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11 Best Dog Pouch Hoodies For Loving Dog Parents (2023)

Dog Pouch Hoodie

Are you looking to up your cuddle session with your pooch?

Or maybe your doggo loves being carried. But despite being a lap dog, they’re heavy…

It’s your lucky day! Here’s the perfect solution for you: hoodies with a dog pouch.

Guaranteed, you and your fur baby will be kept warm and close. What’s more, you’ll be out in style. So…

Read on to discover:

  • 11 best dog pouches that you can easily purchase online.
  • How this product can help your dog with separation anxiety.
  • The chemical reaction behind the enjoyment you’ll get when you put your dog in a pouch hoodie.
  • And many more…

11 best dog pouch hoodies

#1: Kei Tomlison Unisex Big Pouch Hoodie

Starting with the leading brand on this specific product…

The Kei Tomlison dog pouch hoodie gives you the perfect excuse to snuggle to your dog no matter where.

Moreover, it comes in variations that you can buy depending on your place’s climate. Its varieties feature the same large dog pouch.

That pouch is detachable. You can easily remove it by unzipping it. This feature makes it simpler for you to wash the hoodie.

Kei Tomlison Cotton Big Pouch Hoodie

Kei Tomlison Cotton Big Pouch Hoodie

If it’s currently warm, but you still want to try this snuggly material…

Don’t fret!

This brand’s got you with their cotton pouch hoodie.

Surely, your canine will be comfortable inside the large cotton pouch. 

Moreover, the drawstring has fluffy balls of thread as its ends. With that, your pooch will have something to play with.

And all the while, they’re curled and close to you.

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Kei Tomlison Cotton-blend with fleece lining big pouch hoodie

Kei Tomlison Cotton-Blend With Fleece Lining Big Pouch Hoodie

Is the weather kinda chill?

Then, you can opt for Kei Tomlison’s cotton blend with a fleece-lined dog pouch hoodie.

It also has the fluffy-ended drawstring that Fido can have fun with.

Moreover, the large pouch can protect your pooch from breezy weather. And it’ll surely keep Fido warm and cozy.


That’s because the inside of the pouch is fur-lined.

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Kei Tomlison high-quality fleece big pouch hoodie

Kei Tomlison High-Quality Fleece Big Pouch Hoodie

For even colder climates, this brand comes to the rescue once again…

Their dog pouch hoodie comes in a variation that’s made with high-quality fleece.

It still has a cotton blend, although less than the previous variation.

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#2: KITTYROO Super Soft Kangaroo Pet Pouch

The name suggests that the product’s intended for cats…

But your pooch won’t know that ( don’t tell ‘em)…

Your canine can snuggle in the KITTYROO Super Soft Kangaroo Pet Pouch just the same.

KITTYROO Super Soft Kangaroo Pet Pouch

Moreover, this product is often seen on TV where they claim its comfort and sound quality…

And they’re not being deceiving…

The product is indeed ultrasoft. It’s also lined with high-quality fleece that can make you and your fur baby warm during icy situations. 

Moreover, the clothing has cute cat ears on the hood.

So, even as you relax on the couch while eating your chips…

Then, your pooch is being cozy inside the pouch…

You two will look cute in your ensemble.

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#3: jessie Puppy Holder Sweatshirt

Jessie Puppy Holder Sweatshirt

Carry your dog, but make it hands-free with jessie’s Puppy Holder Sweatshirt.

It’s definitely made with quality. 

The product boasts its perfect seams that are double-stitched. With that, you’re ensured that the clothing is durable.

Then, its front has a kangaroo pouch that you can use to bring your dog anywhere. May it be just around the living room or around the neighborhood.

And while they’re at that pouch, it guarantees that it’s comfortable for your fur baby. Not only is it roomy for a small pooch, but its fabric also feels good against their coats.

Then, this pouch is also removable. That feature makes it ideal for easy cleaning.

And to ensure added safety of your pooch, the pocket has a snap closure.

Moreover, its drawstrings have fluffy ends as well. Your doggo will surely enjoy such a feature.

Overall, the hoodie comes in style and stays true to its function.

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#4: Wang Dog Holder Hoodie

Wang Dog Holder Hoodie

This is suitable for you and your pupper’s cuddly needs!

First of all, the Wang Dog Holder Hoodie is made of cotton. Such a quality contributes to its snuggly factor.

And what can happen if you wear this in bed and put your pooch in the large pocket?

It’s a promise that your pupper will fall fast asleep…

Moreover, it can have the same effect on you.

How so?

It’s because of the hormone called oxytocin

Research says positive interactions with your dog can cause a surge of oxytocin.

What’s that?

It’s better known as the love hormone.

Moreover, it’s produced in the brain, specifically by the hypothalamus.

Now, this plays a huge role in creating happiness between you and your dog. 

That’s because the surge of the hormone puts you in a positive emotional state.

This is the reason behind that cheerful dog smile during your cuddling sessions. Just look at these canines and dog parents enjoying such activity:

So, imagine this:

You’re wearing this hoodie in bed and your pooch is inside the pocket…

Moments later, they fall asleep…

Their cuteness and weight against you give you this warm feeling. It’s something that puts a smile on your face.

Then, you feel calm, and you start feeling sleepy little by little. The next thing that happens is you’re sound asleep, too.

Then, when you wake up, you might feel more well-rested after that heartwarming sleep. 

So, this hoodie won’t just be for making a fashion statement…

It’ll also help you level up your cuddling sessions with your fur baby.

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#5: Roodie Pet Pouch Hoodie

Roodie Pet Pouch Hoodie

Looking for the perfect dog pouch hoodie?

Then the Roodie pet pouch hoodie is among the right choices.

Not only does it make a cool rhyme, but it also boasts a lot of quality and features…

First of all, it’s crafted using high-quality and eco-friendly cotton. It’s also made of polyester, which makes the clothing durable.

Moreover, even the fabric dye they use to color is environment-friendly. With that, it comes in 6 fun colors that you can choose from.

Furthermore, its pouch is removable as well.

So, your pooch is done hanging out on the pocket?

Then, you can unfasten the pouch for easy cleaning. After that, it’ll be ready to oblige on your next snuggle sessions with Fido.

Not only that, but your pupper isn’t the only one this hoodie can carry…

Its many other compartments can store your phone, wallet, etc.

However, the downside is that the hoodie’s only available in women’s fit. So, if you want an oversized fit, it’s best to up a few sizes.

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#6: ZIIFULLHOU Women Pet Carrier Sweater

ZIIFULLHOU Women Pet Carrier Sweater

Made for the girls and the fur babies, this hoodie is lightweight but durable.

The pouch that it features can bear your small canine.

Moreover, the pocket can be removed when you need to wash it.

And for statement, the hoodie also has some fun design.

For the pockets, there are embroidered little paw prints. And on the end of its sleeves are thumbholes.

Then, its hood has cat ears, which I hope Fido is okay with…

That aside, its drawstrings have pom-poms on each end, too. With that, your pup will have something to keep themself busy.

Then, the material it’s made with is soft but thick. 

So, you and your canine will feel cozy. But when the weather’s warm, you don’t have to worry so much as the material is breathable.

Lastly, there’s one reminder…

Since the fit is for women, the hoodie will tend to be smaller. And with that, you may want to size up if you want that loose type of hoodie.

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#7: ALYC Pet Pouch Hoodie with Design

ALYC Pet Pouch Hoodie With Design

The ideal hoodie for bringing your pooch effortlessly is here…

Moreover, the ALYC Pet Pouch Hoodie is made from flannel material fabric. 

And, what’s even more exciting is that this one comes in many designs and colors. 

There are checkered patterns and floral designs to choose from.

As for its quality, it’s made from a mix of cotton and polyester.

That aside, its pouch is roomy, so there’s much space for your small dog.

Using this hoodie, you can chill on the couch with your pooch. Or, if you’ve got an errand, you can use it to bring your fur baby with style.

Lastly, for easy cleaning, the pouch that it boasts is also detachable using a zipper.

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#8: ALYC Pet Carrier Hoodie

ALYC Pet Carrier Hoodie

Yet another variety of the dog pouch hoodie from the ALYC brand…

First, the hoodie is soft and thick yet lightweight.

And this time, the design is approached differently.

Starting off with its signature cat ears on the hood…

Then, there are also fluffy pom-poms on its drawstring ends.

Moreover, its material is 35% cotton and 65% polyester.

With that, it’s both comfortable and sturdy.

As for its fit, a size chart is available in the product description.

Tip: It’s highly recommended for you to order 1 to 2 sizes up.

That’s because the product’s size runs small.

In doing so, you’ll have a loose-fitting hoodie. As for Fido, they’ll have a roomy pouch to snuggle in.

Say that upon receiving the product the size isn’t still right for you.  Or there’s something that didn’t meet your standards…

The good thing is the brand offers a 30-day return policy.

Kind reminder when using closable dog pouches: You must make sure that your pooch won’t suffocate. Some pouches have snap closures or zippers. Regardless of which, I advise you not to fully close the pouch when carrying Fido. 

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#9: Jomago Womens Pet Carrier Hood Sweatshirt

Jomago Womens Pet Carrier Hood Sweatshirt

This is the perfect pouch hoodie that you can use as an excuse…

For what?

For you to be close to your pooch all the time…

The VOGRYE Womens Hoodies Pet Holder is created using high-quality material.

It’s soft and lightweight. Such qualities make it wonderful for whatever weather.

Moreover, the dog pouch attached to it offers ample space. That makes it an ideal area for your teensy canine.

And despite that, the hoodie still carries another zipper pocket that you can use. Then, all of those are removable for you to wash easily.

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#10: SAIANKE Womens Hoodies Pet Holder

SAIANKE Womens Hoodies Pet Holder

Highly rated and of top quality…

The SAIANKE Womens Hoodies Pet Holder is the ideal assistant to carry your pooch.

Moreover, this one shares a lot of similar features to other products.

Its drawstrings are secured with pom-pom ends. Its hood has cat ears as well.

Then, it has a thumbhole and side pocket.

As for its dog pouch, its size is large and just suitable for a cute-sized canine.

Then, you can expect the hoodie to fit as you hoped. With that, you won’t have to size up if you want an exact-fitting hoodie.

And for its quality, you can expect that it’s excellent. It’s made with 80% cotton and 20% polyester. 

So, what are you waiting for? There are 6 simple colors available that wait to be chosen.

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#11: Cozystar Wearable Blanket Hoodie with Giant Pocket

Ever wanted to extend the time yous pend under the warm blankets on a cold day?

Well, now you can do that. With…

The Cozystar Wearable Blanket Hoodie with Giant Pocket.

Yes, you read that right…

It’s a wearable blanket and a hoodie. Plus, it has a spacey pouch that has so much room for your fur baby.

Moreover, this product is a “one size fits all.”

So what can you expect in terms of its size?

The product dimension is given in the description. For your convenience, it’s:

27.89 in (70.86 cm) L x 31.77 in (80.71 cm) W

As you can see, it’s a large product.

So, expect it to be very loose in the body. Then, its length can stretch out to your knees or further depending on your height.

Moreover, its pocket is labeled as “giant.” And it stays true to what they say.

The pouch that it can hold your dog with is extremely spacey.

And, oh, talk about its material…

From the pictures alone, you can see that it’s going to be so soft. And it is!

Take note that it’s also thick. So with its size, this clothing isn’t going to be lightweight.

With that, it’s most perfect for lounging.

The most fitting place to wear it is around the house. Where you can chill on the couch or bed. And your pooch would be there with you as they relax on the pocket.

Did you know? Doing such a thing will be appreciated by your pooch with separation anxiety.

That’s why products like these are beneficial for dogs with that condition.

Let me explain in further detail…

Dogs and separation anxiety

First of all, let’s understand the nature of this condition.

Vets tell us that separation anxiety in dogs is a common behavior problem. Data shows that almost 40% of dogs who misbehave have this issue.

Moreover, VCA Hospitals describe this as:

The tendency of a dog to be overly attached to a family member.

And when pups with separation anxiety parts with that person…

May it be for a while or several hours…


You can expect them to show many worrying habits.

Some examples are crying before you leave or freaking out at night.

And when you get home, you might be greeted with an overexcited pooch.

Oh, and not just that…

But you’ll also say hi to a mess. 

That’s because they might’ve chewed your socks or munched on your blankets.

Now, all of those are the signs of separation anxiety. However, the indications can be different from one dog to another.

Moreover, some dog breeds are more prone to having separation anxiety. Then, others are considered to be “home alone” dog breeds.

Plus, research tells us that male dogs are more prone to developing this. Their data shows that 60% of the subjects are male, while the remaining 40% are female.

Now, to the hoodie that your anxious pooch surely adores…

The closeness that this clothing allows you to coddle the pooch that wants to be near you…

It’ll be lovely, and your canine will love it (but not as much as they love you).

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