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Do Pomeranians Act Like Cats? Surprising Facts About Poms

Do Pomeranians Act Like Cats

It might look like a weird question to some, but more and more people wonder…

Do Pomeranians act like cats?

In this article I’ll reveal the answer.

And you’ll also discover:

  • 6 reasons why some Pomeranians act like cats.
  • How Pomeranians act like cats (#1 and #5 are the most common).
  • The dangers when a Pomeranian acts like a cat (and tips to prevent dangerous situations).
  • And more….

Do Pomeranians act like cats?

Some Pomeranians do act like cats in instances such as: jumping on the couch and walking on the edge, jumping on the chairs and from there on the table, standing on their hind legs when they expect a treat or hiding under and behind furniture.

Pomeranians, like all dogs, aim to please their owner, and although they can be demanding, they’re more lovable than cats and show a lot of affection to their primary caretaker.

Even though some of the Pomeranians’ behavior that resembles a cat’s could be cute, it’s important to know it could also be dangerous.

That’s why here we’ve covered some of the most common scenarios which occur with cat-like acting Pomeranians. And not only that but also how to deal with this.

How does a Pomeranian act like a cat?

Likes to look out of the window

Pomeranians like to stay at the window and monitor what’s going on outside. They’re curious like that. 

Climbs onto chairs

Pomeranian Acting Like A Cat

Pomeranians are very energetic and curious. If you leave your Pom alone in the kitchen, don’t be surprised if you find him sitting on one of the chairs as if he’s expecting dinner to be served. 

Stands on his hind legs

Pomeranians are very good at drawing your attention. If they see you carrying food around the house or simply sense you’re gonna give them a treat, they might go on their hind legs.

That allows them to get closer to what you’re having in your hands.

Jumps on the couch and walks on the edge

Pomeranians love to spend time with their owners.

If your Pomeranian is used to lying down on the couch while you’re there, you can be sure he’s gonna jump on it even if you’re away. 

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Gets under and behind furniture

It’s not unusual to find your Pomeranian under a chair, under your bed or in the empty space between the couch and the wall. 

Dangers when your Pomeranian acts like a cat:

  • Could fall and hurt himself.
    If your Pomeranian is a daredevil, he might push his luck too far. If he likes strolling on the couch frequently and jumps from the higher places, he might fall and displace one of his joints. 
  • Could get stuck under or behind furniture.
    This very much depends on how much space there is between the bed and the wall and floor. Are there some other items under the bed that might cause the dog to get tangled in them. Or is the space between the wall and furniture so narrow that your Pomeranian can get stuck there? 

6 Reasons why a Pomeranian acts like a cat:

#1: Wants to get a good viewpoint

Yeah, sure – dogs are known for their nose being their strongest attribute. But hey, dogs like being aware of their environment which involves the use of other senses as well. One of these is sight.

Finding a viewpoint is a way for your Pom to stay engaged in an activity and not get bored. Plus, Poms are short, so they do need a little ‘lift’ in order to experience what’s going on near them sometimes. 

#2: Likes exploring

If you had nothing to do all day, you would’ve found something eventually. That’s how we function – we like to do stuff. And so do Pomeranians.

But while you have your home, office, friends and the outside world in general, your Pom has only you, your home and the walks together.

Then it’s understandable that he’d like to get the most out of his time home by exploring and jumping onto stuff.

#3: Is confident because of the way the family raised him/treats him

If you’ve been a reassuring dog parent from puppyhood, your Pom probably feels confident and safe around you. So that makes him want to do more and allows him to get a little wild by running around the house, jumping off and on furniture. 

#4: Might be bored

Pomeranians love mental stimulation as much as physical exercise. When they’re home alone all day, they need to put the energy they have into action. It could be by chewing on things such as cables and shoes or running under tables, chairs, beds.  

#5: Hasn’t been properly exercised or learned new things recently

If your Pom lacks enough exercise, he will make sure to get it one way or another. That’s when he can get a bit too creative.

#6: Could be trying to hide because he’s in pain

If your Pom is experiencing some kind of tummy pain, for example, he might want to get away somewhere safe. This is to avoid being squeezed or hugged or avoid harsh play which could intensify the pain.

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Techniques to prevent your Pom from acting like a cat:

Give him a safer viewpoint (if possible)

While the couch might seem convenient to your Pom, it’s better to be safe than sorry and think of an alternative. A cat cradle might be the thing to go with. Consult with your vet and the advisers from your pet store for more info on this.

Distract by giving (by luring him with) treats and redirect the attention before the unwanted behavior occurs. This will interest your Pom more than what he was about to do.

Push the chairs under the table to stop him from getting on them

This one is easy-peasy!

You just have to build a habit out of leaving the chairs neatly pushed under the table so your Pom doesn’t have a way to climb on them or (worse) the table. 

Set playtime sessions each day where you teach your Pom new things – they love learning

If you initiate a play session by throwing a ball or waving a rope toy, your Pom will tune in immediately. No convincing needed.

The more you make your Pom run and chase the ball, then give it back, the sooner you’ll tire him out.

You could also use some treats to teach him new commands such as let go.

Enroll him in agility and an obedience training

That’s a great way to keep your dog fit and happy. Not only that but your Pom will be better-behaved afterward. 

Get a safe dog obstacle to stimulate him and keep him entertained

If you live in a house with a yard, an outside agility set could be the perfect addition to your yard.

If you live in an apartment, you could get an inside agility set. 

Note: For maximum results, it’s better to have attended an agility course together before that.

Teach him the essential basic commands such as stay, come, sit

After your Pom gets to recognize the words themselves plus the body language you use to convey the message, he will start reacting.

Don’t forget to reinforce the wanted behavior by giving a fair amount of treats.

By using each of these 3, you’re bound to prevent him from going to the couch. And he wouldn’t even feel as if he’s missing out on something.

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Have one set word for each different command

Otherwise, the dog could get overwhelmed and confused, and the time spent would have rather a negative effect.

If the Pom is going under or behind furniture, let him find his own way out in a monitored way (never when your Pom is home alone)

It’s better to see how your Pom will deal with such a situation while you’re there, to determine if they need help or not.

If you see your Pom has difficulties getting out, don’t be too quick to save him, as this might teach him that you’ll always be there if that happens.

So, in the end, he won’t stop himself from repeating the same action.

Dos and Don’ts if your Pom acts like a cat:

Don’t yell at him NO and startle him

Never raise your voice, scream or shout when you see your Pom is about to do or is doing something he shouldn’t be.

It might shock him and if he’s in the process of jumping, he might fall and dislocate a joint or break a limb.

Don’t pick him up – it might lead to aggressive defensive behavior

Dressed Up Pomeranian

Picking up your Pom when he’s doing something he’s involved in might cause him to snarl, growl or bark at you or even bite.

You shouldn’t be too intrusive to enter his personal space. Better call him or get closer and see how he reacts. 

Do be careful with your tone of voice and body language

Dogs react a lot to what we project, most of the time, instead of what we say. 

It’s the HOW we convey the message.It’s important what you say to your dog – use short and easily memorable words.

Don’t forget that your body language should be in tune as well. Your torso should be facing the direction you want your Pom to go. 

Don’t carry your Pom around and let him sit on your desk, couch or table

By doing so you could be training him to do these things by himself. Instead, treat your Pom like a dog (although he will forever be your little baby).

Let him follow you, walk beside you and stay down.