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13 Real Reasons Why Your Husky Rolls In The Grass + 7 Tips

Why Does My Husky Roll In The Grass

One day, you’re walking with your Husky. Then suddenly, they spot a nice patch of grass. 

You know what’s about to happen. 

So you try to stop it.


Your dog doesn’t hear you. 

They run and dive right straight into the grass. And then slither and roll on it like a grass maniac. 

Uh-oh. Why’s your Husky like this?

Keep reading to find out: 

  • Should you let your dog do this behavior?
  • 13 real reasons why your Husky rolls in the grass.
  • 7 tips on what to do if your pooch likes rolling in the grass.
  • And much more…

Why does my Husky roll in the grass?

Your Husky rolls in the grass for reasons such as correcting their scent, feeling hot, scratching an itch, sharing odor, grooming, scent-marking, playing, liking the kind of grass, being obsessed, having seizures, wanting to get stinky, having allergies, or they’re trying to destress.

13 reasons why your Husky rolls in the grass

#1: They’re trying to correct their scent

“After taking a bath, my Husky runs straight and rolls in the grass.” 

Oh, I understand. My dog does the same thing! 

And the reason why they do this is they’re trying to bring back their natural scent.

You may have noticed that your Husky does this behavior every time they just got a bath. Or when they just come home from the groomer. 

This is because they don’t like the scent of artificial shampoos and conditioners. 

They hate it actually. (Just like how you hate the smell of poop. But in your dog’s case, they like it.)

So to correct their scent, they try to mask the shampoo’s scent by rolling over in something natural. Like grass. Or even dirt. 

This is annoying, though. 

Because you’ve wasted money on the groomer and once again, they’re dirty. And now you have to give them another bath if they’re stinky. 

#2: Your Husky’s feeling hot

Your Husky Rolls In The Grass Because He's Feeling Hot

Your Husky’s rolling in the grass because they want to cool down. 

It’s probably too sunny in your area, or it’s the summer season. And they’re not big fans of the hot temperature. 

If you look at your Husky, there’s no doubt that they’re pooches meant for cold temperatures. 

Blue or gray eyes like ice. Often referred to as sledding dogs and snow dogs. And thanks to their double-layered coats, they can withstand temperatures below 0°F.

Because of this, they get uncomfortable when it gets too hot. So they’ll try to look for a way to cool themselves. 

“Wow, moist and wet grass! Must roll over.”

Your Husky will naturally be drawn to the grass. Especially when it’s just been watered and it’s still damp. 

Because the temperature on it is way cooler compared to cement or wood floors. 

PetMD says here are the signs of overheating you should look out for: 

  • Drooling.
  • Mental dullness.
  • Excessive panting.
  • Loss of consciousness.
  • Uncoordinated movements.

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#3: They’re trying to scratch themselves

“It’s so itchy. Halp me, hooman!”

You watch as your Husky lays down with their back on the grass. Then desperately move their way upward as they push themselves with their legs. 

“What are you up to now?”

Oh, no. 

Your Husky is doing this because they’re trying to relieve themselves of an itch. And by rolling in the grass, they’re trying to scratch their body.

Certain factors could be the reason why your dog’s body is itchy.

They could be having a flea or tick infestation. Or they have skin allergies and rashes. 

It’s also possible that the itch is caused by a more serious health problem. Like having parasites or an anal sacs problem. 

It’s quite difficult to check your dog’s skin because of their double coats. So it’s understandable if you don’t notice that they have skin problems sooner. 

#4: They want to share the odor with you

Your Husky’s done it again. They roll over the grass in the neighbor’s yard then come home straight to you. 

You wonder what’s the reason behind this. Are they proud of something they’ve done? Should you reward them for something? 


Actually, your dog is doing this because they want to share the grass’s scent with you.

By rubbing their face and neck in the grass, they’re trying to soak up the odor of the grass. So you can smell it, too.

“But why would I want to smell that?”

Well, their instinct just tells them to do that. Because their wolf ancestors do it, too. 

According to research, this is common behavior in wolf packs. 

Whenever they smell something new, they would roll on it. Then come back to their pack so the other members can smell it too. 

They’re doing this to get information. So that they’d recognize the scent in case the scent belongs to a potential threat. 

#5: They’re grooming themselves

Trivia: Huskies don’t need to be bathed always. Because their coat isn’t as oily as other dogs. 

Not just that. They don’t need to be groomed, either. They just shed their fur when they get too long. 

Wow, talk about a low-maintenance dog in the grooming section!

Okay, so another reason why your Husky may roll in the grass is they’re grooming themselves. 

There could be something that’s stuck in their fur at the back. And they’re trying to get rid of it by rubbing it through the grass. 

Or it’s their shedding season. 

So to remove the excess fur that’s clumped up, they try to comb it through the grass. 

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#6: Scent-marking

“Gotta rub my scent all over this grass. 

Other dogs, keep off!”

Is your Husky territorial? If yes, then your dog might be rolling in the grass because they’re scent-marking.

This means that they’re trying to rub their scent in their territory. 

They want their presence known. So that other dogs will get wary and back away from the property.  

Aside from rubbing their body all over the place, you may also notice them doing other behaviors. 

Like peeing in every corner of the house and fence. Or barking and howling to scare off people who come near your home.

#7: It’s a form of play

Rolling in the grass could be some kind of game for your Husky and your other dogs. That’s why they like to do it often. 

You also notice that they always sneeze when they’re playing. So you wonder:

“Are my dogs allergic to grass?”

Well, they could be, especially if the sneezing is excessive. It’s possible that pollen is making your pooch go on a sneezing spree. 

But if it’s just an occasional achoo, then the reason for this is because of their smiles. 

They’re just too happy rolling in the grass with the other dogs. And the way their face wrinkles tickles their nose, making them sneeze. 

“Do dogs really smile?” 

Your Husky’s smile isn’t the same as yours. But same as you, they usually do this whenever they’re happy and having playtime.

For them, it’s more about having a relaxed face with their lips pulled upward. With their tongues sticking out in a panting kind of way.

#8: They like the grass

Your Husky Likes The Grass

Your Husky rolls in the grass simply because it’s normal dog behavior. They want to do it because they can. 

Dogs like natural and organic stuff. Like grass, leaves, dirt, and even rocks

So much that sometimes they would try to eat them, too. 

But dogs don’t love grass equally.

For instance, my dog Lissa likes sniffing and rolling in soft grasses. And then, she wouldn’t even give a second glance (or sniff) at the tall ones.

So if your Husky likes to spend their time rolling in your yard’s grass, maybe it’s because they really like it. 

Its texture, smell, and of course, its taste. 

#9: It’s an obsession

“My Husky always rolls in the grass. Day in and day out. Sometimes, they also eat it. It’s impossible to stop them. 

What’s up with that?”


Your Husky is rolling in the grass because of an obsession. Which is caused by a medical condition like a compulsive disorder. 

Because of this, they do abnormal and repetitive behaviors. 

But if your Husky rolls in the grass and eats them, they may have another disorder known as ‘Pica’. 

It’s the behavior in which a dog eats non-edible food such as grass.

This disorder is caused by certain factors. It could be that your dog’s anxious or scared for some reason. Or they do this because they’re seeking your attention. 

In this case, it’s best to ask for a dog behaviorist’s advice.

#10: They’re having seizures

Something’s wrong. Why’s your Husky acting crazy in the grass?

They’re rolling in it with their body shaking. It looks like they’re having a convulsion. 

Oh my!

Your Husky is having a seizure.

According to VCA Hospitals, Siberian Huskies are prone to having epilepsy. And if your dog has this, there’s a high chance that they’ll often have seizures. 

You see, this can happen when there’s a spike in the electrical activity of your dog’s brain. Aside from epilepsy, this may also be caused by:

  • Toxins.
  • Liver disease.
  • Kidney failure.
  • Brain tumors or trauma.

So, how can you tell if your Husky’s having a seizure? Aside from shaking, they may also show signs like: 

  • Vocalizing. 
  • Stiffening of the body.
  • Loss of bladder control.
  • Uncontrollable chewing.
  • Padding of the legs and arms.

Note: If your dog is having a seizure, there’s not much you can do about it. Just calmly wait for it to stop. 

Because if you’re panicking, your dog will also panic. 

Only take your dog to a vet when the seizure is over. And cover them with a blanket to keep them warm.

#11: They want to get stinky

It can’t be denied. Dogs can be gross sometimes. 

Here’s the thing. Your Husky rolls in the grass and stinks because there’s something in there that smells awful-ly good. (Pun intended.)

And they want that kind of smell all over their body. 

For instance, there’s a decomposing worm under the soil. Or there’s the poop of another animal hidden behind the thick grass.


A brief story about my friend…

Okay, so this friend of mine has a dog who’s an escape artist. That’s why she calls him ‘Houdini’.

Every time he comes out or escapes from their house, he will immediately go to the next-door farm. Where several pigs and cows stay. 

And when he does, he will dive right into the grass. Because he likes to cover himself in the poop that the cows left in there. 

You can imagine my friend’s face every time her dog comes home covered in stinky poop. She’s shocked and traumatized. 

#12: They have allergies

Your Husky could be having an allergy. That’s why they’re rolling and dragging their face in the grass.

Based on a WebMD, 10% of the cases of allergies in dogs are caused by food allergies.

This happens when they accidentally ate poisonous food such as: 

  • Grapes.
  • Caffeine.
  • Chocolates.
  • Macadamia nuts. 
  • Onion, chives, and garlic. 

If your Husky has accidentally ingested these, they may have vomiting and diarrhea. 

They may also experience difficulty in breathing. As well as itching around their eyes and mouth. 

They’ll try to scratch it by pawing at their face. And dragging their mouth and neck area in the grass.

#13: They’re trying to destress

Your Husky's Trying To Destress

Lastly, your Husky is rolling in the grass because they want to relax and destress. 

They may have missed being outdoors after being indoors for a long time. Or having been crated all day. 

Huskies are one of the most active dog breeds. They have to always be on the run. Or else they’ll misbehave.

So if they don’t have enough exercise, they’d have all their energy cooped up. And they’ll try to unleash this in one go. 

This is known as ‘zoomies’. 

When your Husky has this, they’d roll, go in circles, and run as fast as they could. All in less than a minute. 

People also ask

Should I let my dog roll in the grass?

You should let your dog roll in the grass if it’s safe for them to do so. Also when they’re just having a good time. 

But if you see that this is caused by abnormal behavior, you should stop it before it gets worse. 

You should also check if the grass they’re rolling on is safe from any pesticides or fertilizers. Because these can be dangerous for your pooch if they ingest them.

How do I keep my dog from rolling in the grass?

You can keep your dog from rolling in the grass by avoiding grassy areas. Or preventing access from it by putting a fence in your backyard.

You can also stop them by training them in some basic commands. 

To put an end to this behavior, you must first know what’s the reason for it. Only then will you have an appropriate solution for it.

7 tips on what to do if your Husky rolls in the grass 

#1: Choose the correct products for your dog

If your Husky rolls in the grass because:

  • They’re having allergic reactions.
  • They don’t like the smell of some products.

You should choose hypoallergenic and fragrance-free products. This way, your dog’s reaction to grooming will lessen. 

Thus, stopping them from rolling in the grass every after bath. 

#2: Eliminate the stink

It’ll be a stinky business. But you have to look for the reason why your dog likes to roll in the stinky grass. 

If there’s poop hiding somewhere, remove it and put it in proper bins. You can also put a fence around your yard if you can. 

This prevents other animals from taking a dump on your property. 

#3: Train them the ‘Come’ command

“How do I stop my dog from always rolling in the grass?”

You can train your dog to use the ‘Come’ command. 

This way you can stop them from diving right into grassy areas by coming to you. And when they do, redirect their attention to something else. 

To teach your dog this command, watch the video below. 

#4: Give them other activities

Give your Husky something else to do if they’re bored. So that they’d forget about rolling in the grass as their pastime.

Initiate playing with them by throwing a ball or a frisbee. You can also take them outside for a run to burn off their excess energy. 

#5: Take them to the groomer or vet

If you’re worried that your Husky’s rolling habit is caused by something serious, have them checked with a professional. 

Only their vet can give you advice if your dog has a health problem.

While the groomer can help your dog if they have a parasite infestation or any skin allergies.

Aside from that, they can also trim off excess fur to help your Husky cool down during the summers. 

#6: Keep your Husky cool

Huskies are prone to overheating. That’s why in tropical areas, AC’s are always turned on for them.

If they roll in the grass because they want to cool down, avoid keeping them outside. The sun in some places in the US can be too hot. (They can even cook eggs in the pans left outside!)

So take your pooch inside your house. And turn on the AC for them. 

This will make your Husky happy. It’ll also refrain them from misbehaving, too. 

#7: Avoid using harmful chemicals for your grass

Pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, grass killers, and insecticides. These are all the chemicals used for gardening that are harmful to your Husky. 

If they ingest or get in contact with it when they roll in the grass, they may experience poisoning.

There’s even a study that shows that exposure to this may cause bladder cancer. 

To avoid this from happening, choose a safer and organic option for gardening. 

Use excess veggies as fertilizers. And to repel insects, use natural methods like planting aromatic herbs to keep them off.