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Do Dogs Have Arms? 5 Things You Need To Know (2023)

Do Dogs Have Arms

Babies crawl on all fours before they learn how to walk.

And when you think about it… 

Dogs do the same. 

But instead of crawling, Fidos walk on all fours. 

This might make you wonder:

“Do dogs have arms like us? Or they just have 4 legs?” 

You’ll be surprised…

Continue reading to find out:

  • The difference between a dog and human arms or legs.
  • 1 interesting theory on why Fidos have 2 legs and 2 arms.
  • 5 surprising things you need to know about your dog’s arms and legs.
  • And so much more…

Do dogs have arms?

Dogs don’t have arms. That means canines have 4 legs. However, they do have wrists and elbows like humans. Additionally, these 2 joints are natural parts of a dog’s foreleg anatomy. Moreover, canines have the same front leg bones as human arms. Specifically, they’re called the ulna and radius bones.

Do dogs really have 4 legs?

Dogs really have 4 legs. Like many animals, FIdos are quadrupeds. That means canines walk on all fours. 

And just like humans… 

Fidos have knees, wrists, and elbows too. Plus, some pups have short limbs, while others have longer legs

Sounds a lot like hoomans, right?

But what makes a dog’s legs different from yours? 

Appearance aside… 

There’s no big contrast between your limbs and Fido’s. 

If anything, it just gives your pup the benefit of running faster than most people. 

Take German Shepherds, for example. These four-legged canines have a speed of 32 mph (52 kph).

Fun fact: Greyhounds are the quickest runners of all dog breeds. They can reach a speed of 44 mph (72 kph).

But despite their impressive swiftness…

A dog’s legs are still more sensitive than a human’s. 

So, compared to you and me, Fido’s limbs aren’t as flexible as you think.

But you might still wonder: 

“Why don’t canines have arms?” 

That’s because there’s a difference between forelimbs and legs.

And you’re about to discover the answer below:

What’s the difference between legs and arms?

Before you learn why dogs don’t have arms…

Let me tell you about our anatomy as humans first.

You see, your arms are attached to your collarbones. And that part’s also connected to your skeleton. 

Now, if you look at a dog’s anatomy… 

You’ll see that their front legs aren’t linked to their skeletons. Plus, vets say that pups don’t have collarbones. 

That’s why Fido’s forelimbs aren’t considered the same as human arms. 

Aside from this, science also explains: 

What makes an arm different from a leg is its functionality

Okay, how do human forelimbs work? 

To understand your pooch, let me state the obvious.

First, you and I have hands. And we have fingers that bend or twist. Basically, we can move our forelimbs freely. 

Now, those are the qualities an arm should have.

But since dogs only have paws and their front legs aren’t flexible… 

Fido’s forelimbs aren’t the same as human arms at all. 

Instead, your dog just has 4 legs. And your furry friend uses them to: 

  • Run.
  • Walk.
  • Jump.
  • Crawl as puppies.
  • Put on their weight.

But despite all these movements…

You still won’t see dogs grab things using their limbs, right?

Now that’s the simple difference between legs and arms.

Dog arms – 5 things you need to know

#1: Theory says that dogs have 2 arms and 2 legs

I did say that Fidos have 4 legs. 

But you might also run into some reports that claim: 

“Dogs actually have 2 arms and 2 legs.” 

So let me address this idea. 

First, here’s what the theories say…

Humans used to have the same legs as dogs. That’s why your forelimb bones are the same as Fido’s. 

And to clarify, I’m talking about the ulna and radius bones. 

Now, if you look at your pup’s anatomy once more… 

You’ll see that dogs don’t have knees on their front limbs. Instead, they have elbows and wrists. Just like what you and I have in our arms.

That’s why the theory concludes:

Fido’s front legs are actually arms. Especially if you look at their likeness with the human bones.

But how true is this report?

Well, there aren’t enough studies to support this claim yet. 

So, for now, only 1 fact remains clear: 

Dogs don’t have arms. Instead, they’re still your 4 legged friends.

#2: Fidos can use prosthetic limbs

Fidos Can Use Prosthetic Limbs

While your furry doesn’t have arms… 

It doesn’t make things too different. I mean, dogs often use their mouth to pick up things. 

In that case, they don’t need arms at all. 

But what if a pooch is born with no front legs? Or something made them lose their limbs?

On the bright side, disabled dogs can try using: 

Prosthetic limbs. 

It’s a device that replaces body parts like missing legs or arms. 

At first, it was only made for human use. 

But nowadays, even your furry pal can get 1 too if they need it. 

That gives hope to dogs who don’t have arms or legs.

#3: There’s a dog born with 6 legs and 2 tails

While some Fidos are born without legs… 

Other dogs might have more than just 4 limbs. 

Meet Skipper. She’s a Border Collie and an Australian Shepherd mix. 

Now, what’s interesting about this lovely pooch? 

Surprisingly, Skipper was born with 6 legs. 

Moreover, the clinic where she was born described: 

Skipper has 2 limbs at the front and 4 at the back. Not to mention, she also has 2 tails. And duplicate organs too. 

What’s even more amazing is… 

Skipper seems like a healthy pooch, reports say. That’s why the vets call her a miracle. 

Take a look at this unique puppy in this clip: 

#4: Don’t pull Fido’s forelimbs

Some people aren’t aware of this: 

A dog’s forelimbs could be sensitive. In fact, they’re not like human arms that you can pull. 

You see, there’s a saying that goes… 

“Pulling Fido’s forelimbs apart can kill them.” 

While that sounds scary, take this answer from a specialist:

Dragging your pup’s legs won’t lead to sudden death. 

But it can still cause a lot of pain for your pooch. 

That’s because Fido’s front limbs are close to sensitive areas. So pulling those legs apart could cause issues like:

Plus, this can make dogs turn aggressive too.

That’s why you shouldn’t pull a dog’s front limbs. Well, even their hind legs too. 

After all, Fido’s limbs aren’t flexible like human arms.

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#5: Dexter walks like humans

You’ve met Skipper with 6 legs. 

Now, let me introduce a Fido named Dexter. A Brittany Spaniel who walks like a hooman. 

Reports say that this smart pooch only has 3 limbs. And he lost 1 from his front body due to an accident.

But that didn’t stop him from being an active doggo

Since Dexter only has 2 back legs… 

He chose to start walking like humans. That means he stands on his hindlimbs to move around. 

Though, he might hop around like a cute kangaroo as well. 

Either way, this shows that even without arms or legs… 

Most dogs will always be amazing.