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Is Breeding French Bulldogs Profitable? Costs + Yearly Income

Is Breeding French Bulldogs Profitable

These dogs are among the most popular dog breeds in the world…

They have these signature bat ears and an irresistible attitude.

And it makes you think if you can profit from breeding them.

So, can you? And by how much?

In this article, you’ll discover:

  • If breeding French Bulldogs is profitable.
  • How much it costs to breed French Bulldogs (plus, the possible income).
  • What’s the most profitable dog to breed (and are Frenchies one of them?).
  • And many more…

Is breeding french bulldogs profitable?

Breeding French Bulldogs can be profitable. Frenchies are popular dogs that are high in demand. That’s why you can sell them for $2,000 (€1,750, £1,470) to $7,000 (€6,100, £5,100). But, the process of breeding Frenchies is also complicated. Moreover, it’s an expensive procedure.

How much do French Bulldog Breeders make a year?

French Bulldog breeders make at least $10,000 (€8,700, £7,400) to $28,000 (€24,500, £20,600) a year. After removing all the expenses of having 2 litters a year, that’s the income. Moreover, each litter consists of 4 puppies.

Now, why can you make that much by breeding French Bulldogs?

Let me explain that in much more detail…

They’re in demand

As shown in AKC’s 2020 popular dog breed in America rankings, French Bulldogs hold 2nd place.

They’re the second most popular dog after the affectionate Labrador Retrievers.

That aside, take a look at this Frenchie who’s begging for attention:

With a cute face like that, it’s reasonable that they hold the spot in that ranking…

Moreover, Frenchies are the perfect city dogs…

That’s why they’re so famous around cities like New York and Los Angeles. And those places are where you can get the most expensive Frenchies.

In New York, it’s almost impossible to find a $2,000 French Bulldog. Usually, New Yorkers get them for $7,000.

It requires so much work to breed them

You must expect French Bulldogs to be pricey…

That’s because it takes a lot of work to breed them.

You see, Frenchies have a hard time conceiving naturally.

Then, they struggle with natural birth as well.

Moreover, they’re prone to many health concerns. (I’ll explain this further in the following sections)

With that, vet bills will pile and pile while you take care of Frenchies and try to breed them.

They’re low in supply

As I mentioned, French Bulldogs are in demand.

But they’re also low in supply.

Did you know? New Yorkers attest that some French Bulldog puppies are already reserved. 

Those puppies already have so much to look forward to before they even come out of the world.

So, dog parents who want a Frenchie have to keep up with the competitive market. 

And as a breeder, that’s a reason to sell Frenchies at a high price.

How much does it cost to breed French Bulldogs?

It costs about $3,690 (€3,200, £2,700) to $5,290 (€4,600, £3,900) to breed French Bulldogs. However, that’s only a base estimate for an average of puppies in a litter. It can cost more if there are any complications during the whole process.

Moreover, there are many factors to consider when breeding any dog.

But for French Bulldogs, those factors are more concerning compared to others.

Let me explain how…

Health concerns

Unfortunately, French Bulldogs are predisposed to many diseases.

Take it from this study’s data:

2,228 French Bulldogs in 2013 sought veterinary care.

And a staggering 72.4% of those dogs experienced at least one disorder.

That’s why the risk for breeding a sickly Frenchie is very high.

With that, you’ll have to be extra mindful of your Frenchie’s health.

If you wanna breed them, they’ll need to have a special diet. Then, they should be updated on all their shots.

Moreover, they need regular vet visits and must undergo constant necessary tests.

They’re brachycephalic

Brachycephalic French Bulldogs

You’ll recognize a French Bulldog by their short snout and flat face.

Now, such a face structure puts them under a group.  It’s called brachycephalic dog breeds.

Moreover, it makes them prone to many health conditions.

First, their facial structure increases their sensitivity to anesthesia.

Then, they also won’t do well as swimmers. That’s because they’ll have trouble breathing underwater.

Plus, they easily overheat.

You’ll often catch a Frenchie panting. They’re gasping for air as they’re barely getting any. 

Some dog parents even report their Frenchie tends to snore while they’re awake.

Lastly, they don’t do well in humid places or warm seasons.

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Eye problems

French Bulldogs are predisposed to many eye issues.

Did you know? Frenchies have 3 eyelids. 

According to VCA Hospital, that extra eyelid serves as an extra layer of protection. Such is necessary while your dog hunts.

But, it isn’t always good news for them…

That’s because it contributes to their vulnerability to such problems.

A specific example is the cherry eye.

What’s that?

It’s when the third eyelid becomes swollen. Hence the explanation behind the name.

And as it’s swollen, it covers a part of your Frenchie’s eye.

Moreover, here are other eye defects in French Bulldogs:

Eye conditionDescription
CataractsCloudy layer forms in the eye. Thus impairing vision.
EntropionEyelashes and surrounding hair disrupt their sensitive cornea. That’s because their eyelid has rolled inward.
Retinal dysplasiaWhen their retina abnormally develops.

Disorder of the bones and joints

Frenchies are small dogs that are frequent targets of bone and joint issues.

Among many, hip dysplasia is the most common.

According to vets, that condition is when the hip joint loses stability. 

Then, it results in feeling pain in the hips. So, a dog with this condition will limp and cry in agony while they walk.

Ear issues

French Bulldog Ear Issues

AKC describes Frenchies’ ears as bat ears.

But, those large and erect ears are predisposed to ear issues.

The leading concern in them is ear infection…

And when that’s overlooked, it could lead to their deafness.

Breeding concerns

Apart from the many health concerns I already mentioned, here’s more…

Sadly, French Bulldogs also experience a lot of breeding complications.

To start, their body structure is small.

With that, it’s harder for them to breed naturally.

Moreover, it’ll be hard for them to carry puppies in that tiny body. 

That’s why their litter size only ranges from 3 to 5 puppies.

Most of all, many complications could arise during the breeding process.

And I’m talking about the whole procedure…


It’s tough for French Bulldogs to conceive naturally.

But it’s still possible. However, the chance of succeeding is low.

And if you’ll breed them naturally, you’ll need a healthy stud and mother dog.

Another option of conceiving is artificial insemination

And that’s the ideal choice in this situation. 

I say so as breeding is more likely to be successful using that.

During pregnancy

According to AKC, a dog’s pregnancy takes about 2 months.

Now, during those few months, you’ll have to look after your Frenchie. And you must do so with extreme care.

Moreover, don’t forget to provide the following:

  • Proper nutrition.
  • Regular exercise.
  • Scheduled visits to the vet.
  • Proper preparation for the puppies.


As I mentioned, Frenchies are small dogs.

And with that kind of body structure, it’s harder for them to give birth.

First of all, their pelvis is narrow. Then, their puppies have big heads.

With that, it’ll be really challenging for them to give birth naturally. And for most, it’s impossible.

So, they’re gonna need to undergo a c-section.

That’s why this research paper’s data checks out. They say that Frenchies belong to the list of highest cesarean rates.

Now, that procedure isn’t a cheap one.

Moreover, its cost isn’t flat. There might be complications during delivery. Such can add to the final bill.

After-birth care

Here’s another unfortunate fact…

French Bulldogs don’t do well as mothers.

They’re known to suffocate their own puppies accidentally.

Moreover, they can be quite neglectful…

It’s just that motherhood doesn’t come naturally for them…

With that, you’re going to have to assist the mother with her puppies.

Cost breakdown of breeding French Bulldogs

Now, to put all those factors together…

You must expect by now that it’s going to cost a lot to breed French Bulldogs…

Here’s a descriptive breakdown of the costs:

Procedure cost per litterCost (in US Dollars)Cost (in Euros)Cost (in Pound Sterling)
Parent testing$350€3200 £2700
Fertilization$200 to $1,000€175 to €875£147 to £738
Stud rights$200 to $650€175 to €579£147 to £480
Artificial insemination$200 to $1,000€175 to €875£147 to £738
Progesterone shot (for Mother)$100€87£74
Pregnancy care$500€437£370
C-section$500 to $1,000€437 to €875£442 to £738
Vaccinations*$300 to $400€260 to €350£220 to £295
Microchips*$100 to $300€87 to €260£74 to £220
Health testing*$1,400€1,225£1,000
TOTAL$3,690 to $5,290€3,200 to €4,600£2,700 to £3,900

*The following costs are for a litter of 4 puppies, the average number of pups a Frenchie can have. So, the average individual cost is multiplied by 4. 

Note: This is the cost of one pregnancy of a Frenchie. Plus, that’s only an estimation of the main procedures. 

Along the way, there might be some issues that can arise. 

With that, your parent Frenchie will need immediate vet care.

And the cost of that will depend on what type of care they need.

Moreover, breeding French Bulldogs take a lot of work. 

So, you don’t just have to be watchful of your budget…

You should also be considering your time and effort.

What is the most profitable dog to breed?

The most profitable dog to breed is a Siberian Husky. Their price ranges from $400 (€350, £295) to $1,400 (€1,225, £1,000). Despite being inexpensive, Siberian Huskies are low-maintenance when it comes to breeding.

Siberian Huskies

The price that you can sell these dogs might not look promising…

But wait, take a little time to reconsider…

First of all, Huskies are generally healthy. So, you won’t have to spend so much on tests and maintenance.

Plus, the average litter of huskies is 4 to 6 puppies.

Lastly, they’re also quite in demand in the market.

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French Bulldogs

The star of this article is also among the most profitable dog to breed.

That’s because you can sell them for an expensive price. To be exact, Frenchies range from $2,000 (€1,750, £1,470) to $7,000 (€6,100, £5,100).

However, you’ll have to spend a lot first to breed Frenchies.

Sadly, they’re predisposed to many health issues. Plus, breeding them requires tons of human intervention.

Conclusion: Is it worth breeding French Bulldogs?

It’s worth breeding French Bulldogs if you’re looking at it profit-wise. But, the whole breeding process will be very expensive. Plus, the business is high-maintenance and in-demand. So, you must consider factors and risks during the practice.