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13 Best Dog Trainers In Perth, WA (Updated 2023 Guide)

Best Dog Trainers In Perth, WA

Is your new puppy tearing up your house?

Or is your dog ignoring your commands?

Then, it might be time…

For some dog training classes!

So where do you start?

By finding the best training schools, of course.

Read on to find out:

  • Each training school’s methods and ways.
  • How to get in touch with the training school and their team.
  • Where the 13 best dog training schools in Perth, Western Australia are.
  • And much, much more…

All the information on this list is actual data. Taken from each training school’s web page. Furthermore, all dog training schools in Perth, Western Australia included are from Google Maps.

13 best dog trainers in Perth, WA

#1: Bark Busters In-Home Dog Training

The team at Bark Busters started in 1989. They want dog parents to have a strong bond with their dogs for a long time.

Their ways are simple, effective, and natural. They want the most humane ways of training for your dog.

Canine health is their priority. The mental state of your dog is the root of every behavior. So this is what they start with.

Their purpose is to end dog surrenders, abuse, and violence. They end the bad cycle by working with dogs to fix their current state.

Dog Training Information:

#2: Kathy’s Dog Training and Behaviour Consulting

Kathy McLeod is the woman behind this dog school. She works with aggressive dogs and dogs in an angry state.

She uses simple but friendly ways to train her dogs. Fear and anxiety are the things she tries to end.

Contact Kathy and her team if you want a better bond with your pooch!

Dog Training Information:

#3: Agile Dog Obedience Training Perth 

Agile Dogs focuses on a variety of dog issues. They teach dog parents how to handle their dogs right.

They try to educate dog parents about every part of a dog’s life. Dave Metcalf, the owner, treats every dog like his own.

Some of their services are:

  • Obedience.
  • Dog walking.
  • Dog minding.
  • Complex skills.
  • On-line training.
  • Home consultations.

Dog Training Information:

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#4: Complete K9 Training Solutions

The team’s mission at CCTS is for every dog to live in a loving home. This means a safe, disciplined, and controlled manner.

They use tools that depend on each dog’s case. They believe that each dog is different. One method will not fit every dog.

This is why they recommend private training, so they can get to know you and your dog better.

For interested clients, you can contact them using the information below.

Dog Training Information:

#5: Kaizen K9

This team offers so many training ways for every dog. They use fun and modern ways for the best results.

They are the top school for providing military and police dogs. But, they also have the most basic training.

Their programs are:

  • Puppy school.
  • Sport training.
  • Board and train.
  • Police dog training.
  • Personal protection dogs.

Dog Training Information:

  • Address: 40 Holmes Rd, Munster WA 6166, Australia
  • Website:
  • Contact: +61400233679

#6: Doggonit Obedience 

If your dog needs a refresher course, or your puppy needs work, they can help.

The team provides a lot of services. Everyone can find what they need in this school.

Not to mention that all courses are 10% off! Contact them now!

Dog Training Information:

#7: K9 Care Obedience Training

K9 Care Obedience Training

Modern ways to train dogs is what K9 Care installs in dogs. They believe that learning should be fun. Fun ways are always remembered.

If dog parents know about their dog’s ways, then the easier they will be to teach.

The team aims to develop a more rewarding bond between humans and dogs.

Dog Training Information:

#8: 2 Tails Dog Training

Dog training is open for all dogs of every state. They accept all sorts of dogs with problems and fix them.

With over 10 years of work, they help improve your bond with your pooch.

Services are not only limited to training. They also walk dogs when you are busy, and mind your dogs for you if you leave.

Dog Training Information:

#9: Waggle Tails | Dog & Puppy Training Osborne Park

Learn, love, play”. This is the vision of the team at waggle Tails.

They want dog parents and dogs to have mutual trust between them. This strengthens the bond and helps dogs learn more.

The team trains by reward. No force, violence, or intimidation is applied to their dogs.

Dominance, they found, breaks down a dog’s trust in their parent. This is why they do not support this method.

You can use the information below to contact the team.

Dog Training Information:

#10: The Holistic Hound Dog Training

The Holistic Hound caters to all dogs. Their breed, size, age, problem, does not matter to the team.

They do not believe in one set method. They know that every dog is different. So they adapt their ways depending on the dog.

Dog parents and dogs should thrive as a team. They give full support during and after training.

Feel free to contact the team for questions.

Dog Training Information:

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#11: Snake Avoidance Training For Dogs 

This is a unique training school. Aside from the usual, they teach dogs to avoid snakes.

Snakes are very common in Australia. Sadly, dogs getting attacked by snakes is something very common.

This problem is so big. So the school wanted to prevent it. This is available for dogs of every age, size, and breed.

Dogs will learn what to do every time a snake attacks. With or without their humans, they learn to survive.

Dog Training Information:

#12: Clever Creatures

Training is an important part of dog growth. This is the way for an enjoyable, healthy, and strong dog.

Different categories are available. From puppy to adult training. The price also depends on the service.

The team welcomes questions! Check them out!

Dog Training Information:

#13: Kalmpets Animal Behaviour Clinic

They started in 2012. And have now expanded. They pride themselves on using actual life situations in training.

Dogs have the mental state of a toddler. This means they thrive at the moment.

This requires a more realistic way of teaching them. The team works in a space where it is suited best for your dog.

Everything they teach is made to fit your dog’s needs and your home life.

Dog Training Information:

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