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Do Pomeranians Like Baths? The Truth + Step-By-Step Plan

Do Pomeranians Like Baths?

Wondering how your Pomeranian will react to a bath?

If you haven’t done this before, it could be tricky.

Luckily, there are some simple tips that ensure that you and your Pomeranian have a nice time while bathing.

Read on to discover:

  • The danger of using human shampoo.
  • Why some Pomeranians hate baths (and what to do about it).
  • Why you shouldn’t bathe your Pom too often, even if they enjoy it.
  • What being held and touched all the time has to do with Pomeranian’s perception of baths.
  • And more…

Do Pomeranians like baths?

Most Pomeranians like baths. As long as you’re gentle to them and don’t squeeze their bodies too much they’ll stay right where they are until you finish bathing them. Using the right water temperature will make them comfortable and they’ll feel safe in your hands as they normally would around you.

Bathing your Pomeranian is not a choice but a must. To be able to maintain their fabulous look, you’ll need to take proper care of their coat. 

And even though your Pom might enjoy the bath a lot, you should be careful not to bathe him too often. Otherwise, bathing your Pom might have a detrimental effect on their health. Read further to discover more…

At what age can you bathe a Pom puppy?

Bear in mind that puppies are very sensitive. So, if it isn’t an absolute emergency, better not bathe your Pomeranian puppy until he is at least 3 months old.

Most dog shampoos you can find are meant for pups above 3 months old.

But if your Pom puppy has gotten a little messy (especially since he’s doing his business in the house still) and a bit too stinky, you can give him a bath. 

Why do some Pomeranians hate baths?

The choice is not their to make

Dogs are excellent swimmers and when a dog chooses to jump in the water to get out a ball it can be entertaining to watch. 

When you decide to put your dog in water, it’s a different story. It’s you who’s in control, not your dog and that might cause some issues.

Past traumatic experiences

Some Poms can feel really anxious before getting in the bathtub. Probably they associate the experience with something nasty they had to go through.

It could’ve been that their paws were washed under inappropriately hot water.

Or, it could be the fact that they can’t find their balance under the shower. For such fragile creatures, that could be scary indeed.

Being held and touched all the time

Like people, Poms have their own personal space. If they feel someone’s too intrusive of it, they will try and protect it.

If your Pom doesn’t like to be touched all of the time he’ll make it known by snarling or growling and attempting to escape.

It’s their first time

Remember when it was your first time doing something new and exciting?

Well, probably you were a bit scared. This is how your Pom might feel about his first bath. Give him some time to adjust. Don’t force him.

How to bathe a Pomeranian? 7 steps that every Pom owner should know

Bathing a Pomeranian could become a piece of cake with these simple steps:

#1: Groom your Pomeranian thoroughly

Steps to Bathe a Pomeranian

Be careful when running the brush through the fur. Places such as behind the ears, under the tail and the legs often have tangles.

The more gentle you are, the more likely it is that you will help your Pom relax before his bath.

#2: Choose where you will bathe your Pom

Since these cute dogs are one of the tiniest breeds, it’s no problem bathing them in a bathtub, the sink or in a plastic basin.

If you chose the sink:

Make sure the sink is clean before bathing your Pom there. After you clean it, put the plug in and start filling with water.

Remember that since the sink isn’t flat, your Pom probably won’t be in the most comfortable position there. To ensure he’s safe and his paws won’t slip, you can put a plastic mat at the bottom.

With the help of his nails, the Pom will be able to stay there without slipping, falling and hurting himself. Make sure he’s standing steady.

If you chose the bathtub:

Prepare the bathtub. Put just the right amount of water to reach no higher than the knees of your Pom. This will ensure that your Pom feels safe and comfy when inside.

If you’ve ever seen a Pomeranian being put in deep water (higher than the Pom) by his owner, you’ve likely seen the horror in the Pom’s eyes.

Don’t make your Pom feel like he has to swim for his life. Remember: fill in just enough water for him to dip his feet and knees.

Reading tip: Can Pomeranians Swim? Facts About Poms And Water

Pick up your Pom gently and place him in the bathtub.

Then see what happens. Maybe he’ll walk around and sniff or he’ll decide to stay still and wait to see what happens.

Whatever it is your Pom does, give him time to adjust. 

If you choose a plastic basin: 

This is probably one of the easiest and best options you can opt for.

The basin is easy to move around and place wherever you want it for maximum comfort of you and your Pom.

If the basin is small, there won’t be the need to worry if you’ve filled it up too much. Plus, your Pom will feel comfy and not the need to move and adjust his body posture (unlike what the situation might be in the sink).

#3: Take the shower head and adjust the shower knobs or handle so that warm water flows

Start showering your Pomeranian. Do be careful not to get water into his ears or eyes. With every movement of yours, keep track on how he reacts. Make sure to wet his fur well.

#4: Apply shampoo on the wet fur

Use massaging movements. Your Pom will surely enjoy the experience if he associates it with nice stroking on the back and shoulders. Pay special attention not to get shampoo in his eyes. Avoid placing shampoo near the face. 

#5: Rinse the shampoo off

Double-check there isn’t any left. Wait several seconds and watch how the water falls off the Pom’s fur.

#6: Take a nice soft towel and wrap your Pom like a cute dog burrito

Try to make sure your Pom is warm. If he isn’t, you’ll notice he’ll start shivering.  

#7: You could try using a hairdryer

Don’t put the heat on full mode though.

First of all, your Pom might get scared by the sound, then get irritated by the strong blow of mind. Give it a shot by blowing a moderately warm stream of air in your Pom’s direction.

Just as in the above-mentioned tips, avoid the face. That way you’ll save yourself and your Pom a lot of trouble.

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How often should I bathe my Pom?

Maximum one time per month and minimum once every six months. Ideally, you should bathe your Pomeranian every 2 to 3 months. 

This will prevent the creation of more tangles and the need to cut them off. 

Warning: Bathing your Pom more than once in a month might cause skin irritation such as itchiness. Plus, the coat can lose its shine. 

This is so because dogs have oil on their skin and fur.

This is the natural coat protection system.

Overbathing can cause harm to your Pom’s health. 

Dos and dont’s when bathing your Pomeranian:

Don’t use human shampoo

Dos and Dont’s when bathing your Pomeranian

Human shampoos can have a pH between 4.5 and 5.5 which means they’re too acidic for your Pom.

Note: A proper Pomeranian shampoo should have a pH of around 6 to 7.

The risk of using either a human shampoo or a low quality dog shampoo could lead to skin rash.

If you bathe your Pom with a human shampoo once, it won’t be the end of the world. However, consider that doing this over time can cause damage.

Do keep the face, eyes, and ears safe from water, shampoo, and the hairdryer

If water gets in the ears of your Pom, this can lead to bacterial infections.

If bacteria gets inside, it has the perfect environment to thrive.

It needs dark, damp and warm places. So, keep your Pom’s ears dry at all times!

There’s nothing as unpleasant as shampoo in your eyes while you’re taking a shower. The same goes for your Pom, only worse ‘cause if shampoo gets there, it’ll be harder to get it out. Your Pom will likely shift his head and you can never be too sure if the nasty feeling is gone.

If the Pom is scared by the sound your hairdryer makes, blowing in his face will only make him detest it more. 

Don’t let your Pomeranian shiver after the bath

If you notice your Pomeranian shivering, make sure you keep drying his fur. You could grab an additional towel as the first one will get wet pretty fast.

Even if your Pom dislikes the hairdryer, try to keep him staying while being dried at least for a little while.

Do turn on the heating

In case your Pom doesn’t want to stay wrapped up in a towel for too long or long enough, better make sure he doesn’t catch a cold.

If he’s also not a fan of the hairdryer, let him be. But do your best to heat the apartment before you get the Pom in the bathroom.