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7 Reasons Why Your Corgi Eats Poop + 5 Tips To Stop It

Why Does My Corgi Eat Poop

Is it like a feast for your Corgi every time you stroll at the park?

Or is there always a treasure hunt every time you play in the yard?

And inside the house is always a who-finds-it-first-eats-it-first scenario?

You’re not alone! Other Corgi owners know the struggle.

You wonder why it happens… And most importantly, how to put an end to it.

Relax. Take a break from scooping and…

Read on to find out:

  • Why Corgi puppies eat poop and if it’s safe for them.
  • What makes their own or other animals’ stool appealing.
  • Whether it’s normal for an adult Corgi to still have this behavior.
  • 11 simple tips on what to do if your Corgi eats poop, plus a bonus.
  • And a lot more…

Why does my Corgi eat poop?

Your Corgi eats poop because of their natural survival instincts, tendency to mimic their mother, deficiency in nutrients, improper digestion, medical conditions like having diabetes or intestinal parasites, staying in an unhealthy environment, and behavioral causes like anxiety and loneliness.

Common situations:

7 reasons why your Corgi eats poop

#1: Your Corgi does it instinctively to survive

You probably know this already, but dogs share the same DNA as wolves.

But did you know that wolves consume feces to prevent parasites from spreading in their pack?

Blech. I know. It’s gross.

But once you learn about their reason, it will make sense.

A study reveals that they eat their sick member’s deposits as soon as possible. To prevent parasites from growing. And that lessens their chances of getting the disease.

What a way to prevent sickness, right?

So your Corgi might have also adapted this instinct to live. And thinks it’s alright to chomp on things that are disgusting to us.

Note: Remember, they don’t see anything wrong with this behavior.

#2: They’re tidying up their place

Well, aside from their great ancestors playing a big role in genetics, they might have also copied what their moms did when they’re young.

This behavior is also evident in us, humans. Apart from the poop-eating part, that is.

But back to the topic.

Your Corgi might have observed that their mom used to lick them up and ingest their wastes when they were small.

It was their mother’s way of keeping their place sneaky clean. Because she thinks a predator will find her pups by following the smell of their stool.

And your dog grew up thinking it’s the right thing to do.

Because after all, mother knows best. 🙂

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#3: Your Corgi has poor diet and nutrition

Corgi With Poor Nutrition Eats Poop Meme

Is your Corgi eating his poop?

It might be due to a lack of digestive enzymes. Or highly digestible food in their diet. Those can cause poor digestion to your dog.

As a result, their stool may have large bits of matter that weren’t broken down very well. Which makes them want to consume it.

Aside from their stool, are deposits of cats and horses very appealing to them?

If yes, it can be that they’re trying to get the nutrients they lack from eating those.

Or they couldn’t simply resist the smell and taste of those turds.

Cat poop often contains many proteins. And horses’ manure has vegetable matter that was partially digested.

So, how can you blame your hungry and nutrient-deficient dog for eating those?

But, you should not tolerate this habit for their safety.

Eating others’ dung may harm their health. Who knows if they’ve ingested ones from a sick animal?

I hope that is not the case, but it could happen.

So, hang on a little bit longer for effective tips on how to make them stop.

#4: They’re underfed or not feeling well

Corgis love to eat. And they tend to overeat too.

So, it can be hard to know if you are underfeeding them or if they’re not feeling well.

If your puppy is eating poop, it’s only normal. This habit usually disappears before they turn 9 months old. This may be out of hunger. Or just an act of exploration.

Want to know more about Corgi puppies?

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But, if an adult Corgi suddenly consumes a stool, there may be something wrong inside their body. And that needs medical attention.

PetMD lists several reasons why an adult dog might have this behavior:

  • Anemia.
  • Parasites.
  • Malabsorption.
  • Vitamin deficiency.
  • Inflammatory bowel disease.
  • A disorder affecting the brain.

Other conditions that cause an increase in appetite include:

  • Diabetes.
  • Thyroid disease.
  • Cushing’s disease.

#5: Your Corgi is confused

Do you often take care of their deposits as soon as they make it?

Or are they the ones responsible for cleaning it?

Your Corgi’s environment also plays a big role in developing this behavior.

It may happen when they stay and poop in the same place.

They can go from only sniffing it to munching on it. And there’s no one nearby to scold them for doing so. Which could lead to a wrong association.

This reason is more possible for dogs who stay inside their crates for too long with no litter training. And those who came from a shelter where dogs have cramped sleeping areas.

They may treat manure as food as stated by AKC. They can’t tell anymore what their differences are since they’re confined in such a small space.

#6: They’re feeling anxious

Corgi Eats Poop To Hide It

Suppose all the genetics and other medical reasons given above don’t seem to be the reason for your situation. In that case, it might be that your Corgi is eating poop because of behavioral problems.

Does it recently get punished too much for misbehaving?

Think about it. Because this can be the reason why.

For example, was there a time when they got punished way too harshly while taking a dump? 

Because next time, they will be so afraid to do it again. They don’t want to get caught. And get scolded by their humans.

So what do they do? What do criminals do after a crime?

Yes, you’re right. They hide the evidence.

But in their case, it’s by ingesting that piece of proof – a.k.a. stool.

They can do it. Especially those puppies who are so scared and want to avoid getting punished.

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#7: Your Corgi is lonely and asking for attention

Does your Corgi get enough attention every day?

Corgis are like fluff balls of sunshine. They’re very bright and warm.

But, they can get sad too like other dogs. Especially when they’re alone most of the time. Or isolated in their kennels.

Despite their size, they’re also filled with so much energy. That’s why playtime is their favorite activity next to eating. Not getting enough mental and physical activities daily could get them bored.

Also, this behavior can be their way of begging for attention.

For them, it’s a lot easier to just shove their nose off the droppings. And get an instant response from you. Rather than just behaving while waiting for you to lay eyes on them.

They may also like your reaction. Like squealing and chasing them. Which could make them think you get very excited about it. When you’re kind of disgusted.

11 tips on what to do if your Corgi eats poop

6 tips on how to clean your Corgi’s mouth after eating poop

After a feast in the park, you should clean up your dog’s mouth immediately.

You don’t want them to be licking you after enjoying some kitty’s tootsie rolls, do you?

#1: Provide your Corgi food and water

This should always be the first thing on your list.

Give them food and water to satisfy their hunger and make them salivate. This will also help clean their mouth and wash away any remnants.

#2: Brush their teeth

Be extra careful if they aren’t used to brushing their teeth.

Just be patient. 

And follow these simple steps:

  1. Get your dog a toothbrush for dogs.
  2. Then lift your Corgi’s lip away – showing their teeth and gums.
  3. Apply dog toothpaste on the brush.
  4. Gently insert it into the sides of their mouth.
  5. Slowly brush their teeth to not scare them out.
  6. When finished, reward them with treats and praises. So they’ll be encouraged to do it again next time.

Note: If your Corgi has strong resistance towards the tooth brush, you could try using tooth wipes as an alternative. They’re gentler on the gums.

#3: Make them chew a dental treat

If you’re in a hurry, you can give it to your dog to fully clean their mouth. This will get rid of any leftovers inside or between their teeth.

#4:  Use a cloth to clean the insides of the mouth

If it still bothers you even after giving them a dental chew, you can use a wet cloth with coconut oil after. Then carefully wipe the insides of their mouth.

#5:  Use a doggy mouthwash

Like the toothbrush, use a mouthwash that’s made for them. Don’t ever use the things you use on your dog.

To use it, you can mix it into a glass of water. And apply it on a wet cloth. 

#6:  Wipe it off

Of course, don’t forget to wipe their mouth.

Using a clean cloth, gently dab and wipe your dog’s mouth, tongue, and even nose. This is to ensure that everything is clean and dry again.

5 tips on how to stop your Corgi from eating poop

Wow, you’ve made it here.

This part will now tackle the things you can do to make this behavior stop.

#7: Scoop right after they poop

Corgi Scoop The Poop Meme

What’s better than cure?

Prevention, of course.

This is the most effective way for puppies who just learned to eat poop. Because by early prevention, there are higher chances for behavior not to occur again.

Make sure to always keep your place clean and hygienic. Because what could they eat if there’s nothing for them to pick up?

I know, it can be a very tiring task. Especially if you’re working and have a lot of things to do. But remember, good things don’t come easy.

So don’t let your puppy or dog play with their stool after they defecate. 

Right before they sniff it, you can distract them with their favorite toy or by blowing a whistle. Once they’re distracted, use this chance to scoop it quickly. Then sanitize the area.

Give them rewards at the end. Like treats and praises. You can pat them or rub their belly while saying “good dog!” in a loving voice. Do this as soon as they don’t eat their poop.

But make sure only to do this if they didn’t get the chance to nibble at it. Or else, you’re praising them for eating their dung. And that’s not what you want to happen.

If you do it several times, they’ll eventually lose interest in eating stools.

Note: Also, if you have other pets such as cats, you should keep their litter box away from your pooch. You can place it inside a room they can’t access. Or install a cat door to prevent them from going inside.

Go on walks when it’s time to go potty

If your pup stays inside the house most of the time… And if you can’t regularly scoop because you’re busy throughout the day, you can go on walks when it’s potty time instead. 

This is to ensure that your space is free from any deposits while you’re doing something.

First, you need to know how often and when they usually defecate. It’s good to have it scheduled after every meal. But don’t do it right away because it may upset their stomach or cause bloating.

The time you should wait before you could take them for a walk depends on the amount of food you’ve given and how fast they could digest it. It is usually:

  • 30 minutes – after a small snack.
  • 1 hour – after a small meal. 
  • 2 to 3 hours – after a heavy meal.

Once you’ve figured it out and you’re ready, put their leash on. Then go outside and take your Corgi for a walk. Give them a chance to poo.

Again, don’t let them go near the stool. Or any other treasures nearby.

Now clean up after your dog as a responsible dog parent. And offer them their favorite treats, give them praises. Then you can go back inside.

Make this a daily routine. And your dog will surely adapt to this habit.

#8: Reinforce the “leave it” command

While you’re at it and you’re taking them outside, use this chance to teach them how to leave something. If they master this, you wouldn’t need to worry about them eating poop again when you’re not around.

It’ll also prevent them from getting diseases. They could get them from ingesting an infected dog or animal’s poop. 

Because who knows, those animals might be sick or have parasites. Which could harm your dog.

So to do this, you put on their leash first. And then take them for a walk outside.

Once they spotted manure, pull the leash. You should do it to the extent that it’s strong enough to make them stop. But gentle enough to not cause them any pain or trauma.

After pulling it, lead them in the opposite direction. Then you can now distract them with a treat or a sound. It can be the high-pitched sound of blowing a whistle. Or a noticeable sound of a clicker.

If they’ve successfully looked away or gone the other way, reward them as soon as possible. And give them lots of praises.

You can also check this video and learn from an expert:

Note: Do not use force when pulling. Or say the command in an angry voice. This will only make it harder for them to obey you. Be gentle, but firm as much as possible.

#9: Give your Corgi the attention and playtime they need

This tip is also pretty simple and very easy to do. Because it’ll only need to come from you.

Just give them enough attention every day. And make sure to play with them more than usual.

But it doesn’t mean you always have to be beside them.

They must get some “alone time” too. And while they’re at it, give them some toys they can play with. In that way, they wouldn’t get bored easily.

You can offer them these to stimulate their minds:

  • Chew toys.
  • Toys for relieving stress.

As I mentioned before, Corgis have high stamina. It’s not a surprise that they used to run around herding sheep and cattle before.

Also, dogs, in general, need to release all their energy throughout the day. This is to prevent them from developing bad behaviors which include eating poop. And other destructive ones such as chewing or digging.

One simple way is to have longer or more frequent walks every day. Corgis can walk for many hours. 

You can also do other activities you haven’t tried out yet like:

  • Hiking.
  • Jogging.
  • Fetching balls.
  • Playing tug-of-war.
  • Swimming (they’ll love this).

By doing these, you would tire them out in a good way. They’ll not have the energy to consume stools anymore. And they wouldn’t resort to doing it to relieve their stress. 

Note: Just remember to do tip #8 consistently. And you’ll be fine outdoors.

#10: Feed your Corgi balanced and highly digestible meals

Time to say goodbye to the chunky undigested matter on your dog’s stools.

Ask your vet or a nutritionist about this and explain your situation.

This way, you’ll have proper guidance. You’ll also know what diet works best for your dog. And make sure they’ll get all the nutrients they need every day.

You can also feed them food with high-quality protein. Those with no fillers like soy, wheat, corn, or any other type of grains.

If their poor digestion isn’t taken care of immediately, this may become a more serious issue. So better take action right away before it’s too late.

#11: Consult an expert about the behavior

If they can’t seem to get out of their poop-eating habit, consult an expert regarding the matter.

And if your adult dog enjoys eating poop all of a sudden. Or it seems like the behavior was caused by medical reasons, have your dog checked by a vet. They may need immediate care.

They may require your dog to have a full physical examination. This will let them know exactly what is going on. And to give your pooch proper treatment.

But when it seems like it’s caused by behavioral problems, it’s important to tell them these things:

  • Your dog’s full history.
  • Their diet and current status of appetite – whether they’re recently overeating or not
  • Their daily routine.
  • The environment they live in.

So they would have a better assessment of your dog’s situation.

#BONUS: Add some stool-repellent food to their meals

If your Corgi is an autocoprophragia or one that only eats their poop, this tip may work.

You can make their stool less appealing to them by adding poop-eating deterrents to their meals.

You’re probably thinking, “What could even be more awful than the actual taste of a poo?.”

If I were you, I wouldn’t think much of it. Just know that it’ll repel your dog from eating it.

You can search and buy products made for that sole reason. They’ve ingredients that aren’t harmful to dogs. It’ll only make their dung taste bitter which will stop them from eating it.

Repeat this and you may see results in a few days or weeks.

Note: This method only works for their deposits. If your dog also eats others’ stools, it’s best to follow the other tips above instead.