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7 Surprising Reasons Why Dogs Hate Rain (Updated 2023)

Why Dogs Hate Rain

Rain, rain, go away…

Come again some other day.

If only Fido could sing…

They’d surely love that song.

And with all this negative reaction to rain…

You might ask yourself: 

“Why do dogs hate rain?” 

Well, great timing.

My weather forecast says it’ll rain with surprising answers.

Keep reading to learn: 

  • 7 surprising reasons why dogs hate rain.
  • 9 alarming signs that Fido has a storm phobia.
  • Vital tips to make your pup relax when there’s rain (#5 works like a charm).
  • And so much more…

Do all dogs hate rain?

Not all dogs hate rain. Instead, some canines love it. However, 1 report states that over 30% of dogs fear thunderstorms. Sometimes, dogs fear rain because of their strong senses. With that, some canines could hate rain. Moreover, some dogs are simply not used to rain.

Why dogs hate rain – 7 reasons

#1: Your dog has a storm phobia

Does your dog bark when it rains?

Or do they seem scared of thunder? 

In that case, Fido might suffer from what experts call: 


That means your pup has a fear of storms. Especially the ones with thunder. 

Now, this could happen to dogs of any age. But research also states: 

The fear of storms usually starts while Fidos are young. And then it carries on until their adulthood. 

So, in most cases, pups don’t recover from the phobia. 

However, there’s not enough study on this case. Thus, no one knows what causes this fear in your furry friends. 

What scientists do know is: 

Over 30% of dogs have a fear of thunderstorms

Now, this is based on the same research I linked above. 

From that journal…

They ran a survey on 69 dogs. And out of that, 21 pups had a phobia of thunderstorms. 

But what about the rest of those Fidos?

Here’s what the remaining 48 dogs did in that study:

  • 48% were neutral.
  • 9% were alert and reactive.
  • 13% of pups became fierce.

Note: On a separate survey, 36% of Fidos wanted to be near their fur parents. Again, this is all during a thunderstorm. 

With that, you can tell that some furry friends don’t like the rain out of fear. 

“But how would I know if my dog has a phobia?” 

You could confirm that issue in your pup if they show signs like: 

Warning: If the storm isn’t stopping soon, your pooch might need your help. So, comfort them before they end up getting into an accident. 

For that, let me give you 9 tips on how to help Fido relax during a storm:

  • Brush your pup’s hair.
  • Distract them using toys.
  • Invite them to cuddle in bed.
  • Buy a thunder shirt for dogs.
  • Give your pooch a massage.
  • Find them a safe spot to hide in.
  • Reward them when they calm down.
  • Mask the rain’s sound with soothing music.
  • Keep yourself relaxed. Your dog can pick up your emotions.

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#2: Due to the static electricity from storms

When a storm is coming…

You might catch your pup sniffing the air

That’s because they’re smelling the scent changes in the sky. After all, dogs have a great sense of smell

And that’s how Fido knows when the weather’s changing.

But why are pups so wary about storms?

Well, during heavy rains…

The pressure in the air also changes. And that could lead to what experts call: 

Static buildup. 

Now, that’s something your furry pal doesn’t like.

But why, you ask? 

Static electricity could build up on Fido’s fur 

As the word implies, this feels electrifying. And that’s not a good experience at all.

In fact, the static shock can be painful for some dogs.

Plus, this could also trigger anxiety for your furry pal.

Now, this typically happens if your pup’s a long-haired breed. Though, any pooch could go through this issue as well.

Thanks to that…

Many dogs hate stormy days due to the electrifying feeling on their fur. 

#3: Scent changes overstimulate their nose 

Scent Changes Overstimulate Their Nose

As you read in reason #2… 

Dogs have powerful noses. And that’s why these pups love to sniff things around. 

But it’s also the reason behind their dislike for rain. 

After all…

The moisture can affect the smell of many things. 

For example, you know that weird scent after a storm? 

Scientists call that: petrichor. 

And that’s 1 of the things that your furry pal can smell. 

Now, if that odor is strong for you… 

Just imagine how worse it could be for your pooch. 

To add more, a journal states:

You and I only have 400 scent receptors. Well, that’s too small compared to dogs that have 300 million. 

So when the rain hits and it changes the smell around you… 

It can overstimulate Fido’s nose. And this can be irritating for them. 

That’s why you might even catch your pup scratching their snoots.

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#4: Some dogs don’t like the sound of rain

Fun fact: Dogs have a hearing range of 67 to 45,000 Hz. That stands for Hertz

And it’s the unit used to measure sound.

Now, based on a study

Humans only have around 64 to 23,000 Hz. 

Well, that sounds much lower than Fidos, huh? 

With this, you might enjoy rain music. I mean, the water drops do sound relaxing. And there are even studies backing up this feeling.

But to some dogs, it’s not the same for them 

After all, with their amazing sense of hearing… 

You can imagine how things sound so different for them. 

For example:

A whisper might be already loud for your furry pal. 

And this is also why many pups are scared of fireworks. In fact, over 45% of dogs have a fear of that.

Moreover, there’s thunder and lightning. 

And if those shocking noises can scare hoomans away…

What more could it do to your pooch? 

I mean, it must sound so much scarier for Fido. 

That’s why if you recall the tips I gave in reason #1:

I said that you could play some relaxing music for your furry pal. 

And if you want to get the best results from this idea… 

You can also follow these suggestions:

  • Close all the windows.
  • Keep your doors properly shut. 
  • Ensure that all noise from the outside is blocked.

Note: This is to avoid mixing up the music with the sound of rain. After all, that could only worsen Fido’s anxiety instead.

With this, vets say your pup might calm down faster.

Oh, need some help with that? I got you covered. 

Try out this soothing music for dogs:

#5: Rain ruins Fido’s routine 

Do you follow a schedule for your pup? 

If so, that’s a good thing for many dogs. They love routines. 

But what happens if that habit is disrupted? 

For one, it can upset your furry pal. 

And that’s usually the case when there’s rain. 

To give you an example, picture this scenario:

Let’s say you take Fido out for a walk every day. Plus, you always do this around 10 am and 8 pm. 

But when it rains too heavily… 

It can be hard to take your pooch out for a walk, right? 

Not only could you catch a cold. But your furry pal can also get sick from the rain.

Thus, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

But this is something your pup might not understand. Instead, they’ll be left thinking: 

“I was looking forward to going out. The rain ruined my day.” 

Well, I get why they’re disappointed.

After all, Fidos can also tell time 

“Wait, really?” 

That’s right. 

Science confirms this theory. And that’s why your pup knows when it’s time to eat. Or when they need to go potty soon. 

But this also adds to why they get upset when their routine changes. 

Warning: According to experts, the change of seasons could also affect your dog’s mood. So if left ignored, your dog might fall into depression. 

“How can I tell if Fido is depressed?”

In that case, watch out for symptoms like:

  • Hiding.
  • Whining.
  • Laziness.
  • Not eating.
  • Clinginess.
  • Fierceness.
  • Acting distant.
  • Restlessness.
  • Licking nonstop.
  • Chewing on items.
  • Sleeping too much.
  • Sudden changes in their weight.
  • Losing interest in their favorite things.

Warning: Depression can be fatal for dogs. Before it gets worse, help your pooch heal. 

To help you further…

Here are 7 tips to support a sad Fido:

  • Give them more attention.
  • Get medicine from the vet.
  • Seek an expert dog therapist.
  • Start a fun game with your pooch.
  • More belly rubs or head scratches.
  • Let your furry friend cuddle with you.
  • Don’t force your dog to do any activity.

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#6: Your dog’s afraid of getting in trouble

Sometimes, your pup’s afraid of something else.

Instead of fearing the storm…

Your furry friend’s just scared of getting into trouble. In a sense, it’s like trauma for them. 

For example, here’s a scenario:

Let’s say Fido went to roll in mud when it rained once. 

After that, they went inside their hooman’s room. With that, the dog left muddy paw prints all over the place. 

Now, I understand this can be stressful. Especially for busy fur parents. 

Thus, some parents might get upset and scold their pups. 

And that could be something scary for your furry pal. 

After all, these dogs don’t know what they did wrong. They only wanted to have fun in the rain… 

You know, like an innocent child. 

And that’s why it’s not good to yell or punish a pooch

With that, the scolded pup will start to hate rain. 

Now, this might be common in rescues too. 

You see, abused dogs tend to be scared of everything

And rain is just 1 of those things they fear. 

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#7: They catch your emotions 

Did you know? 

Specialists say: dogs can catch your emotions. 

So if you’re the type of person to feel down during the rainy season…

Your furry friend might catch that too.

But wait a minute…

Why do many humans feel sad when it’s cold or stormy? 

Luckily, doctors have an answer: 

You see, there’s a condition called SAD. And that stands for:

Seasonal affective disorder. 

For example, when fall or autumn kicks in… 

Some people start feeling depressed. Now, this can go on until winter. 

But then, it also stops once spring comes around. 

So if your furry pal can sense this from you… 

They might also end up sad too. And that’s why some dogs sleep more than usual when it rains. 

“But what if I’m not sad at all? Should I worry about my pup?” 

In that case, Fido could pick it up from other people too. Especially if you live with other family members. 

After all, dogs are emotionally smart. That’s how they can build deep bonds with their fur parents. 

And even if there’s no one else at home but you and Fido…

Some puppers just simply don’t like the rain.