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(1) Is Pasta Good For Dogs With Diarrhea? 5 Risks [2023]

Is Pasta Good For Dogs With Diarrhea

Let’s be honest. 

Dealing with Fido’s runs isn’t fun. 

But here’s some interesting info:

People say pasta can help your dog’s diarrhea. 


Doesn’t it sound suspicious? 

So can pasta really cure Fido’s diarrhea? 

You’re about to find out the answer.

Continue reading to learn: 

  • How much pasta is safe for your Fido with diarrhea.
  • 3 efficient ways plain pasta can help diarrhea in dogs.
  • 5 alarming risks of feeding pasta to dogs with diarrhea.
  • And many, many more…

Is pasta good for dogs with diarrhea?

Pasta is good for dogs with diarrhea. However, it should be plain and cooked. Additionally, pasta has fiber which helps firm up your dog’s stool. Moreover, it also contains proteins that can give energy to canines. But, pasta isn’t as nutritious as other food options for dogs with diarrhea. 

Why is pasta good for dogs with diarrhea?

Pasta is good for dogs with diarrhea due to its fiber and proteins. 

These two nutrients help with Fido’s runs. 

First, I’ll explain fiber, a.k.a, roughage

It’s a carbohydrate that boosts your dog’s gut. Specifically, fiber helps with digestion. 


Roughage stays intact as your furry friend eats them. 

So once it passes through Fido’s belly… 

Fiber absorbs water which adds weight to your dog’s poop. This gets rid of loose stools in your pooch. 

With that, Fido could feel much better than before. 

Now, let’s talk about protein

It’s a nutrient that gives your dog some energy. 

And when canines are sick with diarrhea… 

Most of them become weak.

So with the help of proteins from pasta… 

Fido could have enough energy to fight off their illness. 


Pasta isn’t the ideal solution for Fido’s diarrhea.

Why so? 

That’s because pasta has more risks than benefits. 

And you’ll discover them below.

Risks when feeding pasta to a dog with diarrhea

#1: Some dogs are allergic to pasta

Let’s say your pooch had some pasta. 

Everything seems fine at first. 

But then…

Fido starts vomiting. 

Oh no, what could’ve happened? 

The bad news is… 

Your pooch might have food allergies. 

Apparently, a study says: 

Over 7.6% of dogs could be sensitive to certain foods.

And based on another research, most Fidos are allergic to: 

Now, what’s pasta made of? 

Usually, it’s made of wheat. 

In that case, your pooch could be allergic to it. 

And this is why Fido can have a negative reaction after eating pasta. 

“But what are the other signs that my dog has allergies?” 

Aside from vomiting… 

Vets say your furry friend will show more symptoms, such as:

Warning: If your dog’s skin starts swelling, bring them to a clinic ASAP. This could be a fatal reaction to allergies.

That aside…

This is only about plain pasta. 

So what if Fido ate something like spaghetti bolognese

Well, the risks can be more dangerous. 

“What happens if my pooch eats pasta with sauce?” 

Cooked spaghetti can poison your dog. 

How? That’s because the sauce might contain ingredients like: 

  • Salt.
  • Wine.
  • Onions.

These 3 things are toxic for your pooch. 

So when your dogs eat them…

Fido’s diarrhea could get worse. 

Warning: Food poisoning can be fatal for dogs. So if your pooch ate cooked spaghetti with sauce, take them to the clinic to be safe.

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#2: Pasta could cause bloat

Feeding Pasta To A Dog With Diarrhea Could Cause Bloat

Earlier, I said that cooked pasta is the safest choice for your pooch.


It doesn’t mean that there won’t be any more risks.

“Why so?”  

Science says spaghetti is hard to digest. 

Plus, when you consider the water that pasta absorbs…

This food’s just too heavy for the stomach. Especially for smaller Fidos. 

Now, imagine your dog with diarrhea eating this. 

Isn’t that too much? 

After all, any pooch with diarrhea needs to let their belly rest. 

So if they eat a lot of plain spaghetti…

Fido might end up with bloat, a.k.a, GDV.

That’s short for gastric dilatation and volvulus. 

“So what happens if my dog’s bloated?” 

GDV could make things worse for your pooch.

In what ways, you ask? AKC says that bloat in dogs could lead to: 

Warning: GDV can be fatal for dogs. Especially for big and nervous canines. So if you notice these signs, call an expert. 

Not to mention… 

Breeds that are prone to sensitive bellies are also at higher risk of GDV. Though, any dog could still have bloat.

That aside, since your pooch already has diarrhea…

Bloat can end up delaying their recovery.

And if you suspect GDV in your pooch…

You can get some tips from this vet while you’re at home: 

#3: Leads to constipation

While pasta can help stop Fido’s diarrhea…

It might give you a new problem instead. 

And I’m talking about constipation. 

This means your pooch can’t poop at all.

“How does that happen?”  

Remember what I said in risk #2? 

Pasta could be too heavy for the belly. And with that, it could block Fido’s gut. 

As a result…

Your pooch will have constipation. 

And if left untreated…

This can cause bacterial infection in your furry friend.

“What should I do if my dog’s constipated?” 

In mild cases, you can just give Fido a belly massage

That might help push out the food that’s stuck in their gut.

Also, a massage can relieve some of their pain.


Experts warn that constipation might lead to something worse. 

Specifically, it could turn into megacolon. 

To spot this issue in your pooch, look for symptoms like: 

Warning: Megacolon can be fatal for dogs. Especially if they have diarrhea. So if you notice these signs, go to the clinic immediately.

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#4: It’s high in carbs

A while ago, I said that pasta has fiber. 

And it’s a carbohydrate that helps firm up Fido’s stool. 

But did you know? 

Too much carbs might also be bad for your dog. 

Research says that fiber can affect blood pressure. And this could make canines with diarrhea feel worse. 

How so? 

For one, too much carbs can affect Fido’s metabolism. 

And that could slow down your dog’s recovery. 


Excessive carbs from pasta can also cause: 

  • Vomiting.
  • Seizures.
  • Weakness.
  • Heart attacks.
  • Organ failure.
  • Type-2 diabetes.
  • Urinary infections.
  • Thirst and dehydration.
  • Peeing more than usual.
  • Cardio-related disorders.
  • Blindness from cataracts.

Now, these 11 risks will occur if Fido’s blood sugar level is too high. 

With that, it’s best to avoid too much pasta for your sick pooch.

#5: Causes weakness

There’s one more thing that carbs can do. 

Based on a study:

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy in dogs. Or even for other animals. 

But too much of it from pasta could cause hyperactivity

“Well, shouldn’t that be good for my dog?” 

Not exactly. 

It still has one risk. Especially if Fido’s a naturally hyperactive breed.

“So what would happen to my pooch?” 

Well, your dog might end up lethargic instead. 

“How could that happen?” 

Picture this scene:

You have a toy that uses batteries. 

But then, the energy ran out. So you decided to charge the batteries. 

A few hours passed… 

And you realized you forgot about the batteries. 

When you went to check it… 

The batteries got fried from being overcharged. 

Now, they’re unusable. 

And that’s similar to what could happen to your pooch. 

Basically, Fido’s already weak due to diarrhea. Suddenly, they get a surge of energy from eating pasta. 

As a result… 

Your pooch would feel overwhelmed. 

With this, Fido could end up weaker than they already are.

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How much pasta can I feed my dog with diarrhea?

The amount of pasta you can feed to your dog with diarrhea depends on their weight.

And typically, 1 regular serving of pasta is 2 oz (56 g) in measurement. 

With this, you can take half of that amount and then feed it to Fido.

For your ease, check out the table below:

Your dog’s weightAmount of pasta
Small: 12 to 24 lbs (5.4 to 10 kg)0.2 oz (7 g)
Medium: 24 to 59 lbs (10 to 26 kg)0.4 oz (14 g)
Large: 59 lbs to 100 lbs (26 to 45 kg)0.9 oz (28 g)

Note: This is only an estimated amount for dogs with diarrhea. If you want a more accurate diet plan for Fido, consult a vet. 

“Why can I only give half of the pasta?” 

That’s because of the 5 risks I listed above. 

So by giving only half pasta to your pooch… 

Fido would have lower risks of facing:

  • Bloating.
  • Allergies.
  • Diabetes.
  • Megacolon.
  • Sudden weakness.

And that’s why you should only feed pasta in moderation. 

What is the best food to give a dog with diarrhea?

Since pasta isn’t the ideal answer for Fido’s diarrhea…

Specialists recommend other food, such as: 

  • Oatmeal.
  • Pumpkins.
  • Cottage cheese.
  • Plainly cooked rice.
  • Vet-prescribed probiotics.
  • Bananas and watermelons.
  • Turkey, ground beef, and chicken.

Note: You should always cook the food plain. And the meat must be boneless, skinless, and boiled.

If you have any doubts…

Always talk to a professional.