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15 Easy Tips To Calm A Sexually Excited Dog (How-To Guide)

How To Calm A Sexually Excited Dog

Once hormones and instincts have taken over a dog’s body…

They may go crazy and out of control.

It’ll be a hard time for parents. But it’ll also be tough for our furry pals. 

So, how can you keep them calm?

Continue reading to find out:

  • 15 simple ways to relieve sexual arousal in dogs.
  • Things to keep in mind before walking your pooch.
  • How could you mask a female canine’s sex pheromones.
  • And many more…

How to calm a sexually excited dog?

You can calm a sexually excited dog by providing them with stimulation, attention, emotional support (for females), and a ‘safe spot’. As well as managing their mounting behavior. They’ll also be less aroused if you keep them away from other canines and mask the scent of a female dog in heat.

Apart from these, you may also consider getting medications. Or having them neutered or spayed.

15 easy tips to calm a sexually excited dog

#1: Burn off their energy

Exercise will not only tire your pooch out but will also relieve their stress.

Being sexually frustrated causes a lot of tension. And if not released, they may become aggressive and irritable.

So what do you need to do?

Take them for walks every day. But put a leash on them to avoid unwanted interaction with other canines.

Introduce stimulating indoor activities. Playing off-leash outside may not be a good idea as there are other pooches around. So, try doing these instead:

  • Fetch.
  • Tug of war.
  • Shell games.
  • Finding treats.
  • Teaching tricks.
  • ‘Which hand’ game.

This is also a great relief for sexually frustrated male dogs. Because they’re said to be more hyper than females.

Note: Some girl canines can be more tired during heat. And senior Fidos also require lighter activities. So pay attention to their energy level and condition first. Then give them rests in between.

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#2: Offer them more attention

This is for female pooches. It’s because some girls become more anxious during their first cycles.

So how can you reassure them?

  • Stay by their side most of the time.
  • Talk to them often. And speak in a sweet manner.
  • Give them a few belly rubs and neck scratches. To help them feel more secure.

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#3: Switch up your walking routine

Switch Your Walking Routine To Calm A Sexually Excited Dog

If you have multiple dogs…

  • Avoid walking your male and female (in heat) at the same time. 
  • Create a schedule that works best for you and your pooches’ situation.

But if you only have one, prevent going out at times when many canines are around. 

Walking your female dog in heat will attract plenty of boys. And adult males might go crazy and follow a girl in season.

Also, avoid taking them outside after rain.

“Why’s that?”

Aside from the fact that water breaks down more pollen (allergen from grass) in the air…

It also intensifies the sex pheromones in the environment.

One study found that during normal weather, the scent of a female dog in heat can be easily masked by other odors.

However, when the humidity increases, their scent will also become stronger. And it’ll trigger males.

#4: Provide them interactive dog toys

While your pooch stays indoors, give them something to do. This is to keep their mind off from humping and other sexual behavior.

What better way to do this is by giving them interactive toys.

There are many choices to pick from. So it’s important to know what kind will make your dog fully engaged.

Most pups love to chew, so this durable Kong toy will surely keep them busy during the day.

You can also put their favorite treats inside and freeze them overnight. And getting those snacks will be a challenge for their brain.

Is your dog food motivated? Then toys that dispense treats would be perfect for them. As well as puzzle toys like this one.

Note: Teach your dog how to use these first. Demonstrate how it works. Make them sniff the kibbles and put them in easier spots. Also, be patient as some canines are slower to pick up. 

#5: Get their attention

Letting your pooch hump a few times may help relieve their excitement.

But if they’re doing it too much, that’s when you need to take action.

You can start off by making them stop right before they do it. Just call their name. Or firmly say “stop” or “no.”

Remember, avoid yelling at or scolding them. As these will not make them listen better.

Some Fidos will halt once their humans catch them in the act. However, this might not be the case for all.

So, you may…

#6: Sidetrack them

Instead of simply calling your dog’s attention, you can divert their focus to something else. And again, do this before they start mounting.

But make sure that it’s a thing they can’t resist. Or else, it won’t work.

So distract them by throwing their favorite toy or the one that makes a squeaky sound. As well as tossing some treats on the floor.

You may also start a simple game of fetch or catching frisbees to make them stop.

This method will also help you while you’re outdoors.

So before taking them out, prepare their toys. Or bring a shaker that makes startling noises.

Note: The shaker could be a plastic bottle with small stones or pennies inside. Or any material that you’ll easily find in your house.

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#7: Ask them to do basic commands

Their obedience training will surely come in handy in times like this.

So every time your dog tries to hump you or anyone, ask them to “sit,” “stay,” “leave it,” or “come.” Then if they obey, don’t forget to reward them.

With repetition, this will make them realize that what they’re doing isn’t desirable. And it’ll encourage good behavior as well.

#8: Give them time-outs

Dog Time Outs

If a dog can’t be easily distracted, providing ‘breaks’ may also make them calm down.

This is helpful when they can’t stop humping or jumping at everyone.

“How does it work?”

When they do it, safely grab their collar or leash. Then take them away from the person or other dog. And don’t pay attention to them for a few minutes.

‘Time-out’ is some sort of punishment. But, it’s not as bad as you think.

It’s giving them a brief moment to relax and reflect on their actions.

To do this, here are tips from trainers:

  • Say cue words for association. It can be “time-out” or “enough.”
  • Keep them in a quiet room – away from any distractions.
  • Breaks shouldn’t be longer than 3 minutes. But it’ll also depend as long as the dog has fully settled down.
  • Ensure that when you release them, they’re not barking or scratching. Because they might think it’s the behavior you want.
  • Be consistent and firm. It’ll be hard to ignore them, but don’t give in.

#9: Reward their calmness

Even though they’re sexually excited, there would be times that they’re going to settle down. 

This could be after a satisfying walk or playtime. Or a result of your time-out or training. 

But how can you further reinforce their calm state?

By giving your pooch treats and praises whenever they’re relaxed.

“So how will I spot a calm dog?”

Experts say that they’re going to:

  • Have relaxed facial muscles.
  • Sit with one leg under their body.
  • Breathe in a slow or regular manner.
  • Lie down without having their focus on anybody.

#10: Take them to their ‘safe spot’

Mounting is dangerous for small children. And also for elderlies and people who have trouble standing still.

A dog may cause them to stumble and fall down. So if you have visitors coming over, put your pooch in a crate or a separate room.

This will also help them calm down and reduce their stress.

But first, ensure that it’s comfy enough. So leave some blankets, toys, and water as they could be thirsty with all this humping. 

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#11: Separate dogs from each other

If you have multiple Fidos at home, it would be best to separate them in the meantime.

They can be placed in crates or separate rooms. But, you shouldn’t only keep your male away from females.

Because boys may also start a fight with one another if they sense a girl nearby.

So even if you have a well-behaved male pooch, he’ll go crazy once he smells a female in heat.


This is because girls who are ‘in season’ produce a scent during their estrus cycle or heat

These pheromones can be found in their urine which is irresistible for boys. And you know what, the odor might even travel up to 5 miles

So having them in separate rooms may only reduce their mounting behavior.

“How long should they be kept away?”

AKC says that each cycle may last up to 2 to 4 weeks. But, it’ll depend on every dog.

So you might also check your female. See if their genitals aren’t swollen anymore. And look if there’s no discharge or bleeding.

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#12: Keep a female dog’s scent under control

This will be easily done by management.

First, clean up your place. Especially if the area where you’re going to put your male has been recently used by your female.

A girl dog in heat will spread their scent everywhere they can. And boys will be triggered by it and become aroused.

So keep a female’s belongings (e.g., toys, bed, feeder) out of other dogs’ reach. Then also wash your blankets, carpets, and covers.

Interesting fact: Did you know that dogs’ sex pheromones were already discovered by Ancient Greeks? This dates back from 700-40 B.C. Researchers said they knew female ones release ‘invisible’ signals to mate. And it’s through an odor human can’t perceive.

#13: Use chlorophyll to mask the odor

Chlorophyll can also help conceal a female dog’s scent. Especially when given once their cycle starts.

It either comes in a liquid or pill form. And this could be bought in drug stores. Or shops selling herbal supplements.

You may ask your vet about the dosage. But usually, it’s ½ fl. oz. or 1 tablespoon. And a female dog will take it once in the morning and once at night.

“Is it safe for our furry friends?”

Liz Hanson, a veterinarian, claims that it even offers health benefits to canines. And will help in:

  • Healing wounds.
  • Fighting infections.
  • Cleansing body cells.
  • Removing bad breath.
  • Replenishing red blood cells.
  • Strengthening the immune system.
  • Detoxifying the liver and digestive system.

#14: Board them with a friend or relative

Do you have no means of separating your dogs?

Or you separated them, but still, your male dog is being extra frustrated due to your female who’s in heat?

If so, your last resort may be asking a friend who can take care of one of your Fidos for a while.

The person shall be familiar with the pooch and not have other dogs who are in season.

This is because some males might become completely focused on a female in heat. And it’s going to be stressful for them to be around one (due to the girl’s sex pheromones).

As a result, they’ll constantly whine and become aggressive. While others even have reduced appetite and suffer from weight loss. 

#15: Consider ‘heat-delaying’ pills

This method is mainly used by breeders.

They need to keep their females intact. But there are also times where they don’t allow them to mate yet.

According to Dr. Glenn Ericson, there’s a medication that helps delay the estrus cycle in dogs.

It comes in Ovaban or Megace brand. And it can halt heat for about 4 to 6 months.

Usually, it’ll be given for the first 8 days of the cycle. After its effects runoff, female dogs will go into heat like before.

Warning: This must not be taken by canines regularly. Plus, consulting your vet about this is needed before doing any actions.

#BONUS: See if they’re ready to be neutered or spayed

Lastly, this will not be an easy way to make dogs calm down. Because they need to be checked by a vet, operated on, and taken care of after the surgery.

However, this will surely benefit you and them in the long run.

“In what way?”

Their sexual excitement will be reduced. Plus, many ailments will be avoided (relating to sex organs). Like ovarian cancers and prostate issues. 

This is also what I’ve done to ensure the health of my dog, Lissa. Plus, to avoid a male dog impregnating her by chance. 

I mean, no matter how careful you are, it can happen. And if the male dog’s bigger, then it can endanger the small female’s life when giving birth.

By spaying or neutering your dog, you’re also going to prevent unwanted litter. And not add up to the overpopulation of canines. Which is one factor why there are so many of them in shelters. Say, Chihuahuas.

Warning: Before doing this, ensure that your dog’s at the right age. Research shows that ‘fixing’ pups below 1 year could put them at higher risk for illnesses. Like cancers and joint problems. 

Labs and Goldens were said to be the most affected. But in smaller breeds, fixed Boston Terriers and Shih Tzus are also likely to have cancer.