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11 Effective Ways To Relieve A Sexually Frustrated Male Dog

How To Relieve A Sexually Frustrated Male Dog

Is your male pooch at the age where he’s becoming sexually active?

Or do you have an adult one who acts crazy in sight of a female hound?

Either way, both will be stressed and have lots of energy.

So, how can you soothe one?

Keep reading to discover:

  • The pros and cons of neutering for canines.
  • If there’s another option to reduce their hormones.
  • What you should do to appease an aroused male dog.
  • How can you help him if there’s a female in heat around.
  • And so much more…

How to relieve a sexually frustrated male dog?

You can relieve a sexually frustrated male dog by tiring him out (e.g., exercise, toys), avoiding females in heat, masking pheromones, keeping a female’s scent under control, giving soothing medications, or neutering. While consistent training and ‘time-outs’ will reduce excessive mounting behavior.

11 ways to relieve a sexually frustrated male dog

#1: Give him interesting toys

One effective way to steer his focus is by giving him something to do.

So, provide him with interactive toys that he’ll love to keep him busy. These can be chewy toys, puzzles, or ones that dispense treats.

Like physical exercise, toys could also reduce their mounting and their anxiety because:

  • Playing on his own helps him to focus and relax.
  • Thinking will wear him out. (Meaning, less time for worrying about female pooches.)

Plus, he’ll also appreciate it and will be thankful to you as well.

But one more thing…

Did you know that dogs are said to have ‘neophilia’?

It’s preferring new things over old ones.

You’ve probably noticed this before as your Fido’s once-favorite toy is now forgotten. And he may also tend to have a change of heart after a few days.

Researchers conducted a study about this. And to test it, they’ve displayed novel toys along with 2 familiar ones.

And the results?

Canines leaned more on novel items. Because they picked them first 38 times out of 50 tests.

So, should you always provide your pooch with new toys?

Luckily, nope.

One study also says that it’s not the ‘newness’ of the toy that affects their interest. But how frequently they use it.

The more they play with it, the faster they’re going to be tired of a certain item.

So, you can keep some of his toys out of their sight. And give him a different set the next day.

Then bring back the old ones and repeat the cycle – like a rotation.

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#2: Reinforce a desirable behavior

Although humping is a dog’s instinct, it can still be managed.

“But how?”

Through consistent training.

Every time your male pooch mounts, tell him “stop” or “enough.” Then remove him from the person or thing.

Next time he does it, only say the cue words. And if he stopped, shower him with rewards.

But you could also make him…

Do some commands

It doesn’t have to be complicated. So a simple “sit,” “come,” and “down” will do.

Instead of just telling him off, ask him to do a command. Then once he does, give him a treat or some belly rubs.

This may distract him and divert his attention to obey you. Because, well, who can resist a snack and some scratches?

#3: Provide short breaks

Provide Short Breaks To Relieve A Sexually Frustrated Male Dog

Is your male Fido’s training going well?

If not, you can give him some ‘time-outs.’

After humping, grab him safely and put him in a different room. But don’t do this out of force.

Just do your best to ignore him even though it’s hard. As this may give him some time to think. And realize that what he’s doing isn’t nice – especially if it’s excessive.

“For how long should they be in a time-out?”

It may be up to 3 minutes. But if he’s not calm yet, it might be more than that.

And once he settles down, only then you can give him attention.

#4: Keep him active

Does your male dog always try to hump at everything?

Why not use those heaps of energy for some exercise?

A sexually frustrated male pooch may often be stressed and in high spirits at the same time. And to relieve both of these, a good workout will be needed.

Plus, you wouldn’t have to worry about how to make him sleep. Because a fun playtime is usually followed by a nice snooze.

So, take him for long walks. Play games (e.g., fetch, tug of war). Spend more time with him. And give him some mental stimulation while you’re on it.

Have a ‘scent walk’ and let him sniff the surroundings to his heart’s content. Provided that there’s no female in heat around.

Or engage him in ‘scent games.’ And make him find a yummy treat using his nose.

This will not only keep him fit but also satisfied as he has something to do during the day.


Don’t overexert your dog. Only do the activities that are suitable for his age, size, and condition.

For example, an older Fido can’t walk for long periods and needs long pauses along the way. As well as those with joint problems, injuries, or other illnesses.

So always check if he seems tired and exercise according to his limits.

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#5: Have him neutered

According to vets, neutering male dogs will:

  • Lessen their aggression.
  • Prevent unwanted pregnancies.
  • Minimize their mounting behavior.
  • Reduce the risk of testicular cancer.
  • Help lessen abandoned canines in shelters.

Roaming and escaping may also be out of their minds. As they won’t have the urge to follow a female in heat anymore.

And it’s one of the common reasons for road accidents. So, it’ll keep your pooch safe indoors as well.

Overall, it has many health and behavioral benefits. However, studies show that parents should consider their dog’s age first.

“Why’s that?”

It was discovered that large breeds are at higher risk of joint issues and cancers when ‘fixed’ at 6 months old. Say Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers.

Note: So before doing this, have your pooch checked by a vet. And ensure they’re at the appropriate to be neutered.

If your dog is still too young, consider the next tips instead.

#6: Opt for chemical castration

If you don’t like your pooch going under the knife, this could be the answer.

It’s another way of reducing a dog’s hormones. But only in the form of an injection. So it’s simpler and there’s no need for hospitalization.

However, this is only for temporary use as it’ll wear off after 30 days.

“So how does it work?”

Based on experts, a formula called ‘Zeuterin’ is administered into both of their testicles. But, it was said that 97.5% of canines displayed no signs of pain during the process.

This can only lessen 50% of their testosterone level. Unlike surgery which offers up to 0%.

The good thing with this is that its effects will not last long. So if a male pooch experiences anxiety after being ‘neutered,’ he’ll go back to normal after a month.

#7: Separate him from female dogs

When do male canines get sexually frustrated?

It’s when they smell a female dog in heat. This is because their instincts to mate will be triggered.

Being around one will cause whining, mounting, and being restless. And it’ll be difficult to manage them at times.

Not to mention the stress they’ll get during those days. Because an estrus cycle or heat can last up to 2 to 4 weeks. 

So if you have many dogs (of both genders) at home and don’t want pregnancy, it’ll be best to keep them away from each other.


Put your girl in a different room until her heat cycle is over. And your boy/s, in a:

  • Crate.
  • Kennel.
  • Different room.

However, if the situation gets out of hand (your male is always uneasy and barks), consider having him stay with a close friend of yours. But, only if your pooch is familiar with the place as he may escape due to anxiety.

There are also boarding kennels which is a safer option according to VCA. Since they have a more secure place.

But first, ask your vet or friends if they can recommend one. And also, look for evaluated ones with American Boarding Kennels Association or ABKA membership.

This is to ensure that your pooch will be properly taken care of during his stay. Plus, it’ll make you worry less.

Note: Don’t fret. Female dogs only go ‘in season’ once or twice a year. So you won’t be doing this frequently.

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#8: Keep your place free of…

Dog urine.

Yup. Female dogs who are in heat can also ‘urine-mark.’ It’s a way of spreading their scent to attract boys in the area.

So if your male smells it, he’ll become aroused and exhibit other sexual behaviors. Plus, he may also respond through peeing. And you would want to avoid that.

Cleaning the spots with soap and water will not be enough to fully get rid of the odor. So, look for safe enzyme cleaners like these instead.

‘What are those?”

They’re cleaning products with good bacteria that break down stains and scents. So you don’t have to worry about traces of urine.

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But, it’ll be a different issue when you’re outside. So…

#9: Avoid female dogs (in heat) as much as possible

You’ll never know beforehand if there’s a girl canine in season outdoors. So before taking him out, make sure that you put his leash on.

Particularly if he’s been acting weird in the past few days. As it could be that one of your neighbors’ pooches is in heat. And he can smell her from afar.

Do this to prevent him from running away and following the female. As well as to avoid any incidents that might cause trouble to other dog parents.

“Why’s that?”

Because not all girls will tolerate smelling or mounting. So they may snap and tell your pooch a firm “no.”

This happens when they’re in the first stage of their heat or ‘proestrus cycle.’ Where they’re not ready to mate yet.


For this reason, you can adjust your walking schedule.

Observe when’s the ‘peak’ hour in your place – where many dogs are outside. And avoid walking your pooch at that time.

#10: Mask the inviting odor

Another way to calm a sexually excited male dog is by concealing a female in heat’s scent. And there’s a product which is said to be all-natural and does the job.

It’s called ‘lust buster.’ And according to its directions, you can either apply it on or put it under his nose to let him have a sniff.

This is for short-term use only as its effects wouldn’t last long. But, it’ll be perfect if you’re in a dog show or training class.

As well as other instances where your pooch will be around other canines.

It contains ingredients such as:

  • Olive oil.
  • Beeswax.
  • Castor oil.
  • Almond oil.
  • Coconut oil.
  • Avocado oil.
  • Shea butter.
  • Cocoa seed butter.
  • Peppermint essential oils.

#11: Consider ‘soothing’ medications

There are also some cases where a male dog becomes so worked up around a female in heat. And there’s only much you can do with management.

The common signs of a stressed dog are:

If his anxiety persists for days, you may consult with your vet. Then see if medications will be necessary or not.

Plus, you’ll know whether another condition has caused him to act this way.

PetMD listed down some commonly used ones for general/situational anxiety:

  • Sertraline.
  • Diazepam.
  • Paroxetine.
  • Alprazolam.
  • Lorazepam.

Warning: Some over-the-counter drugs have side effects. And others may not be advised for puppies, senior dogs, and ones with other illnesses. So a prescription is needed for your Fido’s safety.