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11 Home Remedies For Dogs In Heat (#7 Works Instantly)

Home Remedies For Dogs In Heat

Taking care of a female dog in heat doesn’t have to be hard.

Well, except that you need to supervise her most of the time.

But, there are still things you can do at home to help soothe her.

What are those?

Continue reading to find out:

  • How to care for a dog in heat with home remedies.
  • What to do if you don’t have doggy diapers in stock.
  • Common household items that can repel other canines.
  • And a lot more…

11 home remedies for dogs in heat

#1: Wash her regularly

One natural way to keep your dog’s scent under control is by bathing her.

Because during heat, she’ll release an odor that’ll attract males. And it’ll be present in her urine, blood, and secretions.

So if you have an intact male at home or next door, it can deter them from getting to your dog.

Plus, you don’t want your pooch to feel iffy in her back-end area. So keeping it fresh and clean will also bring comfort to her.

Just some reminders…

Find the right timing

Ensure that she’s calm when you’re going to wash her. 

Be patient and wait until she’s settled down. Also, make it a pleasant experience as much as possible.

Say praises and reward her with treats during and after a bath.

Be mindful of her mood

Some females in heat could be cranky due to discomfort. So it might not be a good idea to force her if she doesn’t want to or bathe her whole body. 

Instead, you can…

Do some spot cleaning

  1. Prepare lukewarm water and a towel that you don’t mind getting stained.
  2. Only wash her bum, hind legs, and tail with a mild hypoallergenic shampoo.
  3. Massage gently to prevent her from getting agitated.
  4. Be careful with her genitals as her vulva will be swollen during this.
  5. Rinse her with lukewarm water.
  6. When drying, avoid rubbing her body. Just towel and air dry will do.

Make every session short – not longer than 10 minutes. And do this either once or twice a day depending on her discharge.

According to PetsWebMD, there would be more bleeding during the first 7 to 10 days. And it’ll be reduced after 5 to 10 more days.

Note: This won’t remove her odor completely. But it’ll help lessen it and maintain good hygiene.

#2: Create DIY doggy pants

Your female pooch just started her heat. But you don’t have a stock of dog diapers around.

Don’t worry. You can make one using things you’ll easily find at home.

“Really, how?”

Option #1: Old undies or boxers

Transform old underwear (preferably children’s boxers) into a reusable diaper.

Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Fit it in your pooch and mark where her tail’s going to be.
  2. Create a hole in the area. But not too big – just enough for her tail to pass through.
  3. Put a sanitary pad or panty liner inside.
  4. Place the pad where it can absorb her discharge.
  5. Sew the waist area to have a better fit.

Then, voila!

You now have washable pants that aren’t costly but will still serve their purpose.

Option #2: Baby diapers

Do you have a stock of infant diapers at home? Or you can’t find ones for dogs at the store?

Just create a hole in it for her tail, and she’s good to go.

“But what size should I buy?”

It’ll depend on your dog’s weight. So check the packaging and look for the sizing chart.

Option #3: Potty pads

This is if you have any extra pee pads at home.

  1. First, draw an hourglass shape on it. Or use a diaper template instead.
  2. Fit it on your dog and adjust it based on her measurements.
  3. Cut it and leave small flaps on the upper sides for fastening.
  4. Put it on her and secure it with tape.

Wanna see how to make these DIY pants?

Watch this video below:

Note: Pee pads won’t hold more liquids than the diaper, so it’s prone to leakage. But if you need an urgent solution, this could work for a few minutes or an hour.

#3: Allure her with yummy food (boiled chicken may work wonders!)

Dogs can also lose their appetite when in heat.

“Why’s that?”

They’re stressed due to the physical and emotional changes that are happening in their body.

So do your best to encourage your pooch to eat.

Most dogs may not be able to resist freshly boiled chicken no matter what. Or some treats can help bring back her appetite.

Note: Yummy doesn’t always have to be unhealthy. So avoid giving your dog human snacks that are high in fat as well as seasoned ones just to get her to eat.

Reading tips: Can dogs eat chicken nuggets? Can dogs eat goldfish crackers? & Can dogs eat croissants?

#4: Give her plenty of rest

“Happiness consists of getting enough sleep.

Just that, nothing more.”

Robert A. Heinlein

Female dogs might also be extra tired and less active during the cycle. So you may find your pooch lying on the bed most of the time.

And when you do, don’t disturb her. Give her many chances to replenish and conserve her energy.

Provide a quiet and peaceful environment for her. Avoid creating loud noises and turn your TV volume down.

If you have other pets at home, separate her for a while to prevent her rest from being interrupted.

But if you have small kids, place your dog’s bed away from them. And tell them to avoid running and lower their voices for the time being.

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#5: Play a soothing music playlist

Another simple way to destress your pooch is by having some music in the background.

This will not cost you a thing (oh, except for your phone battery). Plus, you can find lots of tracks on Youtube or Spotify.

“But what songs should I play?”

Let’s see what the experts say.

First, classical music is known to have a ‘calming effect’ on canines.

And research shows that animals become less anxious while listening to it. So definitely add some musical pieces to your playlist.

Second, soft rock and reggae are also found to be soothing in dogs, according to one study. It was also said that their results are even better than classical music.


The same researchers observed that canines can also get tired of listening to the same music for 5 days straight.

A heat cycle may go on for 3 weeks. So to keep your dog engaged for that long, mix some Mozart, Beethoven, or Bach.

Then on other days, have some Bob Marley and Billy Joel. Or other artists of the mentioned genres.

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#6: Ensure that she’s warm and cozy

Ensure That She's Warm And Cozy When In Heat

Aside from peace, your female pooch will also appreciate a nice cozy space.

So see to it that she’s warm by giving her clean blankies that she can snuggle up with. Or put her favorite soft toys around her bed.

Also, don’t set the room temperature below 45°F (7°C). As PetMD says, lower than that could make most dogs shiver.

#7: Stay, stroke, and snuggle

Your dog will surely be more cuddly and needy during heat. So, spoil her with love to make her feel calm and secure.

How? Just do the 3 ‘s.’

First, STAY with her as much as you can.

Some female canines may constantly whine when they need company and attention. So spend more time with her, sit by her side, and talk to her softly.

One study found that during this simple bonding, dogs’ oxytocin or ‘happy hormones’ increase. And it’s also observed in their parents.

Second, gently STROKE her to soothe her nerves. And she may also like some brushing.

Don’t underestimate the power of the human touch. But make sure that you’re petting the right places or else she wouldn’t like it.

You know your pooch well, so only stay within the ‘safe zone.’ Like her shoulders, chest, or neck.

Lastly, SNUGGLE with her. This one is a favorite of mine. 🙂 Plus, it’ll not only make her happy, but it’ll help her stay warm as well. 

Note: Look at your dog’s mood first. There might also be times where she won’t entertain even a single touch. So respect her decision and only do this when she’s asking for it.

#8: Keep her indoors as much as possible

Another remedy to make her calm is by staying inside most of the time.

Male dogs aren’t the only ones who can get out of control when they want to mate. Because if your pooch is ready to breed, she may act crazy as well.

So if possible, train her to pee on potty pads instead.

Do this so that she won’t have to pee in the yard. And leave an inviting odor for male canines.

What if you have an intact male pooch at home?

You may keep them in different crates which are placed in different parts of the house. Most preferably far from each other to avoid stress.

But if you need to go outside for a bit and leave your female dog alone…

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#9: Distract her with fun games

A heat cycle will be a stressful time for your pooch.

And it would come to a point where she may hump her stuffed animals or even air just to relieve tension.

So even though you’re staying in the house all day, you can still entertain her.

“But how?”

By playing some games.

First, what kind of stuff does she want?

If she likes retrieving things, asking her to get some things around the house will divert her focus. And also by making her fetch a soft toy.

Almost all canines will also love to play ‘scent games.’ Meaning, activities that involve their most powerful weapon – their nose.

So hide some treats or toys inside your home. Make her find them and reward her generously.

#10: Allot time for exercise

Is your female dog hyper and restless?

Well, apart from rest, she’ll also benefit from some physical activities. But only do light ones, and short walks every day to not overexert her.

And also, since she’s in season, walk her on ь leash and avoid crowded places.

This is to avoid causing trouble and attracting male dogs outside.

#11: Make DIY dog repellent for your yard

Lastly, if some neighborhood dogs are starting to wander outside your house…

You can create homemade solutions to ward them off. These won’t totally mask your female dog’s scent, but they could help in deterring other dogs.

Being sexually frustrated will make Fidos show unusual behaviors (e.g., whining, mounting). 

So to keep their stress levels (and yours too) at bay, here are some repellent ideas.

Option #1: Citrus scents

You’ve probably noticed that dogs despise citrus smells.

It’s true. And vets say that it’s because of their high concentration. 

Fruits such as oranges and lemons can be found at home. And they’re also available at the market.

So, what you just need to do is cut some of it. Then place it along your fence.

Option #2: Vinegar

Another sour smell that Fidos can’t tolerate is from vinegar.

Well, some humans don’t like it either. So what more to a dog who has a sense of smell that’s a hundred times better.

This is perfect as I’m sure that almost everyone has this in their kitchen. 

So get some cotton balls and soak each in vinegar and lay it outside.

Note: Don’t pour this around your perimeter. Because you can kill your plants and grass in the area.

Option #3: Ammonia

Lastly, one more odor that dogs hate is ammonia. It has a strong scent that could make canines steer away from it.

So buy a bottle of ammonia. And like in vinegar, don’t put this directly on the ground.

Drench some cotton balls in the solution and spread it out along your fence.

Then replace them once in a while if the scent isn’t that strong anymore. 

Note: This doesn’t have a 100% guarantee that dogs will not be able to smell your pooch. So, while in heat, prevent her from leaving scent trails that canines may follow.

Avoid walking her outside your house. Do it in far places instead and use a car to transport her if possible.