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Do Pomeranians Pick One Person? This Might Surprise You

Do Pomeranians Pick One Person?

When there’s a Pomeranian in the family, it’s only natural he becomes everyone’s favorite. 

But do Pomeranians pick one person as their favorite?

Continue reading to discover the surprising truth.

Here you’ll find out:

  • What eye contact says of the relationship you have with your Pom.
  • The role of early socialization and the primary caretaker.
  • How to bond with your Pomeranian (5 tips).
  • And more…

Do Pomeranians pick one person?

Pomeranians do pick one person they feel closest to. While Pomeranians bond strongly with humans, they are known to be very loving and affectionate towards their favorite person of the family. Surprisingly, this is not by default the primary caretaker.  ​

If you want to become your Pomeranian’s favorite person, giving him most of your time, care, and attention is not enough.

You’ll find useful tips on how to turn this around below.

How do you recognize who the favorite person of your Pomeranian is? 8 signals

#1: Eye contact

Have you noticed your Pom looking you into the eyes? If this happens often and lasts longer, it means you’re bonding with your Pom.

It’s also a sign that your Pom is feeling comfortable in your presence. If your Pom shows you whale eyes (you can see the whites of his eyes), your Pom is rather alert.

His head is most probably facing another direction but his eyes are focused on you. In short – your Pom is feeling intimidated by your presence.

#2: Yawning

You probably know that we humans yawn after seeing another one of us do it. That has to do with empathy. Dogs do that too.

In a study, it was shown that they’re more likely to do that with their owner instead of with a stranger. This might be another indication of your Pom’s affection.

#3: Tail wagging

The tail doesn’t lie! When your Pom wags his tail, it’s one of the body language signs that he’s affectionate towards you.

Poms wag their tails when they feel good. What your Pom is non-verbally saying while looking into your eyes and wagging his tail is something like the dog equivalent of ‘Good to see you!’ or ‘Let’s play!’. In short – he’s excited.

#4: Lifting their eyebrows

If you’re attentive enough, you might notice your Pom lifting an eyebrow or two.

One study in Japan shows that dogs lifted their left eyebrow out of happiness when they saw their owners.

#5: Snuggling

Snuggling Pomeranian

There’s nothing like snuggling to show your Pom loves spending time with you!

When they choose to curl up on your lap, or lay beside you in bed or take the free left space next to you on the couch, then you’ll know it.

Your Pom has the freedom to choose their happy place from anywhere around the house. If you’re that to him, you can feel nothing less than happy.

#6: Greeting you home

Pomeranians are so expressive that when you get back home they’ll ‘’throw’’ you a dog party. Or they’ll throw themselves at you, standing on their hind legs, their face consisting almost only of that huge smile you can’t resist. 

#7: Smiling  

And while we’re at that, let’s look more into dog smiles! When your Pom is excited to go on a walk or just sees you entering the door his lips will curl up. 

It’s interesting that according to Sherry Woodard the smile of a dog is also known as a submissive grin. Or it could also be an attempt of your Pom to appease you.

#8: Taking your clothes

Does your Pom bite your socks and run down the hall or take your sweater down from the chair you’ve put it on? You might be surprised to find out that he’s actually doing this of love for you. 

Dogs experience the world mainly through smell.

When your Pom loves your smell and wants to feel closer to you, you will see him doing this or something similar. 

Note: Do not punish him for this. Instead, simply redirect his attention to something else like a suitable chew toy.

Why do Pomeranians pick one person?

Early socialization

Everything begins during puppyhood. Just like when a new child is born and experiences the world for the first time, every experience matters.

Your Pom is gonna form his perception of the world very much thanks to the person who spends the most time with him during this period. 

From birth, till your Pom reaches six months of age, his brain is highly receptive. That’s why it’s necessary to expose him to a variety of situations and people that give him a positive impression.

In short, the more positive interactions your Pom has had, chances are the better and easier he will react to new places and people.

Attention and Affection

This combination is a winner when it comes to bonding with your Pom! Bear in mind that your Pom might become more attached to you or another person from the family-based not so much on the quantity but on the quality of attention he receives.

Positive associations

Every action towards your Pom evokes either positive or negative associations. As soon as the positive ones start adding up, your Pom will see you as the source of good stuff. This applies to feeding him, playing with him, and training. 

How to become your Pom’s favorite person? 5 things you can do starting from today

Once you’ve won the heart of your Pom, it seems as if you could do anything. There’s nothing giving you more confidence and feeling of content than the dog choosing you over everyone else in the room (and in general).

There are several ways to achieve that (so don’t worry if in one aspect you don’t succeed).

#1: Be there for your Pom when he is a puppy

Pomeriam Puppy Mom

Puppies are curious and every first experience could become a big deal. It’s up to you to steer the event in a positive direction.

One of the situations that could cause trauma or negative reactions in your Pom puppy is hearing fireworks (New Year’s Eve. 4th of July, etc.)

Since dogs’ ears are able to catch a bouquet of frequencies unnoticeable to humans, your Pom could experience a full-speed emotional roller coaster when he witnesses this.

That’s why it’s super important to be present and see how your Pom reacts. Even though your presence wouldn’t stop your Pom from trembling or giving you a troubled look, it will for sure reassure him to an extent.

You can try to shift his attention from the sound by giving him something nice to smell or a treat to eat. 

Another place where your Pom could boil with emotion is the dog park.

If you’re up for socializing your Pom, just remember you’ll have to be equipped with plenty of patience

At first, your Pom might try to hide behind you when other puppies try to approach him. 

He might even squeak. Even though you might feel the urge to pick him up and hug him tight, don’t. If you know the other dogs mean well, just let him figure this out on his own.

Stay next to him but don’t teach him that whenever he’s afraid you’ll be there to ‘save’ him.

If you do this, you’re passing on a message that goes in the lines of ‘There’s a good reason for you to be afraid. That’s right – what’s happening now is dangerous’.

#2: Play a lot with him and play often

Playing probably is the 2nd most favorite activity of dogs after eating. So, don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to bond with your Pomeranian.

Pomeranians have a good amount of energy and with daily play sessions, you can make sure they put it into agility and not into ruining your shoes, furniture, and everything they manage to get their teeth into.

#3: Train your Pom

It’s great fun to communicate with your dog and you’ll be able to do it by using both voice commands and body language.

Choose short snappy phrases and start rewarding every action with treats (careful not to overdo it, though). 

Reading tip: Are Pomeranians Easy To Train? The Truth + Tips & Tricks

#4: Be the food giver

Well, just like with people sometimes (a lot of times) love passes through the stomach.

A Pom puppy needs to eat several times a day (consult with your vet), so make sure you provide the necessary amount at the right times.

Soon enough your Pom will be looking at you with loving (and expecting) eyes.

#5: Stroke your Pom

Any pleasant touch such as stroking your Pom behind the ears will make him melt. See how your Pom reacts. Don’t be too invasive. If he’s enjoying it, give him what he wants. And he’ll be coming back for more.