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15 Best Dog Trainers In Calgary (Updated 2023 Guide)

Best Dog Trainers In Calgary

Calgary is a dog-friendly city. 

On the contrary, your pooch isn’t that friendly. 

Especially when you take them to the out. 

Don’t worry. I know people who can teach your pup some congeniality.

Keep reading to discover:

  • 15 best dog trainers in Calgary. 
  • Updated social media accounts of each dog trainer.
  • Which dog trainers offer a positive training approach. 
  • And much, much, more…

15 best dog trainers in Calgary

#1: Kayenna Training Academy

They’re Calgary’s largest and most trusted dog training company. 

Their positive training approach will surely bring out the best in your pooch. 

But you also get to play a part in your Fido’s improvement. 

Your time, patience, and commitment are needed for the training to succeed. 

This is especially true for shy or aggressive doggos. 

Bear in mind that as they train your dog, they’ll also train you. 

You’ll learn the basics of rewards-based dog training. 

As a result, you know when to reward your pooch and how to handle them better. 

Address9827 Horton Road SW
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#2:Clever Canines Ltd.

Their training approach is based on education and understanding. 

Because most of your pooch’s behavioral problems are often misunderstood.

So Clever Canines will help you get to know what your fido is trying to say in every situation. 

How do they do this?

With training, of course. 

They’ll develop fun learning activities for you and your Fido. 

This way, you gain more confidence and trust in yourself and your pooch.

After this, communicating with your doggo would be much easier. 

Address320 55 Avenue SW, Calgary Alberta, T2H 2Z6
Phone(403) 226 – 2275 (BARK)
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#3: Raising Canine

Your pup deserves to be raised in a happy and calm environment. 

And that’s what Raising Canine will help you with. 

Their caring and pain-free methods are perfect for improving your Fido’s well-being. 

Plus, they also keep their training classes small. 

This is to ensure that you and your pooch will receive enough attention.

By the end of the training, you’ll become your doggo’s best guardian. 

This means you protect your pup’s physical and mental health. 

In doing so, you’re giving your pooch a chance to improve their manners and be better.


  • Dog Day Care.
  • Puppy Traning.
  • Private Training.
  • Off-Leash Training.
  • Dog Agility Training.
  • Reactive Dog Recovery Program.
Address20 Crowfoot Crescent NW, Unit #520, Calgary, Alberta T3G 2P6
Phone403 984 3644
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#4: Sit Happens! Companion Dog Training

What they want is to empower your Fidos in making better choices.

They do this by using a positive approach in their training classes. 

You and your pooch will surely enjoy the variety of classes Sit Happens offers. 

They got something for dogs of all ages.  

Plus, they also offer Rally Obedience, a fun sport you and your Fido can try. 

This can improve your teamwork and communication. 

Aside from that, Sit Happens is also praised by its clients for its clean facility. 

As well as their super knowledgeable and helpful trainers. 

Give them a call now. 

You’ll be amazed at what your pooch can do with their aid.

Address#4, 2180 Pegasus Way NE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2E 8M5
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#5: Cultured Canines

Cultured Canines

Their classes are more than your typical dog obedience class. 

At Cultured Canine, they take dog training classes to a new level. 

Because it’s not only about learning basic commands, it becomes your lifestyle. 

Not to mention their very unique outdoor training. 

What does that mean?

Unlike other dog trainers who do their classes indoors, they do theirs outside. 

This is to prepare your pooch for the real world.

Also, it’s more fun and engaging this way.

And the result?

Your Fido will listen to you despite the presence of so much noise and distractions. 

Moreover, their training is also free of using treats as bribes. 

Instead, they’ll teach YOU how to be the reward. 

And trust me, your pooch would want nothing better. 

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#6: Dogma Training – Chinook

They won’t only give you and your pooch the tools you need to live the best life. 

But their training programs are also designed by the best. 

Megan Stanley, trainer, and owner of Dogma is one of the few people to be CBCC-KA  accredited in the whole world. 

And she’ll be the one in charge of your Fido.

So you don’t have to worry about your pooch when they’re at Dogma Training. 

Because all they’ll get is the quality training they deserve 

Address515 – 70 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2V 0P5
Phone403 452 5400
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#7: Hyper Hounds Dog Training

They’ll solve all your doggy problems. 

Whether it’s a pooch with some bad manners or a Fido getting ready for a game, they can help. 

For one thing, they have a large and clean facility that has plenty of room for training classes. 

Also, their trainers have lots of experience. 

And they’re all willing to share their skills and knowledge with you. 

Do you know what’s even better?

You can move your Fido to sports classes when they finish basic training.

This way, your pup will have unlimited fun and learning. 

AddressUnit 101, 1135-64 Ave SE, Calgary, AB, T2H 2J7
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#8: Bark Busters In Home Dog Training – Calgary

With Bark Busters’ method, you’ll only need your hands to train your dog. 

And they’re only used for pats and praises.

They’ll also teach you how to see things from your Fido’s perspective.  

Because understanding how your pup’s mind work is the best training method.

This will result in a much stronger bond between you and your pooch. 

And it’ll be easier to find solutions to their behavioral problems. 


  • Puppy Training. 
  • Severe Behavior Issues.
  • Remote Puppy and Dog Training.
  • Basic Dog Training and Obedience.

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#9: Hanging With Hounds: Separation Anxiety Dog Trainer

Like people, Fidos also suffer from separation anxiety. 

And this has a great impact on you and your doggo’s life. 

Hanging Hounds will help you overcome this problem. 

With their training, your Fido will learn to relax when left alone. 

You’re then free to go outside without feeling guilty or nervous. 

Because that’s the goal, to turn your anxiety-ridden pup into a happy Fido. 

And turn you into a happy fur parent too. 

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#10: Tiarific Canine

Tiarific Canine

They offer a variety of dog services to help your Fido with their needs. 

Their dog training, in particular, is very famous among their clients. 

You see, they already have a lot of success stories with the pooches they trained. 

Their rewards-based training method is very effective in improving your doggo’s behavior. 

Plus, their trainers also ensure that every class is fun and engaging. 

Aside from that, they also work on you. 

They’ll help you become a more confident fur parent.

So don’t be surprised if there is homework for you. 

It’s there to help you be better. 

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#11: Infinite Pets

They’re voted as “Best Pet Sitting and Pet Training Company in Calgary” by Community Votes in 2021. 

Their award is well-deserved as they offer excellent service for Fidos. 

Especially those who are:

  • Senior pets.
  • Post-surgical patients.
  • Pets with medical conditions.
  • Pets with behavioral concerns

The trainer and owner, Jenna, practices a fear-free approach. 

The trainer and owner, Jenna, practices a fear-free approach. 

This means she will help your Fidos with their issues without using fear or intimidation. 

Instead, she tries to understand the reason behind your doggo’s behavior. 

And she’ll explain it to you afterward.

She’ll also teach you how to promote better behavior. 

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#12: Furry Logic Home Dog Training

Furry Logic Home Dog Training offers a unique in-home training program. 

With this method, they teach YOU how to train your doggo. 

They do this by fixing the communication between you and your pooch.

After that, they’ll coach in improving your bond with your Fido. 

But not only you, your whole family as well. 

It’s better if you train as a family, so you’re all on the same page. 

After all, your Fido is a part of the family. 

Furthermore, their training is done at the best dog facility in the world. 

And that’s your home. 

Because this is where real-life doggie situations happen.

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#13: Dog Squad

They have dealt with almost all dog issues imaginable. 

That’s why they’re confident that they can help you with your canine problems. 

Their years of experience allowed them to develop their own training approach. 

And their method works with any type of Fido. 

Moreover, they believe in constant learning. 

So they make sure to keep up with the new information about dog training. 

All you need is one session. 

Then all your dog problems will be gone.

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#14: Canine Minds and Manners Dog Training

They offer expert training classes for you and your pooch. 

And they have one for every stage of your Fido’s life. 

Aside from that, they also offer specialty classes such as

  • Reactivity.
  • Dog aggression.
  • Outdoor Classes.
  • Advanced classes.
  • Behaviour Modification.

They use force-free methods in these training classes. 

This means that your pooch will feel no pain or fear during training.

But their service doesn’t end there. 

You can still ask them for advice after you finish the training session.

Address3131 68 St NW, Calgary, Alberta T3B 0J4
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#15: 3 of Hounds Canine Services

Their training is all about building a stronger bond between you and your pooch. 

In fact, they’ll even help you understand your doggo better. 

With their expertise, you’ll learn how to introduce and maintain good behavior to your pup. 

They’ll also provide a routine that you and your Fido can follow to improve your skills. 

Besides that, they set fun exercises that you and your pup can work on together. 

And in no time, you’ll achieve your training goals. 

Phone(403) 973 2452
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