7 Odd Reasons Why Your Dog Sleeps In The Bathroom + 3 Tips

Why Does My Dog Sleep In The Bathroom

Sometimes it feels like our efforts for our dog go in vain. You bought the best bed for your dog only to see them sneaking into the bathroom. The reason? Unknown! Now you’re thinking, “What’s happening?” This article will help you find out. Keep on reading to learn: The consequences of letting your dog sleep …


17 Reasons Why Your Dog Looks Up At The Ceiling + 5 Tips

Why Does My Dog Look Up At The Ceiling

Your pooch has developed a strange habit. They often stare at the ceiling like they’re watching something up there. Wait, are they seeing things? Creepy! Continue reading to find out: What makes your dog gaze at the ceiling for so long. If you should be concerned about this staring behavior. Do they see something or …