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9 Surprising Ways Chihuahuas Show Affection (#3 Is Funny)

Are Chihuahuas Affectionate

I hate it when people say that Chihuahuas are mean.

They simply haven’t seen the affectionate side of Chihuahuas.

That’s why I wrote this article.

Here you’ll discover:

  • The truth about nosing.
  • 9 funny ways Chihuahuas show that they love you.
  • Why stealing stinky clothes is more than a fun game for your Chihuahua.
  • And more…

Are Chihuahuas affectionate?

Chihuahuas are very affectionate dogs. Those sloppy kisses prove that. Even after a 5-minute absence, they act as though you were gone for ages. They are not afraid to show their vulnerability by rolling on their backs.

How do Chihuahuas show affection?

Chihuahuas show affection by sighing and yawning. When they lift their eyebrows, it means they love you. They also steal your clothes because they love everything that smells like you. And when they gaze at you, it increases their oxytocin levels. This, in turn, increases yours.

9 ways Chihuahuas show affection

#1: Nosing

Interesting fact: Did you know that a dog’s noseprint is as unique as a fingerprint?

Dogs use every part of their body to communicate how they feel. From their nose to their tail.

As a dog owner, you’ve seen how your Chihuahua displays their affection.

They can’t tell you ‘I love you.’ But they can show you how.

Starting with their nose.

Their sense of smell is everything. In the wild, wolves use it to survive.

But at home, your Chihuahua uses it for many purposes. One of which is to show you their affection.

You know it’s love when they nose you and then give you a soulful stare. Or they nose you and then rub their body against you.

#2: Lifting their eyebrows

Chihuahua Eyebrows Meme

Can dogs lift their eyebrows? I could almost hear you asking this question.

If you’re wondering as I am, it means we don’t notice them enough. 

Perhaps you notice big actions such as tail wagging and jumping easier. And since Chihuahuas are small, you may not notice the small stuff easily.

Apparently, the lifting of eyebrows is a sign of your dog’s affection.

Now this is interesting stuff. Because it’s backed by a study in Japan that showed dogs’ facial laterality.

Laterality is preference for one side of a body over the other. Think right-handedness or left-handedness.

The study wanted to find out if dogs show facial laterality when reunited with their owners.

Here are the very interesting results:

  • The dogs moved their left eyebrow more when owners were present.
  • The dogs showed no eyebrow movement when presented with attractive toys.

The study concluded that facial laterality reflected the dogs’ attachment to their owners.

So if your Chihuahua lifts their eyebrows, it means they’re displaying affection.

#3: Stealing your clothes

Chihuahua Sniffing Socks Meme

Has this happened to you many times?

When your Chihuahua suddenly grabs your sock and runs with it. And when you try to take it back, they wouldn’t give it to you.

Sometimes this is annoying. Especially when you’re tired from work.

And now you have to chase your Chihuahua around the house.

This may be fun and games for your pup. But it is more than that.

You might be surprised to know a fact about this.

Truth is, your Chihuahua loves you. And they love anything that smells like you.

Your used smelly jeans, or your sweaty gym shirt. Not to mention that pair of socks! But for your Chihuahua, those smell so good! 

And the stinkier the smell, the better. 

#4: Eye contact

One look from your Chihuahua and your heart somersaults.

This is a superpower all dogs possess. With just one look, your dog has stolen your heart!

Apparently, there’s something about those puppy dog eyes.

It only takes one gaze for a human and their dog to bond.

Past studies showed how mutual gazing releases oxytocin between a mother and her baby. Oxytocin is a hormone crucial in reproduction, social behaviors and bonding.

When a mother stares into her baby’s eyes, the baby’s oxytocin levels increase. This causes the baby to stare back into the mother’s eyes. In turn, the mother releases more oxytocin and the loop repeats.

This mutual gazing leads to an emotional bond between the mother and child.

Animal behaviorist Takefumi Kikusui got interested in studying more about this.

Could it be the same between humans and their dogs?

So he and his colleagues conducted a study to find answers.

They wanted to know if mutual gazing between humans and dogs releases or increases oxytocin

The study observed 30 owners and their dogs. The researchers also invited some people with wolves as pets.

Just to see if the loop was acquired by dogs from co-existing with humans.

The researchers took urine samples from humans and their pets before the experiment.

They could measure the oxytocin levels from these urine samples.

Then the owners were asked to interact with their dogs for 30 minutes. Interaction included petting, talking and gazing.

Some owners gazed at their dogs longer than others.

The results proved that mutual gazing had a huge impact on the owners and the dogs. In fact, the longer the gazing time was, the higher the oxytocin levels.

The researchers recorded a 300% rise in oxytocin levels from these owners. Their dogs, on the other hand, had a 130% increase in oxytocin levels.

There were also interesting results from owners that did not gaze long. There was no increase in oxytocin levels.

It was the same observation between owners and their pet wolves.

The next time you feel happy while gazing at your Chihuahua, it’s the oxytocin working.

No wonder people have dogs. Dogs make them feel good.

#5: Sighing and yawning

Chihuahua Love Yawn Meme

Have you experienced talking to your Chihuahua about your day?

And then your Chihuahua sighed and yawned all the time.

It got you thinking that maybe they were bored. Or they didn’t understand what you’re saying.

Maybe they have nothing better to do?

But there’s another way of looking at this.

Sighing and yawning can mean positive things.

Have you noticed your Chihuahua next to you and let out a long, contented sigh?

Or did you notice that you and your Chihuahua yawn almost at the same time?

Sighs mean your Chihuahua is content and safe with you. And their yawns are a sign of empathy.

#6: Licking

Dogs lick for a lot of reasons. They do it to groom themselves or you.

It could be your salty taste from sweat. Or to get your attention.

But licks are kisses in a dog’s world.

And when they lick you, it’s because they like you.

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#7: Big welcomes

It doesn’t take a lot to keep your Chihuahua happy.

Even short absences are a big deal for them.

You are gone for just 5 minutes. And when you return, they’re all over you.

They’re freaking out! But in a good way.

It’s as though they haven’t seen you in ages!

Just look at this cutie that couldn’t hide the happiness when welcoming their owner:

This proves that dogs are the best welcome party ever. When you walk through that door, they’re jumping as though celebrating.

They just can’t wait to reach your face and give you sloppy kisses. 

And if you don’t do something about it, they’d initiate full body contact. That’s another sign of their affection.

Even their tails don’t stop wagging as if there’s no tomorrow.

These are their simple ways to show you their enthusiasm.

#8: Rolling

When dogs are alert, they are on their feet.

But when dogs roll on their backs, they are at a vulnerable position. It will be difficult to defend themselves from this position.

To do this for you, it means they trust you. They feel safe and comfortable by your side.

#9: Snuggling

Chihuahua Snuggle Meme

We snuggle with our loved ones to show our love for each other.

It’s the same with dogs.

What better way to show their care than by snuggling with you?

They could sleep on their cozy bed or on their favorite chair.

But your Chihuahua often chooses to snuggle with you.

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