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15 Best Dog Groomers In San Diego [Updated 2023 Guide]

Best Dog Groomers In San Diego

National parks, a world-class zoo, and stunning Pacific Ocean coasts…

These are what San Diego is known for. 

What’s more, it’s ranked as the 3rd most fur-friendly city in the United States.

So, if you’re traveling to America’s Finest City with your fur baby…

Continue reading to discover: 

  • 3 self-service dog wash stations.
  • 2 grooming salons open 24 hours.
  • 5-star Google reviews grooming clinics in San Diego. 
  • 5 mobile grooming professionals you’ll have at your front door now.
  • And so much more…

15 best dog groomers in San Diego

#1: Barkbus

Gentle and compassionate grooming professionals.

This is what Barkbus promises to its customers.

Here’s what’s included in their signature mobile grooming service:

  • Ear Cleaning.
  • Teeth Brushing.
  • Hand Blow Dry.
  • Anal Gland Expression.
  • Nail Trimming and Filing.
  • Warm-filtered hydro-jet water bath.
  • All-Natural shampoos, conditioners, and face wash.

Barkbus started in 2017 with the goal of providing fur parents peace of mind and convenience. 

In fact, their mobile grooming vans are self-sufficient and set to address all Fido’s needs. 

This mobile grooming service offers: 

  • No travel time.
  • A less traumatic experience for Fido. 

Sometimes visiting grooming salons can be stressful.

Not only for our pooch but even for us, fur parents. 

Our dogs will have to spend time inside a cage and be around other dogs.

Not to mention, if it’s their first time trying a grooming service… 

Usually, they become frightened and uncomfortable being with staff in the salon. 

So, Barkbus did us fur parents a favor by having a mobile grooming salon. 

If you want to avail of their services, they accept online bookings

Here are the details:
Phone: (800) 742-9255
Locations:Los Angeles Area, Orange County & San Diego
Social media:Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Operating hours:Mondays to Sundays: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Now, there’s no need to worry about long drives that make Fido pant and shake inside the car

Or traveling far with a car-anxious dog.

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#2: Raise The Wuff

Another mobile grooming service you can contact in San Diego is Raise the wuff. 

The mobile clinic values accountability and professionalism.

Not only that, you can expect complete grooming services at cheap rates.

Its founder, Charity Waldman, encourage her team to treat every dog as if it’s their own to serve them better. 

She started the business after:

  • Working with inefficient groomers. 
  • Cramped grooming vans or poorly-built trailers.
  • Experiencing no-show grooming service appointments. 

Thus, Raise The Wuff commits to changing the way mobile groomers do their job. 

They want their business to help struggling fur parents balance their time. 

And ensure Fido get the best pampering they deserve. 

Plus, what’s so great about this is that…

You can watch the entire groom session using their camera system.

Charity and her team offer basic grooming packages which include:

  • A full bath.
  • Blow drying (they don’t use cage dryers).
  • Cologne Spritz (advisable if your pooch is set for a doggie date). 

Not only that, if you want your woofer to experience a transfurmation

You can avail of their Deluxe Groom and Styling.

Which includes: 

  • Blow drying. 
  • Ear cleaning.
  • Pad Conditioning.
  • Sanitary trimming.
  • Feet and paw pads trimming.
  • Full body shaving or trimming.  
  • A full bath (with a blueberry facial).
  • Nail trimming ( cut or grinded).
  • Teeth cleaning (using their “magic toothbrush”).

However, they don’t perform the following:

  • Counseling.
  • Aromatherapy.
  • Skunk treatment.
  • Psychiatry services.
  • Anal gland expression.
  • Reiki healing treatment.

Use these details to connect with them if you want to book an appointment.
Phone: (888) 447 8833
Locations:1880 Camino De La Reina #1065, San Diego, CA  92108
Social media:Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Operating hours:Mondays to Saturdays:   8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

#3: Spaw Day

This is a grooming bus managed by a licensed 1st aid/CPR-certified groomer. 

Trusting your precious fur baby in the hands of a skilled groomer is a relief. 

Quality service is what Spaw Day promises. 

Thus, it’s one mobile grooming service you need to also check out. 

If your pooch is an experienced acrobat, don’t worry. 

Their grooming vehicle comes with ramps and hydraulic tables to avoid:

  • Lifting. 
  • Jumping.
  • Possible injuries. 

Plus, they offer help if your pooch:

  • Experiences excessive shedding.
  • Suffering from various skin issues.

More than that, they provide diet and grooming recommendations, too. 

So, if you want to skip the stressful and noisy salons…

Contact Spaw Day today.
Phone: (619) 550 6691
Operating hours:On call

A gentle reminder for dog parents who live in apartments:

They need you to have an accessible parking space and an electrical outlet. 

The Spaw Day team doesn’t use a generator to perform their on-site services. 

So, if you live in a complex apartment area and happen to book them…

You must inform their staff 24 hours before cancellation of the service. 

Plus, you need to pay the full amount for a missed grooming appointment.

#4: Awesome Doggies

Convenient Mobile Grooming Service

Nothing is more convenient than having a mobile grooming service at home. 

Awesome Doggies don’t want fur parents to miss their urgent errands. 

Thus, they’ll knock at your door and have Fido bathed while you do the laundry. 

Not to mention, they have 15 years of mobile grooming experience to boost. 

They master the art of:

  • Facial.
  • Bathing.
  • Brushing. 
  • Pedicure.
  • Cleaning the eyes and ears.

So, is your canine ready to hop inside their mobile and meet their friendly groomers?

Here are Awesome Doggies’ details:
Phone: (858) 633 3641
Locations:Here’s a list of neighborhoods in San Diego County they serve.
Social media:Facebook and Twitter
Operating hours:Monday – Saturday: 7:30 AM to 4:45 PM

#5: Zip a Dee Doo Dogs Mobile Dog Grooming

They come for you!

As one of the best mobile dog grooming services in San Diego…

Zip a Dee Doo Dogs offers absolute convenience at a reasonable price. 

Gone were the days when you have to reschedule an appointment because you can’t leave your house. 

Fido will experience an enjoyable, calm, and relaxing grooming on wheels. 

As a fur parent, it’s hard if our dogs have separation anxiety

This behavior can affect how we pick the right grooming salons to fit their changing moods. 

For example, we’ll choose the one nearest to our home…

But are unsure of the quality of the grooming service. 

We compromise the experience because we don’t want our canines to spend long hours in the clinic. 

Good thing mobile services like this are available. 

Dogs won’t feel as if they’re away from home. 

Book your appointment now.
Phone:(619) 298 DOGS (3647)
Location:Here are their service areas.
Operating hours:Tuesdays to Saturdays: 8:00 AM to 4: 00 PM

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As a fur parent, I want a stress-free and comfy grooming experience for my pooch. 

Thus, professional groomers who are mobile are an attractive option. 

Especially to fur parents with hectic schedules or running errands.

Other than the convenience it brings, it’s good for Fido.

  • Flexible schedule.
  • Cage-free process. 
  • Easy and fast transactions.
  • No exposure to other canines or unfamiliar persons.
  • One-on-one service (you can expect your groomer focuses only on your dog).

However, it’s not always the case. 

#6: Wag Hotels

If those 5 grooming services on wheels appeal to you…

How about a grooming service open 24/7/365?

It’s exciting to know that Wag Hotels offer something like this. 

As a place built by dog lovers in 2005, this hotel isn’t meant for daycare and boarding only. 

You can take your pooch here for a great pamper experience, too. 

These are what awaits you:

  • Customized treatment.
  • State-of-the-art grooming facilities.
  • 25% grooming discount for first-timers.
  • A premium selection of organic spa products. 
  • Professional experts to attend to Fido’s needs.

If you want to see how fun and comfy staying at Wag Hotel…

Watch this adorable woofer video.

Isn’t it exciting something you want your sweet doggo to enjoy?

So, what are you waiting for? 

Make a reservation now:
Phone:(888) 924 5463
Location:2120 Camino Del Rio N, San Diego, CA 2108
Social media:Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter
Operating hours:24/7

#7: Doggowash

Another 24-hour grooming service you may avail of is Doggowash. 

They aim to help you make your doggo clean, fresh, and happy. 

Not to mention, part of their service is outdoor self-serve machines. 

They located their DIY canine wash machines near dog beaches and parks.

Each machine includes:

  • Shampoo.
  • Blow dryer.
  • Conditioner. 
  • Warm water.

If you want to bathe and groom Fido yourself, yet want a convenience…

Contact Doggowash today:

Download their App
Phone:(858) 208 3299
Location:1675 Morena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92110.
Social media:Facebook and Instagram
Operating hours:24/7

P.S. Don’t forget to bring your towels. 

#8: City Dog 

From one DIY dog wash to another self-serve grooming salon. 

If you need professional grooming, they accept walk-ins and bookings. 

They have affordable packages for:

  • Bath.
  • Haircut.
  • Ear cleaning. 
  • Nail trimming. 
  • Teeth brushing. 
  • Gland expression. 

Also, if Fido is being clingy and won’t allow anyone to bathe them. 

They have self-service tubs and wash stations for DIY bathing. 

Before you avail of their services, it’s best to know their policies on the:

No shows.2 no-shows and they’ll ban you from making future transactions.  
You’re to pre-pay 50% of the grooming fees of your next appointment.
Late pickup.You’ll be charged for late pickup. 
You must fetch your fur babies within 30 minutes, once receiving a pickup notification call or text.
Late drop-off.They’ll reschedule your appointment if you’re 15 minutes late without prior notice.
Cancellations. A 48-hour cancellation will be charged.
You must pay 50% of the service you wish to avail of as a penalty.

If you’re ready to meet their professional groomers…

Here’s the City Dogs’ information:
Phone:(619) 269 0201
Location:550 Park Boulevard Suite 2102
Social media:Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
Operating hours:Mondays to Saturdays:   9:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Sundays:                       10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

#9: Dunk n Dogs

This grooming service started in 2004 as a family-owned business. 

Dunk n Dogs boost professional grooming services include:

  • Baths.
  • Nail clipping.
  • Ear cleaning.
  • Blueberry facials.
  • Blow-and brush-outs.
  • Sanitary, face, and feet trimming.
  • Full-body and breeds-specific haircuts.

Grooming rates vary for every service you avail of. 

If you’re asking what other treatments they can provide you…

Here are some. 

  • Mud bath.
  • De-matting.
  • Nail painting.
  • De-shedding.
  • microbubble treatment. 

Get in touch with them now.
Phone:(619) 276 3047
Location: 3056 Clairemont Dr, San Diego, CA 92117
Social media:Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter
Operating hours: Mondays to Sundays: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

You might be wondering what the vets stand on dog grooming. 

PetMd said grooming is about physical health, not only keeping Fido good-looking. 

They urged training dogs to endure grooming sessions while they’re still puppies. 

So they’ll know it’s part of their training and don’t get shocked about it. 

#10: Hot Doggity

We want quality care for our pooch. 

Thus, a well-reviewed service is a plus. 

Hot Doggity earned loyal clients because of their quality grooming services like:

  • Baths.
  • Shave. 
  • Lion cuts.
  • Ear cleaning.
  • Nail trimming. 

Grooming rates:

SizeWeight Cost
Small15 lbs (6.80 kg) and belowUSD 50+
Medium16-30 lbs (7.26 kg -13.61 kg)USD 55+
Large31 lbs (14.06 kg) and aboveUSD 60+

If you want to make an appointment, ensure your dogs have been fully vaccinated.

Owner and professional groomer Eileen Hecker assures they’ll treat Fido right. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Book now.
Phone:(619) 237 9073
Location: 423 32nd St, San Diego, CA 92102
Social media:Facebook and Instagram
Operating hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday:   9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Thursdays:    11:00 AM – 4: 00 PM

#11: Furry Friends

Kind And Professional Groomers

This is a popular grooming salon in San Diego because of its warm staff. 

Furry Friends professional groomers are kind to their cute furry clients. 

They show their love by giving quality service to all breeds and sizes. 

Because of this, they gained favorable reviews on Google and Yelp. 

Here are some of the grooming treatments they offer:

  • Haircuts. 
  • Flea baths.
  • De-skunking.
  • Tick treatments. 
  • Puppy grooming.

Self-wash service is available for your pooch. 

Plus, boarding is another option Fido can avail of here. 

Make your reservations today.
Phone:(619) 282 2536
Location: 3912 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92105
Social media:Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram
Operating hours: Saturdays – Sundays: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Wednesdays – Fridays: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

#12: Doggies Divine

From one highly-recommended grooming salon in the county to another…

Doggies Divine is a staple place for canines for their transfurmation

They claimed as Fido’s second best friend. 

With how dedicated and professional their groomers are…

It’s not that hard to believe they gained this reputation. 

More than keeping your pooch clean…

They ensure they’re free from skin issues, like allergies and shedding. 

So, the doggies divine team is excited to have your cool woofer grace their salon.
Phone:(619) 276 2555
Location: 2555 Morena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92110
Social media:Facebook and Instagram
Operating hours: Mondays – Sundays:   9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

#13: Canine Cleaners

Our list wouldn’t be complete without Canine Cleaners.

This furry grooming service in San Diego is well-loved by its four-legged clients. 

As some fur parents reviewed online that their groomers are helpful and friendly.  

Moreover, one of the reasons why some keeps on coming back is that…

Their grooming services are affordable but of great quality. 

If you’re near Clairemont, you know where to have Fido’s next grooming date.
Phone:(858) 503-6727
Location: 10448 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard, San Diego, CA
Operating hours: Tuesdays – Saturdays:    7:00 AM to 4:00 PM

#14: Suds N Pups Dog Grooming & Wash

The family-owned grooming salon in the county takes pride in their great service. 

They have served the community and built strong relationships with their clients. 

Suds N Pups treat their fur clients and their parents as if they’re part of the family. 

Thus, many are confident and comfortable to avail of their grooming treatment. 

They offer packages and self-wash options, too. 

So, if your furry friends need a total makeover…

Contact them now.
Phone:(619) 230-5133
Location: 5160 Waring RD, San Diego, CA 92120 or  
7295 Navajo Rd. San Diego CA 92119
Social media:Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Operating hours: Mondays – Sundays:     8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

#15: Absolute Pawfection – Sorrento Valley

One of the testimonials clients left on their website says…

The Myke understands Woody’s language.”

Myke Ross is the owner of this Sorrento Valley grooming salon – Absolute Pawfection. 

He and his staff are proud to share their expertise in canine grooming. 

It’s amazing to have groomers that know how to talk with our pooch. 

Dogs communicate through their body language

Thus, it matters that we trust groomers that are affectionate enough to chat with them. 

So, they won’t feel scared or stressed about the groomer. 

Here are some of their top-notch services:

  • Baths.
  • Haircuts. 
  • Ear cleaning.
  • Teeth brushing. 
  • Flea treatments. 
  • Skunk treatments.
  • Anal gland expression.
  • Nail trimming and filing.
  • De-shedding treatments.

If these grooming treatments are something that you need now…

Feel free to reach out to Myke and his professional groomers. 

So, if your furry friends need a total makeover, contact them now.
Phone:(619) 880-4058
Location: 10855 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite 5 San Diego, CA  92121
Social media:Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Operating hours: Tuesdays – Sundays:     7:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Remember that Fido’s health and wellness are vital in their growth. 

Never underestimate what proper grooming can do in their lives. 

Canine researchers argue that it matters to:

  • Use quality supplies. 
  • Improve all grooming-related services.
  • Have accessible grooming salons for all.
  • Ensure caregivers’ knowledge of furry clients’ needs.  

They believe that it’ll impact Fido’s welfare if these factors are met and considered.