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5 Real Reasons Why Dogs Absolutely Love Bones (2023)

Why Do Dogs Love Bones

Dogs and their precious bones…

What a classic duo of all time.

But why are dogs so in love with them? 

Alright, let me serve you a plate of surprising facts.

So feast your eyes and bone-appetit.

Continue reading to learn: 

  • Whether all dogs like bones or not.
  • 5 real reasons why dogs absolutely love bones.
  • 7 vital tips when giving bones to your dog (must see #1.)
  • And so much more…

Do all dogs like bones?

All dogs like bones. That’s due to the nutritional elements found in bones and their marrows. Regardless of their age, dogs enjoy chewing on bones. If your canine doesn’t like bones, they might have a dental issue. That makes chewing on bones painful for those dogs.

Why dogs love bones – 5 reasons

#1: Relieves teething pain

Experts say that puppies go through teething. 

You know, just like human babies. 

And this process is all about:

Replacing the baby teeth with the dog’s brand new fangs. 

Now, teething starts as early as 3 weeks old. 

During this stage…

Your pup might feel uncomfortable. Plus, Fido could be in pain too.

But what do these fur babies do when they’re teething? 

That’s right. Pups end up chewing things everywhere. Sometimes, your furry pal might even bite you

Now, this is where a dog’s love for bones steps in. 

You see, many vets state that: 

Chewing bones can help soothe your puppy’s pain. Plus, bones could promote teeth growth too. 

So, with the help of bones… 

Fido’s dental health is hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. 

“Does this mean I should give bones to my puppy?” 

You can, but not until Fido’s around 4 months old or more. 

After all, bones can damage your pup’s teeth when they’re too young. So, instead of bones, you can give your dog chew toys

Now, these are much safer alternatives. And they prevent choking in your puppy. 

But at what point does teething stop for puppies? 

Luckily, you only have to wait until they reach 6 months old. Once Fido’s at that age, they’ll chew things less. 

And if you want more tips on how to help a teething pup…

You can watch this helpful clip: 

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#2: It keeps them entertained 

Most dogs are so full of energy. Especially if they’re hyperactive pups

Now, this trait seems cute. 

But it also means Fido’s prone to boredom too. 

And when your furry pal has nothing to do… 

They might end up with unwanted habits. You know, like destructive acts

For example, your dog starts digging a lot. Now, this will leave a lot of mess in your yard. 

Or sometimes, Fido will chew on your blankets too. 

Not to mention… 

Too much boredom in pups can also lead to issues like: 

So, what can you do to amuse your dog? 

Well, just give Fido a bone. 

With that, your furry pal won’t be bored for hours. Plus, this is a good solution for busy fur parents. 

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#3: Gets rid of tooth plaque 

Dental health is vital for dogs too. 

And bones can help your pup with that.

How, you ask? 

First, the bone acts like a toothbrush for Fido

So while your furry pal chews on bones…

The bone promotes saliva enzymes

“What’s that?” 

These are proteins inside the mouth. And they clean up tooth plaque. 

Basically, that’s the yellowish stain you’ll see on the teeth. 

Now, if that plaque stays on Fido’s fangs…

It can break your dog’s teeth. And the bacteria might lead to gum disease too.

Note: Only give raw meat bones to your pooch. Those are softer for chewing. With that, you’ll avoid dental damage to Fido. 

Moreover, in case you don’t have any bones to give:

You can also try dental sticks made for pups. 

Not only do Fidos love these treats…

But there are also many flavors your dog can choose from.

#4: Bone is nutritious for dogs

Fido’s body knows that bones are nutritious. Especially the bone marrow.

But what kind of benefits do pups get from that? 

Well, here’s an answer from specialists:

First, the bone marrow has collagen. It’s a protein that strengthens Fido’s bones. Plus, it improves the skin too.

Not to mention…

Bone marrow also has glucosamine. Which helps soothe joint pain. 

And not just that, it avoids osteoarthritis too. 

Moreover, bones also have nutrients like:

  • Iron.
  • Sodium.
  • Calcium.
  • Selenium.
  • Potassium.
  • Magnesium.
  • Zinc 1 and 2.
  • Omega 6s and 3s.
  • Vitamins E, B12, B2, and A.

But wait, there’s more. 

You see, bones have adiponectin too.

And this protein lowers the risk of heart problems or cancer. 

Plus, the bone marrow also supports the following:

  • Kidney.
  • Digestion.
  • Blood flow.

With these benefits…

Dogs that chew on bones tend to heal faster than humans.

And that’s why Fidos naturally love bones.

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#5: Dogs love the taste of bones 

Dogs Love The Taste Of Bones

Dogs absolutely love bones for 1 simple reason.

And it’s all because they enjoy the taste of it. 

Since Fidos love it so much, pups might even bury their bones.

But you know what’s even cuter? 

Some dog breeds tend to hide their bones more, namely:

These pups treasure their bones so much. 

But why bones and not other food, like their kibbles

Well, first of all…

Dogs are carnivores. That’s why Fidos love the meaty taste of bones. 

But do you know what’s more interesting?

Dogs have fewer taste buds than you and I 

To be specific, the AKC says: 

Your pup only has 1,700 taste receptors. Meanwhile, humans have over 9,000. 

And with this huge gap…

Fido can’t taste flavors the same way as their fur parents do. 

But this doesn’t mean dogs will love their bones any less. 

If anything… 

Pups love the texture of bones so much. 

With this, you might be wondering: 

“Is it okay to give bones to my dog every day?” 

No, it’s not safe for Fido to eat bones daily.

In fact, vets also warn that:

Too many bones might cause constipation in pups. That means your furry friend will have a hard time pooping.

And that could lead to other health issues as well. 

So, to prevent this risk…

The general rule of the paw is:

Fido should only eat 1 to 2 raw bones each week. 

Plus, dogs can’t have bones daily. Instead, you can give them to your pup every 2 to 3 days.

But, in case you have doubts…

You’re always free to consult your pup’s clinic. 

After all, bones have their own health risks. 

And before you go, let me give you more helpful tips about feeding bones to Fido.

7 vital tips when giving bones to your dog

Based on experts

There are many do’s and don’ts when giving bones to Fido. 

In that case, let’s start with:

#1: Know which bones are safe for dogs 

Some bones can be deadly for your pup. 

To name a few examples, I’m talking about bones like: 

  • Pork.
  • Poultry.
  • Chicken.
  • Pork ribs.

Warning: These bones are high in fat. So, if you give these to Fido, they could end up with pancreatitis

Not to mention…

Chicken bones are too sharp and small. With that, your furry friend can choke. 

Or worse, the bones can damage your dog’s organs. 

And these cases might even lead to sudden death. 

Note: Large dog breeds should only use big bones as well. With this, your giant pup can’t swallow the bone by accident.

#2: Avoid any cooked bones for your dog 

Raw bones are tougher and won’t break so easily. That’s why they’re the safest option for Fido.

Meanwhile, cooked bones are softer.

And if your furry pal chews on that, your dog might get choked. 

Plus, just like chicken bones…

Cooked ones could also cut your pup’s insides. Like Fido’s tongue, gums, and organs. 

And if that causes internal bleeding…

Your dog might end up in a critical condition.

#3: If the bone breaks into smaller pieces, take it away 

As you read above, tiny pieces of bones can be deadly for your pup. 

So, before you leave Fido to chew on their bones… 

Ensure that the bone isn’t soft at all. 

Also, you should check in on your dog every few minutes too. 

#4: Avoid bones if your dog has a sensitive tummy

Some dogs are prone to sensitive stomachs. 

In that case, bones can cause issues for them, like:

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#5: Don’t give bones when there are other dogs

You know how dogs love their bones…

So, there’s a chance they might fight over 1 piece of bone. 

To prevent this:

You can give each dog a bone. 

Or you could hide those chew sticks until the other pups are away. 

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#6: Only give fresh bones to Fido 

Bones that are 3 to 4 days old might have bacteria. 

And that can make your pup sick.

In that case, don’t forget to throw the bones away. 

#7: Keep an eye on your dog while they chew on bones

While chewing is good exercise for Fido…

You shouldn’t let your dog eat too many bones. 

So, you must hide the bones after 10 to 15 minutes of chewing.