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Lion vs Rottweiler: Who Would Win In A Fight? (Updated 2023)

Lion Vs Rottweiler

Among canines…

Rottweilers are 1 of the most powerful breeds. 

But can they take down the majestic lions?

In this royal battle of 2 strong animals…

You’ll no longer be unsure of the winner. 

Continue reading to learn: 

  • Who would win in a fight of a lion vs a Rottweiler.
  • 5 striking differences between these two powerful animals.
  • 3 awesome things you need to know about lions and Rottweilers.
  • And that’s just the beginning…

Lion vs Rottweiler: Who would win in a fight?

In a fight between a lion and a Rottweiler, the former would win. 

That’s because lions have more skills. Mostly when it comes to things, like:

  • Power.
  • Speed.
  • Survival.
  • Teamwork.
  • Defending territories.

But of course…

It doesn’t mean that Rotties have no chance at all. 

Though, these dogs can only win if the lion they’ll fight is:

  • Old.
  • Sick.
  • Alone.
  • Wounded.
  • A young cub.

Now, these factors can give Rotties an advantage. 

Not to mention…

Rottweilers are very protective too. 

So when a Rottie has to fight for your safety: 

These Fidos might beat a lion. Though, the chance of that is very low. 

In any case…

Rotts could even die fighting a lion. Especially if the dog wants to save you.

But how come lions are so strong? Compared to canines? 

Well, that’s thanks to the: 

Differences between Rottweiler and a lion

#1: Size 

Let’s point out the elephant in the room.

And it’s the fact that lions are bigger than Rotts. 

In this case, the feline already has the high ground. 

I mean, just see their size difference below: 

Rottweiler38.5 to 42 in (98 to 107 cm)22 to 27 in(56 to 69 cm)67 to 132 lbs (35 to 60 kg)
Lion43 to 47 in (110 cm to 1.2 m)48 inches (121 cm)286 to 418 lbs (130 to 190 kg)

With this alone…

It’s clear that lions have more power than Rotts.

But you know what else is intriguing? 

Some lions can grow bigger than the size I listed above. 

In fact, Guinness recorded a lion from Kenya once. 

And the feline was 11 feet long (3.3 m). Plus, the lion weighed around 690 lbs (312 kg). 

With that gigantic size… 

The smaller Rottweiler has no chance of winning at all.

#2: Power 

The thought of getting bitten by a Rottweiler is already scary. 

And it’s hard to imagine a lion trying to chew off your arm. 

Yikes, that’s more terrifying.

After all, these big felines bite harder than a Rott. 

To be clear, their bite force is measured by PSI. And that stands for pounds per square inch. 

Now, let me tell you how much a lion scored in this round.

Based on experts, it’s revealed that:

The bite force of a lion is over 1,000 PSI

With that level of power…

A Rottie doesn’t stand a chance. 

I mean, these dogs only have a bite force of 381 PSI. 

Though, that score isn’t bad at all. 

But when compared to a lion… 

Rotties need more power to bring the feline down. 

Especially if you consider what this 1 report says: 

Lions have tough hides. That means it’s hard to tear through their skin. 

In that case, even if a Rott bites a lion… 

The former might just scratch the latter.

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#3: Speed 

In the wild, speed is important too.

And that’s something lions also have. 

Yes, these big cats might look slow due to their size. But in reality, a lion’s speed is around 49 mph (80 kph).

Not to mention…

Lionesses are even faster than the males too. After all, these ladies are much lighter in weight. 

Now, what about Rottweilers? 

Well, these Fidos have a speed of 18 to 25 mph (28 to 40 kph).

In that case, Rots can’t even beat a GSD in races.

That aside, let’s use their agility in battle. 

Since lions are faster than Rotties… 

These felines can attack first. If that occurs, the poor pup can’t dodge at all. Now, that leaves Rotts at a disadvantage. 

Or, even if this fight turns into a race…

Rotties still can’t keep up. 

With that, they might end up as the lion’s next kill.

But here’s something good:

At least, lions won’t eat a Rott 

And aside from Rotties… 

Lions avoid eating other predators too. Especially hyenas, a study adds. 

And it’s all because lions don’t like their taste.

In that case… 

A well-fed lion will leave your Rottie alone.

But of course, things will be different if the dog attacks first.

#4: Claws

Lion Claws

Aside from power and speed…

What else could a lion have? 

Well, don’t forget their deadly claws. Now, that’s another weapon that lions have. 

And as you already know…

Rotties don’t have sharp talons. Or any dog breeds at all. 

In that case: 

Lions can easily use their claws to attack. 

With their power and speed…

These felines can leave a Rottie badly injured. 

And if Fido’s unlucky? Lions could make Rotts go blind too. 

But what makes these lions’ nails so strong? 

Well, you can take this answer from specialists:

For one, lion claws are retractable. That means these felines can hide their nails. 

But once these lions are ready to attack… 

These lions will reveal their razor-sharp weapon. 

Now, those talons are about 1.4 inches (3.5 cm) long. 

Plus, they’re made of keratin. And it’s the same protein you have in your nails. 

That’s what makes lion claws so strong. 

Not to mention… 

These felines know how to sharpen their nails as well. 

And if you wanna see that in action, just watch this clip: 

See those deadly claws? 

A Rottweiler can get killed by that.

#5: Survival skills 

Lions and Rotts live in opposite worlds. 

This makes their fight easier to judge. 

And to explain why…

Let me start with the feline’s side.

For one, lions live in savannahs. Out there, they have many rivals.  

To name a few, there are: 

  • Apes.
  • Tigers.
  • Hippos.
  • Hyenas.
  • Leopards.
  • Cheetahs.
  • Crocodiles.

Now, these animals compete for food. Due to that, lions tend to fight their foes a lot.

But you know what’s more intriguing? 

It seems that lions fight more against each other. Especially the males. 

Though, it mostly happens when it comes to their domains.

After all… 

These lions are very territorial 

So, when other males come around:

The lions are always ready to fight. Even the females too. 

But wait, there’s more. 

You see, when there are other male cubs in the pride… 

The lion ‘king’ drives them out once they’re old enough. 

With this, young lions are forced to live on their own. And this puts them in danger every day. 

See? These felines can’t catch a break in the wild. 

It’s either they’re fighting to eat, or battling for power. 

With that, it’s no wonder that lions have more skills. Especially when it comes to survival.

Now, let’s compare this to Rottweilers.

For one, Rotties live in a safe environment

By that, I mean they’re always staying at home. 

And these Fidos don’t need to hunt for food. After all, they have you to feed them.

Plus, Rotts have no enemies to watch out for. 

Thus, they can always relax in their own space. 

With this… 

Rotties aren’t as active as lions. Specifically when it’s about fighting. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that Rots have no skills at all. 

But when you compare them with lions… 

It’s clear that the felines have the high ground.

“What if I train my Rottie how to fight?”

That might sound like a good idea.

But in reality, it’s not. 

If anything, that could just encourage aggressive habits.

And in the end, that still doesn’t change the results. 

After all, lions have more experience in real combat. 

That’s why Rotties can’t beat a lion.

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Are lions fighting animals?

Lions are fighting animals. In fact, these felines battle each other a lot. Especially the males. 

But why? 

That’s because they fight to become ‘king.’ 

After all, the leader of the pride enjoys many perks. For one, they get to rule over all the ladies. 

Plus, lionesses do all the work for the males. You know, like hunting. 

And that’s why female lions are fighters too. 

Though, in some cases…

Lions also have to fight to protect their land. 

That’s because lions from other prides might attack them. After all, these felines want to expand their territories. 

And when these big, wild cats fight each other…

Sometimes, the battle might lead to death.

Are Rottweilers fighting dogs?

Rottweilers are fighting dogs. That’s because Rotts are 1 of the strongest pups out there. 

Even until today…

This breed is still used in these fighting games. Along with other Fidos, like Pitbulls

But don’t forget: 

Dog fighting is illegal in most places today. Thus, it’s not good to let Rotts keep fighting.

That aside…

These pups even served in the military. And that was back in World War 1. 

That time, Rotts didn’t just work as guards.

But these Fidos also did other jobs, such as:

  • Cart pulling.
  • Delivering messages.
  • Carrying the wounded.

With this, it’s clear that they did more than just fighting. 

And it shows how strong Rottweilers can be.