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Can A Rottweiler Kill A Wolf? 4 Shocking Answers (2023)

Can A Rottweiler Kill A Wolf

Rottweilers are known for their strength. 

But when they come face to face with a wolf…

Can your furry pal win against their wild cousin?

Well, get ready for this epic battle…

I’ll settle this canine fight with the power of knowledge.

Continue reading to find out:

  • Whether Rotties can kill wolves or not.
  • Amazing differences between wolves and Rottweilers.
  • 4 shocking answers about Rottweilers fighting wolves.
  • And that’s only the beginning…

Can a Rottweiler kill a wolf?

A Rottweiler can kill a wolf, only if the former is trained to fight. However, a Rottweiler’s chance of victory is still low. That applies regardless if the Rottweiler is trained or not. Additionally, most dogs can only kill wolves if the latter is still young, sick, or injured. 

Rottweiler vs wolf: who would win in a fight?

Rotties and wolves are majestic Fidos. 

So what could happen if these 2 canines fight?

Well, it’s clear who the winner would be. And typically, the victory goes to wolves. 

But what makes this match favor a wolf?

To answer that…

Here are 5 reasons why most Rotties can’t beat wolves: 

#1: Wolves are much bigger than Rottweilers 

First, let’s start with their physical traits. 

As you can tell, most wolves are way bigger than Rotties. 

To be specific, check out the table below as reference:

Average size of RottweilersAverage size of most wolves
Height22 to 27 in (56 to 69 cm)31 to 33 in (80 to 85 cm)
Weight67 to 132 lbs (35 to 60 kg)66 to 176 lbs (30 to 80 kg)

Note: This size range only applies to common wolves.

So, what if your Rottie faces a much larger wolf? 

For example, there’s the Mackenzie Valley Wolf. Or they’re also known as:

  • Northwestern wolf.
  • Canadian or Alaskan timber wolf.

Now, what makes this canine interesting? 

A study reveals: 

The Mackenzie Valley wolf could be the largest among wolves today. 

So, just how big can these wild Fidos get? 

Well, Mackenzies could reach a height of 32 to 40 inches tall (81 to 102 cm). 

And their weight should be around 120 to 175 lbs (54 to 79 kg).

Due to this physical contrast…

Rotties will have a hard time beating most wolves.

#2: Wolves have more fighting experience 

Wolves Would Win A Fight Because They Have More Fighting Experience

As science says: 

Wolves are pack animals. Meanwhile, Rotties aren’t. 

With this difference alone… 

A wolf already has an advantage. And that’s because wolves play fight

Now, in the eyes of humans:

It might seem like wolves are only playing a harmless game.

But to these wild canines? 

Well, they see play fights differently. 

The thing is, wolves are already testing their strength by playing rough. 

And this idea’s backed up by research that claims: 

Play fights help decide a wolf’s rank in the pack 

To simplify this, let’s say:

The winning puppy in play fights would have a higher ranking. If possible, they could even be the next leader of the pack. 

Now, isn’t that impressive?

Basically, wolves start ‘fighting’ as early as they can. And by doing this, their bodies grow stronger as well. 

That aside, dogs don’t do the same as wolves. 

To explain why, take it from what experts say: 

Your furry friend doesn’t have a pack mentality 

Now, this is the opposite of what many people believe in. 

But it’s true. Rotties don’t look for a pack. 

So, even when they’re still around their puppy siblings… 

These Fidos don’t always fight each other. 

And even if they do, it doesn’t mean they’re acting like wolves. 

As a result, Rotties don’t have any practice in fighting. 

So when it comes down to a battle with wolves:

Most dogs like Rottweilers are still rookies. Meanwhile, wolves are expert fighters. 

With this, it’s clear which canine has the high ground.

#3: They live in different environments

As you already know, wolves live in the wild. 

And out there, there are no humans to give them food. 

So what do wolves do to survive?

Well, these wild doggos must hunt. Thanks to that, a wolf is always on the move.

Meanwhile, Rotties just stay at home most of the time. 

Plus, Rotts don’t need to work for food, unlike wolves. After all, you’re there to feed Fido every day. 

See? With their different environments…

Wolves have more survival skills than Rotts.

And since dogs now live in safer homes:

A Rottie’s skills can’t compare to wolves 

That’s because wolves fight daily. And these wild Fidos run for miles just to hunt their prey. 

In fact, a journal also adds: 

Most wolves travel 30 miles (48 km) per day. With that, it’s no surprise these wild dogs are so athletic. 

Not to mention… 

Wolves even defend their territory too. You know, from their fellow predators. Like bears or mountain lions.

Meanwhile, Rotties have a secured home. 

That means they don’t need to fight just to survive. 

And even if you let your furry pal exercise for power…

That’s still not enough to keep up with a wolf. Plus, you shouldn’t push your Rottie to their limits. 

Because if you do, Fido might just end up injured. 

#4: Wolves run faster than Rottweilers 

Like I said in reason #3: 

Wolves are athletic. But do you know how fast they can run?

Amazingly, an average wolf has a running speed of 31 to 37 mph (50 to 60 kph).

Now, let’s compare that to Rotties: 

Rottweilers can run as quickly as 18 to 25 mph (28 to 40 kph).

At this point, German Shepherds are still swifter than Rotts. 

So, when it comes down to a fight…

The faster animal can land the first blow. And in this battle, that would be wolves.

Plus, Rotties will lose if they try to chase a wolf. 

After all, wolves tire out their prey as a hunting tactic. 

So, if a Rott can’t keep up with the speed of wolves…

Then these Fidos are only at risk of getting hurt by a wolf.

#5: A wolf’s bite force is higher than Rotties 

When it comes to biting…

Dogs are clearly stronger than humans. 

With that, you can already picture what it’s like for wolves.

To begin with:

A wolf has a bite force of 405 to 600 PSI. That stands for pounds per square inch. And that’s what experts use to measure bite force. 

“Okay, what about Rottweilers then?” 

Well, surprisingly enough… 

Rotties are close to the power of wolves. They have a bite force of 381 PSI. 

But don’t relax just yet. 

You see, many people also estimate that:

Wolves can reach a bite force of 1500 PSI

However, that could only happen if they’re in danger. 

Or when they’re biting to kill an enemy. 

And while this info doesn’t have enough research for now…

Just take a look at how wolves live in the wild. 

Out there, a wolf doesn’t eat kibbles. Or canned food like your furry pal. 

Instead, wolves use their brute force to crack open their meals. So, don’t expect a wolf to hold back if they need to bite for real.

And that’s why Rotties have a low chance of killing a wolf.

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Is it normal for Rottweilers to kill wolves?

It’s not normal for Rottweilers to kill wolves. 

I mean, given the 5 reasons you read above… 

You already know it’s hard for dogs to bring down a wolf. If anything, it won’t be an easy fight for Rotties.

But it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. 

You see, there’s still a chance for your pup to win. 

Though, it depends on some cases.

To be specific, a Rott can beat a wolf if the latter is:

  • Sick or injured.
  • A young puppy.
  • Old or weakened.

Note: It’s a bonus if your pup’s a trained fighter. But once again, dog fighting is illegal in many countries. 

Regardless, these aren’t direct ways for Rotts to beat a wolf. 

But at the very least… 

You have some hope for your Rottie, in case they run into wolves. 

Plus, if it’s legal to train dogs how to fight in your area…

Then it’s your choice if you want to teach your pooch. 

And who knows? 

Your Rottie might beat a wolf with the aid of proper training. Especially if Fido wants to protect you from wolves.

Wanna meet more dogs that can take down a wolf? 

You might like this intriguing clip: 

Can wolves kill Rottweilers?

Wolves can kill Rottweilers. 

Though, knowing a Rott’s nature… 

These pups will give wolves a hard time. After all, Rotties can be fierce too.

But the good news is: 

Wolves usually try to avoid conflict. Especially when there are humans around. 

So when a wolf runs into you and your Rottie… 

Chances are, the wild Fido might just run away. 

After all, it’s a waste of energy to fight other dogs. Instead, a wolf would prefer finding easy prey. 

But of course, wild animals are unpredictable. 

So if you have doubts… 

Here are scenarios when a wolf might attack your Rottie: 

  • Some wolves might have rabies.
  • They feel threatened by your Rottie.
  • They’re starving and desperate for food.
  • The wolf is pregnant or has puppies nearby.
  • Your Rottie stepped into the wolf’s hunting ground. 

Note: These are just common examples. No matter what, it’s hard to predict how a wolf might react. 

So, for you and Fido’s safety… 

It’s best to retreat instead of engaging in a fight with a wolf.