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Are Pomeranians Good With Kids? 7 Things You Should Know

are Pomeranians good with kids

Are you looking for a furry friend to join your family?

Then it’s logical to consider a Pomeranian (one of the cutest dogs in the world, if not the cutest).

But are Pomeranians good with kids?

Keep reading to discover:

  • The truth about Pomeranians and kids.
  • If a Pomeranian is the right fit for your family.
  • 7 things you should know before getting a Pomeranian.
  • And more…

Are Pomeranians good with kids?

In general, Pomeranians aren’t good with small kids. Pomeranians can snap at the kids as Poms are afraid of sudden movements. In a family with older children, Pomeranians can be a good addition. They’re lovable, cuddly and dedicated to the people they live with.

Not only are Pomeranians suitable for a family pet but their behavior can be crafted as you want it if you start from an early age. 

Pomeranians will adapt to their owners’ moods and reactions. They’re bright little companion dogs that are loyal to their people but suspicious towards strangers.

How good are Pomeranians with children?

Pomeranian And Children

Depends whether we’re talking about older or younger children.

If you have toddlers or kids – it’s a big no. Not only will you have to take care of them but you will also need to separate them from the Pom and constantly supervise them when they’re together.

It’s hard to say if the Pom will be dangerous for the kids or the other way around. Poms can be yappy so you don’t want to put the Pom in a stressing environment. 

If he is left to endure the abuse, toddlers could exercise on him and you’re not there to help, he might get defensive.

Moreover, kids can trip over your Pom or they can step on his tail or paws. Kids are also moving quite fast and sudden which Pomeranians don’t like.

Even though the Pom looks cute and like a stuffed toy, he has a mind of his own. Loud noises and sharp movements can get your Pom very uncomfortable and anxious.

If you have older children though, a Pomeranian could be a very good option for the whole family. Then they will be able to treat the Pom with attention and care. And the Pom will love that.

Alone time

If there are no kids or children in the family, that’s also okay for Pomeranians. They get on very well with adults. 

If you live in an apartment and don’t have a backyard, it’s not a problem. If you do happen to have a backyard, you shouldn’t leave the Pom alone. Poms can easily fall prey to eagles, hawks and other wild animals. 

Be cautious if there are such animals in your area. It’s advisable to keep close to your Pom as this can prevent an attack on him. 

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Pomeranians are one of the best breeds to have as a watchdog. It could be hard to believe because they’re super tiny and cute. But boy, can they bark! 

Whenever the Pom spots an unwanted visitor or something unusual, he will set off the alarm, a.k.a. his bark. Nothing that’s off will remain unnoticed.

That’s a wonderful way to keep your home safe. 

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You can never get bored with a Pomeranian. They’re good at recognizing your emotions and will stay by your side whatever your mood. 

Because they love their owners so much, they can become upset if you don’t give them enough time. 

One of the key things that you must absolutely for sure give to your Pom is time spent together. You must be actively involved with the Pom. Don’t just assume chilling on the couch counts as quality time.

While you don’t need to run or jump, you do have to pull a toy together with your Pom. Or to toss a ball for him to return to you. 

Poms are confident, brave and energetic. This is what you can expect of your Pom. By getting one, you’ll end up with a small dog who has a big personality.

7 Important things to know before getting a Pomeranian if you have kids

Are Pomeranians a good choice for first-time owners?

Pomeranian First Time Owner

If you’ve never owned a Pomeranian before, there are some things you might want to keep in mind.

First of all, when you’ve never had a Pom, you’ll need some time to adjust to the dog’s personality. Just like people, they’re unique. 

If your Pomeranian puppy barks a lot or is very active and bites a lot, that’s normal. He will most likely grow out of it. 

But you can’t rely on that hope alone. There’s work you’ll have to put into the whole puppy-owner relationship. And when you do that right, you’ll form a strong bond with your dog. Time and effort are worth investing in. 

Will you be the main owner? Or someone else? Whoever it is, they must make it a priority to supply the puppy with every item it needs and to teach it the most important commands. 

How easy are Pomeranians to train?

Pomeranians look like cute little toys but they’re actually very intelligent and generally easy to train. They also make suitable show dogs. That’s because once trained, they’ll know how to behave and are usually eager to do what their owners expect of them. 

An interesting and less-known fact is that some Poms are trained to be therapy dogs. They can bring a lot of joy to elderly and sick people in need.

What you can expect from your Pomeranian is that he will learn the tasks you give him with great enthusiasm. 

Pomeranians are famous for being quick learners. They’re primarily chosen as pets for their cuteness and fluffiness. 

What remains as another curious and still a bit of a hidden fact about them is that they can take part in obedience and agility training. They’re even good at tracking as well as in other canine sports.

All good and well but you’ll see that a lot of times Pomeranians would just prefer to sit in your lap.

Remember: With the right training, Poms make very good family dogs. They’re a popular choice for apartment dogs. This is due to their small size and moderate exercise requirements.

How to ensure that Poms will do well with training?

Train Your Pomeranian Not To Bark

Just like with kids in the classroom, you have to make it fun for them and they’re yours. 

But hey – making it fun isn’t gonna cut it. What goes a long way is consistency. 

Although Poms are quite small their attitude is big. So, don’t be too surprised if you see them picking a fight with a bigger dog. So, better make sure he’s at a safe distance from a potential dog fight thread.

This doesn’t mean that you should treat your Pomeranian as a small baby though. 

Poms descend from badass working dogs who were used for pulling sleds, so don’t expect them to act like anything less than that.

Pomeranians are bright and easy to housetrain if you make a schedule and stick to it. For achieving optimal results with the training of your Pomeranian, you should use positive reinforcement. 

Praising and rewarding your Pom will pay off in the near future

As long as you make your Pom ‘work’ for a treat or before getting his meal, you’ll be setting him up for success. 

You’ll want to do this – get them to put their energy into something active such as a ball-chasing game. Or tug of war. After you drain their energy, give them a reward.

This will prevent unnecessary behavioral issues. You don’t want to see pillows, blankets, cables or anything of the sport being chewed on. Not to mention the parts of such items can be hazardous for your Pom.

Well, imagine being bored all day, with nothing to do and little freedom of choosing what to do. You’d probably make a poor choice too. So, don’t put your Pom into that situation. 

When your Pom has his attention on a fun and an involving activity, he wouldn’t think of nibbling on something yours. 

These are the basic rules of training

From there on, you can start giving commands while using an appropriate tone of voice and body language. 

Your Pom will pick up on the signals you give him. As long as you keep the intonation and the command words the same, he’ll react to what you’re telling him to do.

What can help you majorly during training your Pomeranian is a crate. While your Pom is a puppy, he will try to explore all around. That’s one of the most beautiful and most dangerous periods of his life at the same time.

A crate is your safe bet. Your Pup will be safe and you will not have to worry about him while leaving the house for a bit.

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Do Pomeranians shed a lot of hair?

Fun fact – Pomeranians have a double coat. If you look closely at a Pom, you will notice that the long fur that covers the Pom’s body has a harder texture. When you Pet the Pom though, you can sense the fluffiness of the undercoat. 

The outer coat is longer. The inner coat is short and very soft. The inner coat sheds fully only twice a year.

That’s when you could expect fur on the floor or in your hand when stroking your Pom.

This is easily fixable by choosing a suitable dog brush. What you should do is groom your Pomeranian daily. 

This is not only important for keeping the carpets and beds clean but also for keeping your Pom in top condition. 

If your Pom’s fur is not brushed daily, tangles could start forming and that could lead to irritated skin

Plus, if a big tangle forms, sometimes it’s not possible to untangle the hair and it needs to be cut. 

There are of course areas that predispose the formation of tangles. Such ones are the places behind the years. So, whenever you brush there it should be with extra caution. 

If there’s even a small tangle and you brush faster or harder, you can make it extremely unpleasant for your Pom.

Grooming can be a very pleasant and relaxing activity for the person who is doing it. It also doesn’t take a lot of time. You can schedule 5 to 10 minutes each day to brush your Pom. 

To do it correctly you have to make sure the brush reaches the undercoat. You can do that by using smooth controlled movements. The more enjoyable you make it for your dog, the better. It means he will stay and your ‘job’ will be a piece of cake. 

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Do Pomeranians make good apartment pets?

Do Pomeranians Make Good Apartment Pets

Pomeranians make excellent apartment pets. Even if you live in a small apartment, the Pom could fit in nicely because they’re small.

As to exercise, they don’t need a heavy amount of exercise throughout the day.

You should still engage with them in fun play activities but you don’t have to worry too much about it. 

Poms are extremely attached to their owners and love their company. So, wherever you are in the apartment, your Pom will follow like a shadow. 

Sometimes the Pom will want to be on his own and rest. It’s advisable to secure him an area where he can find his peace and quiet. As long as he has such a place in the apartment, he should be fine.

Since Poms are so small they feel secure when they lie under chairs, tables, beds or any places that resemble a small dog house or a hole. 

It has to do with their instinct.

You can get your Pom a small dog bed. That way he will have a comfy place that’s all his. 

So far so good but you should be aware that Pomeranians are prone to barking. If this behavior is not curbed while they’re young, it could turn excessive. 

Before you start getting frustrated, try to understand why it is that they bark

The most common reasons include wanting your attention or alerting you about something that’s going on in your environment. Poms are territorial so they won’t hesitate to bark if they sense something is off.

Poms are also suspicious to strangers so if you have guests, you’ll have to give your Pom some time to adjust. After all, your house will be his home as well. 

Once the Pom sees the visitors are friendly and not afraid, he will most likely start acting curious. He’ll approach them to smell their scent better and one thing will lead to another. In no time they’ll become friends. 

If your visitors are afraid tho things will most likely take another turn.

All dogs sense fear

And because they pick up on it, they might perceive the visitors as a potential threat. 

This is fixable. All that needs to be done is to properly introduce the guests. After all, if someone came unannounced in your house, without first introducing himself, you won’t be thrilled either.

But hey-if a stranger came and brought gifts? Chances are you’ll like them better. And what if they repeated that very procedure every time they came to visit afterward?

Well, you might start loving them coming over! It’s okay to teach your Pom that visitors mean good things. What is the equivalent of ‘good things’ in dog language? 

Treats. If your Pom knows treats are coming, he could bark out of excitement a few times but that’s it. He won’t bother you with barking all the time, yelling ‘Intruder, intruder!’ He’ll be too busy enjoying his treats and most importantly, he’ll know that the newcomers mean well.

The Pomeranian’s prey drive

Pomeranian Prey Drive

The Pomeranian’s prey drive is high.

He could be running after a cat before you can say ‘What?!’. The trouble here is that cats can get very aggressive to Poms, as Poms aren’t really that scary in size. 

So, if you’re passing on a sidewalk where a lot of cats are hanging out, make sure your Pom is leashed.

Especially if this is happening when he’s a small pup. While chasing a cat, he can get into the activity and cross the street while a car is passing.

Domestic dogs are usually not very careful when they cross streets so it’s advisable to leash your Pom when walking on narrow streets with other animals. This applies equally to puppies as well as to adult dogs.

Are Pomeranians adaptive?

You needn’t worry about that. Pomeranians are adaptive and will fit well into their new home. They will find comfy places where they can chill undisturbed. 

They’re very robust so you can see them jumping on the bed and couch. If you allow them, that is.

Pom health

Having a Pom is a very enjoyable experience. But with all great things come great responsibilities. Like regular visits to the vet. 

One of the most common hereditary health issues your Pom could face is having dental problems. 

You can do your part in preventing those by buying high-quality food. Giving a dental stick two times per week is also recommended. 

Another great way to make sure the teeth of your Pom are well-maintained is to brush them yourself.

There is a variety of toothbrushes, so you can give several a try and see what is most convenient for you and your beloved pet. 

If he’s super resistant to that you can buy tooth spray instead. While your Pom might still not like it, it’s a quick and easy fix.

And your attempt will for sure be more successful than trying to brush the teeth of a constantly moving Pom.

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