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7 Easy Ways To Stop A Dog From Eating Rabbit Poop (2023)

How To Stop Dog From Eating Rabbit Poop

You ran so fast to Fido to stop them from eating something…

It seems like they’re munching cocoa puffs.

But once you got it out of their mouth…

It’s rabbit poop.

Is that worse?

Scratch that. The real question is:

How can you prevent this from happening again?

Keep reading to learn:

  • 7 easy ways to stop your dog from eating rabbit poop.
  • 7 simple steps to teach your canine the “leave it” command.
  • What’s PICA disorder and why it’s causing your pup to eat rabbit feces.
  • And many more…

How to stop a dog from eating rabbit poop? 7 easy ways

#1: Supervise them when they’re outside

Some dog parents walk their pooch whenever it’s time for Fido’s bathroom break.

Others open their backyard door and let their pupper run free.

But whether you accompany them or not…

It’s time to start supervising your pooch when they’re out. No matter what. 

And for parents who let Fido be outside, this will be a hassle change. You must go with them every time. Then, watch them closely.

But it’s necessary.

Because it’ll effectively decrease the times that your pooch eats rabbit poop.

Moreover, watching them closely when they’re out can lessen many dangerous incidents. 

Not just eating rabbit poop, but also consuming toxic plants. Or playing with garden equipment.

And my advice for those parents that have a bunny and a dog as fur babies:

Be familiar where your bunny poops and let Fido stay away from it

Does your bunny have a litterbox? Or do they also go number 2 in your backyard?

Wherever it is, here’s the deal:

Don’t let Fido near the place.

Moreover, clean up after your bunny. Beat your dog to the rabbit-poop hunting game. 

It’s simple. Your pupper sees rabbit poop, they get curious, and they eat it. 

So, avoid the very first action to prevent the outcome. Because if there’s nothing around, Fido won’t be snacking on anything.

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#2: Teach them the “Leave it!” command

Some dogs can be stubborn.

Even when you’re watching, they won’t hesitate to go and grab the rabbit poop.

Or sometimes, they sneak behind your back and get it.

With that, there’s nothing left to do but tell Fido to leave it.

So, here’s…

How to train your dog to leave something alone

Note: For this, you’ll need to prepare some treats to reinforce the behavior. Moreover, this is a training scenario. Not the moment you see your dog eating rabbit poop.

Step 1: Put the treat inside your hand

Close your fist with the treat inside.

Step 2: Hold your hand over Fido’s nose

Make sure you’re close enough for Fido to smell the treat you’re hiding. 

Step 3: Wait for them to back up

You’re gonna have to stay still for a while. Even if they nudge or lick your hand.

At one point, your pup will back off a little. When they do…

Step 4: Open your hand to reveal the treat

Since you achieved the desired behavior, finally reward Fido.

Step 5: Repeat steps 1 to 4

Do this consistently.

In the long run, Fido will realize they have to back up. Instead of begging for the treat.

Step 6: Add the command

Once your pooch knows what to do…

Incorporate the action with a command.

Gently say, “leave it” whenever you see them backing off.

Step 7: Repeat the command over and over

Go over the drill as much as possible. 

Then, your pooch will now associate the command and the action.

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#3: Play with them while they’re out

Play With Your Dog When They're Out To Stop Them From Eating Rabbit Poop

Let’s face it:

Plainly supervising your pooch might be relaxing sometimes…

But other times, it could get boring.

Well, your pupper understands what you’re feeling.

Although, it’s dangerous for a dog to get bored.

Because they’ll look for things to do. No matter how weird. Like eating rabbit poop.

With that, keep Fido entertained enough. While also watching them.

And one way to do that is to play with them while they’re outside.

Once they’re done peeing and pooping… 

You can keep them busy and play games with them like:

  • Fetch.
  • Frisbee. 
  • Treat hunt.
  • Hide-and-seek.

#4: Use taste-deterrents

Most of the time, your pup uses their nose to their advantage. However, this time, you’re going to turn the tables.

Fun fact: Vets reveal that dogs can smell up to 10,000 times better than humans.

So, if scents deter dogs from peeing in a certain place…

Some taste-deterrents can stop your pooch from eating something. Which, in your dog’s case, is rabbit poop. 

According to to FETCH by WebMD, these are usually bitter or spicy. And canines don’t like the sensations that those flavors make on their tongue.

Moreover, they’ll associate the smell with the taste. So, when they take a whiff of the rabbit’s poop…

They’ll remember that this type of thing made them very uncomfortable.

Although, you might need to sprint ahead of your pooch to apply it.

And even if Fido ran after you…

Once they get to the rabbit poop, it’ll be the most foul-smelling thing ever.

Note: Do this for all the rabbit poop you’ll find around. Moreover, it’ll take up to 4 weeks until your pupper associates rabbit poop wih the bad taste and smell.

#5: Ensure they got enough mental stimulation

As I implied, a bored dog is a problematic one.

Because when they got nothing to do…

Your pooch won’t stop until they find something.

And, oh, look at that…

Rabbit poop.

Since Fido is as curious as they’re bored, they’ll eat it. 

To take down this feeling, you must know the signs of it first. According to AKC, those are:

Now, I already talked about one way to take this down. 

That’s section #3. Which is to play with your pooch. That counts as exercise for your dog as well.

However, physical exercise shouldn’t be all.

You must also mentally stimulate your dog.

Think of it like this:

Exercising is keeping your dog busy outside. Then, mental stimulation is keeping Fido occupied at home.

For the latter, I highly suggest starting with an interactive toy. It’ll keep your pupper busy. Plus, they’ll feel rewarded after.

#6: Improve their diet

One reason why your pooch is eating rabbit poop is hunger.

So, when you catch your fur baby munching on rabbit poop…

Assess their current diet. Look at the dog food you’re feeding them. Also observe how they eat their food.

“But they eat on time and I feed them so much dog food…”

A feeding schedule and the food volume aren’t the only factors here.

You might be letting Fido eat on time. And you’re giving them lots of kibbles…

It won’t matter if the food’s not nutritious.

Unfortunately, many dog foods are packed with fillers. 

So, your pup might get full from eating them. However, they won’t get the nutrition their body needs.

“What should I do then?”

My advice is to get the most high-quality dog food you can afford.

AKC tells us that a good diet for your pooch contains the following:

  • Meat.
  • Fruits.
  • Fiber.
  • Grains.
  • Minerals.

Apart from that, Fido needs essential vitamins, too. So, with a veterinarian’s advice, you can give your pup multivitamins supplements.

#7: Talk to a vet

Although a vet might suggest some of the things I mentioned above…

It’s still best to consult them.

For one, they can suggest a high-quality diet for your pooch. They can mention specific dog foods for your pup’s particular breed.

And before this becomes a consistent behavior issue…

You must loop the doctor in and tell them everything. They might suggest you hire a behaviorist for Fido.