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Can A Rottweiler Kill A Lion? 4 Shocking Answers (2023)

Can A Rottweiler Kill A Lion

They say lions are the kings of the jungle. 

But would a powerful Rottweiler bow down to them? 

In a fight between these 2 strong creatures… 

You might wonder:

“Could Rotties even kill a lion?”

Well, I’ll tell you which 1 gets to keep the crown. 

Continue reading to find out: 

  • Whether it’s normal for Rotts to kill a lion or not. 
  • The power difference between lions and Rotties.
  • 4 shocking answers about Rottweilers killing lions.
  • And many, many more…

Can a Rottweiler kill a lion?

A Rottweiler can kill a lion, only when the former knows how to fight. Moreover, Rottweilers are fierce and protective. That gives the dog a survival chance against lions. However, the odds of Rottweilers killing a lion remain low. Even with training, Rottweilers can’t take down a lion easily.

Rottweiler vs lion: who would win in a fight?

In a fight between Rotts versus lions…

The victory typically goes to the royal feline. 

But I’m sure you want to know how. 

In that case…

Here are 5 reasons why most Rotts can’t kill a lion easily:

#1: Lions are larger than Rottweilers

Rotties look huge. Especially with their bulky body build. 

But if you compare them with lions… 

The royal feline is still much bigger. 

And to picture this idea, use the table below as a guide: 

Average size of RottweilersAverage size of most lions
Length38.5 to 42 in (98 to 107 cm)43 to 47 in (110 cm to 1.2 m)
Height22 to 27 in (56 to 69 cm)48 inches (121 cm)
Weight67 to 132 lbs (35 to 60 kg)286 to 418 lbs (130 to 190 kg)

Anyways, some of these wild cats can grow bigger than that.

I mean, just look at the records from Guinness

1 lion in Kenya got the title of the largest lion in the world. After all, the feline weighed around 690 lbs (312 kg.)

As for the body length, the lion was about 11 feet long (3.3 m). 

With that, the average Rottie can’t take down that kind of a foe. 

#2: Lions bite harder than Rotties

Lions Bite Harder Than Rotties

Many animals have deadly bite attacks. 

And when it comes to dogs versus humans…

Rotties can easily overpower you. After all, Rotts have a bite force of 381 PSI. 

“What’s PSI?” 

That stands for: pounds per square inch. 

Now, 381 is already a high score for dogs. 

But once again…

Lions still win this round. 

According to National Geographic: 

Lions have a bite force of over 1,000 PSI (4,450 newtons)

Now, that’s far greater than a Rott’s.

Just imagine how bad that can hurt a poor dog.

1 full force bite from a lion… 

And your pup could be in critical condition. 

Moreover, in case you’re wondering: 

“What if my Rottie tries to bite back a lion?” 

Well, there’s a chance Fido could damage them. 

But that could be tough for most dogs to do. 

Why, you ask? 

Experts have an answer for that: 

Lions have thick skin. And when you touch them, you’ll feel a rough texture. 

So, before your pup could pierce through a lion’s hide… 

It might take a few bites from your Rottie first.

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#3: They live in opposite habitats

Many people are shaped by the place where they grew up. 

And the same thing applies to lions and Rotties. 

So let me start with the feline first. 

As you already know, lions live in the wild. 

Thanks to that, these cats hunt every day. Cause if not, they’ll starve to death. 

And by working for their food… 

Lions are much stronger when it comes to survival. In a sense, it’s like natural training for them.

Plus, they’re highly territorial. That means they’ll fight to defend their land. 

But, it won’t be easy like in animated movies. 

It’s because when lions clash with each other… 

Specialists state that it might lead to death in fellow lions.

Now, that sort of thing also occurs with dogs. 

And for one, Rotties are quite territorial too. 

That’s why Rotts can be protective of their fur parents.

But what sets these dogs apart from lions? The answer is simple:

Rottweilers live in a safer habitat

First, Rotties don’t need to hunt. 

Instead, they just wait for you to give them their food

Thanks to that…

Pups don’t need to work hard for their meals at all. 

Now, that could give dogs a more laidback personality

I mean, if I were in their paws, I would be thinking: 

“Woah. I don’t need to work. I have food and shelter. 

Plus, my enemies aren’t here to hunt me. I got everything I need.” 

So, in that case, why would I be on guard? 

See? Some Rotties could also feel that way. 

And due to their pampered lifestyle… 

Most dogs like Rotts won’t stand a chance against the tougher lions. 

“What if I train my dog how to fight?” 

That might sound like a good idea. 

But in reality, it’s not. 

To begin with, that’s just promoting aggressive behavior. 

And while you can control your furry pal… 

It doesn’t mean your dog will be safe. 

“What do you mean by that?” 

If your pup picks a fight with bigger animals like lions…

That would only put Fido in danger. 

And like I said at the top of this article: 

Even if you train your Rottweiler…

It doesn’t ensure that they’ll win against a lion.

#4: Unlike Rottweilers, lions have sharp claws

I told you about a lion’s bite force in reason #2. 

Now, get ready for this wild cat’s other weapon: 

And it’s none other than their razor-sharp claws

For one, that’s something Rotties don’t have. Or any dog breed at all. 

Thus, this is another advantage for lions. 

With just 1 scratch…

These felines can already injure your furry pal. And in worse cases, a scratch on the face could make your dog blind

Now, that’s something you don’t want to risk at all. 

But just how sharp are a lion’s claws?

First, they’re a lot like your household kittens. Though, lion claws are obviously much bigger. 

Plus, their talons are retractable. That means these felines can hide their nails as they want. 

But when these big cats are ready to fight…

That’s the moment lions will reveal their weapon.

Moreover, a study states:

Lion claws could grow around 1.4 inches (3.5 cm) in length.

But what makes these sharp weapons so strong? 

Well, a lion’s talons are made of keratin. And that’s the same protein you have on your nails.

Wanna see how deadly a lion’s claw could be? 

Check out this informative clip: 

Warning: There’s an animal attack in the video. So, watch carefully if you’re not a fan of blood or wounds.

#5: Rotties can’t match a lion’s speed 

Do you know how fast Rotties can sprint? 

Well, they have a running speed of 18 to 25 mph (28 to 40 kph).

In that case, these Fidos aren’t even as fast as German Shepherds

But let’s not forget about lions:

These felines have a top speed of 49 mph (80 kph).

And while they’re not as fast as Cheetahs… 

A lion’s speed is still twice quicker than Rotties. 

So what if it comes down to a race? 

Clearly, a Rottie won’t win at all. 

And thanks to a lion’s agility:

These felines can land the first blow. 

Now, that puts Rotts at a disadvantage.

So, if Rottweilers can’t keep up with lions… 

Then Fido’s at risk of being the big cat’s next kill.

But do you know what’s more shocking?

Lions don’t eat dogs

And it’s not just Rotties. 

You see, lions also don’t eat other animals like:

  • Hyenas.
  • Leopards.
  • Cheetahs.
  • African wild dogs.

Now, this might make you wonder… why

Trivia: It’s because lions don’t like their taste. Especially hyenas.

Moreover, a journal also states: 

Hyenas just taste bad. That’s why they don’t even eat each other. 

Plus, lions prefer eating herbivores. Like deer or zebras. 

So, in this case, your Rottweiler won’t be a lion’s dinner. 

But it doesn’t mean that dogs are safe. 

After all, when hunger strikes, animals can’t be picky.

Is it normal for Rottweilers to kill lions?

It isn’t normal for Rottweilers to kill lions. And the same answer applies to vice versa. 

I mean, with the 5 reasons I gave you above… 

It’s clear that dogs like Rotties can’t beat lions easily. But if a Rott achieves that, the pup could’ve spotted an advantage.

For example, Rotties can kill lions when the latter is: 

  • Old.
  • Sick.
  • Weak.
  • Too young.

However, if a lion sees a dog with a human… 

These felines would usually just walk away. 

After all, big cats might also think of humans as a threat. That’s due to the poachers all over the world. 

And that’s why it’s also unusual for lions to kill a Rottweiler. Or any domestic dog.