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27 Best Dog Trainers On YouTube (Updated 2023 Guide)

Best Dog Trainers On YouTube

Dog trainers have taken YouTube by storm.

And you’ve loved the accessible content so far….

But if you care to expand your list…

I’ve got a great selection of the best dog trainers on YouTube for you.

Keep reading to discover:

  • 27 best dog trainers on YouTube.
  • What their methods and philosophy are.
  • Which of them best suits you and your dog.
  • And so much more…

27 best dog trainers on YouTube

#1: Zak George 

With 10 million views annually, Zak George is a solid favorite. He’s especially popular with fur parents of tiny tots. 

And it’s plain to see why.

He’s got the energy and enthusiasm of a puppy. And those furballs respond to it so well. The looks in their eyes scream that they want to be Zak’s BFF. 

Furthermore, his charm also works on adult dogs. But it’s not just about his chemistry with canines. 

His philosophy is key to his success. He’s a firm believer in positive reinforcement training. 

Dog Training Information:

 #2: It’s Me or the Dog – Victoria Stilwell 

If you’re a fan of reality dog training shows…

Victoria Stilwell should be very familiar.

If not, let me introduce you.

Victoria has starred or featured in several dog TV shows. 

In the U.S., the shows were carried by Smithsonian Channel and Discovery. But they also aired on different channels across the UK. 

She’s also guested on many talk shows. And she’s the pet expert for some BBC and CNN programs.

As for her YouTube channel, it’s called “It’s Me or the Dog.” It’s got clips and full episodes of her TV show by that name.

She’s also about positive reinforcement. And she’s very vocal about the harms of dominance-based training.

So her methods are certainly safe for you to try on your dog. 

Dog Training Information:

#3: McCann Dog Training 

McCann Professional Dog Trainers was established in 1982. 

They didn’t have a YouTube channel back then. 

But they’ve trained over 100,000 dogs since. They’ve got top facilities for that. Unfortunately, not all of us can haul our pups there. 

So Kayl McCann reaches out through YouTube. 

Fun fact: Kayl is a world champion in agility. And it wasn’t a one-time thing either. She’s been world champion 21 times. 

So, let her YouTube videos show you how it’s done. 

Dog Training Information:

#4: Will Atherton Canine Training 

Will Atherton looks like a proper Northman. But this gentle giant isn’t a raider. He’s a dog trainer. A great one too.

And who doesn’t want their dog trained by a Viking? 

Or at least a trainer who looks like one. Either is cool. 

But bun and beard aside…

Will trains all sorts of dogs with all sorts of issues. From basic puppy problems. To aggressive canines acting like berserkers.

There’s so much for you to learn. And you’ll see the best angle on how it’s all done. 

Dog Training Information:

#5: Rachel Fusaro 

Rachel Fusaro readily acknowledges it. 

She’s not a professional dog trainer. 

Regardless, she does a heck of a job training dogs. Her videos practically have “pro” stamped all over them.

Yet the fact remains. She has no certification. But maybe that’s what makes her so popular on YouTube. 

She’s relatable.

And that kind of thing empowers people. Especially fur parents having a hard time.

Her practical approach is so effective. Her viewers are left thinking, “Oh, hey! I can do that too!” 

Dog Training Information:

#6: Brandon McMillan 

Brandon McMillan is another household name. And that’s thanks to his popular TV show on CBS. 

It was called “Lucky Dog.” And it ran for 7 years. That’s quite a feat.

What’s more, he’s brought his expertise to YouTube. This platform allows him to reach even more audiences. 

And his videos are especially helpful for new fur parents. 

With Brandon’s instruction, even the novice can train a pooch. 

Don’t believe me?

Check out the link below.

Dog Training Information:

#7: Nate Schoemer

Here’s another TV star for you. 

Nate Schoemer co-hosted a show for Animal Planet. It was called “Rescue Dog to Super Dog.”

In it, he took rescue dogs and transformed them.

For that, he trained them to be great service dogs. 

Since then, Nate has been involved in a lot of different projects. And, of course, he also started a YouTube channel. 

Moreover, Nate calls dog training an art form. And his channel is an exhibit of some of his best works. 

This project helps him in his goal to improve dogs’ lives.


By educating fur parents. Such as yourself. 

So head on over to his channel. It’s got so much for you to learn. 

Dog Training Information:

#8: Andy Krueger

Andy Krueger is an expert dog trainer. He shares this expertise on his YouTube channel. 

Moreover, they heavily feature Belgian Malinois. That’s because he’s got a long history working with them. And with German Shepherds too. 

As you know, these are typically police and military dogs. Training them requires skill. And that’s something Andy has a lot of.

To begin with, he’s a professional Decoy. That’s the name for the guy in a bite suit. And Andy has won several awards in Decoy competitions. 

So his videos feature that kind of action-packed training. 

Dog Training Information:

#9: Training Positive

Training Positive

You look for a dog trainer because you want your pooch to learn to behave…

Training Positive recognizes that. But for them, it’s a 2-way street.

That’s because they believe humans have so much to learn from dogs. And that’s if we let them teach us about themselves.

Moreover, they’re a student of ideas as well. They’re proud to learn about animal training continuously. 

And they’re more than glad to be applying and learning them all with you.

Dog Training Information:

#10: Beckman’s Dog Training

Joel and Liz Beckman don’t have that celebrity status. But they’re still a dog training power couple in my book. 

To begin with, they weren’t always canine coaches. Before, they had careers instructing a very different animal:

Killer whales. 

Joel and Liz worked with SeaWorld. 

And that’s a million times harder if you ask me. Some of us can’t even get our dogs to come when called.

However, this couple was hugely successful with killer whales. So you can bet that training dogs is a breeze for them. 

Moreover, they got amazing facilities. With it, they’re able to simulate real-life scenarios. 

Dog Training Information:

#11: Simpawtico Dog Training

Simpawtico Dog Training says many big words are applied in their methods.

You see, dog training involves psychology.  Which then involves science.

And speaking of big words, they provide a dog training glossary on their website.

But if you’re not the reader kind of person…

That’s alright. Simpawtico’s Dog Training is available on YouTube. 

Dog Training Information:

#12: Robert Cabral

In dog training, you need to learn the basics first. But Robert Cabral’s ready to deliver that with his advanced knowledge.

And his mastery is available to your reach on his YouTube channel.

Dog Training Information:

#13: Leerburg

Way back before YouTube was a thing, Leeburg already had a production. 

It started with Ed Frawley in 1974. And in 1982, he began filming dog training videos and selling those clips.

Today, their timeless dog training advice is available to a wider audience. 

Check out their courses developed by the best dog trainers in the world. All of which are based on many years of experience.

Dog Training Information:

#14: Pam’s Dog Academy

Get your hands in a clicker and play the instructional videos from Pam’s Dog Academy.

With just 1 tool, and 1 channel…

You can have an obedient and agile pooch.

Dog Training Information:

#15: OffLeashK9Training

Nick White, the founder of Off Leash K9 Training, used to work for the Marines and Secret Service. But he isn’t just recognized for his service…

Today, he’s one of the top dog trainers in the world.

Moreover, he even has 2 world records for off-leash obedience.

Most importantly, he shares his great methods with everyone. Which is through his YouTube channel.

And if you find them great, you can enroll your pooch in one of their programs. 

As of writing, they have more than 140 dog training locations across the United States. 

If you wanna know which one’s near you…

Contact them using the information below.

Dog Training Information:

#16: Peter Canine Dog Training

Comedian. Artist. Dog trainer.

Welcome to Peter Caine’s YouTube channel. 

Where not only does he share his comments and recipes…

But it’s also where he teaches fellow dog parents to understand canines.

So begin your entertaining and fulfilling journey with Mr. Caine…

Dog Training Information:

#17: Hybrid Canine

Their motto is:

“Training Is A Journey, Not A Destination!”

You can start your voyage with them through their YouTube channel. 

And you know what I like about them?

They have so many shorts.

“What’s that?”

YouTube shorts are the new trend. They’re 60-second videos or less that give you snap entertainment…

Or, in this case, a quick training lesson.

Moreover, Hybrid Canine really wants you to turn to them on this training journey.

That’s why they offer the following for free:

  • Consultation calls.
  • 90-minute training lesson.
  • Limited virtual training sessions.

Come on now, contact them using the info below…

Dog Training Information:

#18: Willow Creek Kennels

Willow Creek Kennels

Entertaining and factual.

That’s how I’d describe Willow Creek’s training approach.

Their methods are from years of research. And they continue to develop their ways through it.

Today, their training advice is reachable to you through their YouTube channel.

Dog Training Information:

#19: Fred Hassen

He’s got a lot of titles under his belt…

Fred Hassen is the CEO and founder of “Sit Means Sit Dog Training Franchise.” Which claims to be the largest dog training franchise in the world.

With it, Fred presents a well-studied, proven, and specialized approach to dog training.  

But he believes that talk is cheap.

So, he now has over 1,500 videos to show dog parents how to handle their pooch. Check them out:

Dog Training Information:

#20: Stonnie Dennis of Kentucky Canine

Raising a dog isn’t as easy as counting to 3.

During tough times with your doggo, you may wonder:

“What’s it like to be a professional dog trainer so I can handle this?”

Well, Stonnie Dennis’ YouTube videos will be there to show you. 

Dog Training Information:

#21: BrightDog Academy Dog Training

There are so many approaches to dog training…

Some receive tons of support. Others are slowly being debunked.

But have you heard of “compassion-based training”?

Well, if you haven’t…

It’s because BrightDog Academy Dog Training is the first and only dog academy that offers that.

Dog Training Information:

#22: Southend Dog Training

Although based in UK…

Southend Dog Training has a diverse group of professional dog trainers. And their services and expertise are reachable to anyone worldwide.

See it for yourself:

Dog Training Information:

#23: Dog Training by Kikopup

An honest friend is a reliable one.

That’s why Emily Larlham won’t tell you things you wanted to hear just to assure you…

No, she’ll tell you the honest truth about dog training.

But she’s willing to break the process into short achievable steps.

Ready for it?

Dog Training Information:

#24: KeenDog

Unique yet effective.

That’s KeenDog’s training approach for dogs.

And when you support their wonderful training services…

You also show love to the community.

That’s because a portion of KeenDog’s sales is donated to their Outreach Program.

And even watching their YouTube videos can help out. 

Dog Training Information:

#25: Nigel Reed of The Dog Guardian

Apart from free and helpful YouTube videos…

Experienced dog trainer Nigel Reed also offers the following services:

  • Group courses.
  • Online courses.
  • One-on-one training sessions.

With all of that, Nigel will kindly share the secrets of dog training. It’ll be detailed yet simple. That’s a guarantee.

Dog Training Information:

#26: Grisha Stewart Academy of Dog Training & Behavior

Your dog is a special part of your life.

So they deserve to have a voice in how they’re nurtured.

And Grisha, along with other world-class instructors, can support you with that.

Not only through her YouTube channel…

But from more diverse services.

Dog Training Information:

#27: Animal Behavior College

Not just dogs, but all animals.

From training, grooming, and veterinary assistance…

The Animal Behavior College has it all for you and your pooch.

Dog Training Information: