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Do Pomeranians Like To Cuddle? 9 Things You Should Know

Do Pomeranians Like To Cuddle

It’s no secret:

Pomeranians are one of the cutest dog breeds in the world (if not, the cutest).

So it’s only natural to wonder if Pomeranians like to cuddle.

In this article you’ll discover:

  • The definite answer to ‘do Pomeranians like to cuddle?’.
  • The truth about hugging your Pomeranian (hint: there’s a big difference between snuggling and hugging).
  • The right way to cuddle with your Pomeranian (and 6 reasons why you should do this more often).
  • And this is just the beginning…

Do Pomeranians like to cuddle?

Pomeranians do like to cuddle. This has to do with their history of living in packs. By cuddling they warm themselves and show love and affection. Whether your own Pomeranian likes to cuddle depends on factors such as forming the habit in early puppyhood or being hyper at the moment you want to cuddle.

Are Pomeranians affectionate?

Pomeranians are very affectionate towards their pet parents. These toy dogs like to be close to their humans. Most Poms love to cuddle, be scratched and petted. They would even demand it by reaching out with their paw to you. Pomeranians are known to have high affection levels.

People also ask:

Keep in mind:

There is a right and a wrong way to show your Pomeranian you love him.

Hugging can cause your Pomeranian to become anxious. Snuggling can make him more affectionate toward you.

Warning: Snuggling should come from him. If you try to force this, it can have the opposite effect. Keep reading to find out more…

Why do Pomeranians like to cuddle?

These tiny fluffy dogs love giving and receiving affection.

If you have a lot of love to give, you can’t go wrong with a Pomeranian. They grow attached to their caretaker and don’t hesitate to show they crave attention and affection.

Last but not least, Pomeranians can read humans’ emotions (no joke).

They can sense when something is wrong, whether you’re in physical or emotional pain.

If your Pomeranian notices you’re feeling down, they’ll be right there to snuggle.

Or they will provide you with a toy to distract you. That’s their way of showing that they care for you.

How do Pomeranians like to snuggle?

They could be lying on your pillow beside you, tugging the blanket so they can lie under it, their back pressing against yours.

Or, they could simply be lying next to the chair or couch you’re sitting on. They also love to cuddle up in the chair you’re sitting on and snuggle with you.

An example of how a Pomeranian does this can be seen in this video:

Why do some Pomeranians don’t like to snuggle?

It might come as a surprise to you but not all Pomeranians like to cuddle. This could happen for a variety of reasons.

9 reasons why not all Pomeranians like to cuddle

#1: Weak bond between the Pomeranian and the owner

This is seen in both puppies and adult dogs. Can be recognized if the Pom:

  • Has little or no desire to play.
  • Doesn’t come when called or listen to commands.
  • Doesn’t make eye contact with you.
  • Doesn’t let you pet or cuddle him.
  • Doesn’t go on your lap.
  • Tries to run off when being picked up.
  • Shows aggression by baring teeth or growling.

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#2: The Pomeranian enjoys his personal space and not physical closeness

The thing is, dogs are individuals just like people are.

So, even though you can expect certain characteristics from the Pomeranian breed, bear in mind there are a few exceptions every now and then.

If you’re both staying on the couch with your Pom but he is on the other end, he is still close to you. But maybe that’s the way he feels most comfortable and getting closer could be too much at the moment.

#3: Your Pomeranian might feel anxious when you try to cuddle with him

Your Pom might feel restricted when you try to cuddle with him.

Pomeranians love to run free and also to protect you. But if you’re trying to make him cuddle, he won’t be in a position to do either of these things.

This could lead to anxiety.

If you notice your Pomeranian turning his head in the opposite direction of yours, licking his lips or yawning, it might be a sign he’s using comforting signals to lower down the levels of anxiety. Better not proceed with cuddling then.

#4: Your Pomeranian has an individual type of personality and cuddling might not be his thing

This could be a part of their personality.

Or, they could just be going through a phase and will eventually outgrow it. Depends also if the Pom was taught to cuddle as a puppy.

Some Poms are very opinionated on the matter and won’t let you go further than stroking their backs. They’ll move away as soon as you attempt to do more.

#5: You’re being too rough with cuddling

Sad Pomeranian

Pomeranians are not only tiny but also super delicate. They have fragile bones.

If you’re playing too rough or cuddling your Pomeranian too hard, he might not like it. Instead of cuddling, try stroking your Pom and giving him belly scratches.

Let the Pomeranian come to you and don’t overwhelm him by being overly excited about it.

If your Pom wants to leave, let him. This way you’ll lower the risks of your Pom being anxious around you.

Plus, you’ll get better chances of him coming willingly to cuddle and play. Feel free to use treats, toys, a calm and assertive tone of voice while calling him.

#6: Your Pomeranian doesn’t like being interrupted during eating, playing or sleeping

What to do then? Just try choosing a different time and a place to cuddle. One option is to first take your Pomeranian out for a walk, so he can go potty and empty his tummy. He will feel lighter and maybe inspired to cuddle.

Another way to have a calm and relaxed Pom, who’s likely in a mood for cuddles, is to play a lot before that. Or take your Pom for a nice long walk.

#7: Your Pomeranian is feeling sick or has a stomach ache and if you cuddle him, you squeeze the tummy

If your Pom is feeling uncomfortable in any way, he’ll indicate it to you by pulling away when you try to cuddle him. This is a polite way of saying ‘Not right now.’

A tummy ache could be caused from playing too hard or being too hot from the sun. If it lasts for a day and you’re getting unusual behavior from a Pom, a vet visit wouldn’t hurt.

#8: Pomeranians can be territorial and consider another member of the family their best friend

Usually in the family there’s one primary caretaker. Because of all the time spent together, the Pomeranian will grow fond of him. If that’s not you and you’re trying to get the attention of the Pomeranian off the caretaker, your Pom might get protective.

This happens because Pomeranians are territorial and when they demand attention from the primary caretaker, they feel you’re getting in the way.

Don’t be surprised if you get a growl as a warning.

#9: Pomeranians aren’t as cuddly with children

Toddlers lose their balance quite often and thus make Pomeranians feel threatened because they can fall on them.

You might want to think twice if you have children in the house.

When a Pomeranian feels threatened, they will nip and growl. For the safety of both kids and Pomeranians, it’s not advisable to have them in one place.

#BONUS: Your Pom is simply too hyper to cuddle

Okay, if your Pom doesn’t want to cuddle at the moment, it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t like it in general.

Pet parents have shared with me that their Pomeranian puppy won’t cuddle with them. They’d also say the puppy would play a lot or sleep.

That doesn’t mean that their furbaby won’t turn into a cuddle bug at some point. But puppies need to get used to their new environment first. Then bond with their human.

And last but not least, they need to be tired to want to lie down and cuddle. 

Can I train my Pomeranian to cuddle and chill?

Chilling Pomeranian

The good news is you can train your Pomeranian to cuddle!

A friendly reminder: Dogs and human beings tend to repeat actions that have a positive outcome or are rewarded.

We find satisfaction in behaviors such as drinking water, eating and even cuddling! With this in mind, if we want our Pom to do something, we should reinforce the behavior when it’s there. Chances are, it will be repeated.

Whenever your Pomeranian gets close to you, you can start rewarding him with some of his favourite treats. For example, when he is sitting on your lap.

If your Pom isn’t yet on your lap, you can lure him there by offering one or two tasty treats. Then, as soon as he’s where you want him, feel free to treat him.

The easiest way to get him used to that, if he’s not yet voluntarily climbing onto your lap, is to sit on the floor and offer him treats. Don’t forget to also give some belly rubs as a bonus.

The goal of this is to use fewer treats in the future as your Pomeranian will start having positive associations with the experience.

And let’s not forget to include some fun dog training games to the agenda. This combo will help you strengthen the relationship between you and your Pomeranian.

Reading tip: Here you’ll discover if Pomeranians are easy to train (and how to do it).

Avoid this one mistake 

If you’re new to Pomeranians, you must be very excited to have your first one at home. That’s understandable.

You probably can’t wait to show him to your friends. Have fun and enjoy your dog together. 


There’s something to note. Even though your friends could be the nicest people on Earth, your dog doesn’t know them. Not like you do. 

So if one of them makes an innocent but sudden attempt to hug your Pom, things could get awkward. For your Pom that is. 

He could get stressed. And as a result, he might start avoiding being picked up and cuddled. All because he got forced into the situation. 

Although such an experience sounds like something small, it could have a big impact on a Pom puppy. During puppyhood the pup will form his perception of the world. 

You don’t want him to think that the world is a scary place. And that there’s always someone who could grab him from behind and lift him up in the air without notice. 

I mean, sure, your friends mean well. But they’re still strangers to your Pom. 

Imagine I introduce you to a friend of mine. And several minutes after you’ve met, they try to hug you and hold you close. It’s a bit too much to take in, isn’t it? 

At some point, such signs of affection could be appropriate. But… after the two sides have warmed up to each other.

6 reasons why every owner should cuddle with their Pomeranian

#1: Strengthens the bond between you and your Pomeranian

Humans and dogs are alike in the sense that we both have the need for physical touch.

While cuddling, the brain releases the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin in both you and your Pom. It helps build trust, have empathy toward each other, and contributes to a better bond between you two

#2: Improves your physical health

Cuddling with your Pom helps lower your heart rate and reduces blood pressure.

#3: Your Pom needs it to feel loved and secure

Dogs are pack animals which explains their need to bond with others. Giving affection to your pet on a regular basis empowers them.

The lack of affection from your side to your Pom might lead to withdrawal of the Pom from you. It can also cause them to become inactive, change their eating patterns.

#4: Cuddling relieves anxiety and depression

While we cuddle, we release serotonin and dopamine. This makes us feel happier and helps relieve depression.

Stroking your Pomeranian is a great way to fight anxiety. This is so because Pomeranians help us focus on the here and now and not get too much in our heads.

#5: Can decrease the risk of you having a stroke

It’s important to know when to pause from the busy daily routine and catch your breath. This can lower the risk of you having a stroke.

What decreases the chances even more is cuddling with your Pomeranian. Same goes for cuddling with anyone else you love. But hey, your Pomeranian is always there for you.

#6: It’s the best way to start and end your day

Cuddling for even just 10 minutes per day in the morning and evening can have a tremendous effect on your mindset.

There’s nothing more comforting than snuggling with your favorite Pomeranian before going to work. It gets you in the mood to take on the day.

It’s also amazing how easy it can be to let go of experiences throughout our day that might have not gone that well.

Luckily, you have a home ‘therapist’. Snuggling can be compared to a sort of meditation.


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