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11 Reasons Your Dog Vomits In The Morning + 3 Vital Tips

Why Does My Dog Vomit In The Morning

Oh, what a great morning. 

Another day to bond with your pooch. 

But wait… what’s that on the floor?

A fresh vomit? 

As unpleasant as the sight could be… 

Your main concern is your dog’s health. 

So what could cause this problem? 

I’ve listed all the possibilities below.


Continue reading to learn: 

  • 3 vital tips to stop your pooch from vomiting.
  • 11 reasons why your dog vomits in the morning.
  • 7 alarming signs of abnormal vomiting in your dog.
  • And so much more…

Why does my dog vomit in the morning?

Your dog vomits in the morning because they could be sick, pregnant, or just ate too much grass. Stress or anxiety could also make your dog throw up. Other serious causes of vomiting include poisoning, infections, and organ failure. 

Dog vomits in the morning: 11 reasons

#1: Pica 

Did you know there’s a condition in dogs called pica? 

Apparently, it causes Fido to eat inedible things like:

That said… 

Your pooch could’ve eaten something strange when you weren’t looking. And that’s how they surprised you with their vomit in the morning. 

Research says pica is common in dogs. Moreover, it showed that 86% of Fidos could have this problem. 

Not to mention…

There are affected breeds like German Shepherds who would eat everything, even dirt.

But in most cases…

Pica is only a temporary behavior. 

“But what causes this problem in the first place?” 

The truth is… pica is still a mystery among scientists. 

Though, there are plenty of theories floating around. 

For example, a study said that lack of fiber could cause pica in dogs. 

But that aside…

You should seek a professional if Fido’s pica is alarming.

“How will I know when it’s getting dangerous?” 

There are a few signs you could watch out for, such as:

  • When pica becomes a repeated behavior.
  • If Fido eats dangerous things like rocks or toys. 
  • Your pooch is eating too much grass (almost the same amount as a normal meal.)

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#2: Diarrhea 

My Dog Vomits In The Morning Because Of Diarrhea

Another leading cause of vomiting in dogs is diarrhea. 

It’s a condition where Fido’s poop seems abnormal. And you’ll know this when their stool is:

Not to mention, you should worry if: 

  • It has a pungent odor.
  • There’s blood in their stool.
  • Their diarrhea has lasted more than 1 day.

Warning: Diarrhea could be a sign of more serious problems such as parasites and viruses. So if you notice these symptoms, call your vet ASAP. 

That aside, you can tell if Fido seems fine…

And that means: 

  • Your pooch has no blood in their stool.
  • There’s no strong smell from their poop.
  • It’s only been less than 12 hours since your dog had diarrhea.

If this is the case…

Experts say that you can try treating your pooch at home. 

For example, you can: 

And if you still have any concerns, get in touch with your pooch’s clinic.

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#3: Constipation

The opposite of diarrhea is constipation… and your dog could have this too.

It’s when your pooch can’t let out their poop at all. With that, they’ll end up vomiting instead.

But how does it happen? 

Experts say that Fido can get constipated if they eat things such as:

  • Toys.
  • Grass.
  • Wood.
  • Rocks.
  • Bones.

And since your furry friend’s belly can’t digest that stuff… 

They’ll have a hard time going potty. 

At first, it looks like they’re only holding back their poop.

But if Fido also starts vomiting… 

Then that’s a clear sign that they need medical attention. 

Tip: Try massaging your pooch’s belly. It can help reduce their pain. Plus, a massage can improve Fido’s digestion.

But if nothing works…

Warning: Constipation in dogs can lead to megacolon. And it causes infections all over Fido’s body. If left untreated, it could turn fatal.

“How will I know if my pooch has this problem?” 

For that, here are signs of megacolon in dogs:

So if you notice any of these signs, see a specialist immediately.

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#4: They’re pregnant

For fur parents with female Fidos… 

I have some news for you. 

You’re going to be a grand fur parent soon!

“OMG, really?” 

Yup. Like hoomans, some dogs vomit during pregnancy too. 

“But wait, my pooch’s spayed, and there are no male dogs around!” 

In that case, there are only 2 answers. 

First, Fido snuck out and met her furry lover. Sneaky, huh? 

And the other one is… 


“What’s that?” 

It’s when a dog thinks they’re pregnant. But the reality is… they’re not. 

According to VCA Hospitals, this is also called phantom pregnancy. With that, your dog would show maternal behaviors despite not being pregnant.

And apparently, this is common even in spayed Fidos. 

Moreover, one research showed: 

Over 19.8% of vets reported seeing signs of pseudopregnancy in dogs.

So if you suspect your pooch has this problem…

You can relax since it’s mostly a temporary issue. 

But if you still have any concerns, always reach out to an expert.

#5: Depression

Some dogs would throw up due to depression


This claim is actually still an open debate among experts today. 

That said, Dr. Stanley Coren shared in his research

Dogs can feel emotions close to humans. So, they could feel sad just like you and me. 

But whether these theories are true or not… 

Most fur parents will spot sadness in their Fidos right away. 


Not everyone knows that throwing up is a sign of depression in dogs.

“How does sadness make my Fido puke?” 

Imagine this: 

Let’s say you don’t feel great today. 

As a result, you lost your appetite too. Later on, you feel nauseous after skipping your food. 

And now you feel like throwing up. 

…See? Your pooch could be going through the same. 

When Fido stops eating, they might have a condition known as BVS. 

And it stands for bilious vomiting syndrome. 

Specialists say that BVS is when your dog throws up bile. That means their vomit looks yellow, frothy, or bubbly.  

Also, this issue typically happens at night. 

So… your canine friend will mostly throw up in the morning.

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#6: Separation anxiety

Separation Anxiety

Aside from depression…

Separation anxiety is another cause of vomiting in dogs.

But it works a bit differently. 

For example, an anxious Fido could have high adrenaline levels

With that, vets say it can cause appetite loss. And in some cases, anxiety could cause diarrhea in dogs too. 

So if that happens… 

Some furry friends would throw up out of stress or anxiety.

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#7: Fever

When Fidos have a fever, they might vomit too. 

But this is actually common in dogs after vaccines.

That said, it typically settles down within a day. 

But in case you’re still concerned… 

You should check Fido’s body temperature. And you can do that with a rectal thermometer

Tip: Use petroleum jelly as a lubricant. Also, the thermometer shouldn’t go deeper than 1 inch in your dog’s anus.

Now, a common fever has a temperature of 103°F (39.4°C). 

“What if it’s higher than that?” 

In that case, that’s the time you should go to the clinic. 

That’s because a high fever of 106°F (41.1°C) could be fatal.

Not sure how to take Fido’s temperature? Here’s a helpful video: 

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#8: Motion sickness

Did you recently go on a car ride with Fido? 

Cause if so, that explains why they’re throwing up. 

Apparently, study shows that 18.1% of dogs vomit during car rides. 

And some Fidos would do it after getting off the vehicle too.

#9: Change in diet

Based on AKC, a sudden change in diet could affect your pooch’s gut. 

And it can cause 3 things in your dog, namely:

  • Pancreatitis.
  • An upset stomach.
  • Gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV.)

And while each problem on the list works differently…

Vets state that these issues all lead to vomiting in dogs.

Not to mention…

Some breeds are more prone to a sensitive stomach.

So if your pooch is one of them, a sudden diet change might cause side effects.


Warning: GDV, a.k.a bloating, can be fatal in dogs. 

And here are its signs: 

  • Drooling.
  • Restlessness.
  • Hardened belly.
  • Swollen stomach. 
  • Excessive panting.
  • Pain in the abdomen. 

So if you suspect GDV in your pooch, see an expert immediately.

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#10: Poisoning 

Sometimes, your furry friend might eat things behind your back.

Who knows? Maybe your pooch raided your kitchen last night. 

But this habit is dangerous…

After all, Fido could get poisoned. 

This might happen if your dog eats: 

  • Insecticides.
  • Cleaning products. 

As we all know, these things are toxic.

And they can cause mild to severe poisoning when eaten. 

So to prevent any fatalities…

Experts shared the symptoms of poisoning in dogs:

  • Fever.
  • Tremors.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Seizures.
  • Confusion.
  • Excessive drooling.
  • Persistent vomiting.
  • Abnormal breathing.
  • Difficulty with walking.
  • Sudden behavioral changes.

Warning: Research says that poisoning could lead to organ failure. That means, Fido’s kidneys or liver can get damaged. 

So if you notice any of the symptoms, go to the vet clinic ASAP.

#11: Infections and viruses 

Vomiting is also a sign of many diseases in dogs. 

And here are some examples: 

  • Colitis.
  • Rabies.
  • Parasites.
  • Parvovirus.
  • Bacteria infection.
  • Urinary disease (UTI).

Note: These conditions all have different causes. So for an accurate diagnosis, get your Fido checked by an expert.

BONUS: Food allergies

Dog With Allergy

Did you know? Dogs can have allergies too. 

And one study shares the common food to avoid for Fido:

But these are only a few examples. 

So, your pooch could be sensitive to other food too. 

Curious how you can find out Fido’s allergies? 


Food allergies are hard to pinpoint. And these things need personal observation.

So for your convenience, it’s best to seek a vet. 

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Dog vomits in the morning: 3 vital tips

#1: Identify the cause 

As I’ve said above… 

There are many reasons why your dog vomits. 

And in most cases…

It doesn’t matter which time of day Fido does it. 

Whether it’s morning, noon, or evening…

Vomiting could have many possible meanings. 

So what you can do is examine your pooch. 

With the reasons I listed above…

You’ll be able to figure out what causes Fido to puke. And from there, you can take your next steps. 

Just scroll back, and you’ll find out what you need to do.

#2: Avoid sudden changes in their diet 

Let’s say that your pooch doesn’t seem to be ill.

And you only changed their diet recently. So, that means the issue is what I explained in reason #9. 

To recap, sudden diet changes could affect their gut. 

And there’s a solution for that. 

Experts say you should introduce new food to FIdo in small amounts. That means taking things slow with their diet. 

So if they’re not vomiting or showing other problems…

Then you should follow this transition to a new diet from AKC:

DayNew dietOld diet
Day 125%75%
Day 350%50%
Day 575%25%
Day 7100%0%

#3: Keep harmful products out of reach

If your pooch is an athletic kind that can climb places easily…

Then it’s time to keep any dangerous products out of their reach.

If you have any cleaning items, lotions, food ingredients, or such…

It’s best to keep them inside cabinets, drawers, or the fridge. 

That way, you can ensure that Fido can’t eat them. 

BONUS TIP: Take your dog to the vet

Vomiting in dogs could either be mild or severe. 

But in most cases, they’ll go away on their own. 

Still, you’d want to make your pooch feel better…

And one way to do that is to give your dog some medicine. 


These drugs would need a prescription.

So, for your and Fido’s benefit…

Take your dog to the vet. 

And when you do that, the experts can accurately tell you what’s wrong. 

After all…

A personal examination is the best way to know why your dog vomits in the morning.