices, just view Pawsitively Purrfect’s menu.

Aside from these packages… 

The salon also has add-ons, such as: 

  • Daycare.
  • First bath for puppies.
  • Photoshoot with a seasonal backdrop.
  • Comfort clipping (for dogs with special needs or seniors.)

Charges vary based on Fido’s size. Plus, your dog’s behavior may cause handling fees too.

Now, to book an appointment with this groomer…

You just have to visit their site below. 
Address755 Lake Bonavista Drive SE 175 175 Calgary, Alberta T2J0N3 
Phone(403) 258-3322
AvailabilityBy appointment only

#5: Muttley Crue Organics 

Muttley Crue has a rating of 4.8 in Google Maps. 

Not to mention, they also won many titles. Particularly: 

  • Top Choice Awards: Best Pet Groomer 2016.
  • Metro Readers Choice: Best Pet Grooming 2017.
  • Calgary Herald Readers Choice: Best Pet Grooming 2012 – 2014.

But that’s not all. 

Muttley Crue also claims to be North America’s 1st eco-friendly grooming business.

Remember what I said in the intro? 

Calgary is among the cleanest places in the world… 

And this salon contributes to that title.

Anyways, here are Muttley Crue’s services: 

  • Daycare.
  • Boarding.
  • Grooming.

Now, what happens when they groom Fido? Basically…

Your dog gets a unique service 

This means Muttley Crue creates a custom plan just for your pup.

With that, they can fulfill everything Fido needs.

And since it’s a unique package for every dog…

You won’t find the exact costs on the salon’s site. 

But aside from this service, Muttley Crue also promises a:

Stress-free environment for Fido

That’s why their grooming sessions may last for 4-5 hours. 

As they’ll take plenty of breaks in between. 

This gives your dog enough time to:

  • Relax.
  • Take naps in the salon.
  • Eat, drink, and receive treats.
  • Play with the staff (or other dogs). 

Now, for returning clients… 

Muttley Crue says they’ll match Fido with their favorite groomer. 

That said, their great service keeps the salon fully booked. 

So if you want a spot, you should call a few weeks ahead. 

Or you can also drop by Muttley Crue’s place. 
Address112 620 46 Ave NE, Calgary, AB
AvailabilityBased on the groomer’s schedule

#6: Mucky Pups

So far, you’ve met groomers with 10+ years of expertise. 

This time, Mucky Pups offers you 25. 

With over 2 decades of consistent, great service…

Many vet clinics in Calgary recommend this salon. 

“What kind of services do Mucky Pups have?” 

Based on their site, every Fido receives the following: 

  • Nail trimming.
  • Finished clipping.
  • Hydrosurge bathing.
  • Blow drying by hand.
  • Sanitary area clipping.
  • High-quality shampoo.
  • Cologne + bows (by request.)
  • Ear cleaning + plucking (optional.)

“Wait, what’s hydrosurge bathing?” 

The groomer uses a hose to pump soapy water on your pooch. This helps deeply clean Fido’s body. 

But don’t worry as this process is harmless.

Now, you won’t find the prices on Mucky Pup’s page. 

Instead, it’s better to call them or drop by the salon. 

From there, they’ll give you the exact costs for Fido’s grooming. 

But aside from their default package… 

You can also avail of Mucky Pup’s extra services. Like: 

  • Sparkles: $5.
  • Mohawks: $10.
  • Dyed ears: $25.
  • Colored mohawks: $20.
  • Custom designs like hair tattoos.
  • Plus tail (for Poodles or Poms): $5.

Note: At the moment, Mucky Pups may refuse large dog breeds. That’s due to their heavy volume of customers. 

Though, it’s unclear if this notice from their site is still in effect. 

That said, you should reach out to Mucky pups for more inquiries. (Live chat might be available)
Address1059 Canyon Meadows Dr. S.W Calgary, AB, T2W 5V3
AvailabilityMonday to Friday (7:30 AM – 5:30 PM)

#7: Tail-rific Dog Grooming 

Unlike most salons on this list…

Tail-rific only has 5 years of grooming experience. 

But still, they have an impressive 4.9 rating on Google Maps. 

That said, here’s what many reviews say about this salon:

“Cindy (the groomer) can calm my dog with high anxiety.” 

“My pup’s usually skittish after nail trims… 

But with Tail-rific, Fido came out happy.” 

Now, that’s a rare thing to happen.

After all, many pups are scared of visiting salons. 

But enough with praises. 

I’m sure you want to know about their services. 

Unfortunately, Tail-rific doesn’t have a website yet. 

That’s why I can’t provide a price list or menu for you. 

Instead, I’ll just share Cindy’s contact details below: 
AddressEvanston, Evanscrest Common, Calgary, AB T3P 0R7
AvailabilityWednesday to Friday (9 AM – 4 PM) / Saturday (9 AM – 3 PM) 

#8: Spa 4 Paws 

Another grooming veteran is Spa 4 Paws. 

With over 10 years of experience…

This salon knows everything your dog needs. 

Thus, they offer in-depth grooming packages like: 

Service(Charged by weight)25 lbs or less (10 kg)25 – 50 lbs(11 – 22 kg)51 – 90 lbs(23 – 40 kg)Over 91 lbs (41 kg above)
Bath & Brush$40$52$65$75
Bath & Tidy$55$75$93$128
Full-Service Groom$68$76$88$98
Specialty Groom$79$89$105$130

Note: These are just estimated prices. If you want the full list, you can check the salon’s services page.

On top of that, Spa 4 Paws also has special deals. 

And their latest ones are the following. 

Senior fur parents discount10% off for clients over 60 years old or more
VIP (Very Impawtant Pooch) ProgramOffers a 10% off for the 1st groom or a free $15 spa upgrade
Free nail + face trims (VIP)When you come between grooming sessions

If these perks got your interest… 

You can book an appointment with Spa 4 Paws. 
Address#4 2650 36th St. SE, Calgary, AB T2B 0Y3 
Phone(403) 457-1225
AvailabilityTuesday to Saturday (8 AM – 4 PM)

#9: Wiggle Bums Pet Grooming

Wiggle Bums is also a veteran groomer.

And they have a great 4.8 rating on Google Maps. 

So, what services do they offer? 

Here’s a simple menu.

Dog’s sizeBath & TidyKennel CutTeddy BearBreed specificSpecial Needs
Small$68$73$85 – $90$90$95

As you can tell, some of the prices are unclear. 

But that’s because they differ based on your pooch. 

Now, for the specific dog weight… 

You’ll also have to talk to Wiggle Bums about it first. 

That aside, you may also avail of add-ons like:

  • Hand stripping.
  • Teeth brushing.
  • Training consultation.
  • Deep moisture conditioner.

To contact this groomer, refer to their details below. 
Address759 Northmount Dr NW, Calgary, AB T2L 0A1 
AvailabilityMonday to Friday (8 AM – 5 PM)

#10: Shampooch Limited 

Shampooch is owned by a lady named Cheryl. 

And she’s been grooming Fidos for over 25 years.

This groomer also grew up with Shetland Sheepdogs. Thus, she specializes in taking care of them. 

Though, Cheryl still welcomes any dog breed to her salon. 

Apart from the owner…

Shampooch also has a crew of skilled groomers. With some of them having 8 to 9 years of experience.

That aside, here is the salon’s menu: 

Dog’s sizeBath & TidyKennel CutTeddy BearSmoothie
Small$57 $67$77$47

Note: The exact weight for dogs isn’t specified on their site. So if you want to find that out, you have to contact Shampooch first. 

Anyways, this salon also has other stuff on their menu. Such as:

  • Nail trims.
  • Nagayu bath.
  • Skincare set.
  • De-skunking (for dogs sprayed by skunks).
  • Gland expression (for Fidos who can’t flush their glands naturally).
  • Spaw package (includes teeth brushing, nail filing, styling with bow or bandanas).

Now, each appointment takes around 2-4 hours. 

But the timeframe may change depending on Fido’s size.

That said, you can reach out to Shampooch with their info below. 
Address335 Heritage Dr SE, Calgary AB, T2H 1M8
AvailabilityTuesday to Saturday (8 AM – 4 PM)

#11: Puppy Paradise Grooming

Grooming Service Keeps Fido Away From Stress

Puppy Paradise is another top-rated groomer.

That said, they have a decade of experience too. 

With this, they know how to keep Fido away from stress.

So, how does Puppy Paradise do it? 

Your pooch receives the services below: 

  • Nail clipping.
  • Ear cleaning.
  • Shaving or trimming.
  • Gland checking (by request).
  • Full groom with bath & tidying (optional).

Note: Charges for small dogs start at $45. Meanwhile, large Fidos are around $65 or more. 

That aside, Puppy Paradise is always open for requests. 

So, just tell the salon what you want for Fido. 

And they’ll do their best to provide what your fur baby needs. 

For more inquiries, reach out to Puppy Paradise below: 
Address218 Pantego Way NW, Calgary, AB T3K 0K7
AvailabilityBy appointments

#12: Bath & Tidy

Bath & Tidy has been around for 5 years.

And they recently opened more salon branches. 

With this, Bath & Tidy offers the latest grooming equipments. Which makes everything easier for you and Fido. 

So, here are their services.

Fido’s sizeBath & TidyFull Groom
Xtra small beans$55$75
Big dogs$80$120
Giant or high maintenance$100$150

Note: Doodles are charged higher due to their denser coat. That’s why their starting price is around $95 or more.

Now, the dog measurements above may seem unclear. 

So if you want to find out which size your pooch falls under…

You have to contact Bath & Tidy first.

That aside, this salon also offers services for: 

  • Cats.
  • Rabbits.
  • Reptiles.

So in case Fido has other companions…

You can bring them along to Bath & Tidy. 
Address1347 Northmount Dr NW, Calgary, AB T2L 0E7
AvailabilityBy appointments

#13: Mystic Pawz Grooming Salon

With a decade of experience…

Mystic Pawz offers nothing but high-quality service. Such as: 

  • Nail clipping.
  • Blueberry facials.
  • Double scrubbing.
  • Preferred hairstyle.
  • Blowdrying by hand.
  • Brushing or de-matting.
  • Ear plucking (by request.)
  • Bathing with coat-specific shampoo.

Note: Prices vary based on Fido’s size and fur condition.

Now, these services may sound simple. 

But Mystic Pawz values your dog’s comfort. 

Thus, large canines might be groomed on the floor. 

This lets your pooch lie down. Or just relax while the process occurs. 

Anyway, you may contact the salon through the info below.
AddressMidnapore by the Midsun community centre, AB T2X 1C7
AvailabilityBy appointment only

#14: Marda Loop Doggie Daycare 

Marda Loop has been in business for 7 years. 

And here are the services they offer: 

  • Daycare.
  • Grooming.
  • Dog walking.

To give you more details, check the menu below.

Dog’s sizeBath & TidyKennel CutTeddy Bear Cut

Note: For weight specifications, you must contact Marda Loop. Also, these are just estimated costs.

Aside from this, this groomer also has a puppy package for $60. And it includes: 

  • Ear + nail care.
  • Paw and bang trim.
  • Sanitary area clean up.
  • Bathing with natural shampoo + conditioner.

But this deal is only for fur babies under 6 months old.

If you’re looking for more services, Marda Loops also have add-ons. 

And it’s the same as most salons on this list.

Now, before booking an appointment with this groomer… 

They require all dogs above 6 months old to be spayed or neutered. 

Otherwise, Marda Loops may refuse to service Fido. 
Address2016 34 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 2C3
Phone403-475-DOGG (403-475-3644)
Daycare hoursMonday to Friday (7 AM – 6 PM)
AvailabilityBy appointment only (for grooming)

#15: Central Bark Doggy Daycare

Central Bark is fairly new compared to other veterans in Calgary. 

But still, their salon has a great 4.9 rating on Google Maps.

This proves the quality of Central Bark’s work. 

That said, here’s a list of their services.

  • Ear cleaning.
  • Nail trimming.
  • Blow out / fluff dry.
  • Shampoo + conditioner.
  • Full groom (bath & tidying.)
  • Full body trims (by request.)
  • Face, feet, and sanitary area trims.
  • Nagayu CO2 hydrotherapy (optional.)

“What’s the last one all about?” 

That’s a type of spa treatment for Fido. And it deeply cleans your pup’s skin.

So, with their detailed grooming process, you’d wonder… 

“How much would that cost?” 

Well, the charges depend on your dog’s breed and size. 

To get an estimated price, just visit Central Bark’s site

Next, fill up their form. 

And then you can generate the calculated total costs. 
Address2004 10 Avenue SW, Calgary, AB, T3C OJ8
AvailabilityBy appointment only

#16: Pooch Trim

Pooch Trim has an amazing score of 4.9 in Google Maps. 

And they’ve only been in this business for 3 years. 

That said, this salon prioritizes a stress-free experience for Fidos. 

Thus, they try to keep grooming sessions as short as possible. 

But despite the rush, Pooch Trim still delivers high-quality haircuts. 

And professional results after taking any sized pooch. 

Anyway, let me show you their basic menu: 

Dog’s sizeWeightFull grooming costs
Small6 – 18 lbs (2 – 8 kg)$40
Medium19 – 32 lbs (9 – 14 kg)$50
Large33 – 70 lbs (15 – 31 kg)$70
X-Large70 lbs or more (31 kg above)$95

Now, to book an appointment with this salon…

You have to fill up a form on their website. or 
Address11109 Sacramento Dr, SW, Calgary, AB, T2W 0J5
AvailabilityMonday to Saturday (7:30 AM – 5 PM)

#17: Oh My Dog Pet Grooming

Oh My Dog has been styling Fidos for 10 years.

However, this salon doesn’t run a website for now. 

So, I can’t share a menu or price list with you. 

But what I can tell you about is… 

Oh My Dog’s many positive feedback from clients. 

According to 1 recent review

“Ester, the groomer, can handle my nervous fur baby. 

While other salons wanted to sedate my pooch…

Oh My Dog didn’t need to do such a thing. That’s thanks to Ester’s patience.”

In another feedback, a long-term client also said: 

“We’ve been taking our pups to this salon for the last 12 years. 

And no one keeps my difficult dog as calm as Ester can.” 

But aside from these praises… 

Oh My Dog clients also love the salon’s fair prices. 

And it’s what keeps them coming back to Ester’s services. 

That said, you may reach out to this groomer by calling them. 

Or you could also visit their address below.

Address84 Stradwick Rise SW, Calgary, AB T3H 1J7
AvailabilityTuesday to Saturday (8 AM – 5 PM)

#18: The Wag Inc.

Eco-Friendly Grooming Services

This groomer has been around since 2007.

And since then, they always supported natural dog care trends. 

With their eco-friendly approach… 

The Wag earned a 5-star rating in Google Maps. 

On top of that, this groomer pays attention to Fido’s stress levels. 

So they ensure your pooch can relax during the process.

Plus, they’ll let you observe their grooming sessions as well. 

This lets you spot how much The Wag takes care of your fur baby.

Anyway, the salon offers a variety of services. Like: 

  • Handstripping.
  • Nail trimming or clipping.
  • Bath & tidying: $45 – $85.
  • Full grooming: $65 – $100.
  • Puppy grooming program (first grooms.)
  • Special requests (mohawk cuts, sensitive dogs, etc.)

Note: As you can see, the prices may vary. And they change based on Fido’s size and coat condition.

You may reach out to this groomer using the details below. 
AddressMcKenzie Towne, Calgary, AB, Canada 
AvailabilityTuesday to Saturday (9 AM – 4 PM)

#19: Bonnieland Puppy Parlor

Lastly, we have Bonnieland’s salon. 

With a 4.9 rating on Google Maps, this groomer only offers top-quality service. 

In fact, Bonnieland only hires experienced stylists.

For example, they have Monica Simontwoski.

And she has been grooming Fidos for 15 years. 

With her skills, your pooch can relax while Monica does her job. 

That aside, here’s a price table of Bonnieland’s services.

ServiceSmall dogsMedium dogsLarge dogs
Bath & Brush$40 – $45$55 – $60$80 – $85
Bath & Tidy$55 – $60$70 – $75$90 – $100
Kennel Cut$70 – $75$85 – $95$105
Lamb Cut$77 – $85$90$115
Teddy Bear Cut$77 – $85$90 – $105$120
Breed-specific Cut$77 – $85$90 – $105$120 – $130

Note: Poodles may be charged higher. Also, these are only estimated prices. For the full-service costs, check Bonnieland’s menu.

If you’d like to bring Fido to this salon… 

You can book an appointment through Bonnieland’s website. 
Address2106 380 Canyon Meadows, Dr, SE, Calgary, AB, T2J 7E7
AvailabilityMonday to Friday (7:30 AM – 5 PM) Saturdays (8 AM – 4 PM) by appointment only

In case you’re still looking for more salons… 

You can check out these 9 other top-rated groomers in Calgary:

  • Pups Best Style.
  • Marvellous Muttz.
  • Clippers N’ Suds.
  • Puppy In My Pocket.
  • Brilliant Best Friends.
  • Pup City Doggy Daycare.
  • Nose 2 Tail Dog Grooming.
  • Fetching Fido Mobile Dog Salon.
  • All Bark, No Bite Professional Pet Grooming.

Note: They all have over 4.0 or 4.5 scores on Google Maps.