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17 Best Dog Trainers In Brooklyn (Updated 2023 Guide)

Best Dog Trainers In Brooklyn

They say you can never teach an old dog a new trick…

Well, I beg to disagree.

Everyone is capable of change. 

Yes, even your Fido. 

We just need the help of some experts…

Read on to discover:

  • 17 best dog trainers in Brooklyn.
  • Their unique dog training approaches.
  • Different kinds of dog training classes.
  • And many more…

17 best dog trainers in Brooklyn

#1: Bark Busters (North Brooklyn & Queen)

Bark Busters’ focus is creating a loving relationship between you and your Fido. 

Their specialty is understanding how a dog’s mind naturally works. 

This includes how they learn and communicate. 

What’s great about Bark Busters?

It’s the one-on-one attention they give you and your pooch. 

They’ll also create a specific plan for your fur family. 

On top of all that, they work with dogs of any breed or age. 

If you and your pooch are interested, contact their nearest trainer.

Phone1-877-500-BARK (2275)
Social Media Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram

#2: Pawmos Pet Care

There is a big difference between training a dog in the city…

Versus training a dog in the suburbs or the country. 

Dogs living in the city could have a hard time adjusting. 

Pawmos will help you and your pooch sail through it with their training.

Do you want to communicate to your Fido without treats or yelling?

Well, let Gabriel Riesco teach you his “Kindness Approach”.  

Learn more about their training to get started. 

Phone917 557 9402
Social Media Facebook, Instagram

#3: The Dog Institute of Williamsburg

This is the place where your dogs can learn, socialize, and rest. 

Their goal is for dogs and their fur parents to communicate better. 

Ever since the pandemic, their classes are all online.


  • Virtual Training.
  • Play and Learn Program.
Phone(347) 276-0882
Social Media Facebook, Instagram

#4: Dogboy NYC

They provide real solutions to common problems fur parents face. 

It can be from basic dog commands to behavior training. 

Dogboy is proud of being vet recommended.  

As a bonus, they can even include you in their community of dog lovers in NYC. 

Here you can meet people that offer various dog services. 

Handy isn’t it?

Phone718 306 2190
Social Media Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

#5: Hustle Pups NYC

Hustle Pups NYC offers many services to the public. 

They have a dog training and boarding program. Plus, a dog walking service. 

Founder, Kelly Corson has trained and studied with experts.

And her hard work can be seen.

Especially when she’s handling dogs who suffer from anxiety.  


  • Planning for your puppy.
  • Private Training Session.
  • Boarding for Training Clients. 
  • Board and Train Intensive Program.
Phone(929) 284-1918
Social Media Facebook, Instagram

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#6: Commander Paw

Commander Paw’s name is inspired by its founder.  

Sam Jessel is a professional dog trainer. He was also a commander of the K9 unit in the army before. 

Hence the name “Commander Paw”. 

His top priority is finding and strengthening the chemistry between you and your pup. 

Before you start training, there will be an initial consultation. 

So Sam could get to know your pooch better. 

Learn more about the services they offer on this page. 

Time for some disciplining with Commander Paw!

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#7: The Dog Behaviorist NYC

The Dog Behaviorist NYC

Dominik Feichtner is the Dog Behaviorist. 

He went into this line of work with a mission. 

For fur families not to transfer pooches with behavioral issues to the shelter. 

He is an expert in puppy training. 

And his specialty is adjusting the behavior of your Fidos.

Got a pooch with some attitude? 

The Dog Behaviorist is just one call away. 

Address86 Fleet Place, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Social Media Tiktok, Instagram

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#8: PumpkinPups Dog Training Inc.

For PumpkinPups, it’s all about communication. 

They focus on socialization, play, and training. 

That’s for pooches of all ages. 

They’re made up of brilliant trainers. 

Who uses the gentle way of training.

To know more about their training classes, watch this video


  • Private Dog Training. 
  • Dog Training Classes. 
  • Behavior Training Adjustment. 
Address239 East 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11218
Social Media Youtube, Facebook

#9: La Bella Pooch Dog Training and Grooming

La Bella Pooch offers personalized dog training for your pups. 

The goal is to help you control your pooch and improve your bond. 

Their trainer is armed with 20 years of experience. 

And will help you and your dog understand each other better. 


  • Pet Grooming.
  • Puppy Training.
  • Group Dog Training.
  • Obedience Training.
  • Dog Behavior Modification.
Address8001 17th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11214
Phone(718) 865-3739
Social Media Facebook

#10: Devi the Dog Trainer

Devi helps connect dogs and their humans. 

And that is through better communication. 

She’s available to give in-person lessons and virtual training. 

Devi also gives discounts to her past clients. 

What are you waiting for? 

Let Devi work her magic on your pups. 

Social MediaFacebook, Instagram

#11: Brooklyn Dog Training Center

BDTC’s edge is their experienced dog trainers. 

And their 1,500 square foot training facility. 

Their classes will give your pooch a full experience. 

And you have a lot to choose from. 

See all the training classes they have here

Address10 Whitwell Place, Between 1st Street & President Street, Park Slope, Brooklyn
Social Media Youtube, Facebook, Instagram

#12: Barks & Rec Center

Their goal is for your dog to have fun while training.

They work with all dogs, regardless of age, breed, or needs. 

Is your Fido having leash issues? 

Or do you want your dog to improve their social skills?

Well, Barks & Rec have classes that will address all that. 

Address1025 Pacific Street, Brooklyn, NY 11238
Phone1 347 533 6561
Social Media Facebook, Instagram

#13: Scamps To Champs Dog Training

Scamps to Champs will turn your furry rascal into a good boy.

Their trainer uses friendly and force-free methods.  

You can finally have a well-behaved pooch with you. 

Derek, the trainer, is also generous in giving you helpful advice to handle your Fido better.  

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Address120 Ocean Parkway, New York 11218
Phone(646) 248-0777
Social Media Facebook, Instagram

#14: Brooklyn Pup Dog Training

Brooklyn Pups believes in humane and dog-friendly training methods. 

Their training philosophy?

To enhance the age-old bond between humans and dogs.

They want the whole dog training process enjoyable for both you and your Fidos. 

Phone(347) 435-5768
Social Media Facebook, Instagram

#15: Calm Energy Dog Training

“Every dog is a good dog, and every human can be an inspiring pack leader”.

This is the Calm Energy philosophy. 

Anthony Newman will teach you how to “speak dog”. 

There’s no need for bribery or treats needed! 

Create a calm and joyful training experience for you and your pooch. 


  • Zoom sessions. 
  • In-person Training. 
Phone(646) 942-1979
Social Media Facebook, Instagram

#16: Smylish Dogs

This doggie daycare and training center is about positive reinforcement. 

Yana doesn’t use tools like collars or prongs when training. 

Instead, she uses science-based methods to train your dogs. 


  • Dog training.
  • Dog boarding. 
  • Puppy training. 
  • Board and Train. 
Address380 Marcus Garvey Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11221
Social Media Facebook, Instagram

#17: Dog Training School NY

Dog Training School NY wants to save the lives of dogs through training. 

Over 200 dogs in America are being euthanized every hour due to behavioral problems. 

And that is what they want to change. 

For them, training your dog is not an option. 

It is an obligation. 

Their specialty is on personalized, private, in-home dog training.