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17 Beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback Mixes (With Photos 2023)

Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix

You can say that Rhodesian Ridgebacks are a whole package.

They’re loyal, gentle, and affectionate.

Plus, they have athletic bodies too.

So it’s no surprise they’re a popular Fido in crosses.

And I’ll share with you the most popular ones.

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17 Rhodesian Ridgeback mixes

#1: Golden Ridgeback

Rhodesians are loyal dogs. But often shy with strangers.

On the contrary…

Golden Retrievers are social butterflies. As they get along with everyone.

So, if you breed them with Ridgebacks…

Their mix may result in an easygoing doggo.

But with the right amount of alertness.

Also, you’ll have yourself a big fluffy pooch who’s up for cuddles.

Thanks to both breeds’ caring personalities…

These Fidos aren’t afraid to show love to their humans.

Thus, they can be an excellent new member of the family.

Note: This mix is also great with kids. They might be nippy when young. But most Goldens are gentle and won’t even crack an egg.

#2: Rhodesian Labrador

If you mix a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a Labrador Retriever…

You’ll also get an ideal family dog.

Both breeds are loyal and affectionate.

Plus, they’re rarely aggressive and good with kids.

Also, this crossbreed has a short coat. So it’ll be easy to groom them.

But since both are hunting dogs, a Rhodesian Labrador’s energetic.

And they may have a hearty appetite too.

“Why’s that?”

Most Ridgebacks and Labs are big foodies.

They always beg for food or steal off the counter.

And some people view this as one of the worst traits of Labradors.

But, a study suggests that this runs in their blood.

Based on it, a variant of a gene called pro-opiomelanocortin, a.k.a. POMC, is mainly found in Labs. Especially in assistance dogs.

So that could be why they’re so motivated by treats. Which makes them easy to train.

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#3: German Ridgeback

German Ridgeback

This cross is a good choice for police dogs.

First, Ridgebacks and German Shepherds are athletic.

Plus, they have fantastic stamina too.

So they need more exercise daily than less active Fidos. Or else they might be destructive due to boredom.

Next, according to Dr. Coren – a psychologist and dog expert…

German Shepherd is the 3rd smartest breed.

Now, Ridgeback dogs aren’t on top of the list. But they’re easy to train and have a strong will.

Lastly, both breeds are loyal to their humans.

So with their brains and strong defensive instincts…

A German Ridgeback’s a Fido you can trust.

Fun fact: Rhodesians love running. They’re ranked 20 among the fastest dogs with a speed of 25 mi/hr (40 km/hr). While German Shepherds take the 9th place with 30 mi/hr (48 km/hr).

#4: Rhodesian Husky

Contrary to their fierce wolfish looks…

Huskies are usually friendly. And this is a good trait of a furry pal.

But, they also have a strong ‘prey drive’ like Ridgebacks.

“What does it mean?”

It’s the desire to stalk and hunt smaller animals.

So this cross may attack prey like rabbits. Or chase any moving objects like cars.

However, you can train them not to.

Although it’ll take time and patience before you see results.

#5: Cane Ridgeback

Here’s what you’ll get if you mix 2 big and protective Fidos.

This breed looks intimidating and muscular.

But aside from being your greatest protector…

They’re a loving and intelligent companion as well.

Ridgebacks are loyal to their humans.

And Cane Corsos are also willing to go beyond to guard their loved ones.

However, when mixed together…

You may get yourself an independent Fido. Along with a high prey drive.

Thus, they could be stubborn. And always curious about small prey.

So you need to train them well to have self-control around people and other animals.

That’s why these dogs might be hard to handle. Especially if it’s your first time taking care of a pooch.

#6: Rhodesian Beagle

Compared to other Ridgeback mixes…

This hybrid’s on the medium side.

But although Beagles have smaller bodies…

They’re also full of energy and vigor like Ridgebacks.

So a Rhodesian Beagle can be a fun furry companion.

Also, this mix could be perfect lap dogs too.

As both breeds are usually caring and great with kids.

However, unlike Ridgebacks, who rarely bark…

Most Beagles are loud.

They also have weaker guarding instincts than Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

Plus, they could be stubborn at times too.

So it might be hard to predict this mix’s personality. As the parents may have various temperaments.

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#7:  Rhodesian Boxer

Rhodesian Boxer

Ridgebacks are muscular, to begin with.

So if you mix them with sturdy Boxer dogs…

You’ll get a more well-built Fido. Along with a deep chest and a square-shaped head.

Also, both breeds are intelligent and protective by nature.

Thus, a Rhodesian Boxer’s an ideal watchdog for a family.

#8: Rhodesian Poodle 

Here’s another great family dog.

Both parents of this mix are usually:

  • Cuddly.
  • Easy to train.
  • Friendly to people.

But they may also be playful or independent.

In terms of looks, Poodles come in many sizes and have curly hair.

So how big a Rhodesian Poodle is will depend on the dogs you breed.

And it’s also the same case for their coat, as Ridgebacks have short fur.

Nevertheless, this cross will likely result in an elegant and well-built Fido. 

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#9: Greyhound Ridgeback

Are you looking for a gentle but independent pooch?

Well. This cross has both.

Like Ridgebacks, most Greyhounds are sweet-tempered.

Meaning they’re calm and loving.

So as long as you give them enough exercise daily…

These dogs are chill most of the time.

Sometimes, they can be clingy too.

Thus, like other dogs, they also want to spend time with their humans.

However, since both breeds are independent…

This mix is usually content on their own.

Fun fact: Did you know that Ridgebacks’ ancestors were a mix of Greyhounds? Besides them, experts say the first dogs of the breed also came from:

  • Collies.
  • Bulldogs.
  • Irish Terriers.
  • Airedale Terriers.

#10: Doberman Ridgeback

As I said earlier, Ridgebacks are independent dogs.

They need the right amount of attention. And will be fine on their own.

On the other hand…

Dobermans always seek attention.

Plus, they have higher energy too.

So if you combine these breeds…

You may get a calmer version of a Doberman. Or a clingier Ridgeback.

Also, their grooming need is only 1 out of 5 stars.

Both breeds have short coats. And this makes them shed less than thick-furred Fidos.

#11: Rhodesian Rottie

Speaking of guard dogs…

Rottweilers or Rotties are also good at this job.

So if mixed with a Ridgeback, it’ll result in another loyal and brave Fido.

But this cross may have higher stamina. As well as dedication to protecting their humans.

Also, with one look, a Rhodesian Rottie can be intimidating.

Both breeds have large heads and bodies.

Thus, they have powerful jaws.

Ridgebacks have a bite force of 224 psi or pounds per square inch.

Meanwhile, it’s 328 psi for Rotties.

For comparison, an average human has about 70-162 psi.

Thus, when you combine these 2 breeds…

Imagine how strong their bite is.

Now, most Ridgebacks aren’t aggressive.

But since Rottweilers are protective and wary of strangers…

They could be fierce toward people or animals they don’t know.

However, you can socialize your Fido at an early age. And train them to attack only in command.

#12: Redbone Rhodesian

At one glance, you may mistake a Redbone Coonhound for a Ridgeback. Or the other way around.

Well. It’s understandable, as both have short red coats.

Now, their similarities don’t end there. So they also make a good mix.

Both breeds are mellow at home.

But when needed, they can be energetic outside. And be tireless hunters too.

Ridgebacks were once used in tracking lions.

Meanwhile, people also bred Redbones to pursue big animals. Say deers and even bears.

Thus, they’re strong and up for adventures.

So they can be ideal jogging or hiking buddies.

#13: Rhodesian Chow

This cross is a ‘lion-ish’ one.

“What do you mean?”

People also call Ridgebacks the ‘African Lion Hounds.’

And it’s because they used to hunt lions.

Meanwhile, Chow Chows are called ‘lion dogs’ due to the thick fur around their neck. Which resembles a lion’s mane.

So you can imagine how this mix will turn out. With their large bodies and red coats.

Now, personality-wise, this type of dog’s loyal and independent.

But they can be sensitive and aloof as well.

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#14: Mastiff Ridgeback 

This cross may top the list of best guard dogs.

Now, why’s that?

Mastiffs are large breeds. And they’re even bigger than Ridgebacks.

Also, both are brave, loyal Fidos.

So they’re willing to protect their humans.

In terms of shedding, this mix has a short coat. So they don’t require much grooming.

However, you may need more patience to train this type of Fido.

And it’s because both breeds might take a while to learn commands.

Trivia: Ridgebacks are quiet dogs. They’re not much of a barker – which is a good thing. Although they’ll likely alarm you if something ever happens.

#15: Great Ridgeback/Rhodesian Dane

Despite their gigantic size…

Great Danes love to cuddle.

They like hanging out with their humans, too, like Ridgebacks.

And both breeds are even-tempered.

So if you mix them, you’ll get a big Fido who acts like a tiny lap dog.

This type of Fido can be playful and energetic too.

Thus, they need to do plenty of physical activities.

Note: Large dogs like these usually require 2 hours of exercise daily. So be ready for long walks.

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#16: Rhodesian Corgi

This might be another odd combination.

But trust me. This mix makes a perfect family dog as well.

Both Corgis and Ridgebacks are easygoing.

Plus, they love to be with their humans.

So these Fidos can melt you with their loyalty and sweetness.

Now, for their size, it’ll depend on the dogs.

However, it may range from medium to large. As Corgis are smaller than Ridgebacks.

#17: Pitbull Ridgeback 

This cross’s a fantastic guard dog.

They’re loyal, big, and have sturdy bodies.

Plus, they’re highly active too. So they need to exercise a lot to use all their energy.

Thus, they’re not for first-time parents.

And it’s because they’ll be challenging to train and handle.

Also, this mix comes with powerful jaws.

Although Ridgebacks aren’t usually aggressive…

Pitbulls have a bad reputation for being one. And it’s the reason why some places banned them.

However, vets argue it doesn’t solely run on a Pit’s blood.

Just like any dog…

They can be aggressive if not exposed to other people. As it makes them wary of strangers.

A report even shows that Chihuahuas are fiercer than Pits.

But the latter has stronger jaws. So Pitbulls can do big damage to anyone.

Say a severe limb injury, according to a study.

And this is why most people see them as the most dangerous Fido.

But when socialized and trained well…

Pitbulls are one of the sweetest dogs on Earth.

Note: So do your research first before adopting this mix. And prepare to allot time and effort to train them.