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13 Best Dog Trainers In Sydney (Updated 2023 Guide)

Best Dog Trainers In Sydney

Imagine this:

You’re in the park with your dog…

But they bark at everyone (and everything!)

Isn’t that a bit embarrassing?

Your dog may need training.

So where do you take them?

A training school is the first step!

So sit back, relax, and…


  • The 13 best dog trainers in Sydney and their programs.
  • How to contact them about their services and schedules.
  • Information about their methods and various work they’ve done.
  • And so much more…

I have compiled this list so people can find the best dog training schools at a glance. All the information about them is from their websites. People’s ratings about each of them are from Google Maps. All the data in this list are accurate at the time of research and writing. 

13 best dog trainers in Sydney

#1: Canine Counseling by Mark

Mark Ehrman is the owner and head trainer.

He offers puppy school, for an early start to training and good manners. Private training, for training suited to your home.

Mark can fix the following:

  • Pulling on walks.
  • Selective hearing.
  • Excessive barking.
  • Separation anxiety.
  • Bad puppy behaviors.

Contact the team for more!

Dog Training Information:

#2: The Sydney Dog Trainer

Mark Hickey is an expert puppy trainer. He adapts his training to the needs of the dog and the home.

He teaches that socializing your dog at a young age is a big help. This helps them be more calm and relaxed.

Good obedience training is also an essential part of a well-behaved dog.

Mark offers a lot of programs, so feel free to contact him!

Dog Training Information:

#3: The Dog Brigade

Dogs need guidance at a young age. The team at Dog Brigade knows this.

Puppy training is a big help. This sets the foundation for every dog in the world. 

That is why they teach people to give their dogs confidence. This lets the dog know exactly what you want as a dog parent.

They use and believe in positive reinforcement. They trust that it is the safest, most effective method.

Dog Training Information:

#4: Eastern Suburbs Dog Training

Since 2008, the team at Easters Suburbs has had a lot of experience.

They have been teaching dog parents how to build a bond with their dogs. Communication is their main goal.

They believe that dogs need to be listened to. Good communication is the start of a good bond. 

Training sessions train your dog, and you.

Dog Training Information:

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#5: Bondi Behaviourist

Fear, stress, and anxiety are the root of bad behavior in dogs. The team at Bondi believes in the mental health of dogs.

They believe each case is unique. No dogs are the same and have the same problems. This also means not all methods will work.

Bondi adapts and tailors its methods to fit each case. Your life and your routine are what they consider.

Educating dog parents is also one of their programs. They want the dog-parent bond to last.

Dog Training Information:

#6: Dog Training by Kizuna Canine

Dog Training By Kizuna Canine

Common issues they fix are:

  • Biting.
  • Digging.
  • Barking.
  • Aggression.
  • Food guarding.
  • Jumping on people.

Early training does so much help to dogs. This is a stage where they should learn rules. Boundaries help dogs thrive. 

They want dog parents to start early. A solid foundation is what every dog needs.

Dog Training Information:

#7: Let’s Go Fido!

The team here is crazy about dogs! They teach all dogs from puppies to old dogs. They also offer agility training for dogs that want to have fun.

Obedience and good manners are the main goals. This is the structure your dog needs. Dogs are pack animals, and they need a leader. 

They also give consultations at home. There, they will assess your dogs and plan what they can do.

Dog Training Information:

#8: Paws and Think Animal Training

Training should be a fun experience for dogs. This is the philosophy of the team.

They believe consistency is the way. Guidance and rules are what every dog needs. This is what determines their actions.

Sit, down, stay, wait, roll, these are all things they can teach at a moment. They have more services for you and your dog.

Dog Training Information:

#9: Pet Professor Dog Training Sydney

​​The team at Pet Professor cares for all dogs. They believe that the key is a good bond between dog and parent. They want every session to be fun. 

They do not use any form of pain or harm when training. Rewards are used by the team to unlock a dog’s interest. This helps them open up and be more willing to learn. 

Communication is also a big part of their training. This creates the connection dogs need to learn.

Dog Training Information:

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#10: Mutts With Manners

Every kind of dog is welcome at Mutts with Manners. It doesn’t matter what size, age, or breed your dog is.

They help with puppy biting, toilet training, crying, and barking. Dogs that are fearful and shy, destructive dogs, are welcome.

They use gentle training for every dog. No fear or violence.

Dog Training Information:

#11: Eazy Dog Training

Eazy Dog’s services are:

  • Agility.
  • Obedience.
  • Dog manners.
  • Puppy school.
  • Home training.

Training takes time. Teaching your dog every day makes it easier for them. Good manners help the bond of dogs and parents.

Dog Training Information:

#12: dogLOGIC

DogLOGIC uses rewards. They want a fun place for dogs to learn.

They first ask parents what they want to achieve. They also talk about new and old experiences.

Second, they teach parents. Methods of training and how to do them.

Third, they develop a program. This is for your dog. But it is based on your lifestyle and needs.

Dog Training Information:

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#13: Rejoice Dogs Team

The team at Rejoice offers home training. They focus on the dog’s needs and health.

They help in fixing dog behavior and teach manners. They see to your dog’s needs in your home. The training is made for you and your dog. 

Rejoice also has a doggy daycare and offers dog walking to clients.

Dog Training Information: