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Vizsla Mixes: 27 Most Popular Vizsla Cross Breeds (2023)

Vizsla Mixes

Nowadays… Vizslas are gaining more popularity.

With that, it’s not surprising that they’ll have a lot of mixes. 

But which ones are the favorites among dog lovers? 

Since they can be hard to find…

I listed them all for you. 

Continue reading to learn: 

  • 1 rare Vizsla mix.
  • 7 smartest dog breeds paired with this pooch.
  • 27 most popular Vizsla cross breeds (#1, #7, and #10 are crazy cute).
  • And many more…

27 most popular Vizsla mixes

#1: Vizchi

VizChi is a cross between the big Vizslas and the tiny Chihuahuas.

This cute mix gives you a brave and loyal pooch. On top of that, this Fido can take after their Vizsla parent more than Chis.

But since their size gap can be too wide…

VizChis are a bit of a rare sight.


As hybrids, this mix can have an unpredictable look.

But as I mentioned, most of them look more like smaller versions of Vizslas.

And to make things easier, check out this growth table:

6 to 25 inches (15 to 64 cm)9 to 63 lbs (4.1 to 29 kg)

Note: This is the size range between Chihuahuas and Vizslas.

Aside from that, they also have a few more differences. 

For one, most Chis have an apple head. That means their shape could be small and round. Meanwhile, Vizslas have a flat and wide head. 

Not to mention, Chis tend to have pointed ears. Though, some of them have floppy ears as well, just like Vizslas.

Furthermore, the tail of VizChis can either be long or short.

Also, this hybrid can have big, googly eyes or small, almond-shaped ones.

And when it comes to their coat, VizChis can have 3 types, namely:

  • Long.
  • Short.
  • Wired.

Additionally, their fur could come in colors such as:

  • Gold.
  • Fawn.
  • Black.
  • White.
  • Cream.
  • Chocolate.
  • Red golden.

With these details, you’ll know what to expect from a VizChi mix.


First of all, the parents of this mix can highly contrast each other. 

With that said, a VizChi can bring balance to their differences. 

For one, Chis are confident despite their small size. Meanwhile, Vizslas are gentle giants.


Vizslas are obedient Fidos. But Chis can be quite stubborn. Though, both dogs are energetic and loyal

With that, you can expect VizChis to be a loving companion.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that a lot of people think that Chis are dangerous. But in reality, that’s not true.

These dogs could have reasons why they can be aggressive. But you can solve that with proper training. 

In the end, this is only a gentle reminder to any fur parent. 

All in all, VizChis are great for most types of families.

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#2: Rhodesian Ridgeback Vizsla 

This next pooch is a mix of two big dogs. And these breeds are Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Vizslas. 

For short, let’s call them Vizsla Ridgeback. Both parent breeds of this Fido are sweet dogs. 

With that, you can expect this pooch to be another friendly giant.


Both parents of this hybrid have similar body types. Meaning, they’re robust and slim.

With this, Vizsla Ridgebacks look just like their mom and dads.

To add more, the ears of this pooch are big and floppy. Moreover, their eyes are usually almond-shaped.

That said, here’s the average size of Vizbacks.

20 to 27 inches (53 to 69 cm)21 to 41 kg (52 to 90 lbs)

From this table, you can easily tell how big this pooch can get. 

Now, this mix often has short and smooth coats. Plus, their fur comes in colors such as:

  • Gold.
  • Wheaten.
  • Golden red.
  • Red wheaten.
  • Light wheaten.

With their coat types, Vizsla Ridgebacks can be light shedders. 


This hybrid is one of the best family dogs.

And that’s all thanks to their parent breeds.

For one, Ridgebacks are very sweet with their families. Also, AKC says they’re great with kids. And the same goes for Vizslas.

By combining two of the most loving family Fidos…

You’ll get this amazing big pooch with a child’s heart.

Now, there’s only one drawback with this pooch. And it’s their sensitivity to loneliness.

But at the end, this Vizsla mix will always want to shower you with affection.

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#3: Vizsla Collie 

Vizsla Collie

Looking for a clever pooch? Here’s a cross between Vizslas and Collies.

As medium dogs, this pooch has a charming appearance. With that said, they’re as friendly as they look. On top of that, Collie Vizslas are smart dogs. 

Given their intelligence, this Fido is very active and loves to play at all times.


This mixed breed has plenty of differences in looks. 

For one, Vizsla Collies could have flat and wide heads. Or they could have long and narrow ones instead.

Also, their muzzles can be long and slim. Almost looking like a fox. 

Moreover, this mixed breed could have triangular erect ears. Or, they could also be big and droopy. 

That aside, the size of this pooch can also vary.

Here, check out the table for a quick reference: 

20 to 25 inches (51 to 64 cm)39 to 63 lbs (18 to 29 kg)

Next, Vizsla Collies have 2 different coat types such as:

  • Long and rough.
  • Short and smooth.

Plus, they come in various colors, namely:

  • Red.
  • Blue.
  • Gold.
  • Merle.
  • Black.
  • Sable.
  • White.
  • Tri-color.
  • Golden red.

These are only 9 common types, but there could be more. 


Vizsla Collies are highly active Fidos.

After all, both parents of this pooch are athletic types. 

Not to mention, Collies are hardworking dogs. With that, this hybrid loves moving around.

And if they can’t pour their energy out…

Your poor canine friend could be prone to depression.

Now, did you know that a dog’s looks can help you guess their personality?

Fun fact: Dr. Stanley Coren says that the head shape of canines can help predict their behavior.

And with that, research says:

Dogs with long heads like Collies do well with hunting or herding. Plus, they’re more likely to be wary of strangers.

As a result, Vizsla Collies may bark more often than other mixes on this list.

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#4: Miniature American Shepherd Vizsla

Now, this one’s a Vizsla mix with the Miniature American Shepherd. 

For short, let’s call them MAS. That’s the breed’s easier term in the dog lover community. 

This crossed pooch gives you an energetic and loyal furry friend. 


Like Collies, MAS have a long type of head. But some of them could also be a bit round and flat, like a Vizsla. 

Also, this pooch has floppy ears. 

On top of that, this Fido can be born with heterochromia. Meaning, they’ll have two different eye colors. 

That said, here are some hues you can expect from them: 

  • Blue.
  • Gold.
  • Hazel.
  • Amber.

Interestingly, there’s something unique about their eyes. 

Apparently, they could have flecks in them. Which means it looks like they have spots inside their eyes. 

Moreover, since I mentioned colors…

This Fido could have a short coat or a thick and long one. And they come in hues such as:

  • Gold.
  • Red merle.
  • Blue merle.
  • Golden red.
  • Red tricolor.
  • Black tricolor.

That aside, the size of this pooch can also vary. 

Like the rest, here’s a reference you can use:

14 to 25 inches (36 to 64 cm)19 to 63 lbs (9 to 29 kg)

Once again, their growth depends on the dominant parent’s genes.


This Vizsla mix has high energy levels. 

With that said, they’ll enjoy doing lots of physical activities, such as:

  • Swimming.
  • Dog frisbee.
  • Agility training.
  • Running marathons.

And a lot more dog-related sports. But other than that…

Experts say the parent of this pooch is very loyal. So if you want a best furry friend, this Fido could be ideal for you.

Though, as amazing as they sound…

This pooch can be wary of strangers. And they can be very aloof without proper training.

In the end, it all depends on how you’ll raise this lovely Vizsla mix.

#5: Vizsla Pin 

This 5th pooch is a mix of a Miniature Pinscher and a Vizsla.

As two dogs with very different bodies…

The outcome of a Vizsla Pin can be unpredictable. 

But one thing is for sure…

And it’s the fact that Vizsla Pins are cute and loyal dogs.


Mini Pins have an apple head. So, you can expect this mixed pooch to have the same. 

And if not, their head shape could take after Vizslas. 

That aside, the size of this pooch can range between medium and large.

11 to 25 inches (30 to 64 cm)11 to 63 lbs (5 to 29 kg)

Meanwhile, Vizsla Pins could have ears that are set high on their head. They could flop down like a Vizsla’s. 

“Huh? I thought Miniature Pinschers have pointy ears.” 

Well, most of them do. But as vets say, this isn’t natural. 

Their pointy ears are the result of ear cropping. But nowadays, this practice isn’t common anymore. 


Vizsla Pins are playful and outgoing. Like their parents, this pooch could enjoy going on adventures. 

And while they could be small, this Fido has big personalities. 

How so?

Well, this Fido can be as brave as a huge pooch. Maybe even more than these gentle giants. 

That aside… 

Vizsla Pins also tend to be clingy. But this only shows how loyal they can be. 

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#6: German Wirehaired Pointing Vizsla

German Wirehaired Pointing Vizsla

Now, here’s another loyal Fido on this list.

And that’s a mix between:

Vizslas and the German Wirehaired Pointer. To make it easy, let’s call them Vizsla Pointer for now.

And since both parent breeds are descendants of hunting dogs…

This mixed breed is among the most obedient ones. 


While both parents of Vizsla Pointers have the same body types…

Their coat types are very different. 

That said, Vizsla Pointers could have either a smooth, short coat. Or a medium, and wiry double coat. 

Moreover, their colors could be: 

  • Red.
  • Gold.
  • Liver.
  • Roan.
  • White.
  • Golden red.
  • Black and white.

Aside from their coats…

This mix can grow a beard around their muzzle. And a thick look on their eyebrows. 

But, this would only happen if they take after their Pointer parent.

That aside, both breeds have floppy ears and small, almond-shaped eyes. 

And now, here’s their average size: 

20 to 26 inches (53 to 68 cm)39 to 70 lbs (18 to 32 kg)


Vizsla Pointers are as lively as their parents. 

Even the AKC says: 

The German Wirehaired Pointer is often eager to join a lot of activities. 

With that, this pooch could end up bored if you don’t play with them. 

But other than that…

Don’t let their tall size intimidate you. After all, this Fido could be a little goofy at times. 

That said, they always do things that’ll make you smile. 

For example, they could make weird grunting noises. And they’ll do it to catch your attention.

It’s like they’re saying…

“Hmph. Hooman, look at me. I wanna go out and play.” 

With that, you can expect this Vizsla mix to be as expressive as their thick eyebrows. 

#7: Vizslapoo 

Poodles are like celebrities in the dog world. 

But if you mix them with Vizslas…

You’ll get an even more stunning pooch. 

That said, Vizslapoos are smart and very sweet around their families.


Vizslapoos could have a flat and wide head. Or they could be big and round as well.

On top of that…

A Vizslapoo could either have thick, long hair or short smooth fur.

Plus, their eyes could be big and round in shape.

Moreover, the ears of a Vizslapoo are floppy. But they could be set high or low depending on the parent they take after. 

That aside, some people think Poodles have short tails. 

But the truth is, most breeders only get their tails docked. 

Though, many vets are against the practice. And that’s because most people only do it for cosmetic reasons. 

To add to that, experts say that docking should only be done for health purposes. 

So at the end of the day… 

It’s always the fur parent’s choice if they want to crop their Vizlapoo’s tail.

Anyway, here’s this pooch’s average size:

18 to 25 inches (45 to 64 cm)44 to 71 lbs (20 to 32 kg)

Note: This range is between a Standard Poodle and a Vizsla. 

If the pooch is a Toy size or a Miniature one, then their height and weight could be much smaller. 


Vizslapoos are very sweet, loving, active, and loyal to their families.

But other than that…

They’re also a highly intelligent pooch. 

And you can thank their parent breeds for this. 

Fun fact: Poodles are the 2nd smartest dogs in the world. That’s ranked by Dr. Stanley Coren

Plus, Vizslas also ranked as the 25th clever pooch on the list. And if you wanna know more, this info is in his book called “The Intelligence of Dogs.

Well, isn’t that pawesome?

Out of 199 recognized breeds by the AKC, these two Fidos took the high spots. 

And this should tell you how intelligent Vizlapoos can be. 

#8: Vizsla Springer Spaniel 

This 8th pooch is a mix between a Vizsla and an English Springer Spaniel. 

For short, let’s call them Vizsla Springers for now. 

Now, this hybrid is as friendly as they appear. 

That said… Vizsla Springers are like big, playful children. 


The parents of this pooch are a lot like each other. 

So, expect Vizsla Springers to have the following traits:

  • Long limbs.
  • Big, floppy ears.
  • Flat-shaped heads.
  • Almond-shaped eyes.
  • A slim, muscular body.
  • Long and wide muzzles.

With this, there’s barely any difference between the two parents.

But there are still a few things that could set them apart. 

For one, Springers have thick double-coats. And they can be smooth and wavy. Meanwhile, Vizslas only have short coats.

Plus, Springers are typically smaller than Vizslas. 

So, here’s the size table for this hybrid:

18 to 25 inches (48 to 64 cm)39 to 63 (18 to 29 kg)

All in all, most Vizsla Springers will always be around medium in size.


Vizsla Springers are great family dogs. 

They’re friendly, active, and obedient. With that, they could get along with anyone.

Plus, they’re the type to enjoy cuddles. 


This pooch can also have a hyperactive side. That means they can become chaotic or hard to control. But this is another concern that proper training could fix. 

All in all, Vizsla Springers are fit for big and active families.

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#9: Vizsla Beagle

This next pooch is a mix of… you guessed it, Vizslas and Beagles.

By combining these two friendly Fidos, you’ll have a new affectionate pooch. 

And this Vizsla mix is always ready for fun and adventure. 

So, make sure you’re ready to keep up with their high energy.


The parents of this pooch have similar body shapes. 

What makes them different are 2 things. And those are their size and coat colors. 

With that said, here’s their average height and weight:

12 to 25 inches (33 to 64 cm)19 to 63 lbs (9 to 29 kg)

And now, the common colors of a Vizsla Beagle are:

  • Gold.
  • Tricolor.
  • White tan.
  • Golden red.
  • Lemon white.
  • Orange white.
  • Chocolate tricolor.

In the end… 

The appearance of this hybrid is still unpredictable.


Both parents of this hybrid are great with children. 

And besides that, they’re always active and playful. Thanks to these traits, they’re one of the best family dogs you could ever find. 

Moreover, experts say that these Beagles could get along well with other canines too.

Apparently, it’s because they’re so full of good energy. 


Vizsla Beagles can also have a stubborn side. On top of that, some of them could be naughty. 

But like most dogs, they only need proper training. 

Overall, Vizsla Beagles will fill your days with joy.

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#10: Vizcorgi

Corgis are one of the most demanded dogs today. 

And if you pair them with a Vizsla…

You get a super cute Vizcorgi. 

Though this pooch is very adorable, their mix is still quite uncommon.


Imagine a big Vizsla in your head. Now, shrink their size to that of a Corgi. 

Next, turn their eyes a little bigger. And lastly, make their bums look fluffier. 

Finally, you know how a typical Vizcorgi looks. 

Though, like most hybrids…

Their appearance can still be unpredictable. 

With that said, here’s the size range of their parents:

9 to 25 inches (25 to 64 cm)30 to 63 lbs (14 to 29 kg)

That aside, Vizcorgis could have different coats too.

They can be double coats. Or, a smooth short coat. And their colors can be:

  • Red.
  • Gold.
  • Fawn.
  • Sable.
  • Black.

And other than that, it’s also nice to notice the difference in their ears.

Corgis have erect ears, which a Vizcorgi can inherit. Or, their ears can be set high and a bit folded. 

All in all, this Vizsla mix will always be among the cutest.


Though small…

The Corgi parent of this Vizsla mix shouldn’t be underestimated.

Despite their size, these Fidos have so much energy to release. 

Other than that, they can also be protective of you. But despite that, they can be friendly with strangers too. 

And when it comes to older kids or other animals at home…

Vizcorgis can get along very well with them. 

Though, this hybrid can sometimes be wary of unfamiliar dogs. Thus, it’s best to get them trained ASAP. 

Like all dogs, Vizcorgis can be great with the right environment. 

Not sure how to train your new cute pooch? Check this helpful video:

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#11: Australian Cattle Vizsla 

As the name implies…

This pooch is a cross between an Australian Cattle dog and a Vizsla. 

What makes this mix great is their balanced nature. 

Not to mention, these Fidos are independent. 

And with their loving Vizsla genes…

This hybrid will make you feel appreciated.


Both parents of this Fido have similar head shapes. But their difference lies in their size, coats, and ears. 

For one…

The Australian Cattle dog has erect, pointy ears. Much like a German Shepherd’s. 

Meanwhile, Vizslas have the opposite droopy ears. So, this hybrid Fido could inherit any of these looks.

Now, the coat of this pooch could be straight and double. Or, it can be short and smooth like a Vizslas. 

That said, they come in colors such as:

  • Red.
  • Blue.
  • Gold.
  • Speckled. 

And aside from this, their size typically falls between medium and large. 

To visualize, here’s their expected height and weight:

16 to 25 inches (43 to 64 cm)30 to 63 lbs (14 to 29 kg)

All in all… 

This lovely pooch has a unique appearance.


While Vizslas are more outgoing…

The Australian Cattle dog isn’t. That said, their baby could be more cautious. 

But that’s a factor that helps balance out this crossed breed’s personality.

That aside, this mixed pooch can be alert and protective. 

And that goes to show how loyal they can be to you. 

Moreover, both parents are lively dogs. Though, they’ll have times when they want to be on their own. 

And that’s due to their independent side. 

#12: Vizweiler

This next mix is a cross between a Rottweiler and a Vizsla. 

With this, you can expect an obedient pooch. 

Other than that, you’ll have a loyal furry pal on your side too. 


Vizweilers have similar body types. With that said, both parents have well-formed muscles. 

But in this case, Rottweilers could look bulkier than a Vizsla. 

That said, here’s their size range: 

20 to 27 inches (53 to 69 cm)39 to 132 lbs (18 to 60 kg)

Aside from that, these two parents have the same ears. Though, Rottweilers could have smaller ones. 

Not to mention, they both have short and smooth coats. 

So, Vizweilers can have fur colors such as: 

  • Tan.
  • Red.
  • Black.
  • Golden.
  • Mahogany.

Now, these are their common looks… 

But have you ever heard of a white Rottweiler?

Trivia: A news report said that a pooch named Sky had vitiligo. That condition caused her fur to turn white. And humans could have it too.

“That sounds interesting, but is it painful?” 

Your concern is valid, but don’t worry. Vets say that vitiligo in dogs is painless.

So, who knows? 

Maybe you’ll meet a white Vizweiler too.


Vizweilers have a strong personality. 

And it’s thanks to their Rottweiler parent. 

That said, let me list their known traits below:

  • Loyal.
  • Calm.
  • Brave.
  • Obedient.
  • Observant.

As you can tell, this pooch is as confident as they look.

However, they may appear dauntless…

But that’s not a reason to get scared of them.

Many people think that Rottweilers are bad dogs. But that’s only the stigma they get from how movies portray them. 

In reality, this pooch is one of the most faithful Fidos you can find. 

And the same could be said for Vizweilers, their offspring. 

In the end, this is just a reminder not to fall for stereotypes about dogs.

#13: Transylvizsla 

Transylvizsla is a cross between two hunting dogs.

Namely, Vizslas and Transylvanian Hounds.

And as devoted and protective canine friends…

This rare, mixed pooch is as cool as their name sounds.


Transylvizslas may have a vampire-like name. But they don’t look like one at all. 

And since both parent breeds are similar in body shapes…

This hybrid is around the same size as them. 

So, here’s their expected growth: 

18 to 25 inches (45 to 64 cm)63 to 77 lbs (29 to 34 kg)

That aside… 

This hybrid has short, smooth coats. And they typically come in black color. 

But as a hybrid, their fur can also be gold or red.


Transylvizslas will impress you with their loyalty. 

Now, most dogs are like that in nature. But this pooch can make you feel extra special.

With that said, this hybrid can be very protective of you. 

But don’t let their strong looks drive you off. The truth is, this pooch could also be friendly. 

For example…

PetMD says that Transylvanian Hounds make great family dogs. Moreover, they’re also happy to learn tricks from their fur parents. 

Thanks to that, you can expect Transylvizslas to be the same.

#14: Labrala


Another popular breed on this list is the Labrador Retriever. 

And Labralas is the name of their Vizsla mix.

Strong, gentle, and friendly…

Labralas can be excellent members of your family.


Labralas have the same features as their parents. 

After all, their mom and dads already look similar. 

With that said, they both have compact body builds. Plus, they have wide snouts and floppy ears.

Also, their coats are soft, smooth, and short. And they may come in colors such as black, red, yellow, chocolate, or golden.

That aside… 

Here’s the average height and weight of Labralas:

21 to 25 inches (55 to 64 cm)39 to 79 lbs (18 to 36 kg)

From this chart, the size difference between two parents isn’t that huge. 

But apparently, Labradors tend to be heavier than Vizslas.


As a mixed breed, Labralas could either become better or worse.

At least, in the eyes of other fur parents. 

And that’s because some people say: 

Labradors are the worst dogs ever!” 

…But why would anyone say such things? After all, Labradors sound fantastic. 

Well, it seems that their energy levels can be too much for some fur parents.

But that’s something that you can fix. 

Experts say that a pooch’s lifestyle influences their hyperactivity. 

And that’s true. Active dogs need something to use their energy on, after all. 

Despite that, Labralas could still be loving and affectionate. 

They’d love to run, play with toys, and bond with you.

#15: Great Vizsla 

Looking for a big pooch? 

Great news, the Great Vizsla is here for you.

Now, this Fido is a crossed breed of Great Danes and Vizslas. 

With their giant size, this mixed breed offers you their giant heart.


You might think that Vizslas are big, but they’re only medium-sized dogs. 

And the large ones are actually Great Danes. 

Fun fact: Based on Guinness, the world’s tallest dog is a Great Dane named Zeus.

That aside…

The Great Vizslas could either be medium or large. 

Now, here’s the size chart for this pooch:

25 to 33 inches (64 to 86 cm)63 to 198 lbs (29 to 90 kg)

And with that, you can imagine how big this mixed breed could get.

Other than that…

Both parents of this hybrid pooch have similar appearances. That means Great Danes and Vizslas have sleek bodies. Also, they have short coats and floppy ears.

Aside from their height…

Their other difference lies in their fur colors. 

And they come in different hues such as:

  • Red.
  • Blue.
  • Gold.
  • Fawn.
  • Black.
  • White.
  • Mantle.
  • Brindle.
  • Harlequin.

In case you’re unfamiliar with some of these…

Mantle looks like a Boston Terrier’s coat. To simplify, they look like a tuxedo outfit. 

Meanwhile, Harlequin is a rare and unique coat among dogs. 

It’s when dogs have white as their main fur. 

But they’ll have different colored patches all over their body. 

Trivia: A study says Great Danes and Beaucerons are the only ones with the Harlequin coat type. So, this shows that these big dogs are one of a kind.


Great Vizslas can give you a balanced experience. 

For one, Vizslas are energetic dogs. And while Danes can be the same, they tend to be more laidback. 

Thanks to that, a Great Vizsla could be easier to manage. 

But that aside…

Most people call these Fidos gentle giants. And they’re right about that. 

All in all, this hybrid is great with kids and loves to please their families. 

#16: Rat Terrier Vizsla 

Another small pooch mixed with Vizslas is the Rat Terrier

For now, let’s shorten their name to Ratla until they have an official nickname. 

With both parents as hunting dogs, you’d think that this hybrid is ferocious. 

But the fact is, Ratlas are like any loving pooch.


With their small bodies and long heads…

Ratlas could look more like their Rat Terrier parent. But of course, they can also take after the Vizsla’s flat, wide head. 

Meanwhile, both parents have short coats. Also, they can have colors such as white, tri-color, black, fawn, and gold.

Aside from that, a Ratlas’s ear could either be pointy or floppy.

Now, since this pooch has small and medium-sized parents…

Here’s the average height and weight of a Rat Terrier Viz:

10 to 25 inches (25 to 64 cm)10 to 63 lbs (4.5 to 29 kg)

And due to the area difference… 

Ratlas are hard to produce. Thus, it makes them quite rare.


This Vizsla mix is a curious one. 

That said, Ratlas are bold and love to investigate. 

Despite being a small Fido…

This pooch is fearless, alert, and protective. 

Though, some of them could still be social with others. But mostly, they still tend to be wary of strangers. 

With that, this hybrid pooch needs proper training at an early age.

#17: Vizsla Whippet 

This mix is a pair of Whippets and Vizslas. 

For short, let’s call them Whizsla for now. 

Both mom and dads of this pooch are medium in size.

But at the same time… 

This mixed pooch is also lively and friendly like their parents.


Whizslas could appear slim with long, narrow heads. Or, they could also be a bit muscular with flat, wide heads.

That said, this pooch could grow up to:

17 to 25 inches (45 to 64 cm)15 to 63 lbs (6.8 to 29 kg)

Other than that, Whizslas also have the same type of coat. And they can have unique color patterns like mantle and speckled spots.

Moreover, their ears could be big or small.

All in all, Whizslas are dogs that are as active as they look.


This Vizsla hybrid is a tolerant type.

And that’s why they’ll adjust to any lifestyle you offer them.

But in exchange, you’ll have to give them enough exercise. Otherwise, Whizslas could become lazy or lose their spirit. 

That aside…

Whizslas are always ready to play. They’re sweet and could enjoy cuddle times.

So despite their medium size, Whizslas actually have much bigger personalities.

#18: Vizmaraner 

Here, we have Vizmaraner. A cross between Vizslas and Weimaraners. 

“Wait, I thought these two dogs were of the same breed.” 

That’s what most people think and it’s understandable. 

After all, Vizslas and Weimaraners look very alike. 

So if you mix them together…

You’ll get an even more beautiful Vizmaraner.


As I mentioned above… both mom and dad of this pooch are identical. 

So, let me list down their shared traits:

  • Big floppy ears.
  • Flat and wide heads.
  • Almond-shaped eyes.
  • Medium, muscular body. 
  • Short and smooth coats.

With that, a Vizmaraner inherits those looks. And the only thing different about the parents of this hybrid is their coat colors.

Fun fact: Weimaraners earned the nickname “Gray Ghosts.” And it’s all thanks to their lovely silver coats. 

Sounds cool, huh? 

And who knows? Maybe you’ll get a VIzmaraner with a ghostly gray color.


Vizmaraners are big dogs… but they’re actually big softies as well.

That said, this hybrid can be hyperactive. 

Thus, they need a lot of activity to burn out their energy. And that means Vizmararers will gladly join you in your adventures. 

Plus, this big pooch is great with kids. On top of that, they’re also very obedient.

But the only downside is…

Vizmaraners could be prone to separation anxiety. This means they get lonely too fast. 

But all in all, this Vizsla mix could make a great addition to most types of families.

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#19: Greyhound Vizsla 

This next Vizsla mix is another pooch that’ll bring balance to your life.

And they’re a cross between a Greyhound and a Vizsla. 

While they already look charming…

Greyhound Vizslas are also among the sweetest mixes on this list.


Greyhounds are fast runners. Thanks to that, this pooch has long limbs. 

Also, both parents of this hybrid share a lot of similar traits.

That said, their only noticeable difference is their head types. 

For one, Greyhounds have longer and more narrow heads. Meanwhile, Vizslas are often wide and flat.

Aside from this… 

This Fido could grow as big as:

20 to 29 inches (53 to 76 cm)49 to 88 lbs (18 to 40 kg)


This hybrid is an intelligent one. With that, they love stimulating activities. 

And thanks to this, Greyhound Vizslas are into any adventure. They also tend to bark less than other breeds. 

But that’s only a sign of their alert nature. 

With that said, Greyhound Vizslas can be wary of strangers.

Also, this pooch could have a low separation anxiety

And that’s thanks to the independent side of Greyhounds.

Lastly, this hybrid could also have a lazy side. 

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#20: Dazsla 

Dazsla is a mix between Dachshunds and Vizslas.

“How is it even possible to breed these two dogs?” 

Today, there’s a method called artificial insemination. This process means the male dog’s semen is given to the female. 

Apparently, they’ll inject it into momma dog’s eggs. 

And that’s how they came up with Dazslas. 


With their tiny bodies and short legs, Dachshunds are known as sausage dogs. 

Using that info, imagine a Vizsla with a much longer body. 

That’s what most Dazslas would look like. But other than that, this mix has long and big droopy ears too.

Moreover, this pooch can have 3 types of coats. 

  • Longhaired.
  • Wired or wavy.
  • Smooth and short.

Aside from that, here’s the average size of this pooch:

9 to 25 inches (20 to 64 cm)16 to 63 lbs (7 to 29 kg)

Note: Dachshunds come in 2 different sizes. And they’re miniature or standard. 

Depending on how big the parent breed is, this range could change. 


Dazslas are energetic, brave, and playful. 

This mix has all the traits of a typical young kid. That said, they have a stubborn side too. 

But that’s because of their independent nature. And that trait is thanks to their history as hunting dogs. 

Moreover, this means Dazslas could have a high prey drive.

So to control that, they must be trained as early as possible. Especially if you plan on raising Dazslas with other animals at home. 

#21: Vizsla Mastiff

Vizsla Mastiff

Vizsla Mastiff is another big and gentle mix. And they’re a cross with the English Mastiff.

Moreover, based on the AKC:

Vizslas and Mastiffs are among the oldest dog breeds in the world. 

With that, this pooch with ancient roots can be your lifetime companion. 


Mastiffs are much bigger than Vizslas. And with that, you can expect their baby to grow around the same height and weight. 

To show you, here’s the average size of a Vizsla Mastiff:

20 to 35 inches (53 to 91 cm)116 to 220 lbs (53 to 100 kg)

Aside from that…

The faces of Vizsla Mastiffs could also be different. 

For one, they could have big, wrinkly heads with haw-shaped eyes. Their snouts could also be shorter than a Vizslas. 

But other than these differences…

This hybrid pooch will always have a strong and athletic body.


Vizsla Mastiffs could be more laidback than other mixes. 

And that’s thanks to their parent’s docile nature. With that, this hybrid could get along with everyone. Plus, they’re great with kids too.

On top of that, Vizsla Mastiffs have a confident personality. 

Using their courage, these dogs could be protective of their owners.

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#22: Bloodhound Vizsla 

Bloodhounds and Vizslas aren’t vampires. 

They’re only daunting in appearance…

But this pooch will not hurt anyone for fun. 

That said, Bloodhound Vizslas are kind and affectionate giants.


Depending on the dominant parent…

Bloodhound Vizslas could have a wrinkly face. And they’ll have big heads with small, almond or haw-shaped eyes.

That said, this pooch has a robust body that can easily scare an intruder at home.

Moreover, both parents are around the same height and weight. 

So, here’s the table to help you measure this pooch:

29 to 27 inches (53 to 69 cm)63 to 110 lbs (29 to 50 kg)


Now, don’t let this Fido intimidate you. 

No matter how serious they look…

Bloodhound Vizslas aren’t out for your blood. In reality, they’re more calm, patient, and tolerant than other dogs. 

Some fur parents would even call them lazy.

With that said, Bloodhound Vizslas could also be great with kids. 

All in all, this pooch would fit into most types of families.

#23: German Vizsla 

There are many fans of the German Shepherd. 

So, how about mixing them with the Vizsla? 

This hybrid pooch will charm you with their loyalty and sweet sides.

On top of that, they’re always full of energy to brighten your day.


German Vizslas can have two types of coat. One is smooth and short. And the other is thick and double-layered. 

At the same time, this mix could have erect ears like a German Shepherd. Or droopy ones like a Vizsla’s. 

That aside, the parents of this pooch are both medium dogs.

21 to 25 inches (55 to 64 cm)39 to 88 lbs (18 to 40 kg)

With this, you can predict the height and weight of a German Vizsla. 


This hybrid can be great watchdogs. And it’s thanks to their German Shepherd’s parent. 

As many dogs are, this Fido is also very loyal. But in exchange, they can be overprotective of you.

Other than that, German Vizslas are obedient, curious, and brave. 

Fun fact: German Shepherds are the 3rd most intelligent dogs in the world. This is a ranking made by Dr. Stanley Coren. 

All in all, this shows you how great German Vizslas can be.

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#24: Doberviz

A Doberman and a Vizsla, this mix brings forth an elegant pooch. 

With their sleek bodies and keen eyes, they give off a charming look.

That aside…

Doberviz are extremely loyal Fidos that will follow you anywhere you go.


This hybrid has slim, muscular bodies. Plus, they have short coats too. 

Not to mention, Doberviz has floppy ears like Vizslas. 

“Wait, I thought Dobermans have pointy ones?” 

Yes, it’s common to see Dobbies with erect ears. 

But that’s only because their ears have been cropped. So, it’s not a natural look of the breed. 

With that said, Doberman Vizslas will inherit the same type of ears. 

Aside from that… 

This hybrid pooch appears huge thanks to their long limbs. 

That said, here’s their expected size range: 

20 to 28 inches (53 to 72 cm)44 to 99 lbs (20 to 45 kg)

All in all, this Fido has a strong body that gives them an advantage in dog sports.


Doberviz may look bold and fearsome. But in truth, they could actually be friendly. 

With proper training, this mixed breed won’t have much trouble with other people. 

Aside from that, Doberviz are strongly devoted to their fur parents.

Thanks to that, they’re obedient and very protective.

#25: Golden Vizsla 

Next, we have a Golden Retriever and a Vizsla. 

This is a highly affectionate pooch that will shower you with love.

And with that, Golden Vizslas will surely turn your days into gold. 


Both parents of this pooch are medium in size. Plus, they have similar head shapes too. 

With that, expect a Golden Vizsla to have big, flat heads. 

Moreover, they also have droopy ears and almond-eyes. 

Other than that, you can expect 2 coat types from this hybrid. One, they can be soft and double-layered. Or they can have smooth and short coats.

That aside, this pooch can grow as big as:

20 to 25 inches (51 to 64 cm)39 to 52 lbs (18 to 34 kg)

But remember, hybrids can be unpredictable. So, the size of Golden Vizslas could vary.


Golden Vizslas are extremely outgoing dogs. 

They love to socialize and play with anyone they meet. Thanks to this, they’re one of the best family dogs you could find. 

Golden Vizslas tolerate kids very well, too. In fact, some of them could be protective of children. 

This also means they’ll get along with other animals too. 

Aside from that, Golden Vizslas are also very smart. 

Fun fact: Dr. Coren ranked Golden Retrievers as the 4th smartest dogs in the world.

So as a hybrid, you can expect this pooch to be as smart as their parents.

#26: Vizsla Staff 

This next pooch is a Viszla mix with the American Staffordshire Terrier. 

As both athletic-looking dogs, this hybrid definitely has a strong appeal.

Not only that, but they’re also confident with every move they make. 


While both parents have similar looks…

Their AmStaff parents tend to be bulkier in shape. That said, they have square heads and tiny almond eyes. 

Not to mention, Staffordshires have small erect ears. 

And sometimes, they look folded or semi-pointy. 

Their differences aside…

Vizsla Staffs are medium dogs. So, they could grow up around:

16 to 25 inches (43 to 64 cm) 44 to 70 lbs (20 to 32 kg)


As powerful as they look…

Vizsla Staffs are actually very kind and gentle. 

That said, they’re playful around kids and their fur parents. 

However, they could be overprotective too. Also, Vizsla Staffs could be strong-willed. And by that, they have a stubborn side.

But that’s something that proper training can fix. Thus, you won’t have much to worry about. 

All in all, this lovely hybrid is an energetic pooch that you can rely on.

#27: Vizsla Boxer 

And lastly, the Vizsla Boxer is a lively and confident pooch. 

In fact, they can be so brave, they end up making silly mistakes. But that’s only part of their charm.

That said, this Vizsla mix is among the most gorgeous ones.


While both parents of this pooch have a lot of similar traits…

There is one huge difference and that’s their face. 

For one, Boxers have a flat nose. And that makes them a brachycephalic pooch. 

So, depending on the dominant parent…

A Vizsla Boxer could either have a flat face or a pointy one. 

That aside, this hybrid could reach the size of:

20 to 25 inches (53 to 64 cm)39 to 70 lbs (18 to 32 kg)


Now, Vizsla Boxers are friendly dogs. 

They might even befriend strangers or other animals with ease. Plus, they’re always in high spirits. 

Which means they’ll always run, play, and live their daily life to the fullest. 

Moreover, they are also extremely loyal dogs. 

Though, sometimes this hybrid can be quite stubborn. 

But once again, that’s something that proper training can handle.

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BONUS: Visky

Before you go, I’ve got an extra breed for you to check out.

So, as we all know…

Huskies are popular around the world. And you’ve probably heard of their other mixes, like the Chihuahua Husky for example. 


Have you ever heard of ViSky

Though rare, this cross between Vizslas and a Husky happens. 


Since this pooch is still uncommon…

Not much is known about this hybrid. 

Though, their appearance could be predicted. 

That said, ViSkys could have the following traits:

Siberian HuskyVizsla
EarsLong and erectBig and droopy
CoatThick, doubled-layerShort and smooth
ColorsBlack and white, gray, silverRed, golden red,
EyesBlue, gold, heterochromatic Blue green, gray
Height 20 to 23 inches (51 to 60 cm)20 to 25 inches (53 to 64 cm)
Weight35 to 59 lbs (16 to 27 kg)32 to 63 lbs (18 to 29 kg)

From this table, you’ll know what to expect from a ViSky. 

And it all depends on the dominant parent’s genes.


You can expect ViSkys to be a hyperactive pooch. Plus, they can inherit the talkative side of their Husky parents too.

On top of that…

ViSkys can be quite stubborn. But again, training could always help with that. 

Moreover, unlike what many people believe…

Huskies are actually independent. Though, some of them could have a clingy side. 

All in all, this beautiful mix will surprise you with their unique personalities.

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People also ask:

Is a Vizsla a cross breed?

A Vizsla is not a cross breed. Instead, they are purebred dogs recognized by the AKC since the 1960s. 

And if you’re curious, history says that Vizslas were once known as Magyar dogs. On top of that, they’re said to be the descendants of two dog breeds. 

First is the Transylvanian Hound. And the second one is the now extinct Turkish Yellow dog.

Are Vizsla dogs cuddly?

Vizsla dogs are cuddly. In fact, this pooch is among the sweetest breeds you can find today. And that’s why Vizslas enjoy giving and receiving affection.

Do Vizsla dogs bark a lot?

Vizsla dogs don’t bark a lot. But they do make great watch dogs. Though, they’ll only bark just enough to let you know that someone’s at your door.