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13 Best Dog Rescues In Nova Scotia (Updated 2023 Guide)

Best Dog Rescues In Nova Scotia

You’ve heard how wonderful it is to adopt a rescue dog…

And you’ve always wanted to give one a chance that they deserve.

Now that you’re looking let me share some best dog rescues in Nova Scotia.

Keep reading to discover:

  • 5 factors that affect your choice of rescue dog when adopting one.
  • 13 best dog rescues in Nova Scotia (plus their complete contact details).
  • And much, much more…

13 best dog rescues in Nova Scotia

#1: Nova Scotia SPCA

The Nova Scotia SPCA is one of the biggest rescue centers in the area.

Reports show that they help 12,000 animals each year.

And all animals are rescued, rehabilitated, and rehomed.

Now, NS-SPCA follows the open-admission and no-kill principles.

What’s that?

They’ll gladly welcome any animal regardless of age or health condition.

Then, they also stand behind the no-kill principles…

That means they don’t euthanize any animals to make space for more healthy ones.

And despite being underfunded, NS-SPCA gets lots of support.

That’s why animals who enter their shelters get adopted immediately…

On average, the animals are rehomed in less than 2 weeks.

Statistically, 90% of their animals find the second chance they deserve…

That can be either from being rehomed or reunited with their parents.

Plus, they have the support of veterinarians as well…

That’s why they have a huge network of clinics and hospitals.

With that, each animal receives quality medical care.

All in all, the NS-SPCA encourages adopters to check their facilities.

Who knows?

You might meet your future fur baby in one of their shelters…

And they’ll be more than glad to assist you in the process.

Moreover, they advocate for the community to work together.

If you find any stray in the area, don’t hesitate to reach out to them.

Nova Scotia SPCA contact details

Website: Nova Scotia SPCA


Moreover, SPCA recommends that you report any acts of animal cruelty to them. Use this number in doing so 1-888-703-7722.

Now, SPCA is a large animal rescue organization…

And as I said, they receive a lot of animals per year. Plus, their rules on accepting and keeping animals contribute to the animal volume…

With that, they have many shelters in Nova Scotia…

Those are:

Cape Breton Shelter

Phone: 902-539-7722 or 1-844-835-4798


Address: 401 East Broadway, Sydney NS B1N 3K1

Colchester Shelter

Phone: 902-893-7968 or 1-844-835-4798


Address: 408 Industrial Ave, Truro, NS B2N 6V8

Dartmouth Shelter

Phone: 902-468-7877 or 1-844-835-4798


Address: 5 Scarfe Court, Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1W4

Kings Shelter

Phone: 902-538-9075 or 1-844-835-4798


Address: 1285 County Home Rd, Waterville, NS, B0P 1V0

Pictou Shelter

Phone: 902-396-3595 or 1-844-835-4798


Address: 3504 Granton Abercrombie Rd, New Glasgow, NS B1H4G1

Yarmouth Shelter

Phone: 902-742-9767 or 1-844-835-4798


Address: 298 Hardscratch Rd, Yarmouth, NS B5A 4A8

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#2: TLC Animal Shelter

TLC Animal Shelter

Their doors have been welcoming animals since 1974…

The Tender Loving Care (TLC) Animal Shelter has been helping its community.

They’ve been providing refuge for strays and abandoned animals.

According to TLC, they take care of more than 3,000 animals a year.

Plus, they educate people about animal care…

Regardless of those many projects, TLC remains a small shelter.

That’s because they’re underfunded…

And that’s why they’ll appreciate any help you can offer…

Plus, they’ll happily assist you in finding you a rescue pooch to take home…

Speaking of adopting a rescue pooch…

TLC’s adoption process is simple.

Despite that, they still do it with the greatest care.

They assure you that they want the best for the animal and your family.

And such compassion is essential in the process of adopting a rescue dog.

TLC Animal Shelter contact details

Website: Tender Loving Care Animal Shelter

Phone: (708) 301-1594 

Address: 13016 West 151st Street, Homer Glen IL 60491

You can also join their Facebook group for updates.

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#3: Fly With Me Animal Rescue

A lot of locals are glad to trust Fly With Me Animal Rescue.

Dog parents are satisfied with how the staff handles their adoption processes.

These happy new doggy parents are impressed by the dedicated volunteers.

With that, the adoption procedure is made easy and worry-free…

All in all, people testify that their experience in Fly With Me is wonderful.

And the organization is more than happy to help…

Moreover, such success stories reflect their goal…

And that’s to help every rescue dog find a loving home forever.

Fly With Me Animal Rescue contact details

Website: Fly With Me Animal Rescue

Address: 225M – 2021 BRUNSWICK ST Halifax, NS, Canada B3K2Y5 

To reach out to them, you can fill out this contact form.

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#4: Animal Rescue Coalitions

This organization dedicates its effort to caring for animals.

Moreover, they aim to protect them as well.

And they deliver such promise without the funding of the government.

Despite that, they continue to prosper…

That’s all thanks to kind donations. Plus, successful fundraisers add to the help.

Now, they don’t have a physical shelter…

So, volunteers foster the rescues. They keep the dogs until they find a loving home.

That’s why the Animal Rescue Coalition follows an intricate adoption process.

But let me clarify something…

Most adoption processes won’t go as smoothly as you think anyway…

How so?

In some cases, staff will recommend another dog…

It can be a pooch that’s different from what you like…

And when that happens, I highly suggest that you listen closely. Plus, you must reconsider your choice.

That’s because the rescue staff holds a very valuable opinion.

You see, they know every dog in their shelter…

Moreover, they analyze all the factors involved.

According to research, those factors can be:

  • Social influences.
  • Dog’s health and behavior.
  • The physical appearance of the dog.
  • Trends and popularity of certain breeds.
  • Previous experiences of potential dog parents.

Now, your decision-making is affected by those…

And the staff is qualified to see through all of that.

With that, listening to their objective inputs can be beneficial.

Animal Rescue Coalition contact details

Website: Animal Rescue Coalitions


Mailing address: PO Box 8033, Station A, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K5M8

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#5: Coastal K9 Rescue Society

Coastal K9 Rescue Society

This shelter assists all dogs…

Those canines can be in distress or at ease…

Moreover, their age or breed won’t matter.

In Coastal K9 Rescue Society, they’ll give every dog the odds for a second chance…

And are you willing to do the same?

If yes, you can reach out to them using the contact details I provided below.

And if you’re planning to adopt, it’s best to visit their website’s ‘Adopt’ section.

There, you can see available dogs for adoption.

And when you see one that captures your heart…

Oh, act fast and fill out the application form.

After that, they’ll review your application thoroughly.

Now, sometimes, such doesn’t get approved.

But Coastal K9 encourages you to continue your search for a furbaby.

As I said, the adoption staff are qualified to see if you and your life match with a dog or not.

Coastal K9 Rescue Society contact details

Website: Coastal K9 Rescue Society

Now, the channels to use in reaching out to them varies.

If you’re planning to adopt, send an email to:

And if you want to surrender a pooch, email them at

If you have a general inquiry, fill out their contact form.

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#6: Bide Awhile Animal Shelter

The dedicated people in Bide Awhile provide a safe place for unwanted animals.

Their team consists of committed people. Every one of them believes in respecting every animal companion.

And those are the beliefs that become the foundation of their shelter.

Moreover, Bide Awhile has many testimonials to share…

Adopters from this shelter attest that the team is friendly and compassionate. And that they show that heart to every animal and parent.

Bide Awhile Animal Shelter contact details

Website: Bide Awhile Animal Shelter

Phone: (902) 469-9578

Email: (Animal Care)

Address: 67 Neptune Crescent, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 4W4, Canada

#7: SHAID Tree Animal Shelter

They aim to match each human and animal…

That’s why dog parents are happy with this rescue shelter.

With the help of SHAID Tree Animal Shelter, people find a loving companion.

Moreover, adopters certify that the shelter’s facility is remarkable.

And they’re not just talking about how the shelter looks…

Dog parents and animals experience kindness and care from SHAID…

They can say that the people in SHAID have a heart for the animals.

And all those qualities show the organization’s care for its community.

SHAID Tree Animal Shelter contact details

Website: SHAID Tree Animal Shelter

Phone: 902-543-4849


Address: 950 Mullock Rd., Whynott’s Settlement, NS

#8: PET Projects

This organization is more of a partnering one than a shelter…

They offer assistance to the community regarding the animals.

PET Projects help out by giving supplies and vet care to animals who need them.

Plus, they assist dog parents in rehoming their fur babies…

They give the best support in the whole process. And they’ll gladly reach out a helping hand…

So, no matter the situation, you can count on ’em.

PET Projects contact details

Website: PET Projects

Phone: (902) 875-2367


Mailing address: PET Projects, P.O. Box 267, Shelburne, NS B0T 1W0

Moreover, their online community is active. If you want to join, just visit their Facebook page.

#9: Save a Life Canada Animal Rescue Society

This organization encourages you to adopt dogs…

And if you can’t, they’ll appreciate it if you support their cause.

That’s because they believe that adopting can help save a life…

Thus, their organization’s name:

Save A Life Canada Animal Rescue Society.

Moreover, adopting from a shelter opens up another spot for a deserving pooch.

With that, you receive a pooch that you’ll love so much, it hurts…

Then, the shelter takes in another needy canine…

And in the future, that fur baby will be given a loving family as well.

It’ll go on and on, making more people and animals happy.

Did you know? There was a decrease in the total intake of dogs in the shelter.

That’s according to Humane Canada’s statistics for the year 2020.

Their records show that 20,000 dogs entered the shelter.

Moreover, recuse shelters returned 80% of their stray dogs to their parents.

However, the rate of euthanasia increased in the same year…

Unfortunately, almost 15% of dogs said goodbye to their supposed-second chance.

And that’s why adoption is important. Moreover, responsible animal parenting is essential as well.

Save A Life Canada Animal Rescue Society

Website: Save A Life Canada Animal Rescue Society


Mailing address: P.O Box 2763, Springhill, NS, Canada, B0M 1X0

Get in touch with them using this contact form.

#10: The Lillian Allbon Animal Shelter

This one’s a well-reviewed rescue shelter…

First of all, the Lillian Allbon Animal Shelter also applies a no-kill policy.

And I mentioned that principle before. It’s when the shelter won’t ever euthanize a “hopeless” animal.

Instead, they do their best in caring for each of their rescues…

They’ll do so until the perfect and loving parent comes for the fur baby.

And you know what’s more fascinating?

It’s the fact that they’ll welcome any animal with open arms…

The dog or cat can be very sick…

Oh, it won’t matter for Lillian Allbon Animal Shelter…

As I said, every animal can stay with them and get the love they deserve.

The Lillian Allbon Animal Shelter contact details

Website: The Lillian Allbon Animal Shelter

Phone: (902) – 661 – 7297


Address: 798 Smith Road, Upper Nappan, NS B4H 3Y4, Canada

#11: Litters ‘n Critters Animal Rescue Society

They’re an independent and self-governed association…

But more importantly, Litters ‘n Critters dedicate their service to all animals.

And they continue their cause thanks to their many supporters.

Plus, adopters’ testimonials also help the organization to thrive.

You’ll be able to see those success stories when you visit their main page. I’ll link their Facebook page under their contact details.

Moreover, they don’t have a shelter yet.

They function using the foster care system…

And even foster families are properly screened by the team.

Lastly, they accept all dogs…

They don’t look at the canine’s breed, size, age, or sex.

All they care about is to rehome their beautiful doggos.

Litters ‘n Critters Animal Rescue Society


Follow their main Facebook page for constant updates.

#12: ElderDog Canada

This organization works a little differently.

To start, they’re still a non-profit organization that aims to serve their community.

They rely on their fundraising events. And, of course, the donations of their supporters.

Now, I did say that ElderDog is unlike others…

How so?

Well, their scope is specific…

By their name, ElderDog, their cause is clear.

They dedicate their efforts to the well-being of senior canines and older people.

With that, they preserve the bond between human and dog…

And they aim to do that regardless of both party’s age.

Now, they typically welcome dogs older than 10 years old.

Now, such is an important advocacy…


According to research, senior dogs are the most at-risk for euthanasia in shelters.

Going back, the organization also helps elderly people with senior dogs.

This organization assists those seniors who can’t financially care for their canine.

Now, older people can have challenges with their mobility…

And ElderDog even helps with that issue.

Most of all, they also aid in fostering. Plus, they’re more than willing to collaborate with potential adopters.

ElderDog Canada contact details

Website: ElderDog Canada

Phone: 1-855-EDOGCAN (1-855-336-4226)


Address: 907 Feltzen South Rd, Rose Bay, NS B0J 2X0, Canada

#13: Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS)

This organization consists of a diverse group of people…

Despite that, they have one thing in common…

And that’s their love and appreciation for the animals.

That’s how the Companion Animal Protection Society of Annapolis County thrives.

Moreover, they don’t have a physical shelter.

With that, they only rely on foster homes.

That’s why their animals live a happy life already…

Even before being adopted and taken to a loving home.

And you know what?

The foster care system is a great setup for rescue dogs.


Research tells us that dogs experience so much stress in shelters.

There, they’re held in a kennel. Then, the dogs will see different faces of potential parents every day.

But with the foster care system, dogs have a temporary home. And they won’t feel the stressful environment of the shelter.

C.A.P.S of Annapolis County contact details

Website: Companion Animal Protection Society of Annapolis County

Phone: (902) 825-2277Email: