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Do Rottweilers Get Their Ears Cropped? 3 Answers (2023)

Do Rottweilers Get Their Ears Cropped

Droopy ears look cute on many dogs.

Like Rottweilers, for example.

And even though these Fidos look tough…

Their floppy ears make them seem friendlier.

But that could make you wonder:

Do Rotties get their ears cropped?

Don’t worry. 

You came to the best place for answers.

Keep reading to find out:

  • Whether it’s cruel to crop a Rottie’s ear or not.
  • 3 real answers about Rottweilers and ear cropping.
  • Top 5 reasons why this breed gets their ears cropped (beware of #3.)
  • And many, many more…

Do Rottweilers get their ears cropped?

Rottweilers don’t get their ears cropped. In fact, ear clipping isn’t a part of this dog’s breed standards. Though, it’s still a personal choice by fur parents to dock their Rott’s ears. Mostly, it’s done for aesthetics. However, most vets find this unnecessary.

Why are Rottweilers’ ears cropped?

It’s uncommon for Rotts to have cropped ears. If anything, some people might confuse them with Dobermans. 

I mean, these 2 Fidos look a lot like each other. 

After all, Dobbies came from Rotties. And you can only tell them apart by their body build. 

For one, Rottweilers have a bulkier look. Plus, Rotts have a wider face. 

Meanwhile, Dobermans have longer snouts. Also, it matches their slimmer bodies. Now, cropped ears are more common in Dobbies

But what if you did spot a Rottie with docked ears? 

Well, there could be a few reasons for that.

So let’s start with:

#1: Aesthetics 

As you can tell, Rotties have a strong appearance. 

You could take 1 glance at them… 

And you’ll already feel their power…

Their confidence. 

Aren’t they majestic? 

Well, Rottweilers can achieve that easily. Even without ear cropping. 

Though, some fur parents think it makes Fido look cooler. 

Or better yet: 

Clipped ears make Rottweilers seem scarier. 

But aside from this… 

A Rottweiler can get a docked tail too. And that’s more common in this breed.

Though, this is also why many vets say:

Ear cropping is unnecessary for this reason. 

#2: For better hearing 

Many people claim this: 

Ear cropping can improve your dog’s hearing. 

But how true is this? 

I mean, some pups with floppy ears could still hear things clearly. Just look at these breeds for example:

  • Poodles.
  • Schnauzers.
  • Lhasa Apsos.
  • Cocker Spaniels.
  • Labrador Retrievers.

These doggos have soft, floppy ears. Yet they can still pick up even the slightest sound.

And while it’s true that pups with pointy ears also have great hearing… 

There’s still no proof that clipping Fido’s ears can improve their senses.

Not to mention, a study reveals:

Most dogs have a hearing range of 67 to 45,000 Hz (Hertz.) 

And that’s the unit used for measuring sound. 

Meanwhile, you and I only have about 64 to 23,000 Hz

With this, it’s clear that many pups can hear things just fine. So why do they need their ears to get cropped? 

That said, you might be wondering:

“How can I tell if my dog has a good sense of hearing?” 

Well, you have to look at their body language.

For one, you’ll notice Fido’s ears reacting to sound. 

You see, dogs can move their soft ears as they please. And when they hear any noise, their ears will point in that direction.

This way, they can focus their hearing in 1 spot. 

See? Even without cropping Fido’s ears…

They’re still capable of picking up most sounds.

“What if my pup’s not reacting to any noise?” 

If that’s the case… 

Your Rottie might have issues like:

  • Deafness.
  • Ear infections.

But wait. 

Before you call the vet, Fido could just be ignoring you

I mean, humans also have those days. When they just want to be left alone. Not talking to anyone, right? 

Though, if you still have doubts about your Rottie’s ears…

Then there’s no harm in consulting an expert. 

And with their advice, you can decide if your Rott needs ear clipping or not.

#3: To avoid ear infections

Rottweilers' Ears Are Cropped To Avoid Infections

Since Rotties have droopy ears… 

There’s a risk of having infections. 

Not to mention, the AKC states:

Over 20% of dogs have ear problems. And that might affect 1 or both ears. 

But you know what’s worse?

This issue could lead to deafness in dogs. If not, it can still put your pooch in great pain. 

Due to these health risks…

Many fur parents choose to crop Fido’s ears. 

Plus, it’s true that pups with floppy ears are more prone to this issue. 

To name a few examples, take a look at these breeds:

Note: This is based on experts from PetMD.

Now, there are actually many studies that back this info up. 

But based on another research

There’s still no proof that ear cropping can solve this issue in dogs. 

Instead, the docking itself could lead to infections. 

After all, the pup’s ears will be cut open.

And without proper care, it can lead to ear diseases.

So before you decide to crop your Rottie’s ears… 

You should consider the risk that it might give Fido an infection.

Read also: 11 Alarming Reasons Why Dogs Scratch Their Ears + 5 Tips

#4: Prevent injuries 

They say that ear cropping can prevent injuries. 

While this can be true… 

In today’s age, it’s actually not needed anymore. 

Why, you ask? 

I mean, ear docking only started for 2 main reasons: 

  • For the sake of looks.
  • To avoid injuries during a dog fight. 

And today, dog fights are illegal in many countries. 

In that case, there’s no need to crop your Rottie’s ears. 

After all, who are they going to fight, the vacuum? As long as Fido lives in a safe home, their ears will be alright.

“But what if they get attacked by another dog?” 

That’s a good point. 

Though, when Fidos attack each other

Injuries are bound to happen. Whether you dock your pup’s ears or not. 

And you might also wonder:

“What about other dog breeds with cropped ears?” 

Well, some of these Fidos work as guard dogs. Like Dobermans, for example. 

So, in case of intruders… 

Some fur parents think their Dobie’s docked ears can reduce injuries. 

But how accurate could that be? 

You see, many vets doubt this idea. 

I mean, if someone’s out with bad intentions…

They clearly might hurt someone or your pup. And having cropped ears can’t stop that. 

If anything, those ears could only scare away other people. 

After all, as I said in reason #1: 

A lot of hoomans think perked ears look fierce in dogs. 

But in the end…

There’s not enough proof to support this 4th reason. 

In fact, if you’re worried about injuries…

Ear cropping itself gives that to your pooch. And it’s a very painful process for them. 

Now, if you wanna know more about this, check this video:

#5: Breeder suggestion

Some breeders crop the Rottie’s ears before you adopt the puppy. Meanwhile, the sellers might also suggest the idea to the new fur parents. 

For example, they might tell you things like: 

“This is the breed standard for Rotties. 

Everyone does it. So you should do it for your dog too.” 

Well, that’s just a flat-out lie. 

Like I said earlier on: 

Ear cropping isn’t a breed standard for Rotts. 

But why would some breeders encourage this? 

For one, it could help add to their total sales. Especially if they’ll handle the pup’s posting aftercare. 

Now, I’m not saying that all breeders are like this. 

The thing is, since ear cropping is a fashion trend these days…

Some people just think it’s something they should follow. You know, to make Fido look cooler. Even though it’s not actually needed. 

And this is why you should only talk to reputable breeders. 

With that, you’ll know that your Rottie came from good hands. Plus, they won’t give you ideas to hurt your pup’s ears just for their profit.

Is it cruel to get dogs ears cropped?

It’s cruel to get a dog’s ears cropped. As many vets say, this practice isn’t needed. Instead, it only brings pain to your pooch. 

And like I mentioned earlier: 

It might also cause ear infections. But only if the ears aren’t properly cared for. 

To add more…

Since dog fighting is mostly banned, that’s 1 less reason to crop a pup’s ears. 

And once again: 

There’s no proof that ear cropping has its perks. 

For one, it doesn’t improve Fido’s hearing. Plus, it won’t secure your pup’s safety from injuries. 

But in the end, the choice is still yours to make. 

So if you still have any doubts…

You’re always free to consult a professional.