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Is A Beagle Great Dane Mix The Right Dog For You? Pros/Cons

Beagle Great Dane Mix

Searching for unique dog breeds? 

Well, you’ve found a rare one. 

And that’s BeDane: a mix between Beagles and Great Danes.

“Wait, a small dog crossed with a big one? 

Is that even possible?” 

Oh, the many kinds of surprises that you’ll get from this mix… 

And with so many questions…

I’ll gladly answer them. Just….

Continue reading to find out:

  • 7 pros and 5 cons of BeDanes.
  • 3 fun facts and trivia about this mix.
  • Why BeDanes are rare and what to expect from them.
  • And so much more…

Beagle Great Dane mix: Appearance

Mixing a small dog with a big one sounds risky. 

But when it does happen, what would be the outcome?

You’ll be presented with a dog with a surprising combo of looks. And that’s the case for  BeDanes. 

With that, let me give you the full description of this rare pooch.

Body type, height, and weight 

This unusual mix has a smooth, square-shaped body with well-formed muscles. Other than that, the growth of this pooch can be unpredictable. 

For one, their size could range between medium and large. 

So, here’s a simple growth chart for this breed:

13 to 33 inches (33 to 86 cm)24 to 198 lbs (11 to 90 kg)

Note: This is a size range between Beagles and Great Danes. With that, the mix can fall anywhere in that area.

But as you can tell from that table…

The gap between their height and weight can be so wide. So, most BeDanes will typically be in the middle of that size chart. 

That said, you might be curious how these two parent breeds could even mate. 

After all, such a big difference could lead to potential injuries. 

“So, how did a Beagle and a Great Dane match up?” 

In most cases, this pairing doesn’t happen naturally. 

Instead, breeders use a method called artificial insemination. This means the semen of a male Beagle is implanted in a female Great Dane. 

Clearly, they choose this option to make it much safer. 

After all, if the small Beagle carries the baby… 

It places the mother’s health in danger. 

Thus, most breeders resort to this unnatural method. But again, that’s why BeDanes are quite rare. 

Since the method of breeding can get complicated…

Most breeders prefer to focus on other hybrids instead.

Head and face shape

Now, both parents of BeDanes have flat and wide heads. So, you can expect this hybrid pooch to look the same. 

Moreover, the muzzles of this Fido can be as wide as their heads. 

Also, their nose can have different colors, such as:

  • Blue.
  • Black.
  • Brown.

That aside, BeDanes also have big floppy ears. 

“Wait, that’s not how I remember Great Danes look like.” 

Actually, you’re not wrong. Many people think that these big dogs have bat-like, pointy ears. 

But the truth is…

Great Danes are born with natural floppy ears, just like Beagles. And there’s one reason why people get confused about their looks.

That’s because of ear cropping. 

Trivia: Great Danes were once used as boar hunting dogs. And to prevent injuries, their fur parents chose to crop their ears. 

Well, isn’t that surprising? This big, gentle dog was once a fierce boar hunter. 

But nowadays, this practice isn’t needed anymore. 

So, many vets are against ear cropping. And that’s because these Fidos will only go through unnecessary pain. 

Still, fur parents can choose to dock their dog’s ears for health reasons. 

For example…

Research reveals that dogs with floppy ears are more prone to infections. But at the same time, cropping them could also cause nerve tumors.

Either way, both options carry their risks. 

So, if you’re getting a BeDane… 

You have to prepare and consult your vet about ear cropping.

Eye shape and colors

Moreover, BeDanes typically have almond-shaped eyes. Though, some of them could be haw-shaped as well. 

And their small eyes have 2 common colors, namely:

  • Brown.
  • Amber.

Fun fact: Some Great Danes can be born with heterochromia. That’s when their two iris have different colors from each other. 

With this, BeDanes can also inherit the same trait. 

Coat type and colors

Both mom and dad of BeDanes have smooth, short coats. 

And their fur comes in 9 different colors, such as:

  • Fawn.
  • Black.
  • White.
  • Mantle.
  • Brindle.
  • Tri-color.
  • Harlequin.
  • Parti-coat.
  • Gray Merle.

From this list, it’s easy to notice mantle and Harlequin. 

In case you’re not familiar with them…

Mantle coats look similar to a Boston Terrier’s coat. Others may describe this coat as a tuxedo pattern. 

Meanwhile, Harlequin is a rare and unique coat for dogs. It means they’ll have a dominant white fur color. But it also has random black patches all over them.

In rare cases, those spots can also be blue. 


If you look up photos of a Harlequin Dane, their coat can remind you of Dalmatians. 

All in all, any of these colors can appear among BeDanes.

Beagle Great Dane mix: Temperament

Now, it’s time to know more about this dog’s behavior.

First of all…

BeDanes are great as family members. And there are a few good reasons for that.

For one, both parents are friendly dogs.

To support that, the AKC says that Great Danes are gentle giants. They’re sweet and love to please their families. 

Meanwhile, Beagles are similar. Vets say this pooch can get along with other dogs.

Plus, they’re always in high spirits. On top of that, Beagles are curious Fidos.

With these two combined…

You get a wonderful BeDane.

And with these traits, this hybrid is great with kids. That said, they’ll fit well in most types of families.

But of course, like all dogs…

BeDanes still need proper training. 

And fur parents should start it as early as possible. Cause if not, BeDanes could have behavioral issues. 

But luckily, this pooch can be easy to train.

And that’s all thanks to the intelligence of their parents.

Fun fact: Great Danes are part of the top 50 smartest dogs in the world. That’s based on Dr. Stanley Cohren’s book. And the title is “The Intelligence of Dogs.”

With all these great traits, you might be thinking:

“Everything seems perfect! What could go wrong?”

Indeed, that’s how it seems. But, just like people, dogs could have flaws too.

And for BeDanes, there are at least 2 concerns. The first one is the Great Dane’s stubborn side.

Although they’re smart…

This gentle giant might refuse to listen to their fur parents. And with that, they’ll need someone who can discipline them properly.


BeDanes are outgoing dogs. With that said, they have high energy levels

So, they prefer having lots of playtime and exercise.

And if their family can’t provide that…

This pooch is at risk of becoming depressed.

Moreover, if that occurs…

You’ll have a new concern. And that’s their destructive behavior.

With that, a study says BeDanes could do things such as:

And with that, your home could become a wreck.

So to prevent this…

BeDanes are best suited to families that can give them enough time.

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7 pros of owning a Beagle Great Dane mix

#1: Friendly, loyal, and affectionate

Just as I mentioned above…

BeDanes are loving dogs. This means that they’ll brighten up your day with ease.

Also, these Fidos can become very attached to their fur parents.

So, if you like cuddling with your pooch

BeDanes can be a great candidate for you. These medium or big dogs love being close to their families.

On top of that, they’re friendly to everyone.

With proper training…

BeDanes can get along even with other animals at home.

#2: Can be easy to train

Earlier… I said that BeDanes could be stubborn. 

But I also mentioned that they’re intelligent.

As long as these Fidos are well-trained at an early age…

The stubborn side of their Great Dane genes is manageable. That said, this pooch love praises. And that means they love treats and rewards.

So, any time you teach a command…

Always prepare some snacks for them. Also, don’t forget to praise your pooch. With that, you can easily tame their stubborn side.

And in case you’re struggling…

You can always seek help from other dog experts.

#3: They make an excellent guard dog

Beagle Great Dane Mix Makes An Excellent Guard Dog

While BeDanes are laid-back…

They’re still alert and protective by nature.

And you can thank their parent breeds for that.

Trivia: Did you know that Beagles are one of the best scent hounds today?

As revealed by research:

Beagles have a remarkable sense of smell. They work almost as great as Bloodhounds. And these dogs have over 300 million scent nerves in their brain.

That’s how powerful their nose can be.

Now, with their inherited strong sense of smell

Nothing gets past BeDanes.

As a result, they’re great at protecting their homes and families.

#4: Can adjust to any lifestyle 

If there’s one more thing to appreciate about this pooch…

It’s definitely their willingness to adjust to you.

Sounds sweet, huh? BeDanes won’t complain as humans do. So this pooch will take what they can get. 

Moreover, they’ll be happy as long as they’re with you. That’s how loyal BeDanes can be.

And there’s more.

No matter where you live, be it a big home or a small apartment…

BeDanes can adjust well to it.

But to make things fair and avoid making your pooch sad

All you have to do is ensure they get enough exercise.

#5: They’re great exercise partners 

And speaking of physical activities…

This lively dog is the perfect partner for those who love to work out.

Let’s say… 

You want to go jogging? Hiking? Swimming? Or maybe even join a marathon? No matter what you choose, BeDanes would love to join you.

This pooch always has the energy to work out.

And they also need to stay active to be healthy and fit.

#6: BeDanes are great with children

For families with little kids at home…

You won’t have to worry too much about a big BeDane around them. And that’s because this hybrid behaves like a child too.

With that said, they’d love to play with kids. 

Their patient temperament helps them stay calm.

But of course, despite their gentle nature…

Parents shouldn’t leave little kids alone with any dog. And it’s not because they’re dangerous.

It’s only for the safety of both your pooch and the children.

#7: Easy to groom

Lastly, BeDanes have short and smooth coats.

Thanks to that, grooming them is very easy.

Though, to maintain their soft and shiny look…

Brushing their fur regularly is still recommended. That aside, this pooch will only need baths at least once every 4 to 6 weeks.

All in all, that’ll help you save time and money from grooming expenses.

5 cons of owning a Beagle Great Dane mix

#1: Risk of having a short life span

While Beagles have a fairly long life span…

Great Danes have short ones. 

Sadly, these big dogs only have an average life expectancy of 8 to 10 years. For canines, this is very short.

But it’s not a surprise for bigger dogs to have that kind of life span.

Why so?

The general rule of the paw is small dogs live longer than big ones.

And science offers one theory about this:

Experts believe that bigger dogs age faster than smaller ones. As a result, they tend to die quicker than tiny canines.

So, since BeDanes could inherit this from their Great Dane parent…

There’s a risk that this lovely hybrid will also have a short life. 

Also, their parents could be prone to a few health risks, such as:

  • Bloat.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Glaucoma.
  • Hip dysplasia.
  • Ear infections.
  • Luxating patella.
  • Tricuspid valve disease.

But as long as they’re well-taken care of…

BeDanes could still live to the fullest.

All in all, a healthy lifestyle can improve everything for dogs.

#2: Moderate to heavy shedders

Though BeDanes have short fur…

It doesn’t mean that they won’t shed at all.

With that said, Beagles are the heavy shedder between the two parents.

So, depending on which genes they’ll take after…

You can expect BeDanes to be a moderate or a heavy shedder.

#3: Prone to separation anxiety

As I mentioned earlier…

BeDanes are very affectionate. With that said, they can get too clingy as well.

But if that happens…

This pooch can become sensitive to being alone.

And this can be a huge problem for some fur parents. After all, you can’t be sure that you’ll always be at home.

So, if you’re often busy or away from home…

BeDanes might not be the best choice for you.

But to be frank, there are only a few dog breeds with low separation anxiety. The fact is, most Fidos will always want to be around their families.

Still, BeDanes are among the bunch that can be highly sensitive when left alone.

In the end, it only shows how this mix needs a full-time fur parent.

Not sure what to do with your anxious pooch? You can learn from a fellow fur parent:

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#4: Heavy exercise needs

As a medium or large pooch…

You can expect BeDanes to need a lot of physical movement.

After all, this Fido’s full of energy. So, they’ll need something to release that.

And what’s the best way for them to use their energy? That’s right, through playing and exercising.

“So, how much time do they exactly need?”

On average, BeDanes should have at least 1 hour of exercise daily.

And it shouldn’t be any less than that. Of course, unless your pooch has health concerns. 

With that said, you can take your BeDane out for a walk 2 times a day.

Or if you’re busy during certain weeks…

Then just try to play with your Fido as much as possible.

And if you still have any concerns about their health…

It’s encouraged to visit the vet for more personal tips.

#5: High prey drive 

Lastly… BeDanes can inherit a Beagle’s prey drive.

After all, their parents were once hunting dogs.

So, it’s only natural for them to have this kind of trait.

But of course…

It doesn’t mean they’re always aggressive or violent.

This pooch wouldn’t hurt anyone just for fun.

Instead, they could only annoy other animals at home.

“But I thought you said they get along well with others?”

Yes, I did, and that fact is still true.

To explain that, BeDanes will definitely befriend other animals. But the real question is… will the other furry pal like them back?

As this topic says, their high prey drive can show up sometimes.

That means they might chase after other animals at your home. Or, they’ll sniff too much due to their sense of smell.

All in all, this problem can be easily fixed.

And all your BeDane needs is proper training and discipline.