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9 Reasons Why Pomeranians (Like To) Dig And How To Stop It

Why Do Pomeranians Like To Dig

When you think of a Pomeranian, you probably imagine them curled up on a lap. Or cuddling on the bed. 

Barking at this and that. But… digging?! 

Yes, Pomeranians dig. But the big question is why they do it. And do they like it?

Today’s your lucky day! You’ll find out this and more.

Keep reading and learn:

  • What Pomeranians’ instincts reveal about this behavior.
  • Whether your Pomeranian digs because they’re scared or for fun.
  • When you should be worried about your Pom’s digging and what you can do about it.
  • One of the most efficient and easy ways to prevent your Pom from digging (hint: it’s tip #3).
  • And this is just the beginning…

Why do Pomeranians like to dig?

Pomeranians like to dig. They do it when bored or anxious. Digging makes them feel calmer and happier. It’s a natural behavior. Pomeranians dig a hole and use it as a den or a cooling spot if the weather is too hot. They also dig to hunt, bury possessions, escape or when they have too much energy.

Do Pomeranians like to dig (holes)?

Pomeranians like to dig holes because for them this is a source of entertainment when bored. It keeps them busy. This behavior stems from the wild dog’s instincts to dig. It satisfies their curiosity and needs for physical exercise. It could also be a way to relieve stress.

9 reasons why Pomeranians dig (holes)

Here you will find out the nine main reasons why your Pomeranian likes to dig holes.

#1: Boredom

Pomeranians are a toy breed. Deceived by their small size, people think they don’t need much stimulation. They’re content when their Pomeranian sits on their lap. 

But there’s more to Pomeranians than just being companion lap dogs. They’re very intelligent and active. Plus, they love being busy. 

That being said, if your Pomeranian doesn’t have enough to keep their mind occupied, they may start to dig. 

Digging is a rewarding and exciting activity in itself. When you think about it, there are many interesting things to find in a hole. 

The Pomeranian can wrestle with roots. Kind of like playing tug of war, only by themselves. 

Your Pom could also find insects in the hole they’re digging. Not to mention the variety of new smells in the soil there.

#2: Instinct

Pomeranians have been pets for a very long time. Despite this, sometimes their wild side comes out. 

Pomeranians still have some of the basic instincts of wild canines. One of these is digging. 

Dogs in the wild dig because it feels good. It’s a source of fun as it’s a good way to explore and play. 

But there are also practical reasons for it. They might also find some food when they dig. 

#3: Having a safe place to raise their offspring

Pomeranians like to dig and make dens or nests for themselves. Digging is a common behavior in pregnant females.

That’s due to the fact that a den provides security and a safe place to sleep. This again is instinctual. 

Little dogs, like Pomeranians may often become prey of bigger animals. This is why some Pomeranians might even dig a hole in the garden if they feel unsafe. 

#4: Cooling down

Pomeranians have very thick, fluffy coats. Hence, summer could get a little bit too much for their liking. 

So what’s a Pom to do?

Lie under the shades. Maybe chill on the couch with the airco on… But if not, digging a hole is always an option. 

A freshly dug hole in the ground uncovers the cool, moist earth under the surface. Pomeranians like to lie in this cool earth to cool down on hot days. 

Warning: It’s crucial that you prevent your dog from overheating as it could be fatal.

#5: Hiding valuable possessions

Pomeranian Digs To Hide Possessions Meme

Let’s say you have something valuable in you. You wouldn’t just leave it unattended for everyone to see and access, right? 

The same goes for your Pom and their valuable possessions. 

So it’s no wonder that Pomeranians are experts at storing treasures. Maybe even better than squirrels. 

Poms usually do that by burying their possessions. These include toys, chew items, and sometimes even a dog parent’s shoe. 

That’s how they make sure another animal doesn’t steal the Pom’s treasure. 

But it could happen that the Pomeranian forgets where they buried something. They’ll then dig to look for that item. It’s funny and cute at the same time.

#6: Hunting

Pomeranians have good hearing. Much better than humans’ in fact. Which means they can hear insects and small animals underground that we can’t. 

And since Pomeranians are very curious, they’ll often want to find out what made that interesting sound. 

Plus, the Pomeranian still has a hunting instinct. They will dig to find what is making the noise. And try to hunt it down.

Moles and voles for example leave their scent at the entrances of their holes. Pomeranians will follow the scent trail and dig at these entrances. 

#7: Stress

Like I mentioned earlier, Pomeranians are companion dogs. And as such, they like to be close to their humans. 

If you leave your Pom alone for long periods of time, they may develop separation anxiety

Another factor for stress in Pomeranians is having other pets. The other animal might hurt them in your absence. 

There’s also the possibility that a neighbor’s pet might scare and frighten your Pomeranian. 

New pets or big changes in the home may also make your Pomeranian scared. A new boyfriend or girlfriend can upset your little Pomeranian. 

You see, there are multiple scenarios which could cause your Pom to be stressed. And digging helps Pomeranians deal with all the stress they’ve accumulated from such situations. 

Digging uses up your dog’s physical energy. It also releases endorphins and boosts serotonin. 

Endorphins are chemicals in your dog’s body. They help your Pomeranian feel better. They will be calmer and more relaxed after digging. 

#8: Sweet escape

Pomeranians might dig to try and get out of their yard. In an attempt to escape. 

Pomeranians left alone outside can easily become scared. Certain noises from the street can scare your Pomeranian in the yard. 

You should also consider if there are wild animals in the area. As they can get to your Pom and hurt them.This includes racoons and hawks.

Chances are that if scared, your Pom will try to escape and get away from the item or animal. And your Pom may do this by digging a hole under the fence. 

But a frightened dog can get lost. Most scared dogs run without looking where they are going. Another danger is that lost dogs can get hit by cars or attacked by another canine. 

With this in mind, it’s best to not leave your Pom unsupervised in the yard.

#9: Mineral deficiency

A balanced diet is important to keep a Pomeranian healthy. Otherwise, Pomeranians can get mineral deficiencies. 

Bear in mind that they’re fussy eaters. That could lead to a mineral deficiency. 

If that happens, your Pom will likely dig the soil. That’s how they’d be able to get the minerals they currently lack.

How to stop your Pomeranian from digging (holes)? 5 tips

Don’t forget that digging is a natural behavior for Pomeranians. If you remove digging from the equation, it might get substituted by other unwanted behaviors.

#1: Create a dedicated doggy digging area

Some Pomeranians are persistent diggers. But that doesn’t mean you should stop your Pomeranian’s digging altogether. 

Instead, make a sandpit for your Pomeranian to dig in. Bury toys and food items in the sand. 

Encourage your Pomeranian to dig in this area. If they dig in another place in the garden, take them back to his sandpit. 

Don’t forget to reward them by giving them a treat. Immediately after you see them dig at the right place, that is. 

As the tiny dogs they are, Pomeranians aren’t strong enough to move heavy rocks or fences. You can put stones and chicken mesh on any existing holes to stop your Pomeranian from digging. 

There’s also another option. It’s a digging blanket. And it consists of two layers. The upper layer has dense fibers which your Pomeranian can dig in and bury toys in. 

A Digging blanket is a good idea for apartment dogs. It protects your furniture. Plus, your dog gets to have fun inside. 

#2: Supervise and distract

Supervise your Pomeranian when they’re outside. If your Pomeranian starts digging, distract them. You can do that by calling them, throwing a toy or initiating a game. 

It’s understandable if you’re unable to watch your Pomeranian all the time that they’re outside. Keep them inside until you can go out together.

If you go out, leave your Pomeranian inside your house. But if you can’t do that, you can build an outside pen for them.

#3: Exercise 

Pomeranians love being busy. 

Let them use their energy by taking them for a walk. You can also teach your Pomeranian to dog sports, like agility. 

Young Pomeranians will need more exercise. Don’t exercise a Pomeranian puppy too much though. They’re still growing, and too much exercise can damage joints. 

That being said, a Pomeranian finishes growing by seven to ten months. 

While they’re growing, your Pomeranian will need sufficient minerals. These are necessary for growth and health. 

Note: If you find your Pomeranian eating soil, take him to the vet. They’ll advise you on a good supplement for your pooch. And also recommend suitable food options. 

#4: Stimulate your Pom’s brain

Pomeranians are intelligent little dogs. They need to use their brains. Train your Pomeranian to do tricks, and play games. 

That’s where obedience training comes in. It teaches your Pomeranian good manners and keeps his brain busy. 

An outing to a dog park or a play date with other dogs will stimulate your Pomeranian and tire him out. There’s also the option to sign them up for dog school. 🙂 

Note: A well-stimulated Pomeranian is less likely to dig holes. You should train and play with your Pomeranian as often as possible.

#5: Keep certain toys inside

If your Pomeranian likes to bury their toys, make sure they don’t take them outside. If you play with them with a toy outside, bring it in when you finish playing. 

Or give them limited access to things that they like to bury. 

Prepare a bed in the shade so that your Pom can lie outside. Do not give small blankets that your Pomeranian can bury. Use a heavier, larger mattress-type bed.