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Top 9 Dog Breeds That Like Rain (Updated 2023 Guide)

Dog Breeds That Like Rain

If most dogs could chant, they’d say…

“Rain, rain, go away. 

Come again another day.”

While other Fidos may also sing…

“I’m happy again! 

I’m singin’ and dancin’ in the rain!”

Joke aside, we know that taking a bath and getting wet isn’t dogs’ favorite.

So what makes some Fidos love the rain so much?

Continue reading to discover:

  • 9 dog breeds that like rain the most.
  • 3 rare water dog breeds that you must know.
  • Incredible reasons why these canines love the water.
  • 3 possible risks of rain and things you should do after walks.
  • And a lot more…

9 dog breeds that like rain

#1: Newfoundland

Like Elsa from the movie ‘Frozen,’ these Fidos have the right to say…

“The cold never bothered me anyway.”

Okay, let me be clear here.

Newfoundland dogs or ‘Newfies’ can’t control ice and snow like her. 

However, they love swimming, even in the icy waters of the Atlantic.


It’s all thanks to Newfies’ thick, wavy coat that protects them from cold. 

Plus, their fur is oily, too, which makes it waterproof. And such keeps these dogs dry.

So if these giant Fidos could stay in the water for a long time…

Then a little rain won’t bother them at all – they’ll love it!

But wait, there’s more to Newfies than their tolerance to cold.

“What is it?”

These Fidos came from Newfoundland. And years ago, the fishermen there needed a tough dog who had these 2 qualities:

  • Strong.
  • Water-loving.

So ta-dah. 

Strong Newfies with affinity to water were born.

According to AKC, an average male Newfie weighs about 130-150 lbs (59-68 kg). While a female’s 100-120 lbs (45-54 kg).

Thus, these dogs have massive bodies. 

And that’s why pulling heavy carts to the market was no big deal for them.

Plus, they even helped fishermen to haul nets in the water.

But it doesn’t end here yet.

Newfies are also excellent water rescue dogs

This breed has an instinct to help people struggling in the water. 

And they’re strong enough to pull them easily to the shore.

So over the years, Newfies have saved many lives of swimmers in distress.

Fun fact: How come these giant Newfoundland dogs swim so well? It’s because they also have ‘webbed feet’ that help them move fast and easily.

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#2: Labrador Retriever

Like Newfies, this most popular dog breed in the US came from Newfoundland too.

Labs were initiated in the UK. But their first ancestors were a mix of St. John’s Water dogs who originated in Newfoundland.

So it’s expected to see these Fidos also enjoy the water.

Well, unlike other dogs who get anxious during a downpour

Most Labs are a big fan of the rain.

Watch how this little pup got so excited after experiencing its 1st downpour:

But like other dogs, Labs may also get scared of thunder

“What was Labs’ first job?”

They were first used to aid hunters and fishermen.

After all, Labrador Retrievers are smart and hardworking. 

That’s why people trained them to retrieve drowned birds during hunting. Hence, their name.

Plus, Labs can swim in freezing waters too. And it’s because they have:

  • Webbed feet.
  • Thick ‘otter’ tail.
  • Double-layered fur.
  • Water-resistant undercoat.

So they’re also part of water rescue dog groups with Newfoundland dogs.

But mind you…

These Fidos have high levels of energy. So some people who can’t handle this call them the worst dogs.

#3: Golden Retriever

Next on the popularity and ‘rain-loving’ list are these dogs with lustrous golden coats.

Like Labs, Goldens love getting soaked in it a lot. 

But it can also be a bit too much for some fur parents.

“Why’s that?”

It’s because these Fidos don’t only like showering in the rain.

Goldens may also get lost in the moment and mess with muddy puddles.

Now you might wonder…

“Why do Golden Retrievers love water so much?

It’s because they were also bred to swim.

With their sturdy body and dense coat, these Fidos can stay in the waters for hours.

And Goldens could still swim even if it’s freezing.

“How can they do that?”

A study found that Fidos have different sensitivity levels to pain.

And Goldens and Labs are one of the dogs with the highest tolerance to it. Along with:

  • Pitbulls.
  • Mastiffs.
  • Bulldogs.
  • Rottweilers.
  • Boxer dogs.

Also, Golden Retrievers are ‘gun dogs’ too, like Labs.

They used to find and get knocked down birds in the water for the hunters unharmed. 

And it’s possible due to their ‘soft mouth.’

“What is it?”

It’s the ability of dogs to control the force of their bite. This is so that they won’t harm anything placed in their mouths.

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#4: Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Likes The Rain

“Did someone say rain?

I can even swim in an icy lake!”

Say the Chesapeake Bay dogs or ‘Chessies’ who won’t also be bothered by the rain.

“So, what’s their story?”

Chessies are unrivaled when it comes to being a great hunting buddy. And they’re also at the top with their water-retrieving skills.


According to experts, these dogs can swim for hours.

They could even get 200 geese or ducks every day.

And like the previous dogs, Chessies also have a waterproof coat.  

So it keeps them dry and warm while staying in the water.

However, Chessies can be stubborn at times.

That’s why if they see it’s raining outside…

They might find a way to get out asap and not wait for their humans.

#5: Portuguese Water Dog

As their name implies, these Fidos are extremely attracted to water. 

Like bees to honey.

They have a thick coat with lovely curls. And it’s perfect for staying in the water.

So they were a big help to the fishermen in Portugal.

Based on experts, Portuguese Water Dogs are ‘all-rounders.’

This means these Fidos can do almost any job related to water.

In general, these dogs are:

  • Smart.
  • Athletic.
  • Easy to train.

So although they’re not ‘gun dogs’ like Retrievers, these canines can:

  • Herd fish.
  • Drag nets.
  • Get fishes who escaped.
  • Relay messages to different boats.
  • Tip-off fishermen about groups of fish in the water.

Take note. Portuguese Water Dogs used to ride in boats and work under rugged weather.

So unlike Fidos who can’t even step on wet grass

These fluffy dogs would likely be more willing to get soaked in the rain.

#6: American Water Spaniel

Next, this is a rare dog breed that also loves water so much.

As of today, a report says there are only about 3,000 of them worldwide.

But before we go on with their story, I’ll refer to them as ‘AWS.’

Okay. So these Fidos were first bred by hunters in the 1800s in Wisconsin.

They specifically wanted a type of dog that could retrieve birds or ducks – both on land and water.

However, at the same time…

These Fidos must also be small enough to fit in the boats they use. But still powerful enough to get games or hunted birds.

Thus, AWS dogs who are medium-sized and have waterproof coats were created.

Now, besides swimming, these Fidos also love the outdoors.

So once an AWS dog sees rain, they might rush and play outside in a flash.

#7: Barbet

This breed is also known as the ‘French Water Dog.’

And by the way, their name is pronounced as ‘Bar-bay.’ (Yes, like the doll that most young girls love.)

But like AWS, Barbet dogs are also rare. And AKC says only around 500 of them are in the US today.

“So, how do these water-loving Fidos were born?”

Barbet dogs originated in France. 

And they were bred to recover downed birds like waterfowls from the marshes.

So like Retrievers and Newfies, these Fidos can also swim for hours.

Thus, they’ll be happy to get soaked in the rain too.

Also, with their long, thick, curly hair…

Barbet dogs have a high tolerance to cold.

But due to their appearance, many people often mistake them for a Doodle or a Poodle mix.

#8: Sussex Spaniel

Speaking of rare breeds, here’s another uncommon Spaniel on the list.

These Fidos have dense, silky coats. Also, just like the rest of the dogs here, Sussex Spaniels love playing in the water.

So they wouldn’t mind even if it’s falling from the sky.

Plus, with their long ear flaps that keep the rain out, they’re ready to shower anywhere.   

Now, apart from these…

Sussex Spaniels are amazing hunters too

Although these small dogs are slow…

Vets say that they make up for it with their extra sensitive noses.

All dogs have an incredible sense of smell. But the ‘nose-game’ of Sussex Spaniels is a bit stronger than the rest.

Although they can’t beat the fantastic Bloodhounds.

In addition to that, they’re also chatty.

So hunters used these dogs before to follow a prey’s scent.

Sussex Spaniels will bark as they pursue the trail of a wild animal. Like an alive, walking GPS.

And this keeps the hunters updated on the prey’s current location.

Trivia: According to experts, only 8 Sussex Spaniels survived WWII. So all dogs of this breed that you see today came from them. And now, they’re still rare, and only around 100 of them are registered. 

#9: Jack Russell Terrier

Lastly, these Fidos have shorter hair than the other dogs above.

However, this doesn’t stop them from rushing out in the rain. Chasing droplets of water.


Jack Russells love being in the outdoors.

They enjoy it so much that they won’t even notice it’s raining.

Plus, these Fidos may have a small body frame…

But they’re filled with tremendous energy.

So they can dig and run for hours without getting tired fast.

Thus, rain or shine, these Terriers are up for long walks outside.

Fun fact: Did you know that Jack Russell Terriers can jump as high as 5 ft (1.5 m)? It’s about as tall as a park bench or a standing floor lamp.

However, although your pooch loves the rain. And they’re allowed to play and take walks in it…

PetMD still reminds dog parents of these dangers:

  • Giardia.
  • Pneumonia.
  • Leptospirosis. 

Also, to ensure your Fido’s safety, do the following steps after every rain walk:

  1. Prepare a bowl with diluted antiseptic. (E.g., Listerine, Scope.)
  2. Soak your dog’s feet in the solution before going inside the house.
  3. Make them stay like that for around 30 seconds.
  4. Dry your dog’s feet well using a clean towel.