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13 Signs Your Dog Is Jealous Of The Baby + How To Stop It

Signs Dog Is Jealous Of Baby

Some of our furry friends get along well with babies.

However, other Fidos could be jealous of them instead.

And see them as rivals for their humans’ attention.

But how do dogs show jealousy?

And what can you do about it?

Keep reading to discover:

  • 13 signs that your dog’s jealous of the baby.
  • Easy ways to stop each jealous behavior on your dog.
  • The most and least obvious signs that you might miss.
  • And a lot more…

13 signs your dog is jealous of the baby + how to stop it

#1: Being pushy

How does your pooch react when you pay attention to your little one?

Do they try to get on your lap or nudge your hand away as you caress your baby?

If your Fido behaves similarly, it’s a sign of jealousy.

Science says dogs can indeed feel this emotion.

Based on it, they tend to separate their parents from other pets when jealous.

You see, your Fido knows they were your only baby.

Until a new member of the family comes in. Which divides your time and attention.

Now, this sudden change can stress out your dog.

So they might feel threatened by the baby. And cause them to always get in the way.

How to stop it

It’s dangerous to have a dog jumping on you while carrying your child.

To curb this, ignore your Fido’s pushy behaviors.

Stand up or move away from them.

Now, at some point, your dog will become confused or tired.

Thus, wait for it. 

And then, as soon as they’re on all fours:

  • Say “yes” excitedly.
  • Shower your Fido with praises.

Note: It may take a while before your Fido learns that being pushy isn’t good. So although it’s hard, be extra patient with them.

#2: Sticking to you like glue

Clinginess is another sign of a jealous Fido.

Especially if they weren’t so cuddly before.

Jealousy brings out the competitive nature in them.

So your dog will be more interested in you than usual.

Also, they’ll seek your attention in many ways possible, such as:

How to stop it

Note: Choose a toy that’s big enough for your dog’s mouth. Also, avoid puzzles with detachable pieces, batteries, or sharp parts.

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#3: Ignoring you

If some jealous dogs become clingier…

Others might be the opposite.

They may reject your attention when the baby’s around.

Or they might not be excited to see you anymore.

How to stop it

  • Avoid yelling at them to get their attention.
  • Enrich their environment with toys or puzzles.
  • Encourage them to try new things (e.g., iPad games, self-control training).

Warning: Your dog may suddenly avoid you if they’re in pain or have an illness. I hope this isn’t the case. But to be sure, consult a vet if they show other symptoms:

  • Vomiting.
  • Disorientation.
  • Pain when touched in certain areas.

#4: Leaving the room

Most dogs enjoy being with their humans.

So something could be wrong if your pooch doesn’t want to stay in the same space as you and the baby.

As said earlier, our furry pals avoid interactions when stressed.

Thus, they can also straight up leave if they feel uneasy.

How to stop it

Never force your Fido to stay or interact right away.

They’re tense at the moment.

So do the tips below instead:

  • Respect their space.
  • Provide a comfy spot for them.
  • Lure them with their fave treats or toys.

The 2nd one could be a crate or bed.

Put it in the corner of the same room where you and your baby usually stay.

Do this to give your Fido a space where they’ll feel safe. Without pressuring them to interact with you while they get used to the infant.

But for this to be possible, ensure the spot’s cozy enough for your dog. 

So don’t forget to put these belongings inside:

  • Toys.
  • Bedding.
  • Food and water bowls.

Note: Keep enticing your Fido to stay in the same room without forcing them physically. Make each moment positive to avoid creating a bigger distance between you.

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#5: Automatic trick machine

Out of nowhere, your pooch starts rolling over and spinning around.

It may be amusing at first.

However, this can also mean your dog’s desperate enough to get your attention.

To the point where they perform tricks in front of you. Even if you don’t ask them to.

Well. It’s a great strategy, as you might not help but watch the free trick show.

But be careful not to reinforce this attention-seeking behavior.

How to stop it

Although it’ll be challenging to ignore your dog…

It’s best to avoid praising them while doing tricks without commands.

Instead, ask your pooch firmly to “sit” or “lie down.”

Then give rewards if they obey you.

#6: Excessive barking

Dogs may not speak our language.

But they sure know how to convey their message.

One of their ways is to produce noises like barks.

These have different types. And they sound and mean different from each other.

For example, a high-pitched “Harr-ruff!” is often a playful bark.

However, a low, intense one with rumbling sounds means, “Go away!”

So your jealous Fido may bark like this if they see your baby. Or when you hug someone.

Meanwhile, your dog can also yap at you suddenly.

And if they want attention, they’ll let out many “Woorff! Woorff!” while looking at you.

How to stop it

  • Avoid yelling “Stop!” or “No!”
  • Ignore your dog’s demand barks.
  • Redirect their focus using toys or treats.

Let me warn you. Not paying attention to your dog’s hard to do as it sounds.

You need a lot of patience. So trust the process. 

And take note of theextinction burst.’

It’s when a corrected behavior worsens before it gets better.

Your dog will be confused at first.

Thus, they might keep barking their lungs out for days. Until they realize it’s not your desired result.

For this reason:

  • Inform your neighbors as the noises may intensify.
  • Keep a safe distance between your baby and your dog.
  • But ensure your Fido can still hear your infant’s noises and smell their scent.
  • Play with them in the same room as the baby. Do this to make them realize that having the toddler around isn’t bad.

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#7: Acting aggressively

If your dog’s stressed and jealous…

They may nib or attempt to bite you if you go near them.

Research shows that snapping’s typical jealous behavior in dogs.

Besides this…

Your jealous pooch can also act the same with your baby. As well as other pets at home (e.g., Fidos, cats).

Because they might see them as rivals for your love and attention.

Also, they’ll be anxious if they haven’t been exposed to babies.

Which makes them turn on their defense mode.

How to stop it

If the dog’s acting too fiercely:

  • Never scold them.
  • Make them do basic commands as a distraction.
  • Offer them treats as soon as they calm down for a second.
  • Stay calm, as studies say they can sense stress and be affected by it.
  • Play a new sound to change their focus (e.g., whistle, squeaky toy noises).
  • Ask for guidance from a certified trainer or behaviorist. It’s because teaching an aggressive Fido can be dangerous. 

So, also keep your Fido away from your baby during the training.

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#8: Misbehaving

Is your pooch well-trained?

If so, this could be another trick up their sleeve to grab your attention.

Your furry pal knows you’ll react if they do something they shouldn’t.

Say if they made a mess on your bed or climbed on the furniture.

But your dog might also be bored. Which makes them find an outlet for their energy.

How to stop it

Attending to a baby will take up most of your time.

But to prevent your dog from being lonely, try to include them in whatever you do.

For example:

  • Greet your Fido early in the morning with your baby.
  • Give your dog a treat as well when you feed your child.
  • Shower them with praise if they behave well around the baby.
  • If possible, take daily walks with both of them. You can ask for someone’s help with this.

#9: Having accidents in the house

Aside from communicating with their bodies

Dogs may also show how stressed they are by forgetting their toilet habits.

“What do you mean?”

Since your pooch’s constantly worrying about the baby…

They might have trouble with peeing or pooping.

So they may do it in places they shouldn’t, like on your bed.

Due to the new member, your Fido could also be possessive of you.

Thus, they might even pee on you. So they’ll leave their scent and ‘mark’ you as their property.

However, the same with misbehaving…

Your furry pal can also do this to get your attention.

How to stop it

  • Apply scents they dislike in accident-prone spots.
  • Take your Fido out more often to let them relieve themselves.
  • Call their name or bring them to their toilet when they’re about to pee/poop.

Warning: Having watery poop or peeing more than usual can also be a sign of an ailment. Say infections or hormonal imbalances.

#10: Destructive behaviors

Your dog’s jealous of the baby and wants your attention.

So what would they do if the trick show and barking don’t work?

They can also become destructive all of a sudden.

Your Fido may chew on your things on purpose. Or scratch your furniture or doors.

How to stop it

For your dog, any form of attention’s good. Whether it’s positive or negative.

So to avoid encouraging this:

  • Avoid punishing them for what they did.
  • Keep their mouth and mind occupied with chew toys.
  • Include them in most of your tasks as much as possible.

#11: Overgrooming

It’s hard to spot this if you don’t pay close attention to your Fido.

Dogs groom themselves daily like cats.

So you’ll see them licking their paws or body too.

But did you know the action itself is soothing?

When repeated, it may help calm the nerves.

In humans, it’s like sucking of thumb or biting nails when nervous.

Now, since it relieves stress, the action can be addictive.

And your dog may also keep doing it as their stressor’s still around – the baby.

Vets say you’ll know if they overgroom if you see:

  • Hair loss.
  • Matted fur.
  • Skin irritation.

How to stop it

Too much skin moisture may result in yeast infection.

And excessive licking can cause painful hot spots.

So try these simple tips to curb this habit:

  • Walk and play with them more.
  • Entertain them with brain games.
  • Provide a chew toy as their new outlet for stress.
  • Offer them treats when they’re about to lick themself.

Warning: If the signs continue for days, beware of other possible causes, like:

  • Pain.
  • Nausea.
  • Infection.
  • Allergies
  • Parasites.

#12: Changes in appetite

As your Fido worries about the baby…

They may have less motivation to eat as well.

And this is a common sign of stress in dogs, based on PetMD.

Meanwhile, other furry pals might have increased appetite instead.

How to stop it

Reduced appetite
  • Hand-feed them small amounts.
  • Entice them with a treat they don’t normally get (e.g., boiled chicken strips, steak).
Increased appetite
  • Get them a slow-feeder bowl.
  • Regulate the amount of food that goes in their meals.

#13: Depression

Lastly, your furry friend can get depressed too.

Based on experts, a sudden change in life often causes this.

And in this case, it’s the baby – the additional family member.

Your Fido observes that you spend most of your time with your child.

So without you knowing…

You may give your pooch less attention than before.

Which causes them to be afraid and lonely.

Signs of a depressed dog:

  • Less water intake.
  • Sudden weight loss.
  • Loss of interest in things they used to like.

How to stop it

  • Walk your dog longer.
  • Introduce a new game or toy.
  • Entice them with their fave treat.
  • Act and speak excitedly when they show even a slight interest.
  • Give them quality time. You can simply stay by their side for a few more minutes daily.

If your Fido’s depression already affects their everyday function…

Bring them to the vet for a checkup. So they can give the right treatment plan for your dog as they learn to live with your baby.