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Are Dogs Stronger Than Humans? 7 Surprising Facts (2023)

Are Dogs Stronger Than Humans

Every fur parent knows that dogs are man’s best friend. 

But how well do you know their furry buddy’s strength? 

If it were a fight…

Who would win?

You or your sweet canine friend? 

Could you be stronger than your pooch? 

You’re in for a surprise.

Continue reading to learn:

  • 7 surprising facts about a dog’s strengths.
  • 5 reasons why canines might beat you in a fight.
  • 15 dog breeds that are stronger than humans (#7, #11, and #15 will amaze you).
  • And so much more…

Are dogs stronger than humans?

Dogs are stronger than humans when it comes to bite force. However, that depends on the breed, size, age, sex, and weight of the canine. Generally, humans are stronger than dogs when it comes to overall body strength. However, in certain situations, a canine could win in a fight against a man.

 Dog breeds that are stronger than humans

#1: Kangal

Have you ever heard of Kangals? 

They’re a breed of guardian dogs native to Turkey. 

And this seemingly sweet pooch has a bite force of over 743 PSI. That’s even higher than a lion’s record with 650. 

Among dogs, Kangals are said to be the strongest when it comes to biting.

Now, when compared to humans…

Science says most people only have a bite force of 120 PSI.

“Wait, what’s PSI?” 

It stands for pounds per square inch. And it’s the term used to measure an animal’s bite force. 

Though, for Kangals, there’s no research to prove this claim yet. 


If you consider the history of this pooch, it’s clear how they can be stronger than most humans.

As a shepherd Fido, they guard flocks of sheep from wolves and bears. 

And an average human can’t beat those wild animals on their own. But Kangals can.

#2: German Shepherds

Next, we have the 3rd most popular dog breed in the world.

According to the AKC, that would be:

The remarkable German Shepherds. Or GSDs for short. 

That aside…

Most people are familiar with GSDs as K-9s or police dogs.

First of all, they make use of their 32 mph (52 kph) running speed to catch criminals. Plus, their bite force’s around 291 PSI. 

When compared to average humans with only 10 to 13 km/h running speed…

GSDs sure are stronger and faster than most fur parents out there.

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#3: Cane Corso 

Cane Corso

Cane Corso’s a rare breed. 

But nowadays, they’re gaining more popularity. 

So what makes this pooch stronger than most folks? 


A Cane Corso has a bite force of 650 PSI. With that, they’re the 2nd strongest pooch after Kangals. 

But don’t let their stern appearance scare you off.

Despite their strong looks…

Cane Corso’s among the sweetest Fidos out there. 

#4: Dogue de Bordeaux 

This next dog’s also known as the French Mastiff

That aside…

Dogue de Bordeaux’s a flat-faced pup. Meaning, they’re a brachycephalic breed. 

But don’t underestimate their short snouts. 

According to research

Flat-faced Fidos have more bite force than dogs with longer jaws. 

With that, French Mastiffs are as strong as they look. 

And this wrinkly pooch has a bite force of over 556 PSI.

Plus, French Mastiffs also have a history as working dogs.

For example, this Fido used to: 

  • Pull carts.
  • Guard flocks.
  • Carry heavy items.

With this, you can see how French Mastiffs are stronger than most humans.

#5: Tosa Inu

Meet Tosa Inus, a.k.a Japanese Mastiffs. 

They’re bred to become fighting dogs. And from that, you could tell how powerful Tosas can be. 

As per research

Dog fighting is still legal in most parts of Japan. 

And that’s why Japanese Mastiffs are still used for battling today.

Due to this, Tosas are rare and known to be very aggressive. Moreover, these Fidos are even banned in countries like Spain. 

But every fur parent knows this is something that can get fixed. 

With proper care and training

Even a fighting pooch like Tosa Inus can be the most gentle and loving dog.

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#6: English Mastiff

You’ve read about the French and Japanese Mastiffs…

Now let’s talk about the English one.

So, how strong can these gentle giants be?

One news report said: 

Mastiffs have a massive bite force of 552 PSI. And that’s why they’re stronger than you and I.

But remember…

Their strength doesn’t mean Mastiffs are aggressive dogs. 

#7: Akita 


Akitas come in small or medium sizes. 

But don’t underestimate these loyal dogs. You see, Akitas have a bite force of 350 to 400 PSI. 

That’s higher compared to other large dog breeds.

Not to mention…

Back in the 1600s, Akitas were champions as fighters. 

So if there’s an enemy, this Fido might show you their battle skills.

#8: Rottweiler

Meet the 8th most popular dog breed in the world…


Now, what makes these calm Fidos stronger than you?

First, they have a bite force of 381 PSI.


Trivia: Rotties served as military dogs in World War 1. And these Fidos did more than just guarding.

In fact, Rotties also acted as:

  • Draught.
  • Cart puller.
  • Ambulance.
  • Messengers.

During a war…

You’d have to be tough to do all those tasks.

#9: American Bulldog 

Another muscular pooch on this list is…

The American Bulldog. 

These stocky Fidos have a bite force of 305 PSI. 

So if they manage to grab onto a human enemy…

These Bulldogs can easily injure an arm. 

But once again…

Don’t let their strength scare you off.

In fact, American Bulldogs are one of the friendliest dogs you could ever meet.

#10: Pit Bull

Now, let’s talk about the relatives of Bullies…

And I’m referring to Pitbulls. 

These dogs are strong and bred for fighting. 

But compared to Bullies…

Pitties only have a bite force of 235 PSI. 

Note: Don’t let their bad image scare you off. Pitbulls won’t snap for no reason

In fact, these Fidos are very gentle dogs.  

Especially when they’re mixed with other breeds, like Pitchis.

Don’t believe me? 

Meet Hulk, the biggest (yet kindest) Pitbull in the world: 

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#11: Siberian Huskies

Most people know Huskies for their talkative personality.

And since they can be so goofy… 

Fur parents tend to forget how strong these Fidos can actually be.

So, how powerful are Huskies? 

First, they have a bite force of 320 PSI.

Also, Huskies can pull heavy sleds through the thick snow.

But for humans…

It’s harder for us to navigate in such cold weather. 

And speaking of snow…

Let me tell you something cool.

Fun fact: Huskies have the closest DNA with their wolf ancestors. And that’s based on Science.

With this…

It’s not surprising that Huskies can be as powerful as a wolf. 

And that’s why they could be stronger than most people.

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#12: Great Danes

Great Dane

Well, a giant dog being on this list may not surprise you. 

But some people tend to underestimate Great Danes. 

And we can’t blame them…

After all, Great Danes are known as gentle giants. 

But let’s say someone made this pooch upset. 

“What kind of strength will Great Danes show?”

Danes have a bite force of 238 PSI. 

And this seems like a low number. Especially if you compare it to other dogs on this list. 

But that’s only because of their breed’s temperament. 

“What do you mean by that?” 

Well, according to a study:

Some dogs would bite out of anxiety. And their emotional state would affect the force. 

But since Great Danes are gentle dogs most of the time, their bite force is lower.

However, their tender nature also makes them anxious…

That’s right, this Fido’s very emotional. 

Plus, they’re sensitive to being alone. 

That’s why Great Danes can be prone to separation anxiety. Especially if they’re a mixed breed. Like a Greagle for example.

As a result…

Their bites aren’t as strong as other dog breeds. 

But still, their force is more powerful than yours.

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#13: Alaskan Malamute

Now, let’s talk about the cousin of Huskies. 

And they’re Alaskan Malamutes. 

“Wait, I thought these two dogs were the same.” 

Not at all. But I get why it’s confusing.

So let me tell you their differences. 

First, Malamutes are much bigger than Huskies. 

But despite being larger…

Malamutes have a lower bite force of 235.

Now, here’s what experts say: 

Malamutes carry heavy sleds for short distances. Meanwhile, Huskies are the opposite. 

They can carry lighter sleds but for longer distances. 

All in all, both dogs are stronger than most humans.

#14: Irish Wolfhounds

It’s unclear what the bite force of Irish Wolfhounds is… 

But one thing’s for sure. 

These big Fidos could even take down wolves. That’s where their name came from, after all. 

Not to mention, Wolfhounds can also beat an adult elk. 

And that’s a big and strong wild animal. 

Not even a human could bring down elks or wolves on their own. 

Now, this should show you how strong they can be. 

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#15: St. Bernard

Finally, here’s St. Bernard…

Another gentle giant. And they’re about to surprise you.

First, their bite force is unclear.

But it’s estimated to be around 400 PSI.

That aside…

This Fido’s a savior dog. Specifically, they often search for missing people. 

And this dog would carry humans back, no matter how far it takes. Plus, they don’t mind the cold either.

That’s how robust this giant dog can be.

And with their rescuing skills…

You can say that this pup’s definitely a strong Saint.

Now, can you even imagine doing their work?

Carrying an adult human through the thick snow? All by yourself?

An average human would even pass out from the cold.

Do humans bite harder than dogs?

Humans don’t bite harder than dogs. 

And that’s because most people only have a bite force of 120 to 140 PSI. 

Compared to the dogs on this list… 

The average person can’t bite as hard as medium or large Fidos. 

But this doesn’t mean it’s hopeless for humans. 

“What are you trying to say?” 

A study states: 

Humans can have a bite force that’s 40% stronger than any primates. 

So if you’re competing against a small Fido…

Let’s say, a Chihuahua for example.

You might overpower their bite force if you try harder.

Human vs Dog: Who would win in a fight?

In a fight versus humans or dogs, you’re most likely to win. 

“Wait, how? All this time, you’re saying canines are stronger.” 

I get why you’re surprised. 

But like I said in the intro… 

Dogs are only stronger when it comes to bite force. 

But if it’s about overall body strength…

Humans are still stronger than canines. 

After all, you’re much bigger. Compared to Fido, you weigh heavier. 

And you’ll also have longer limbs.

With these physical advantages… 

It might be easy for you to overpower even a big dog. 

But of course, that’s not always the case. 

Sometimes, your furry pal could still win against you. 

“And how can they do that?” 

You’ll have to consider a few factors. 

First, not all humans have the same strength. 

Some have medical issues. Or maybe they don’t exercise regularly.

In that case, your pooch could show more force than you. 


You’d also lose a fight with dogs if you’re: 

  • Sick or injured.
  • Too slow. Some dogs are very agile.
  • Outsmarted by Fido. Canines can be more clever than you think.
  • Not trained to fight. Some furry pals have experience with combat.
  • Fighting in the dark. Fidos can “see” you through their sense of smell.

All in all…

Dogs have stronger senses and bite forces than humans.